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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  June 22, 2017 2:29am-3:01am EDT

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back when saudi arabia the united arab emirates and others decided to execute a political and economic blockade against the country of qatar and c.n.n. excitedly ran with this tell our viewers what you're learning well wolf u.s. investigators believe that russian hackers were behind a cyber breach against state news agency the hackers planted a false news report friendly to iran and critical of president donald trump that is now being used by saudi arabia and other u.s. allies to as a reason to carry out an economic and political black blockade of qana but sadly if c.n.n. had expressed just an ohms of journalistic restraint instead of once again falling for the old unnamed u.s. intelligence sources blame all things on russia you know that line they might have avoided awkward feeling of perpetrating bake news after it was revealed that this week by qatar's attorney general in actuality evidence shows cyber attack on
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state run news agency is linked to states that cut ties with qatar. or wolf blitzer egg is is so hard to wash out of that beer it's all up on the face that way and speaking of egg on your face it appears that every warhawk intelligence harken cable news desk jockey who bashed chelsea manning by trotting out the military industrial complex approved line that her leaks put us in for some foreign policy it risks and both at risk in both iraq and afghanistan well they were either wrong or flat out lying to us obtained by buzz feed a one secret june two thousand and eleven defense department report concludes that the disclosures were largely in significant and did not cause any real harm to u.s. interests. so it looks like fact once again beats fiction especially when you're watching the hawks. it looks
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like. it's going. to. be. like you know i got. rolled over on watching the hawks i am so i roll but i'm top of the wall as. well a lot. to go around this week you know it appears all across the board mainstream media as you know and then you've got the war explode start with qatar big big story out of qatar you know every ball we heard was russia and they hacked qatar planted fake news and that is the reason one of the main reasons that saudi arabia and all these others like suddenly blockaded them apparently all b.s. at the end of the day the saddest thing i would say the saddest part across the
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board is the subject you don't really see c.n.n. and others are attracting the story they're just trying to base it on the rug and not publicize the fact that ok we were we misspoke which is the noble thing to do say ok we were misinformed it happens on your face but if you just want to sweep it under the rug and say like oh let's just go past this and you know still make people believe russia's responsible for hacking qatar well that's the problem we have bigger things to talk about like the fact that apparently just today jake tapper clora search claims it all figured out that there was a war in the us when he was referenced given to saudi arabia was being used the u.s. was going to shock and open in yemen they're in we had them they were the murder using them to murder of people i'm not sure how that's like and that's not conjecture that's not propaganda that's fact u.s. weapons have been used to kill people in the very near maybe next i mean the whole point is that you're talking about saudi arabia's war against yemen obviously the show. we talked about the fact that there's a you know allegedly it's
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a play it was a proxy war between saudi arabia iran frankly it's more of a power grab by saudi arabia than anything showing its muscle and here we are now with qatar is now in the sights of saudi arabia and its allies within the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt because why is qatar as close to iran so could we see an escalation they could target as we saw in the last year or both those is those stories like this this kind of rush to you know secret source in the u.s. government told us rule russia just put it out does being the mouthpiece for u.s. intelligence and u.s. government you know anonymous sources that c.n.n. is kind of taken the mantle of over the last few months or years maybe does that affect cnn's credibility than when this things like this happen in the you know nothing about as we keep pushing this narrative every time that you should never question the official story that why would you question the official story and one of them is that they have reported that the f.b.i. quote the f.b.i. recently sent a team of investigators to doha to help the qatari government investigate the
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alleged hacking incident intelligence gathered by u.s. security agents indicates that russian hackers were behind the intrusion first report about the qatari government now as you said there is a completely different story now telling telling you know the media the attorney general saying we have evidence to show that i phones originating from the country is laying siege to us have been used in this hacking so here is the problem you jumped up and took a source that you had no backing for that information and now it's shown to be wrong so are you going to trust that source do you question that source and where's the story going hey we were wrong just like they were wrong about you know crowd strike in the ukraine hacking and this no i mean there's obviously didn't trust let's jump ahead to chelsea manning you had everybody has that every warhawk every you know kind of apologist for the you know intelligence state in the military state here in the u.s. all saying her leaks did damage you know our credibility our foreign policy put lives in danger does this report the. but buzz feed jason leopold of no go through
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for that says that she didn't does that vindicate her actions. frankly the fact that she was ultimately released from prison early already in a sense gives credence to what she did and the fact is this report does vindicate her actions because it says that. about the seven hundred thousand secret files that she leaked to wiki leaks they had no shortage of significance on the u.s. war efforts and twenty federal agencies all agree on this so you know those pretty desperate but. all eyes last night were on three suburban counties in georgia where according to mainstream media at least voters had a chance to redo the twenty sixteen election stop from care and score a big win in the twenty eight hundred midterms a year ahead of schedule but sixty million dollars and two hundred sixty thousand votes later the brand in chief is still president and the republicans got a confidence push as well as a collective sigh of relief so what went wrong well for one thing voters in georgia
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looking at the headlines of the past few months wouldn't be seen much about health care or jobs or really anything other than the symbolic significance of the election by all accounts on the ground this media blitz did not help voters can only process so many t.v. ads and so many unwanted phone calls before tuning it all out not only that but republican super pacs made a strong support from celebrities running millions of dollars of ads attacking the centrist democrat as beholden to hollywood and not one of us so a star studded entourage unseen amounts of campaign money a mainstream media echo chamber and the result that leaves voters disenchanted and exhausted is this the new normal for democratic campaigns as a strong and you know what's interesting about that is it is the entire election in georgia to me with also in all that it just reeked that we didn't learn anything from the hillary clinton debacle now where we didn't look like you know the more money. and the more celebrity guest you tried out in all of that and the more you
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know robo calls and at the end of the day like like you're saying terrible it was all about you know what the boat man rather than the issues that affected the people there right that's what it's about from shit for outsiders looking in that sort of looked like a. little special you talking about the south i mean people are proud obviously within you know within their state and they don't like being told by people from hollywood that a you need to vote this way because it's a protest against the president it's a protest against well they're seeing all this money coming in from california from people who don't live in georgia to tell them well we want to shoot movies in atlanta but otherwise we don't live there so who are you to tell us how to vote that money i think is interesting because between both campaigns and super pac spending is both sides are not dissolve the republicans to flooding money and everything without money on. the final price tag of this race land somewhere between zero sixty million dollars that's
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a monstrous number that's about two hundred thirty dollars per boat wow her bow was . raised by both sides you talk about waste of money imagine what sixty million could have done for georgia itself right. in the one thing that when you only with the money and there was the numbers political out of back at the end of march meetings people are saying all of this money is coming from california and they'll let you look at the numbers in total amounts no it was you know. people from georgia technically gave slightly more at least at the end of march in georgia fifteen hundred seventy people donated small amounts but to their dollars to get six hundred thousand kept people from california the donators also campaign five thousand eight hundred twenty two people and their political accurately estimated that almost twenty five over twenty five hundred are from the bay area alone when you live in a state like georgia and you have you know people tweeting about how they're giving money and people from san francisco and that. what does
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a person in san francisco understand about what's going on in the state of the nation today you know it's simply a protest vote against. it just won't work in most states maybe in a couple states that might work but the fact is that you say sixty million dollars this congress has two years. and i realize how scary it is for two years of office to spend sixty million dollars it's amazing and the war and that's why the problem with the house represent every two years they've got to run again and that means they're going to spend most of their time campaigning and then you've got to raise probably equal to that again just to get a real workout right into the most expensive race i want to get on the celebrity thing i want you guys both having done that sort of so we're looking at this thing with celebs and they said you know we're looking at sarah silverman called on the american military to overthrow the president. cannot have rosie o'donnell as others have attacked the president's son saying he was at one point a future serial killer and an animal mutilator. and stephen colbert kind of got
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a free pass on a pretty homophobic remark that is just i don't care if you think about it and that don't make gay jokes it's not funny period i don't really care resist like that that's one thing but do you think the sort of no holds barred resistance by what are looked at by most the country is these are west coast. leaves do you think that i know it had an effect on us on some from people i've talked to do you think it has this effect of them hurting people who are going out of celebrities who are actually doing the work and not oh i think i think very quickly i'll just say this i think i think every celebrity has a right to voice their opinion that by politics i don't think anyone should ever observe there are citizen of the i would say that if they want to use their celebrity to make light of something or do. something that's wonderful i don't i don't totally agree however campaigns relying on celebrity endorsements that's an entirely different thing because i think yes to a certain point it feels like oprah has just sold me a product rather be. you know someone who's going to look after me that's right
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betty perry is taking advantage of the situation with a political pop album and it's all right as we go to break watchers don't forget to let us know what your pick of topics we've covered of facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are dot com coming up sean stoll interviewed the maybe i'm speaker of the national somebody to help shine a light on one of history's largely forgotten genocides you definitely want to stay to watch. the fact that trump could get elected with a series of maist and distortions is a reflection of fact that the voting public could be convinced by that and what we really need to do when one of the reasons as a scientist i'm interested in this is we really need to get people to apply the same standards of politics that applied to science skeptical inquiry empirical testing and demand evidence for.
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such an environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is cereal is exceptionally sick. no wonder it's confidential. says since the years old industrial giants reaps the benefit. by chemical production. you know as if these people are people just experimental animals decades later the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed .
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the worst. fears of people have been saying about reject this is. the only show i go out of my way to. really pack. the same. parents better than. i see people you've never heard of. the night. the world bank very. seriously send us an email. asking what was the first genocide of the twentieth century some might say the
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jewish holocaust others might think of the armenian genocide but was actually in the german colony of namibia where the second suppressed revolt by the herero a number of people before attempting a systematic extermination of the one hundred thousand who were killed in the process and those that weren't found themselves this possessed in concentration camps germany apologize for the genocide in two thousand and four but if they were paid reparations which are now being sought by descendants of the victims in new york courts under the alien torts that you learn more about the case i interviewed maybe an speaker of the national assembly. asking him why this lawsuit is finally being brought now one hundred years after the genocide. these days. events discussions between. and there i got in men between the two governments to deal with these issues.
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and this is after the. actually accepted that what ok it in nineteen or four hundred. eight could be ten am i said genocide so there is an acceptance in winning as in that part of the german government too busy county come to terms with this that's where we are now certainly so the german government knowledge is that there was a genocide this was under the second wife obviously there was still essentially have been german empire existed but the germans would have argued that they had been paying in a sense a form of operation by giving aid to namibia since independence in one nine hundred ninety so why is that not a valid point to say that they've been giving millions and hundreds of thousands of dollars of aid and that should count as reparation. well i think i think we indeed we acknowledge that the media and jim in in doing the very core deal of the
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relationship. and about the creation the genocide it can never be equated with. development eight. it is an issue that is fundamental need to be addressed. separately and right now the two governments two countries today have a plan don't dedicate its special envoys who are overseeing this important process in the case and i mean we are deeply saddened by dr. prominent personality with a vast experience in the history of our country and we are absolutely confident that the government of germany is aware of the effect that. they cannot hide behind . given to me the issue.
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is too important to the jews to do their. development eight. it's fascinating and these are interesting because they don't get that history and we don't learn and not about the continent of africa and what went on there especially the colonization. and that's the whole point is that we sort of lump of coal colonial era politics as sort of being what let's call it that's and it was bad and we know it killed millions of africans who knows how many between slavery and between the overall you know the other wars and the genocide that took place in congo in places like this and call it concentration camps the british and south africa actually before they may be so it's really it sort of gets lumped into one and then you know what merkel is basically been saying is well we apologize but we think that we're going to just keep giving you development aid and consider that done whereas the these people are saying no we actually want you to give
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reparations as you did to the jews and the other point that i think you made was a look these are two separate things you can give us aid as a country just to help. john i'm curious did you ask him about what you know i think what actually occurred in this genocide . exactly so the next clip will get into obviously the actual genocide itself as you mentioned why we all learned about in the west i wanted to get his opinion on it and also to understand a bit of how this genocide predicts what the germans did to the jews obviously there after the nazi regime so stick around this is the next clip. losing homes people where where where i hang people where put in concentration camps basically what happened and i mean that the it was actually the form of said experimentation what happened later and. hit last gentleman with experimenting in
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the media doing that but you couldn't get it. you mad i had a box cows being taken from namibia to germany for expending meant for x. experimenting of pet bed this is all that form. of the x. what happened here so now maybe i didn't that i was a testing ground during that period idiot and and i was you said i had to leave this was there says about genocide that ok in the one in history. it has taken all these years but we can only say that finally at least the germans have responded we are now basically talking about the same issue that question of genocide and the question of what to do important things on the table fest and apology and have to be i get it up on and be stated loud and clear in that i meet in
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parliament secondly to agree on this size and scale of of compensation or impartation that i get i'm not going to say much other than to say that that form part of the net negotiations so. obviously i think the as you know. will we have never been treated in the same way they do each beat hundreds of dentists and we're treated but it's at least we're saying. here us this issue will never go away. for the generation to generation we'll continue to raise the issue and it is fun. to do with head on and come to some sort of conclusion. heavy heavy with the most important part about studying history most important part of why history needs to be upfront why we need to look back and reflect and make reparations are good because when he said you know what what was done there you know what was done on these people and her the
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horrors that was not upon them then led directly into the holocaust that took place in the thirty's and forty's it was a dry run we know it works here let's do this again and i think the thing that is if one the problem that germany has is that you can't say one one time that we committed genocide is ok and you know it wasn't the nancy regime but it was still part of the german regime you have to take responsibility for that because the ancestors that it's a part of their history they can't they can't just get over it yeah you can tell he's being diplomatic obviously i'm going into the real feeling of you know i was trying to get this ok as an african well you know what do you feel about the fact that we don't accept your history we don't read about it we don't acknowledge your history you know you're not important enough to put into our textbooks i mean that's really the feeling i think you get when as a student of african history it's just like it's it's really plotted out so you know the final question that i put in was to really what the status of the reparations suit because obviously there have been governments talk of the german
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government but will this supersede and this is what had to say. well. the case that has taken place in new york is brought about by the. communities. their communities. and communities have brought that case. that basically just doesn't and i tend. the negotiations here. was. that the government and i mean the and the government in jenin i basically sitting at the table discussing this that issue is not brought about by the government on an on a media but rather by their sect it community eyes as in i tend to draw the attention of the international community do they apply for the economy and those who have that he's doing. they. did it fair to nineteen or four
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and you know eight so that is it not a matter that we do not have a. power or over what a united states court may do but i think what is important in the fact that the german authorities have responded to engage in and we are concentrating on that because they see a winning days and be peddling is to engage and that is i think what i see we should be concentrating on we are not necessarily dismissing their quality in the united states we simply say let that play a kind of a complimentary blow in terms of how the issue of the genocide. trial where you talk to him do you feel that you know good from him do you feel like very very will eventually get better reparations a bill get that apology and those reparations from the city apologies but he
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acknowledged but it hasn't been sort of adopted as like a formal government policy apology where has he said he wants him to run him in the parliament essentially i mean there's different ways of doing it obviously is one thing to knowledge and say we're sorry and i think i actually informally do it and thought that is a state policy and so what's confusing about the situation is that the new york ok so that they could obviously sue as you know as indigenous peoples in united states where we have states had nothing to do with this particular genocide here but still does that mean that these people are able to sue here and i. to the german government so it's really up to the courts within the us to see how that goes but meanwhile the the big government as a whole is actually now jumping the bandwagon saying hey we want thirty billion dollars from the german government for reparations and so actually some of the some of the defense in there saying well wait a bit you're jumping into our band wagon because it's like where the indigenous peoples that are suing in the u.s. government are trying to say you want to have a bit to get a bailout essentially you know to get support so it's a very quirky situation that's why on one hand you have individual suit then you
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have the governments too are talking trying to figure out how to move this forward in merkel basically saying look we'll continue with our aid that we're giving to your country but then the aid is not asleep going to the people and their descendants that's something really important and we've seen that happen at georgetown when there was an understanding that there was acts of slavery and that slaves helped build it and they made a point of facing that and i think that's one thing you have to do is you have to face the chorus of the past and as a country or as a people try to make up for those with the people that work hard i mean that's how we heal all these ones we heal slavery we heal genocide by talking about it and facing the category of the you cannot ignore your part in the whole you know the always this argument is made you know it's like oh well that was the past it's ancient history why are they still bad and you know realize that the consequence of the economic policies that you engendered created the conditions of the present day and so you can't ignore these consequences of what war slavery policies and claudio
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policies and all these things have created the conditions of the modern world and the crash economic thinking of this morning is because for you know half a century or more people can see more of the growth to learn more about the genocide and then to the quest for reparations the full interview with president karzai will be available online. cyber security is the future now not just because some scary countries reading your e-mails but because online harassment especially for women has become quite frankly. airable and with social media companies just too darn clueless to deal with the problem girls are taking matters into their own hands girl scouts that is the girl scouts of america will be offering eight teen new cybersecurity themed bad just beginning this fall the idea came from the scouts themselves says girl scout c.e.o. sylvia activator who stated young girls wanted to know how to make sure they didn't get bullied online older girls wanted to know how you can prevent cyber attacks
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with each other with the top industry estimated to be over eighty percent male the programs will help to encourage and prepare young women to take on the future the girl scouts now selling cookies and coding them. that's also one that i want to write about is hard to show for today remember ever remember everyone in this world we are not told we are loved enough so i tell you all i love you i am tight rope and i'm top of the wall us and i'm sure and still keep on watching those auctions every great day and night everybody. q yes.
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ended up. with. really does she don't come soon don't judge me then and i can do the job to do in the stand on the bus and in that are equal to just my son and what he calls instance me going on in jindo. because we don't we don't see only him doing movies that devotional would. so there are sort of all. the. fears of people been saying about rejected and this is a full on ourselves the only show i go out of my way to watch you know what is the really packs upon how bleak yap is the john oliver of r t america is going to say
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we are apparently better than that it's a sea of people you've never heard of love redacted tonight was the president of the world bank very. much it seriously sent us an e-mail let's talk about blackness in the blues of being black. and always well in a big house down at least that's what i've been told but he surely did we in remains as such because we simply forgot. the scene we've allowed them to rearrange their plane you've told us the sickness of trusting our enemy we became their face . that's what i call the lack of blackness or understanding the blues of being black. sheep the blues of being black should mandate that we attack knowing how when and what to do to come the simple in his national has been black is simply to the feeling blue is black and blue.
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the. hatred as the us is the named is the reason behind us down by attacking michigan and puerto terror investigation is now underway. the recent space off atrocities across europe has left politicians and citizens alike but guarding terror as a part of everyday. a reality. for. britain's prime minister to say sorry for the howling of the deadly grenfell tower fire however it does little to stop the protests. he got to listen you know why is the past so get in the way. we manage to speak to people in the parliament.


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