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this month show transports gets a facelift and. makes the most of the sun in the. science flourishes in. technology each year. we've got the future. it's eleven pm here in moscow ten russian troops detained in ukraine after apparently crossing the border. and the top stories of the most battle hardened units trapped in a massive counterattack government soldiers and a stealth russian invasion for the. coming up to the south examine how islamic
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state terrorists are exploiting black market trading online. jihadist and. the. rest well known opposition activists. protesting his own detention story coming up. this is the week of the big stories of the last seven days first ten russian paratroopers have returned home after spending almost a week detained in ukraine the group was captured when they claimed they mistakenly crossed the border while on routine patrol. has been following the story. the talks were complicated and difficult but we can now confirm that all ten russian
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paratroopers crossed over into ukraine are back inside russia the negotiations were easy but thankfully common sense prevailed and the guards are back with us the soldiers were patrolling the ukrainian russian border at night when they unintentionally crossed over into ukrainian territory it was a part of the border that is not signposted they related attained by the ukrainian security services such border incidents are not uncommon and on several occasions ukrainian soldiers have in fact crossed over into russia but russia has never made much fanfare and it's always ensured that they are able to return safely back to ukraine there was an incident early in august when around some four hundred ukrainian servicemen appeal to the russian border guards for humanitarian colorado that would allow them to bring their injured and into russia at the same time it would allow them to stock up and food they'd run out of food they'd run out of ammunition they later returned to ukraine after they wounded had been treated inside russia also around three days ago some sixty three ukrainian servicemen so
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to shelter on the russian side of the border this was just state the shelling they later to also returned back into ukraine international law expert in exile told us why he thinks the russian servicemen in the media sport. korean government wanted to milk the incident for political purposes they're trying to argue and have been trying to argue for a long time that they're not really fighting the people of the eastern ukraine but that they're fighting the russian army so here they had ten russian actual ten actual russian soldiers and they were able to parade them and to put them on television and to show them as proof of the claim that they've been making for a long time that it is the russian army that they're fighting rather than their own the evidence does not look which was convincing that there are any russian troops there but of course one can have unconvincing evidence if people want to believe it
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and these ten russian soldiers unfortunately were if you like a gift from heaven in that respect. other developments according to move forces that were drawn from a village in the ganske region the rural communities been the focal of intense focal point of intense fighting as you've seen these pictures most recently where this is so large numbers of ukrainian armored vehicles and tanks have been left there many as you can see been destroyed in all it's now been four months since kiev launched its military crackdown in the east and since then it's officially been admitted that almost eight hundred government troops have died more than two and a half thousand injured but now being accused of a massive cover up and say government forces say up to fourteen thousand military service men have died in the casualties are being under reported on purpose in the last few days alone hundreds of government troops have reportedly been killed or taken prisoner in the town of el of
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a skin the donetsk region their entire battalions found themselves surrounded during a counterattack by and to government forces or the commanders of those units accused of abandoning them artes paula slayer reports on the growing frustration of training army. as the fighting intensifies and anti-government forces close in a call for help goes on onset reinforcements feel trapped between in troops or so incoming it's not the first time if soldiers feel abandoned let me be clear and you know i didn't have to be a women with a little you three yards where through the roof through my blog levels to your material across the back limits would relish but the only response was you know was when i was a moment with various guys i was there much it's a far cry from the tough talk of ukrainian president petro poroshenko talking of a strong country and strong army instead its young and often inexperienced soldiers
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as suggested by an alleged conversation between a commander and a tank soldier leaked online. yes. i. i i i. i i i i i do frustration is growing among the troops that will do is to pass it then you can feel the sense that i think that you will get with no exception even if it's that and the government the head of the interior ministry is locking horns with the need of the radical nationalist right sector group which is taking part in the fighting in the country's east if our demands are not met will be forced to withdraw our battalions from the front line and launch a march on to key if to carry out speedy reforms in the interior ministry yarrow with your bragging you have to see people whom you lead into illegal armed units
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you are turning the people who believed you indicate an imposter meanwhile losses on the battlefield are mounting. policy our teeth eastern ukraine. or diplomatic side of things president putin shed some light on the behind the same temperament wrangling over ukraine in an interview with russian national media with national sums up the key points. i just came back from ukraine where we were working for one month and this time weakness to very dramatic escalation is speaking to me this very dangerous spread of violence in ukraine is plentiful to he has his opinion on why it is happening. how can anyone say it's ok to open fire with artillery and multiple rocket launchers on cities do you really expect people to do nothing and wait for their own deaths so what's happening now is a natural reaction by the people who live there and who are defending their rights and one of those who took up weapons first blood no fourteen has also commented on
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upcoming parliamentary elections in ukraine saying that it will nor to help ease the tensions in the country. the candidates want to show how tough they are in the current circumstances it's hard to imagine anyone will advertise their peace plan there's no alternative to a military solution to the problem president putin has also stressed that russia cannot be indifferent to what is happening now in ukraine because this country has many ties cultural commercial social with its big neighbor and he has said that this resistance against the european values could be seen as the core of the conflict in ukraine. that that was the way in europe what exactly these so-called european values supporting coups violent seizure of power and then crushing dissent with military might these what european values are now i think it's time we remind our western colleagues about their own ideals. president putin was talking just
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days after he met ukrainian president poroshenko in means can he has said that they agreed on more humanitarian aid from russia to be sent to eastern ukraine pointing out that this is a very important step forward because winter is coming and it will become harder for people there to survive through the cold. earlier this week raines president petro poroshenko said russia had invaded his country international media outlets immediately ran with that story and if you can look at some of the coverage. panic alert in western media after key if tweeted that russia invaded ukraine when reports started coming in that fighting broke out between the rebels and ukrainian forces in the port town of. many were quick to claim that it's russia's doing what seems to be happening on the ground however is that russian troops of pushing in from russia photos of tanks emerged in social media with nothing to suggest that
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they were operated by russian soldiers t. you put out this video claiming it's a russian. but while journalists were grappling with the new developments and struggling with the pronunciation of the town that was supposedly being invaded this is no bus got u.s. and nato officials pushed ahead with accusing russia of deploying more than one thousand troops and heavy artillery into ukraine last week ukraine called russia's delivery of humanitarian aid into eastern ukraine an invasion this week it accused moscow of quote unquote a full scale invasion the western media that is generally not putting much distinction between rebels and washer quickly picked up that side of the story that is despite the fact that this thursday the ois sea which is now monitoring the russian border with ukraine said they saw no evidence of russian troops and tanks crossing the border the u.n. said it could not independently verify the reports of the russian invasion but
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a u.n. security council meeting was called upon where its western members push to hold russia responsible russia stop this conflict at least two thousand two hundred twenty people including twenty three children have died in the conflict in eastern ukraine but we've never heard the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. call on key to stop bombing its own people in washington i'm going to r.t. . we term human rights. which is again called on clear from from ation about russian photojournalism stand in he's been missing now in ukraine since the start of august given sisters got most information about andries whereabouts the watchdog stephanie directs of europe and central asia says the rights of media workers are being violated in ukraine by both militia groups and the army i think that the authorities have a track record of retaining russian journalists.
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washington is leading the charge against anti islamic state militants urging other western nations to form a coalition against the jihadists in syria and iraq the us is also stepped up air strikes against the group but the latest report suggests the extremists have got enough funds to replace any arms and equipment destroyed by the us in fact the islamic states managed to create the most successful business models in the world of terrorism with assets estimated at around two billion dollars reports suggest a significant amount of that around two million dollars daily comes from selling oil to kurds in neighboring countries smuggling and kidnappings also lucrative sideline with ransom payments partly bring in they think around ten million dollars in recent years and the figures indeed are publicly available the islamic state publishes a corporate style annual report to attract new sponsors the radical groups are also social media savvy and that's key to getting new militants to join the fight as maria costa rica reports. pictures of need slate of corpses of the
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so-called infidels and photoshop images of western troops involved in flames these are just some of the growth task methods employed by the slotnick states illustrated in glossy magazines and online and its attempt to spread its message a message that even al qaeda is uncomfortable with visit hannity those what was striking. can produce some remarkably good visual graphics but nothing on the scale of isis the photography is hyper real islamic states marketing techniques are becoming increasingly more professional and widespread as its propaganda is found in different languages in news updates videos twitter accounts magazines and on t.v. the democratic they're targeting is you they're relying on the ignorance of you distorting the qur'an of course but they're also using various kinds of stylistic mannerisms which the youth are familiar with from the street from you
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tube from twitter and so forth in other words it has a very modern look and feel it feels like a media extravaganza but it's suffused with excitement now if we take a look at the cover of the islamic states latest magazine they will see that it's a play on a noah's ark and wish the message is it's either them or the flood and experts say there isn't controversy and fear to get more followers how are they doing that they're using hate propaganda by showing their adversary is paradoxically as killing babies is they also are i think a remarkably harsh in their language they present their enemy is indeed humanized terms of some kind of humanity just as the nazis did so they only use pejoratives like crusades while watson nations might be trying to bomb isis out of existence. i says itself seems to have learned to those bombs that cam breach
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social media and therefore its existence online grow stronger than ever merino call survive reporting from london for art's sake. and if you're going to struggle for a bahraini woman whose father is in jail or on hunger strike you know she's been arrested after arriving home we've got details about a lot more after this break. what do you like of all these scumbags led by the. car i'll pick up for the times people are the sum of the law which hybrid just killing these lunatics
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with. doesn't three great you know that the iraqi army that is destroying your body your new army arms we are back you could defend the guy and i just saw a color drop to go above the box gives it a peace to make it safe to make it back safely get. on america and the financial world. to go home and i mean not stop exit only takes no demand for credit not going to get any economic benefit in life there and there are fucked. again prominent bahraini human rights activist has been arrested shortly after arriving at the country's airport she was flying from europe to check on her dad who is also a campaigner and who recently started a hunger strike in protest of his own detention level roger was
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a key figure in the bahraini opposition movement who self spent two years in jail he told me the courts are at the beck and call of the government that you would expect to see the judge you're going to file. she fears that he's got a member of ruling family so you are in a country that does not respect human rights their judiciary system does not meet with international standards a lot of criticism by into matter what article and dear friend i like like united just did and what did they do they don't care so far they were going and taking a lot of you know what are different going to court and using the court using to judicial system as a tool to attack the human rights activist. to attack journalist to attack people activists in the social media so we are in that more sort of place of reduced now we are ready now we are willing to hold the rifle for ability for who is in his hunger strike we are worried about this woman take it into consideration many women will many men will go to. him or the big stories the last weeks of back here could
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veto the eaves attempt to impose more trade sanctions against russia next week the country's prime minister called the measures meaningless and counterproductive adding that there's no point in supporting sanctions that could hurt the economy that was a check counterpart who wants to revise the block strategy the further restrictions thoughts of been agreed by european leaders at the summit in brussels would then be the latest escalation of the trade war since moscow clamp down on food imports as the e.u. tries to curb the impact of that by some politicians there and their own ideas on how to ease the pain. he keeps putting over it well jeremy's agriculture minister there believing eating up the food which was supposed to go to russia could help local producers money was all support additional pressure on moscow early estimates show the e.u. could lose up to seven billion euros over this food and that around one hundred thirty thousand people could lose their jobs because of it.
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seeing here polish farmers they are seeking full compensation for their losses now they dumped several tons of peppers outside the parliament building in brussels some german politicians think sanctions were a big mistake especially if it does was different and sanctions than the trade war i know means to improve the situation on the country we have a spiral of exclusion that hurts the german and european economies many people who rejected the sanctions right from the start they have a right to feeling that this is not the way to achieving. sanctions or always prove that the political means feel they're useless and they are harming the population sanctions always lead to losses on both sides you can already see the backlash from the sanctions but in the next couple of months it will be even more obvious. from the beginning it was the wrong approach because sanctions escalated
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the situation and did not ease the tensions it was clear when the imposed sanctions that there would be a counter reaction and the stakes would be raised now because of that a lot of entrepreneurs as well as the general public in germany has been affected by that. changes the top in europe poland's prime minister has to be the e.u.'s next president he'll take on the top post on the first december he's replacing one rumpel who says the major challenges right now of the economy ukraine and britain's place in europe the block's leaders have also nominated italian foreign minister frederick really to be their new foreign policy chief political commentator and of a dense he thinks the two new leaders though all very different political views not might be a problem for the future of the e.u. let's listen. maurine is seen very much as tolerant candid as towards russia while donald tusk is seen as tough the man who will art wrestle with president
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putin about it's not about it's about that this relationship should be functional and unfortunately it's not because they contradictions are so profound that there is no other way that the states will strike to build our bilateral relations with russia because more complicated more profound the debate in europe is and a less less vision common vision is represented towards russia are less chance is for european union to become a real player and fulfill its role or its ambition to become a saver of ukraine relations could plug from long to martinsville como's great number stories are lined up for you fast and furious we got here wolf fake blood in the belgium airport what's that earlier this sort of brush with a more than a splash into cross one of the target was not surprising but why did they do it that's the question is after you go home also the two thousands of germans of
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bradley tell their government to get it crying our use of their private life but we did more of that as well as online. the threat posed by islamic state terrorists will be high on the agenda at the upcoming nato summit of the world's cities of cardiff a new poor there's already fear reports next hundreds of already gathered to protest the threat of military action may be amid fears their lives could decide to launch itself into another distant war. well the leaders the organizers of this protest movement against nato hope that in the coming hours and days ten to twenty thousand protesters from across wales the u.k. and even some coming from mainland europe are going to come here top protests nato summit which is taking place on thursday and friday around sixteen leaders from around the world coming for this very high profile and significant conference
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protesters here are against nato itself the the answer to which they see as they say just waging. one hundred sixty to symbolic of global equality now to protect the nato summit taking place in the next few days has been on trial precedented security operation by the police close to ten thousand police officers have been drafted in from across the u.k. now this operation that critics say has cost up to fifteen million pounds to secure a part of new port this city and also wells capital cardiff which has also been caught up significantly in the security preparations including towns and kilometers of security barriers being put up in the center of the south wales cities the police are trying to do many things first protect the nato summit itself second to
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also facilitate the democratic protests of peaceful protesters and third to try and keep wales and the u.k. secure given the increased terror threat which was raised just in the last couple of days. also has lovely slide and is the most militant group in libya has reportedly secured the vacant u.s. embassy compound in tripoli washington evacuated stuff from the premises of the end of july clashes between rival gangs because he plunged into lawlessness after former leader moammar gadhafi was. it was a free flow of arms allowed them various militant groups to keep related power. in pakistan to protest is killed in clashes with police as they demanded the prime minister's resignation hundreds more injured violence broke out as thousands of people try to force their way through barricades to the prime minister's official residence police make dozens of arrests demonstrators develop to continue to camp out in the capital until their demands are met the prime minister nawaz sharif is accused of rigging last year's general election has his part so far refused to step
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down. now while many of us resort to trolling the internet when looking for cheap flights one russian man's tried another approach when he goes on his holidays he gets there on a plane well that he built himself within a culture of reports next on how his dreams top flight. sir gay and his eight year old son took a flight to their holiday destination there'd be nothing exceptional about that word not for one thing you will get a little i made a plane we flew in myself i know every single tiny possibility and of course it gives me great comfort i feel confident about his spend over five years building and from scratch using mostly fiberglass plastic old machinery parts and his inexhaustible and from sarah ganim has sonny keita spent a total of twenty three hours in the sky travelling from the heart of siberia to
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the coast of the black sea. i was born in a very remote area in a small village there were no roads there it was like living on an island once my father told me that when i grow up i would be able to build some type of cross-country vehicle that would get me anywhere to go i ever wanted was when i was always dreaming about it but his real passion for airplanes started back in ninety seven when russia introduced a new law that allows anyone to have a private plane for personal use so we didn't use the list but i had to overcome a number of challenges because it is a self made aircraft i had to train a special certification for the plane aviation experts had to acknowledge it is safe to operate so now i am a legal user of the flying space but the chef cheek families and bishan reaches even further. one day we took a globe and decided we wanted to go to the equator if you draw a straight line from the city of supes to the equator you get to the most you know
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this is the place we now dream of visiting together with my son there's only one thing standing in their way the himalayas sergei sas he needs to obviate the engine to increase the flying out and as we've come to learn for him not even the sky's the limit and i do the question are. to be seen at a holiday destination near you sometime soon i don't know what we're talking about intrepid explorations technology update this month after the break is about the russian regatta harnessing the sun to conquer the ses and the new chemical two that could make life on the farm just a little bit easier said if humans. know a famous politician is tweeting that
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a for government is using excessive force against protesting citizens does this mean we're going to see yet another intervention to democratize their government into the dirt like in iraq or libya wait wait nothing is going to happen because that politician is russian but why is this so why can the police beat up or terrorize protesters in some countries but in others if you lift one finger you're going to get a nato lesson in human rights well the answer is simple this tweet and any attempts to intervene from do a member of what happened because unlike what they tell you in school might does it make right for you young that's out there all group of kirby remembers the cold war and back when there were two great powers they had to at least behave well to woo people into believing that one side were the good guys now that's all gone the problem is they model polar world that we live in heck if the us still had to deal with soviet or some other propaganda we would never see as much footage of flagrant police misconduct that we do now absolute power corrupts absolutely and the geo
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political monopoly that we all live in really isn't good for the average person in or outside of america especially if they want to protest but that's just my opinion . gender trump and simple as it is they tended. because i found this. project finest with seventy thousand euro to investigate the trunk thanks from a gender perspective.


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