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tv   News Weekly  RT  July 2, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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god. i'm. most goes slams videos claiming to show a chemical attack conducted by assad as fakes saying washington's threat to strike syria in case of a toxic incident has triggered a provocation campaign. donald trump a taxi and then again posting a mock wrestling video showing him talking down taking down what he calls a fake news channel. less than an hour to kickoff of the two thousand and seven competitor ocean's coke bottle it will be the world champions germany against the south american women's chile so exciting will bring your guest and analysis in a few minutes.
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hello there i'm nicky aaron and you're watching the weekly here on r.t. international all the latest headlines on the stories that shaped the week top story this hour the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman has slammed videos alleged to show the aftermath of a chemical attack in syria saying they are fakes produced as part of an anti assad propaganda campaign. the social media smear campaign under the banner assad used chemical weapons has now started just as we predicted you'll see more of this fake videos over the following days the complain this plan to be on a grand scale videos purporting to show victims often assad ordered chemical attack flooded social media on saturday that's after the white house accused the syrian government of preparing a toxic strike syrian journalist abraham says it would make no sense for damascus
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to do anything of the sort survey to come out of the tsunami issued a statement denying any use of chemical weapons saying that actually is a well known tactic used by terrorist groups according to the statement of the syrian army when these groups feel that they are on the fallback they talk to chemical attacks to stop them from advancing we're going to discuss the circumstances surrounding these attacks and it doesn't make a lot of sense for the syrian government when swimming with tommy achieving actually substantial most regains of more than one from what it would do something that would enable the rebels to benefit from international support to actually force the army to bring its operations into a complete halt when washington was asked to back up its allegations that damascus was preparing a chemical attack if failed to provide any evidence but as daniel bushell explains the u.s. doesn't seem to need much proof when it comes to accusing aside russia has
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one really bad habits and that's how it is and he only does this when he's winning he ruins everything but doing something really stupid for no reason at. take me now they crushing islamic states liberating vol swathes of syria and belts of the blue comes this. the united states is identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the saddam regime that said knows the probe will consequences of a chemical attack it's the only thing really right now who could ruin him by giving his enemies pretext to attack him why would he do it because he's evil the murderous syrian dictator bashar assad has been a brutal dictator bashar assad's a murderous regime in syria assad is the worst kind of brutal war criminal
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a classic super villain both stupid and evil beyond any logic the kind a villain but man would go off and america is batman. if mr assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he and his military will pay a heavy price britain is already on board if it does something really dumb the reason again the u.k. will join the us in punishing him we think it's absolutely right if we can to prevent the use of chemical weapons and we will fully support any u.s. action and if you've been following events in syria recently you'll know they'll hitting the united states has attacked as i said five times and what they say is self-defense. problem is justifying the prolonged conflict isn't easy western voters don't want another gung ho i mean campaign they learned their lesson
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after the first few times the international community sick of reckless interventions the only thing left is to wait for asset to give them a cools and since he's a comic book supervillain that's just part of the script. more to discuss it further now i'm joined by middle east expert caffe mr carr thank you for joining us on r.t. international now russia saying that these videos are fake and part of a smear campaign are you buying moscow's accounts. well the logical thing after the united states white house the collaboration should present assad do you know commit any other chemical attack or whatever we'll do such and such the logical thing for the rebel groups was to take this as an autocue to start pointing fingers here and there and say well we've had you know this chemical attack. we've
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seen the coalition say something like that or at least an inch and and then the eastern who are off a whole. all these videos and so on so for them you know any clash between the united states and it dragging the united states into the conflict is going to take a lot of you know weight of their shoulders so it is logical that they saw an opportunity in this and it is highly likely obviously that they would fake whatever it is even to the extent we would argue of. having real people subjected to real for example sarin gas or whatever other nerve gas only to sure videos that would show the symptoms so yes we totally say the this is fate even if you know the real victims were shown because the syrian government really has no no interest whatsoever in all of this and this comes as washington has been making throughout solve an intervention hasn't it how do you think that is influencing the situation
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i mean i suppose the greatest fear is that these threats could pave the way for both flag attacks by rebel groups. it will it will at some point we need to remember that in march or april two thousand and thirteen five months before the you know alleged chemical attack and who thought the big one the united nations were called inspectors were called into syria to investigate a rebel attack. on the syrian army position in the south western of aleppo. they only came arrived in damascus about five months later we know the rebels you know have chemical attack or chemical weapons capability and they were never checked. so this may you know enhanced their chances of doing something about it but there is a shift as well that we understand in the position of the united states and the western powers and with been monitoring this for the past at least two months or so
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. apparently the sense they have a sense of urgency about you know defeating the guy is just across the you know just beyond the corner and everybody's asking the question what next you know what next after diet is finished how do we continue. and how do we continue presence so probably this chemical attack narrative which started again about two months ago and we've heard for example french president macro speak about it as a red line a few weeks back then came the white house the full ration by sean spicer and it seems that they are sticking to this narrative as a just a vacation for further intervention in syria after the fall of rock and so on only to keep troops over there and keep you know whatever and interests they feel very very light again you know under chip i'm a cough middle east expert thank you for your time. thank you very much. but the
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u.s. president or no trump has taken another swipe at the media this time almost literally posting a mug video of a wrestling match between him and. you'd think from past mean accusing c.n.n. of producing fake news and being biased against him since his election in a tweet he said he was thinking of changing the channel's name to fraud news c.n.n. . the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house but i'm president and they're not. the fact is the press has destroyed themselves because they went too
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far. well c.n.n. have responded with that own tweet accusing the president of encouraging violence and juvenile behavior. c.n.n. has been on the defensive quite a lot this week several undercover videos were posted online allegedly exposing attitude to the channel towards russia will eight stories. i want to see them constantly. with. this ratings this ratings raiser they were right but honestly. it's just like. it's mostly the right you know we don't know. john. proof but what do you think's going to happen this week to be told russia. didn't. really. know what you just saw was a c.n.n. producer and one of their political commentators the last van jones responded to be
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on the a video saying his words had been taken out of context and that he did not think there was nothing to claims team trump colluded with russia and tried to cover it up or both videos were released by investigative journalism group project veritas that found out is already facing a million dollar lawsuit over an undercover videos thing against them across organizations and activists we also americans what they think about that media's coverage of and obsession with russia related stories. are you tired of hearing about trump and russia yes actually yes that's all i hear about. it's just getting a little tiring we're all exhausted however however it has to be it has to be the truth has to come out and the truth is that there was interference in the american electorate system but by the sentiment you feel like this is what the american people want to see on t.v. is they want to hear about trump allegedly working with russia. not mean not only
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among friends i think they would but that's something you know it's as if there is something secret about something people want to know even more so if you just bring it out in the open if there is something you'll come out if it's not then it's just go away and you feel like the media should be reporting on this more or less and less i'd like to hear where these sources are coming from or who's saying it spares i know it could be my next door neighbor they don't have proof they need to drop it . we asked the people behind the video what the russia thing. we do the car radio out there i mean people can judge for themselves and earthlings from the conversation but that's certainly my interpretation and i think that's the way the mainstream media is some for putting it away the drudge report and we're going to line it strikes again when the president of the united states just two of radio as i was urging the instagram you know so i'm assuming you agree as well not
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just c.n.n. i want to make it clear you are going to through in the mirror you know you are still in the you orbit or you are keeping stories you're keeping them a little north of the truth you're on our list. of the start of this week for the u.k. as minority conservative government government finally signed a deal with northern ireland democratic unionist party to shore up its power but the deal came at a price with the prime minister to raise them a having to stump up a billion pounds for the province over the next two years. we have reached an agreement with the conservative party on support for government and parliament disagreement operate to deliver a stable government in the united kingdom's national interest at this vital time. the agreement sees the prime minister backtrack on a number of key election pledges including reforms to pensions and benefits but do you paint has agreed to support the tories on all matters of confidence including
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breaks it talks and national security issues and he has this to check into has been taking a closer look. i thought i heard something there was a no nonsense oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh instead of stepping down the british prime minister had a different plan but it seemed like whichever way she turned there was potential for trouble the tories have penned a deal with the democratic unionist party of northern ireland which is opposed to hard bracks it something may has accepted as a possibility on top of that the d u p have been criticised for their policies on same sex marriage and abortion as well as previous links with violent paramilitary groups in northern ireland not a perfect ally but the attendee u.p.a. m.p.'s have been crucial for theresa may so much so she was ready to pay their support again with a hefty price tag of one billion pounds to be spent over the next twenty years that's in addition to the previously announced five hundred million in funds to
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northern ireland and who is footing the bill you may ask as always the taxpayer taxpayers resent politicians cooking up deals behind closed doors that invariably end with their cash being thrown wherever it's politically advantageous rather than where it could be best spent to recently called it a good deal and they do you p.r. delighted if you think the same applies to scotland and wales think again this is the worst kind of pork barrel politics which has shredded the last vestiges of credibility of this weekend prime minister it is outrageous that the prime minister believes she can secure her own political future by throwing money at northern ireland was completely ignoring the rest of the u.k. despite the british government having now plastered together a solution the question is for how long will it stick after all the irony is that a mere seven tory m.p.'s switching sides would potentially be enough for a majority to slip away and if they see a party fund it. opposition labor leader jeremy cobain claims the deal was not so
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in the national interest but rather in may's own interest and a voice concern about where the money for the agreement was coming from on a fact there was no investment for the rest of the country but coming up after the break we'll be going live to st petersburg where football's confederations cup final is just a few hours away. one of the biggest challenges that any investigators face in dealing with cyber crime is after abuse who did it why did it come from and as we've seen with many of these attacks i mean you've mentioned one across the recent won't run somewhere attack it's still unclear where that originated from so our clear message to government is to work together around the world to minimize this risk to grow those relationships and make sure that diplomacy is the key to everything.
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welcome back well it's the last day of the confederations cup twenty seventeen and the minutes are ticking down to the final between chile and germany neil harvey and stan collymore are instant petersburg and have been closely watching the closing
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stages of the tournament so let's hand over to them now for our special coverage. it is day sixteen now we now awakes nine sixteen the last game of the twenty seven thing confederations cup makes the all champions germany against the copa america when it is chilly alongside the sand callable as you have been throughout this tour and what i want to know is as a professional footballer forty minutes to go to kick up what are you doing in the security team got to the dressing room you will go ahead of a little walk on the pitch of take you refunds off players won't be allowed some of them in the dressing room will explain very shortly wally you've got to look at the surface wall because you have to play on it so you decide whether to have longer rochelle to studs you often see dressing rooms the football boots in the dressing
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room where you have a towel the shin pads and play is a very very superstitious people so you might decide to put your left so-called first or your right so call you shin pads in as in order to run the dressing room there will be screens where you will watch corners set pieces free kicks the opposition my have which my journey games i've been playing much attention to that rule play superstitious many on many all and that goes back to being the child's play in full will you might come out of the tunnel last you might come out of the pitch that i used to like food the captain made it seem that in the goalkeeper it it just makes you feel comfortable it's something to draw you back into it because don't forget you're playing off of different environments as a professional footballer so that similarity that surety is very very important for something it's about the music you get to decide what music listening to yet so basically when you're in the bush listen to what you like you see players coming off the coach with a big huge cheer from they get into the dressing room and then it pricing play the
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manager wants everybody to have collected. experience so usually of the big get the big stereo in the middle everybody will get a choice of song one that gets them growing a woman gets them for the guy in the play is to get it's another thing to drag them back into the room and. ok let's get an atmosphere now of what is happening close to our correspondents party. or imposition let's go first to a party chooses one of the fans over here must be buzzing by now ok. hi neal hi stan it certainly is buzzing when you are talking about music you can hear some in the background and you probably hear about maybe you've got some traditional russian music everybody's kind of bopping away i don't respond it's a safe way to be with the chili and save in the chilly fans we took it was high time that we found some japanese fans i want to do as we ride in the fans so here we are just possible to our german fans hi guys thank you so much for joining us
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good to be united's. thank you very much indeed for joining us so what do you think of so if we just make scientology think of the fun side. what do you think of the bonzai what do you think of six pieces bag. really a joyous and brutal sport. foursomes summer months alone though some good old school it's a great fall and one of the british open will soon. be a real one to enjoy the surplus to watch a football game will be leaving just a couple of years to do exactly that what do you think of it so far oh forget these are leaders who are what you think it would be just back so far oh that's really great that's amazing the city is amazing and let us know what they are so i guess you gemini fan so what do you think the school will be a y two zero for germany of course to go so i think germany or some other teams. what do you think what do you think the school will be the same so. the german team
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is very confident so far he's it will be your star players you have a very. and then he changed the stars to yes he left today. to go to the device as i think it will. take it yes or no from buffalo so the rebel base of ocelot is going to be a good player so you still going until you know yes yes yes so one last thing before i let you go guys you have to say come on germany how do you say that in germany punjab in a. lot that's how i see both thank you very much indeed goes ahead well looking forward to it so you know that so there we have it we have some jeopardy fans and they gave it to you know after the chilean found that said it was seven want well maybe not maybe it's a little bit of a closer affair than not but we will see not just a few minutes now as we approaching kickoff. yeah many thanks great parties there with the thing i can say still really will some two german fans than the chileans we spoke to help in the study and trust me watched the german flags of
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a lot of german represents a representation they're talking of the study let's go to the simply just book arena and you know know what screwed up pressure cooker environment building up like there you know. yes been up nicely stan hi neal a lot of fun just to stay here how far before take off and of course i've been speaking to a number of phones you know you pretty much as i was saying you got a lot of hope in a german model at the beginning of the tournament to speak to them they were thinking we've won world cups reborn european championships we don't really need the confederations cup today not so all change the people i've been speaking to say we want to tick off the box it's a young team but it's a good team a lot but show you from so what i've seen twelve dollars or so i think of travel from chile to up a long way a lot of expense so just goes to show they're fully behind their team they've just warmly copa america for the second straight time so the following day here on the expecting a lot from the likes of song of adults so
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a lot is expected in half an hour. it's time well i've just been. at the press center as well you know. offer me your faces one of whom was somebody i've talked about for a long time in my previous job as a sports center. she's a double gold medal medalist multiple world champion in the pole vault and i got a few minutes with let's take a listen to what she told me. first of all your thoughts on how russia has won the world for the twenty seventeen confederations cup well i think everyone on their very high level and they really hold it all fonts. and believe our country will keep. till the next here and they will surprise them more for their will temperance of what one of the things going into the tournament there were a lot of scare stories would russia be able to host a tournament of this size the press a lot of the western pressure seeing russia has welcomed the world well people are
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writing great stories about how hot the how satisfied are you without reaction from the press not just the fans here well of course your leg would tractions from the press because it's important. to ward to what you know who we are and what we are doing here and when they speak in a good way about us for us and to be good to have meant and of course one thousand three hundred. minutes to the ever seeing and everyone in the country and really it really looked forward to provide the best. time to unship so two thousand one hundred and just a word about the legacy what russia leaves behind here when it comes to confederations on the world cup how important are looking at a beautiful stadium here lots of new buildings infrastructure the importance of the legacy importance of what russia lease behind after these events well of course. they will temper ships it gives us the huge boost for development and we will
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develop football in our country more than it was before. sure because now we have opportunity to have such a beautiful stadium as you mentioned before of course we will grow up our football players throw from young so we created their new football school sir they didn't have heard that that's we didn't have before because of you've never had their their world championships so of course for development the football insert huge. huge cheer task of i would see an old infrastructure will help us in that and. you know i was told fall so seriously you're missing by ever speaking to me earlier just a lovely breeze actually coming in i forgot the majestic lever river it's a lovely temperature for playing football the game as we were saying going to start in about half an hour's time so a lot of buildup here a lot of people playing keep the op sees the giant sun still so very hardy out the sphere but i will just leave you with a thought but she only infantino the face for president said speaking about russia
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hosting the games in response to how well russia has gone and he said well russia were supposed to be bad hosts so if every tournament is like this i don't care how bad it is if it continues to be hosted like this so that his words of praise from the face of christ in himself and we just hope for a game to top it all off here and so petersburg the champions of the confederations cup we will know in a couple of hours from now. you know thank you so he told me enjoy the simplest buggering. ok let's cut to the chase just a few seconds left for a journey of conceded in every single game you think we'll see goals in this one i'm going to go for a change of prediction because of new york because of that stop that you just go going to go for germany for a chile warmer and for us to have a new confederations cup champion and i'm still thinking with chile we are going to find out is next time you speak to as we speak to you it's all going to be happening on the pitch bringing updates on the action c.n.n. .
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manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flame of. the sun. we can all middle of the roots to. dilute the real news. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate it's full on
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awesome the only show i go out of my way to punch you know what it is that really packs a punch. is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than the blue. sea people you've never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an e-mail.


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