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this is why you should. only. ukraine's government forces. grow and. played out of a lack of support from. as many as three hundred americans are thought to be fighting with the islamic state in iraq and syria according to the it's because from washington we take a look at how the group is winning hearts and minds. and it's only once a veil of secrecy lifted from negotiations a trade deal between the e.u. and us pushing brussels to make the details of the talks public.
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a very warm welcome to you if you're just joining us here on our team to national live from moscow this off to new with me. anti-government forces in ukraine have launched a counter offensive and advancing on key areas in the country's southeast and all targeting mario paul which is the region second biggest city our correspondent has the latest from eastern ukraine. while anti-government forces are making advances in south eastern ukraine they've taken over the town of navarre as offs and they're now aiming for the city of mario paul which is the second largest city in the region all of this comes as the media sensationalizes what is happening on the ground with over the top some would say headlines such as a russian invasion incursions on the russian border none of these media reports back up these kind of statements with any kind of evidence or hard facts it might
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be fueled by the fact that on monday evening some ten russian soldiers crossed over the russian ukrainian border into ukrainian territory now moscow has said that this was unintentional that the soldiers were patrolling the border it's a border that's very seldom signposted it happened at night so it was a mistake that could easily have been made at the same time there are reports of russian paratroopers who are alleged to have been killed in ukraine who have now been buried in several russian cities the spokesperson for the russian president says that these claims are being investigated but again they are and verified at this stage now this comes as the prime minister of the self-proclaimed republic of donetsk says that he never denied that there were russians fighting among their ranks but he does say that all of them are volunteers and mother who worked there were three to four thousand of them among us many of them have already left home even more still here least some have been killed many of those russian volunteers
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of former soldiers. at the same time we are hearing more more reports of the ukrainian military complaining that they have been abandoned by their government latest reports suggest that sixty two ukrainian soldiers on wednesday evening crossed over into russian territory seeking sanctuary there is intense of fighting at the moment in the town of ill advised this has been a city where the ukrainian military has been surrounded by anti government forces what we're hearing and this is just one. sample is an increasing chorus of criticism by the soldiers themselves and by their families against what they say is a government in kiev that has betrayed them and not given them much support as the fighting intensifies and anti government forces close in a call for hope goes on on said free enforcements for crap ukrainian troops also mean coming it's not the first time kiev soldiers feel abandoned. in order to go
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nuclear you have a good dinner good women if a little more nearly three dollars a month what a supervisor from a bloke level should join almost didn't want to cross but the us government would say i wish that was the only response go usual on which woman was who i met over there if i was on your resume watching and i didn't feel like yelling at the end of eilat yet they demand only. that i don't know what what the they don't look at that i just love when i look at it the jew look at the top of the piano and all but. it's a far cry from the tough talk of ukrainian president petro poroshenko talking of a strong country and strong army instead its young and often inexperienced soldiers as suggested by an alleged conversation between a commander and a tank soldier leaked online i. was quite a way it was. i was
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was was the way i was the guy was right. there was frustration is growing among the troops who is there but it doesn't make me feel this sense the same situation will it look over at the political message that delivered for the families and it must. be enlightening and it might mean. when you. and the government the head of the interior ministry is locking horns with the leader of the radical nationalist right sick to group which is taking part in the fighting in the country's east if our demands are not met will be forced to withdraw our battalions from the front line and launch a march on to kiev to carry out speedy reforms in the interior ministry your roche
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with your bragging you have deceived people whom you led into illegal armed units you are turning the people who believed you into can and border meanwhile losses on the battlefield are mounting and here in the same two of them it's going the ukrainian military defeat is on show the message is more than just symbolic a bad omen for the ukrainian soldiers encircled by self-defense forces in the region of jeanette's who fighting not only for their lives but for an army that they are accusing of betraying them and leaving them to die policy r.t. eastern ukraine. which you're seeing live pictures from the streets of the ukrainian capital people have gathered there to protest against the they see as government in action to help the soldiers trapped in the city. by the demonstrators want to help to be sent to the troops and are calling for the resignation of the defense minister. that's actually the city of
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biased right meanwhile the army is shelling of cities in eastern ukraine continues sixteen civilians were killed in the nets going on wednesday according to the local authorities. thank you it was. cute thank you very much for showing the book thank you thank you thank you thank you. thank you. russian journalist andres stan and is still missing in ukraine at the last contact with him was over three weeks ago russia's foreign ministry is trying to locate the foetid correspondent and kiffin denies
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holding him now supported a full stand and has come from across the world with an online campaign carrying the free and rehash tag. washington as delays as many as three hundred americans are now fighting with the islamic state in syria and iraq they could potentially pose a huge risk to u.s. security if they return from war zones and you skills learned abroad to carry out attacks at home now it's been confirmed that a thirty three year old american who had joined the ranks of the jihad is was killed in battle over the weekend in syria that is she can't report on washington's sudden realisation. the u.s. president has diagnosed these lawmakers state rooting out a cancer why geisel won't be easy and won't be quick many are asking if the cancer could have been caught at an earlier stage when these lawmakers state group that's
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part of the syrian opposition was gaining momentum in the country and when rich donors in gulf states were funding and arming the group but until recently the west seemed more preoccupied with toppling the syrian president we will work with like minded states to support the syrian opposition to hasten the day when assad falls but the european union has agreed to bring to an end a arms embargo on the syrian opposition we are constantly consulting with the opposition on how they can get organized so that. they're not splintered and divided in the face of the onslaught from the assad regime for years the white house tried to present a picture of the syrian opposition as consisting of quote former farmers and teachers some within the intelligence community had a really big red flag that was alarming the administration and elected officials
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that the problem in syria was bigger than anybody anticipated but the problem is that the elected officials chose to have a moment of dumb and dumber and hear what they wanted to hear so you had john mccain patrolling the streets of aleppo thinking that supporting the insurgents was a good idea one thing the west perhaps failed to see was the blurred lines between the moderate and the radical groups within the syrian opposition lysis until very recently was part of a broad sunni group in syria that was being supplied by the united states the extremist group makes use of modern technologies like no other radical organization they even use surveillance drones to plan attacks on the syrian military the question arises whether the you. yes it's misjudged the scale of extremism in syria is it focused all efforts on bringing down the syrian government you know so much cooperation. all the help the government being with. for free
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the last miracle of the banister. the ruthless cereals we shall overcome if you wish to call any of. these let me state group is now cheering about all the arms and money that they have seized both in iraq and in syria isis sympathizers are posting pictures on twitter in the u.s. cities with a message saying we are in your streets something that is typical of isis is this vicious sense of humor if you will they are big fans of social media and they have been using all the western offer to spread what president obama called cancer in washington i'm going to shut down party. the stomach state is proving to have one of the most successful business models in the world of terrorism with assets worth an estimated two billion dollars now a significant amount around two million dollars daily reportedly comes from selling
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oil to kurds in iraq syria turkey and jordan big discounts not smuggling and kidnapping is also a lucrative sideline ransom payments have brought in around ten million dollars in recent yes islamic state even publishes a corporate style annual reports to attract new sponsors well it's playful social media publicity is key as marina constable reports now. pictures of mutilated corpses of the so-called infidels and photoshop images of western troops involved in flames these are just some of the growth task methods employed by the islamic state illustrated in glossy magazines and online and its attempt to spread its message a message that even al qaida is uncomfortable with visit those what was striking. can produce some remarkably good visual graphics but nothing on the scale of isis the photography is hyper real islamic states markets and techniques are becoming
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increasingly more professional and widespread as its propaganda is found in different languages in news updates videos twitter accounts magazines and on t.v. the democratic they're targeting is you know they're relying on the ignorance of youth distorting the koran of course but they're also using various kinds of stylistic mannerisms which the youth are familiar with from the street from you tube from twitter and so forth in other words it has a very modern look and feel it feels like a media extravaganza but it's suffused with excitement now if we take a look at the cover of the islamic states latest magazine they will see that it's a play on a noah's ark in which the message is it's either them or the flood and experts say there is controversy and fear to get more followers how are they doing that they are using hate propaganda by showing their ad with syria's paradoxically as killing
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babies is they also. are i think a remarkably harsh in their language they present their enemy is indeed humanized terms of some kind of humanity just as the nazis did so they only use pejoratives like crusade while watson nations might be trying to bomb isis out of existence i says itself seems to have learned that those bombs that can reach social media and therefore its existence online grow stronger than ever merino cos of our reporting from london forty. coming up on our team to national the social media spiral of silence always on we report on a trend of people losing their opinions all fly away from social media the end of phase of cyber spies. also ahead a sheriff's badge of all holocaust era all adela's style david spanish for the giant zara comes out of a town full of t.
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shirts for the toughest of not seen. differently here in syria now many of the members of congress of both parties to them going to syria in recent months. mr president which is diddy's telling you you can. still be nice to syria you used to be so obviously. i'm happy martin the stories we cover here we're not going to hear any right other big story the extra headlines and talk there's a reason they don't want to do now that are important in general that we think. now
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let's break the set. thanks. i our thank you for staying with us here on our team to national tens of thousands of protesters have gathered in islamabad after an opposition cleric announced the start of a revolution to topple the country's prime minister now as shareef would have he joins us live now from the pakistani capital with the details mona how would you describe the situation where you are now is a sense of a revolution brewing. to be honest i mean the situation is tense here but it has been for the past two weeks. the capital of pakistan is on
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high alert as it has been for the past two weeks last month when tyrol qadri the controversial cleric who's leader of the boxed on the on duty group announces that today at four pm pakistan time they would if the day of revolution he has called on people to come out of their homes and rise up and fight this oppressive regime now whether this happens or not is. dubious because like i said this past two weeks he has been calling on people to question the moral authority and the government in power here you know he had his hit last night when the talks broke down between his group and the government he demanded that the chief minister of current job resign off to fourteen of his workers were killed last month now this does not look likely to come one of the other demands and the first incident report also very issued
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against the government including the prime minister now a lot last night the government came out and said they will issues this report now to some of his the montages been met or others haven't but it still looks very very murky as to what the future will be here in a slum in islamabad where the violence will happen clashes will happen because you've got to remember god has said from the i'm on set he is approved peaceful more movement he does not want violent he does not want clashes he is concerned with the future of box on so how it in exactly he wants this revolution to occur remains to be seen because if the government or nor to you know going to give in to his demands and it just depends because the army are also very reluctant to get involved because if you are dinner if you're aware but they are already in. in a military operation with the taliban with done so without military intervention or
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any form of clashes it doesn't look very likely that this revolution will occur but the situation is very tense because nobody seems to know what will happen because of course while it does it rocked then the army will get involved and a military coup and the revolution by default will occur. the revolution by default happened in pakistan following what's going on out there on the streets of pakistan. italy has told of the even once of the details of negotiations over a joint trade deal with the u.s. to be made public in a letter to its european partners italy says it would help dispel fears about what's going on behind closed doors let's have a look at what the teter agreement would mean for both sides now the transatlantic trade deal definitely looks tempting on paper and other parts not ship would allow the removal of trade barriers and regulatory differences which has seemed to hinder
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the growth of the u.s. and e.u. economic economies would be more or less washed away plus america and the e.u. collective or g.d.p. you would be boosted by two hundred forty five billion dollars but some critics say some parts of the puzzle just don't fit together they worry corporations could hijack the interest of taxpayers passing any losses on to them if anything goes wrong investigative journalist john hillery says it's no accident that the talks are being held in secret. we've been told that the details of the e.u. u.s. trade deal is completely secrets i mean they put a thirty year on all the key documents that we would like to see well the first reason for the secrecy is because the european commission and the u.s. trade representative they know that if people really found out about what was going on in these negotiations they would be up in arms there is already a whole range across the whole of europe what we've already learnt about the teeth
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to the trade negotiation beals so if people really could see it line by line what is being negotiated of weight behind closed doors then there'd be a revolution in the street for example in germany there's a very very high awareness of t.-t. up of these new negotiations and people by and large a very very opposed to it and greatest poll that we have seen suggests that fifty five percent of people in germany are against these new negotiations. people across europe have been protesting over the last month about the deal in belgium police disperse the crowds using water cannons and in berlin activists stage a performance by lying on the ground with banners saying europe might feel but we're not the last months or hundreds marching in london two against me and ready for action you had to say it will come everything from workers' rights to the
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environment. i'm sure you've noticed how the ice bucket challenge has gone viral with many thousands taking part online but on one scottish island is gone too far so many people were taking part over the weekend at local water supplies have to be cut off five times got that story on our team. also a day and african american film producer heading to an emmy awards the party found himself handcuffed by police for six an hour hours go online to find out why he was mistaken for a back problem. spanish clothing giant desire has found itself in the middle of a scandal over one particular piece of clothing a striped baby shirt with the sword on sheriff badge led to massive criticism on social media shoppers said the item bore similarities to uniforms worn in nazi
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death camps the word share of is barely visible visible and the badge looks a lot like the star of david a religious symbol the nazis used to mock jews as second class people. and many of course on twitter were appalled to going as far as calling for a ban on the clothing retailer laura has since apologized and removed the item from sale stating that the t. shirt was inspired by classic western films and wasn't meant to offend anyone. but this isn't the first time the clothing giant has been accused of insensitivity on the issue back in two thousand and seven and i had to pull this handbag carrying a green swastikas off the shelves. a second some more news from around the world now thousands of us share muslims trip to the streets of yemen's capital to call for the downfall of the government protesters in support of
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a key shia yemeni leader accuse the government of corruption and also for decision to cut fuel subsidies to be reversed demonstrators said they would continue their protests until the government was gone the capital as a witness said in school weeks now. it was on the opposition cleric who's been leading massive rallies in islamabad says negotiations with the current government to be dissolved to have completely failed as a result during his address to thousands of supporters outside parliament he declared a revolution demonstrators have been protesting for nearly two weeks demanding the prime minister leave office election fraud and calling for reforms to pakistan electoral system. the bush israeli prime minister declared victory in the recent war against hamas in the gaza strip benjamin netanyahu said the military campaign dealt a heavy blow and a cease fire deal gave no concession concessions just hamas palestinian health
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officials say the seven week old killed more than two thousand two hundred people and left around one hundred thousand homeless in the palestinian interior. a new poll suggests americans are increasingly under willing to debate the scope of government surveillance online the trend now even has its own name the spiral of silence the study also challenges the view of social media as a platform for debate by suggesting sites like facebook and twitter actually encourage self-censorship i do six percent of americans apparently will now only discuss last year's revelations by edward snowden in private face to face conversations between family and friends the survey also suggests only forty two percent of all facebook and twitter users feel comfortable discussing cyber spying on line the report also suggests that the self-censorship used on the internet could be leaking into real life with people less likely to express unpopular views
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former cia officer and whistleblower ray mcgovern believes it's because people feel cornered by government surveillance but americans are afraid you know when they hear all this worry here people calling snowden a traitor which he is not when they when they are him call us why we choose not well very sensitive enough to realize that if they find themselves talking here. and expressing knowingly support perhaps just questioning is he really used by or is he really or traitor well that will be picked up and could be used against the eventually the reason government collects all this information is to use it the only reason the only way to prevent this from being using ensure is to revenge it from being collected in the first place. up next every mountain on who
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chooses what to added on wikipedia some breaking the set. no a famous politician is tweeting that a foreign government is using excessive force against protesting citizens does this mean we're going to see yet another intervention to democratise their government into the dirt like in iraq or libya wait wait nothing is going to happen because that politician is russian but why is this so why can the police beat up or terrorize protesters in some countries but in others if you lift one finger you're going to get a nato lesson in human rights well the answer is simple this tweet any attempts to intervene from do a member of what happened because unlike what they tell you in school might does it make right for young uns out there old grandpa kirby remembers the cold war and
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back when there were two great powers they had to at least behave well to woo people into believing that one side were the good guys now that's all gone the problem is they model polar world that we live in heck if the us still had to deal with soviet or some other propaganda we would never see as much footage of flagrant police misconduct that we do now absolute power corrupts absolutely and the geo political monopoly that we all live in really isn't good for the average person in or outside of america especially if they want to protest but that's just my opinion . because. this is the state russia today programs were sabean not like. that is just ridiculous non answer to my question.
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he's not. supporting c.c. and sometimes there are. all over the world to bring you the story of the taliban the taliban don't want you to see we told. the the the. welcome to break in the set i'm happy martin so a couple months ago i noticed that a wikipedia page someone made for me got taken down although my page was put up later after statement i made became viral the ordeal caused me to realize that the editing process for the online encyclopedia is very selective see an elite group of super admins and the narrative by majority consensus or mob opinions are accepted as fact clearly this poses a big problem by shutting down the freedom of information.


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