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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 1, 2017 7:29am-8:01am EDT

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thank you. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you you know with the health care debate which i don't believe exists i do not believe there is a health care debate sure there are red faced politicians screaming about one make believe side of the other but that doesn't mean there's a legitimate debate it's kind of like alex jones his radio show like i get that it exists somewhere and then a certain number of people who don't watch properly listen to it like. i know it's out there but i don't really acknowledge it's a thing that matters. not even alex jones believes what he says matters no seriously seriously in court recently his lawyer said on his behalf he's playing a character he has a performance artist. yes he's impersonating an internet troll who's medications
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are not interacting well. anyway in order for there to be a health care debate there needs to be two sides with some merit that can be argued about right but that's nowhere to be found in the health care debate right now instead there are two sides both of which are disingenuous both of which are corrupted by big money both of which are hardly even science instead they're just two separate spots in the center of whatever proverbial thing we're picturing i'd i'm i'm picturing a duck and i don't know why you always i always picture a duck but the debate should be is our country wealthy enough to cover the health care of every man woman and child if the answer is yes. then the s.q.l. thank you with. the answer is yes then. the other side of the debate should be let them die and i admit that side of the argument is. bit terse but it's not without merit especially if the dying patient
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happens to be the man who gave the young michael bay his first camcorder thereby putting us all on an inescapable calamitous path to a future involving at least seven and men as many as thirty six transformer movies . i mean a small car turns into a five story robot with heavy artillery and hundreds of millions of moviegoers are fine with that. it doesn't even it here to the law of conservation of mass. and that gaping plot hole is then followed by two hours of meaningless metal pieces flying at your face you know vomit inducing tornado of talk. and god help you if that sock is in three d. . so if that man who gave michael bay the camcorder were to get a rare lung infection i could be talked into joining a lot of guys i had pretty. good. point being in the health care versus let them
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die debate there would be two legitimate science but we don't have that we have trunk care versus obamacare on one side you have a pro corporate system designed to enrich industry consisting of slimy parasites who spend their days and nights trying to figure out how to make sure sick people either over them lots of money or die quick and on the other side you have trumped care. with one of those two options there are no preexisting conditions except for the bridge just a condition of a national psychosis which acts like this is a genuine debate. don't get me wrong trump cares i doubt it'll be worse the estimates are that by twenty one six as many as fifty one million americans would be uninsured as of last year there were mere twenty seven million americans uninsured but saying obamacare is better is like saying it's better to
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catch crabs from sleeping with a hot young lady than to get a permit to use gym towel. sure i guess. what should we just be focusing on the fact that you have crabs. and should you also switch jim is i mean is. it worth the ten extra dollars a month. our health care system both obamacare and from care is a travesty it's a good tactic it's on par with with your love for your beloved dog getting hit by a truck that was carrying your favorite ice cream so not only do you lose your best friend but now your favorite ice cream tastes like profound sadness. for forever. millions of people have filed for bankruptcy over the past decade because of health care costs and it's rich people. live on average fifteen years longer than poor
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people partially due to the cost of good health care this an medic an unmitigated failure in the wealthiest country in the world will get even worse under any conceivable version of trauma care it will kick millions of people off their insurance. and will set up what remains of obamacare to crumble to the ground so that trump can go we're told you would. most of trump's presidency seems to be premised on the idea that he can just set up everything to collapse even further and then sell ugly had to do so. but all of these health care plans are simply tinkering around the edges of the unique torture device designed to suck money out of gaspar of americans and place it in the pockets of morbidly obese insurance companies all right by design that is our system by design and as you can
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see the insurance company heads it's rather run by a very diverse group of people there. but they you know what they see past their differences to bond over the fact that they're all sociopaths. told the world. you're sure ideas such as universal health care exist but they're only allowed like quick three minute shout outs by bernie sanders before c.n.n. plays him off like he's an oscar speech that has gone on too long you know i really think everybody should get health care why why are you pushing me i just i think we have enough well cabo it can go in. just the last week the democrats in california have killed their own single single payer plan even though they could have passed it if they had wanted to by adding like this is a legitimate to. wait we are self consciously so little fi and cultural acceptance
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of the idea that health care should be exploited for profit all right it should not stop dignifying that thought process. and that's why i have a tough time running around yelling breathlessly about how bad the g.o.p. plan is make no mistake it's thoughtful it's it's on par with political or health care plan the right way which was shoddy at best. but let's put it this way all right imagine there were a ferris wheel that was poorly constructed and therefore was decapitated all the riders and for some reason each decapitation made a lot of money for the c.e.o. blue cross blue shield right and you were walking by and you noticed two people standing there arguing over which was worse the fact that a ten year old angel of a child just died on the ferris wheel or the fact that a forty eight year old just died while one is clearly worse but you would weigh in
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on the debates you'd probably be like. how do you turn of the wheel shut up shut up is not very real. when it comes to health care it's time we did demanded they turn off the ferris wheel all right making money off of the fact that someone is sick or injured or dying can't magically morph into a morally defensible way of doing things any more than a volkswagen bug could magically morph into a massive building size robot starring in a movie. and that's why we're the only developed country that deals with health care this way coming to you from washington d.c. the ballots are being. i know.
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i. am. ok. now let's take the news from behind good trump white house is the most an ethical and secretive in the history which is saying a lot for a house that has been filled with every flavor of war criminal fog and sexual pervert that house that is would make fifty the fifty shades of grey dungeon look like the wee's playhouse. was well they would play health wasn't exactly on the up enough but. is it wrong in polite company to ask whether someone ever had consensual sex with a chair and sat. around. to rail all right. anyway trump's press secretary sean spicer a man who always looks like he's having three separate but unrelated real allergic
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reactions. is now giving most of his breast. under the condition that nobody can see them which raises a lot of questions. such as isn't the point of a president having to make people aware of what the white house is doing in which case wouldn cites be one of the top three or four sam says. we would need so spicer has left the reporters with only hearing and smell and they are failing miserably at describing the smell in that room. they really have i mean if they did i think the adjectives most often used would be pungent rotting villainous corpse and a hint of lavender. so basically you now have spice in a bunch of reporters huddling in a like a linen closet yelling at each other this is actually from a press briefing this week this is just the front lines of us are where the
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president still believes we're three there's no. turn the cameras around like we turn the cameras on when we turn the cameras on i'm sorry that you just want to turn the cameras are sure they're in the room the wrong. place it sounds like they're in the upside down place from stranger things. well could you have it. stronger. for at least some of these really some of these briefings the white house even said reporters couldn't record a video or audiotape and couldn't report on the fact that they were instructed doctorow born. and right now i'm reporting on the fact that they weren't allowed to report that they weren't allowed reports gras. ls. ls did seems tame in the first in the first few days when i was in office you
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remember he allowed cameras everywhere like there were people just running down the halls with cameras probably because he thought being president would be simple like he would just waltz in and sign some things titled approving all of the pipelines and no m.r.i. for poor people immigration immigrants can eat a bag or whatever. of baggage they picked themselves because we still kind of need them in the fields. then. don't shoot the messenger. then trump started the process that the job is a little more complicated than that so they got rid of the cameras next the white house began texting using an encrypted app that automatically deletes all correspondences and a few days ago citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington filed a lawsuit against them for this auto delete app the more and more secretive this white house gets the closer and closer we fly to a fascist state we now have
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a reality game show host as president a completely secretive white house filled with trolls and utterly corrupt congress and an economic empire that has as much chance of holding itself up as steve bannon pira wedding on and of the ways had during the filming a lame is. thanks obama. really i blame obama for. at least partially because you know for the increase in secrecy despite talking a big game about transparency obama ranked as perhaps the least transparent administration in history up to that point as p.b.s. reported twenty fifteen the obama administration set a record again for censoring government files or outright denying access to them last year under the freedom of information act my favorite word is set a record again. because you know other than there's nothing more satisfying than
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setting a record and breaking your own record. some people say well obama gave a bunch of interviews right that's transport transparent yeah but most were not hard hitting they were with people like anthony boardgame it all right who didn't even broach the twenty six thousand drone bombings last year for some odd reason but did get to the bottom of why obama doesn't like raspberry cheesecake. gordons important questions between the secrecy of the spying on american citizens and the unitary war powers obama handed down a dictator's toolkit did he think donald trump ted cruz or hillary clinton would give all those insane powers back here you go i'm done with secrecy now well i'd like to shine a light on my corruption now of course i want to. frederick douglass said in eight hundred fifty seven power concedes nothing without demand and as trump said about
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frederick douglass. is an example of somebody who has done an amazing job to be recognized borne more i know this. time the maser job and at a shade under two hundred years old. he says brian when he is over. on second thought donald leave the cameras off. to go to a quick break but join me on twitter i'm at lee camp or at redacted in ny plus i have a live comedy shows coming up in minneapolis chicago and washington d.c. just email redacted tonight at r.t. america dot tv pretty doesn't take it well to read back.
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economic development is all about really pleased to report this quarter we are one hundred six points. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. might do. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says c.n.n. . with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. is that just you know a free market works. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are the just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society from the part of the government try to do both nicely. might be making things worse
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. by saying this is not how capitalism works this is. hopelessly disastrously wrong speaking of failure there's a situation over. the private company where sixty or seventy billion dollars a lot of the radically executives are leaving are left include the c.e.o. who are going to parachute in. simply is rumored shell samberg the c.f.o. of retirement according to c.s.s. and so that i'm sure will be another multi hundred million dollars he's already a billionaire so this could be a multi hundred billion dollars for her regardless of why the company succeeds or not there's a lot of people speculating that the underlying core business model of goober is unsustainable and this company's going to go the way of enron as multi. billion dollars.
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off the way. back. down to going through the battles back to the internet from the f.c.c. on july twelfth over forty thousand people organizations and websites like netflix and twitter will participate in a net neutrality day of action try to access those sites and you'll instead see a page with words like blocked or upgrade or the spinning wheel of death. not to be confused with the spinning wheel of death on the price is right. and which of you gets the wrong price for a container of dishwasher detergent they execute you. it's not your grandma's price right tell you that much for more on this we turn to our senior internet expert now we go. you that was stuck with me and we're going to win this fight it seems like you know the importance of the free and fair internet a lot more people will be aware of it really or we twitter enough looks are the
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only ones that matter what i mean but the others what i'm talking about is the rest of the web sites participating in this blackout one of those being ok cupid which i can assure you from personal experience deserves to be run at lower speeds. all right i don't need an ok cupid instant message coming in at lightning fast broadband it says let me see your face. right. can sit in the queue with the rest of those clowns asking for locks of my hair. that's my profile clearly states i don't do feet or hair stuff until the second date. ok a little creepy but you do you do have gray hair. it's so cute you name it the hair on my head. oh dear god ok maybe. i can take you a bit was the best place to start but even they all websites deserve to be accessed at the same speed as other sites blacking out these pages shows us what the world
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would be like without a fair internet but this isn't this isn't a completely blackout these sites it's just a reminder to send the f.c.c. your first round of pro net neutrality comments before july seventeenth plus the other side is just the strong before the first i've seen there were over four hundred forty thousand anti net neutrality comments alone it was the worst it was a spam bot natalie that the anti neutrality comments were fake like all of them thousands of people didn't even know their names were on those comments because their info had been hacked oh. ok i was wondering how four hundred forty thousand people all just happened to say the exact words the plan currently under consideration that the f.c.c. to repeal obama is title to power grab is a positive step forward and will help to promote a truly free and open internet for everyone i thought maybe it was divine intervention. or at the very least the most successful chain letter i've ever seen
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. personally i'd say scrap the blackout and tell everyone to send the f.c.c. common form to twenty people in an hour or the internet die. and we'll never orgasm again. ok that could work but first of all. it wasn't divine intervention it was an intervention and the second these protests actually do work in internet blackout in two thousand and twelve halted the stop online piracy act which would have promoted censorship but the f.c.c. still has to vote and it's really terrible for them with millions of people are on public record saying that ending net neutrality is an awful idea but the f.c.c. is votes for it anyway ok ok you may have a point but to be fair there were millions of people who once said don't make swedish fish oreos and then it happened anyway. look at it even the fish knew it was a bad idea and. maybe having fish makes oreos healthier then again
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everyone. thank. you may recall that crocs inauguration of bunch of protesters were arrested well the trials of the g. twenty activists are still going on and many including some journalists are facing years in jail for more on this let's go to john a for donald for the breakdown. here at the intersection of wealth and northwest. see this is a location where over two hundred thirty demonstrators most of them peaceful were cattle by police for several hours during the january twentieth protests of trump's inauguration and no a kettle what your grandmama use is to make you that caramel popcorn you love so much it's this.
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damn the d.c. police went nuclear they indiscriminately pepper sprayed the crowd without warning and used tear gas lash bang grenades concussion grenades rubber bullets and most players so i guess they didn't literally go nuclear. don't have. nuclear weapons right. now would be easy over two hundred demonstrators are now facing felony charges that could carry up to seventy five years in prison if they are convicted seventy five years we're protesting from. they should each be given seventy five years worth of free oilier of downs i'll volunteer. but seriously the initial charge of felony riding holds a maximum punishment of years in prison already draconian as but it's
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a grand jury returned a superseding indictment that added new charges inciting or urging to riot conspiracy to riot and counts of destruction of property now full disclosure did some of the protesters partake in property damage yes it was a very few months literally thousands yes to the d.c. police overreacted unlawfully arrest innocent people yes did the following all right journalist coverage of the vandalism make me laugh again yes this is completely. and. you know he conjured your hate and oppression at the american people. and especially young white middle class americans this is not peaceful protest this is anarchy this smashing bank of america there's measuring. i've never seen somebody have so much sympathy for bank of america you know they
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give americans like oh yeah we sort of they deserve that. again the vast majority of protesters were nonviolent including those who were detained not to mention that half a dozen journalists covering the march were also arrested and two are still facing multiple felony charges which is a further chilling slap in the face of the first amendment. well at least the d.c. police didn't finger anybody's you know the holes. oh wait they did an officer ordered five of the detainees to take off their pants before grabbing their testicles and then inserting a finger into their anuses as other officers laughed this is amounts to molestation and essentially rape one of the people subjected to this said he felt like the police were trying to break him and make sure he was punished. lawsuit time
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the a.c.l.u. is suing washington d.c. police alleging that officers wrongfully arrested innocent protesters during president donald trump's inauguration the lawsuit accuses the d.c. police of holding some protesters for as long as sixteen hours and depriving them of food water and bathrooms thanks to that report world's most mature looking middle school student the a.c.l.u. filed a lawsuit on behalf of four plaintiffs and there's also other legal activity by multiple organizations in the works including but you're like twenty seven hearing about a motion to dismiss all charges. which would make this segment useless in a month. i guess some call it that i am not cool with that well ultimately it needs to be understood that this criminalizing of protests is happening all over the country there's an unprecedented crackdown at least twenty
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states have put forward or passed laws meant to silence dissent and we will not let it happen reporting from washington john f. or donald. but. you're right i mean there was never you know. there are your headlines from the future in august you'll read it and move to further and hinder reporting on white house activity trump changes name to this symbol. coming up in two weeks. f.c.c. increases risk assessment of uncontrollable free and fair internet to severe. and one week from now. pentagon announces of more brave patriotic young people
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joining military for brave patriotic health care i that's our show but i interviewed my friend jimmy durante redacted the night the ip last night you walked out to you tube dot com sites redacted tonight until next time good night. to make this manufactured sentenced to public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous larry go round listen to the well. we can all middle of the room sick.
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i see you know what i'm still me son. who's here both you know. we might need the c.t.'s but that's a lot of the whole set came to tony's. point to you know if you don't think that's a magnificent. someplace go to see my food food site they may save us some people they're really nice and friendly and i might the foreigners feel welcome in russia. because the food was dusty but it's not very enjoyable place to be in the fairy friend make a poke my son. want to be some may say something to go through the state to the punch station also they're nice people. we're very glad that i'm here which of those still think.
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if you choose not to post the official girlfriend. i'll. do ya. still call me. in a live show so i was giving you. this if you. just. have to leave the last that you can be. the barbecue at the bar. was i don't know that my mind off of the whole point itself or what they said about being so. buddy investigate police officers behavior as well. i'll take drugs in the west end up in the presence here. calling me people as you close.
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hundreds gathered in london for the north one day more protest against government austerity policies and spending cuts thousands more are expected to join the market in the coming hours. pushed to the limit by the refugee crisis with thousands of pro and anti migrant activists protesting across the country. but. we know that assad has used chemical weapons on his own people. western officials were new accusations against the syrian government after the un's chemical weapons watchdog releases a report on april's chemical instant plans despite neither visiting the site nor should be.


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