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tv   Russia Today Programming  RT  July 3, 2017 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. russia says new video claiming to show a chemical attack in syria. part of a smear campaign against president assad. also this hour c.n.n. accuses donald trump of promoting violence against journalists off the president post some video showing him taking down the channel. down to seventeen combat russian called germany warning one goal to give that goal we'll bring you the chance at all the draw. to live from moscow with me daniel hawkins river you are welcome to the program the
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russian foreign ministry has condemned what it calls a smear campaign against the syrian government ministry spokeswoman marie has a lot of i was referring to videos circulating online claiming to show the aftermath of a chemical weapons attack ordered by president assad the social media smear campaign under the banner assad used chemical weapons has now started just as we predicted you'll see more of this fake videos over the following days the complain this plan to be on the grand scale. of videos purporting to show victims of a gas attack by the syrian military flooded social media on saturday that was after the white house accuse the syrian government of preparing to use chemical weapons. or him says that makes little sense. yesterday you come out of the sarong issued a statement denying any use of chemical weapons saying that this actually is a well known tactic used by dong terrorist groups according to the statement of the
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syrian army when these groups feel that they are on the fallback they try to stage chemical attacks to stop them from advancing they are going to discuss the circumstances surrounding these attacks and it doesn't make a lot of sense for the syrian government wins winning mentality in achieving actually substantial mostly danger more than one from that it would do something that would enable the rebels to benefit from international support which would actually force the army to bring its operations into a complete halt. washington was asked to back up its elevations that the mask was preparing a chemical attack it failed to provide any evidence or is that a bushel explains the u.s. doesn't seem to need proof when it comes to accusing us of pressure alice said there's one hundred bad habits and that's how it is and he only does this when he's winning he ruins everything but doing something really stupid for no reason at all . take me now they crushing islamic states
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liberating vul swathes of syria and out of the blue comes this. the united states has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the saddam regime that said knows the probable consequences of a chemical attack it's the only thing really right now who could ruin him by giving his enemies pretext to attack him why would he do it because he's evil the murderous syrian dictator bashar assad has been a brutal dictator bashar al assad's a murderous regime in syria assad is the worst kind of brutal war criminal a classic super villain both stupid and evil beyond any logic the kind a villain man would go off and america is batman. if mr assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he and his military will pay a heavy price britain is already on board if it does something really dumb for no
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reason again the u.k. will join the us in punishing him we think it's absolutely right if we can to prevent the use of chemical weapons and we will fully support any u.s. action and if you've been following events in syria recently you'll know they'll hitting the united states has attacked as i said five times and what they say is self defense. problem is justifying the prolonged conflict isn't easy western voters don't want another gung ho i mean campaign they learned their lesson after the first few times the international community sick of reckless interventions the only thing left is to wait for asset to give them a cools and since he's a comic book supervillain that's just part of the script. johnno berkeley was written extensively on the war in syria says the western media campaign against
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that site is verging on facile the mainstream media the large media there influencing the western decisionmaking process and the citizens opinion about this you take the case for instance of the totally black picture painted of of the bush era laos that now nobody can be as evil as he's been made in the western world it is very important then we are aware that knowledge good analysis is all put in the background these days in international politics. meanwhile washington says the preparations it claims to have seen are similar to the ones carried out before a chemical incident in syria's province that was back in april this week the un's chemical weapons watchdog confirmed the victims of that incident were exposed to sarin gas however it didn't identify the perpetrator it also turned out the fact finding mission didn't even visit the site of the alleged attack citing security
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risks the conclusions were based on interviews with people claiming to be survivors and post-mortems of alleged victims the liver to a neighboring country the o.p.c. w. statement didn't specify which one would discuss the findings with russia's representative to the group. there are expressions in this report like the team was on the able to fulfill the little girl so all of these. daunting force of all we were unable to hold will determine where. the full tool set is so the. teacher and all the. side the. source of fuel oil spills. with food three we can't books interpret. these missions as the mission so.
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just as serious and put it actions to put it mildly. there is a mission and that is these are people that. it was impossible to implement the chain not past the point the key. for samples from the schools and these is very thin but. we don't do something but you can buy somebody more useful and been brought by somebody and they just absolutely no evidence call it will deal with. the us president donald trump has taken another swipe at the media posting a mock video of a wrestling match between him and c.n.n. . it was on to it
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one thing. a truck has repeatedly to see a lot of broadcasting fake news about him in a tweet he said he was thinking of changing the channels name to fraud news c.n.n. . the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house when i'm president and they're not it was the fact is the press has destroyed themselves because they went too far. or c.n.n. responded to donald trump's wrestling video accusing him of encouraging violence against reporters the statement went on to say the president should be focusing his attention on running the country rather than indulging in juvenile behavior regardless the child's alltel told us the network is not entirely blameless in its
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discreet with trumped. in the case of c.n.n. we are talking as regards trump and indeed as against the conservative elements of the united states of america of a nonstop this information campaign and when it comes to trump spewing fraudulent nonsense about you know what had happened in the election and after the election they've severely lost their way which is evidenced i think in the long term trend in their viewership but let's remember this is the network admittedly they later fired kathy griffin for holding up a mock severed head of our president and c.n.n. the same network is complaining about a cartoon i mean give me a break i would say that c.n.n. has a lot better things to do than they than they did for example a couple years ago wasting all the time on the missing malaysian flight and then in the last number of months here going on and on and on about this supposed a russian collusion hacking story which i i hope at this point has been dealt with
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i mean see it's kind of rich for c.n.n. to call the pot calling the kettle black here c.n.n. has been on the defensive throughout the week several undercover videos were posted online exposing attitudes at the channel with russia related stories the morning c.n.n. constantly in. russia the first with. this rating. this rating raiser at all right but honestly. it's just like. it's mostly right now we don't. proof but what do you think's going to happen this week with the rest of. it was going to be really. you just saw a c.n.n. producer and one of the political commentators is the last one van jones responded to the cover video he said his words have been taken out of context than that he didn't think there was nothing to claims that trump colluded with russia.
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journalism group project veteran. facing a million dollar. undercover videos thing against democratic organizations and activists we spoke to americans about what they think about their media's coverage of course. are you tired of hearing about trump and russia yes actually yes that's all i hear about. getting tiring we're all exhausted however however it has to be it has to do through this to come out and the truth is that there was interference in the american electorate system but by putin the sentiment you feel like this is what the american people want to see on t.v. is they want to hear about trump allegedly working with russia not me not a my friend i think they would but that's something you know if there is something secret about something people want to know even more so if you just bring it out in
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the open if there is something odd if it's not going to just go away and you feel like the media should be reporting on this more or less less and like to hear where these sources are coming from or who's saying it spares i know it could be my next door neighbor they don't have proof they need to drop it we spoke to the people behind the undercover video what the thing actually refers to. we put the entire video out there i mean people can judge for themselves and time zap and burgling from the conversation but that's certainly my interpretation and i think that's the way the mainstream media is interpret it that a lot of the way the drudge report as the headline of he strikes again in the president of the united states just two of our videos on his personal instagram channel so i'm assuming he agrees as well because not just c.n.n. i want to make this very clear if you are in the mainstream media in america at the end you are telling me you are defending people you're gate keeping stories you're
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keeping the public from knowing the truth is there are less of a week long headache for the channel continued went that a story about former president barack obama's jeans guy that triggered quite a few jokes online. and.
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china has sent military vessels and planes to warn off an american warship beijing claims the vessel violated its territorial waters in the south china sea under the pretext of navigation freedom the u.s. side once again since a military vessel into china's territorial waters this constitutes a serious political and military provocation the chinese side is dissatisfied with and opposed to the relevant behavior of the u.s. side of the united states guided missile destroyer came within twelve nautical miles of try to an island that's part of a disputed parcel on and group which china considers to be its own territory this comes at a time of heightened tensions between the two countries i was in recently announced plans to sell arms worth one point four billion dollars to taiwan that move if you were to china and raise doubts over president trump's efforts to improve relations with beijing jim dean editor of veterans today told us the dispute in the south china sea is on likely to die down this is part of
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a sparring campaign that i think is going to go on for quite a while this this dispute over who has sovereignty over the south china sea is going to be with us for years it really doesn't have all the united states because it's on the other side of the world but the u.s. likes to show the flag but china has major interest here because it's got a billion people a huge energy. which it's spending a lot of its foreign earnings importing so a long range there is energy found in this area it wants to lay claim to it and of course the u.s. is basically saying we will we will challenge that. germany has won the fee for confederations cup for the first time defeating chile one nil in st petersburg we'll have more of their bring you all of our special coverage.
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the beautiful wife saying ok this secularly fantastic evening for germany the world champions are now going around the top seventy confederations cup winners with a well known victory over chile alongside me stan collymore you called this you said germany going to win it maybe not in the fashion you predicted though no i think that's a huge congratulations us to go to the truly national team as well it was all or nothing tonight by put all of their efforts the bodies on the line my start to extremely well huge congratulations to them and i'm sure that they wouldn't want to lose the game in the middle of aidid but when you send so many players forward so often there's always the possibility of that and you can get hurt and that's exactly how i said it wasn't a mano that we expected germany to win in that they were expected to boss the game
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that chile would defend it was the other way around chile dominated possession throughout germany snatched the chance to talk us through this is shocking moment for the defender the central defender for chile he was the man you just see the ideas on the edge of his own box and you just don't want him in possession the board you have to keep the ball moving in particular when you've got you know usually home reply use chasing around you to look to win the ball that's exactly what jeremy did you know neil was inside the stadium watching the game and he caught up with some of the players just afterwards so all quiet at the same petersburg arena this is where the competition began and this is where it has now ended they say football is a simple game for ninety minutes twenty two men run around the field after a ball at the end of it the germans win it was the germans who came out on top to make history because after all the world cups they had won after all the european championships they want they'd never got their hands on the confederation. i spoke
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to some of their peers after the match including embrace shown a liverpool man who gave his thoughts not only on the game but also on his at welcome here in russia i knew before that all of you have a strong squad and i think. i think a lot of people that old like you are a good team of the. good to be there when the dawn of man but i didn't mazen job and i think we do have to win the tournament i do with an amazing day. everybody was friendly and the amazing job pierre dorgan lation was perfect and we are looking forward to come next again just on the way out of the stadium i spoke to some phones here just a byte so there are pros and cons of coming to russia if you want to jump right g.m. c.e.o. is the last book even imagine if the next year that i would come out and you know ok we hate you know mark again the next year two thousand eighty five other people want to have to move to be here again thank you very much snow we can look forward to an even bigger tournaments there are eight teams this time round thirty two next
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year it's going to be a lot of fun i could feel the pain of those magnificent chili found some of whom we've met i know some of them were in the fans out here in st petersburg a very old cape palm trees was there must have been something or disappointing not . hi there neal a stand i do have that i think. that these guys are the russians they confederations cup is it a raging success is we know the have to beat anybody puts a bit you braces of all who you get is that why buffet be ruled other things people were talking about with the top events but also be ready chile here you still got a pretty one of these guys behind you the people who do the best the federations go wherever the next one comes to russia or they are looking for it's a job as a good thing to do like.
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but how do you know we were all six chile as we caught up with the fans and the team as they were leaving the hotel and you the softening oh. lays it just about what. we got he got. out of the got that he got right into the guy. but they said you good boy. you got you and as you get in here it's going to be noisy as. anything but there's no hello so even though they're rich a bit chilly in germany and one is that you've got to give adorations cut champions for the first time they don't mind here it's a beach is big they don't mind here in russia they just had a fantastic pot saying as you can hear. a. bank you can
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be we heard from your. legend the two time olympic gold medalist on dumbass you know for the free form. thousand and nineteen she spoke to want to you know now i'm about to post impressions compunctions one of the things going into the tournament there were a lot of scary stories would russia be able to host a tournament of this size the press a lot of the western press are seeing russia has welcomed the world they've done well people are writing great stories about it how happy how satisfied are you without reaction from the press not just the fans here well of course sagal leg tractions from the press because it's important. to world to what who we are and what we are doing here and when they speak in a good day about us for us and to be good to have meant and of course have a one thousand three hundred so. who is minute several minutes to the ever seeing and yvel come everyone in the country and really it really look for. to provide the best will to jump in ships two thousand nine hundred and just
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a word applied to legacy what what russia leaves behind here when it comes to confederations on the world cup how important are looking at a beautiful stadium here lots of new buildings infrastructure the importance of the legacy the importance of what russia lease behind after these events well of course . they've all championships it gives as the huge boost for developments in the real developed football in our country here more than it was before because now we have a parts you need to have such a good beautiful stadium as you mentioned before of course you will grow up our football players throw from young so we create their new football schools so they didn't have that to be didn't have before because if you've never had there there will temper ships but of course if a development of football it's a huge. huge cheer basket i would see and now all the infrastructure serbia help us in that and we've tried to give you guys a sense of. the culture
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a flavor of what it's like to be in russia to meet russian people to enjoy the culture the cuisine and i want to take you back stan because this journey for us started two months ago when we sort of went on a reconnaissance mission around the four hundred cities we met some fascinating people people on the street members of the public celebrities when the first things we have to dream of this you learn a song directed we should finish as we started i think are the. solder yadav. sing along because you. know you're. living majar all thank you see you again next year for the faithful will call car.
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away from the u.k. now where the u.k. is minority conservative government finally signed a deal with northern ireland's democratic unionist party to shore up its power remove ok with a price with prime minister to resign my agreeing to provide an extra billion pounds for the province over the next two years we have reached an agreement with the conservative party on support for a government in parliament this agreement will operate to deliver a stable government in the united kingdom's national interest at this time. of the agreement sees the prime minister backtrack on a number of closures including reforms to pensions and benefits artes and has been taking a closer look. i know you said there was. no nonsense oh. god instead of stepping down the british prime minister had
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a different plan but it seemed like whichever way she turned there was potential for trouble the tories have penned a deal with the democratic unionist party of northern ireland which is opposed to hard bracks it something may has accepted as a possibility on top of that the d u p have been criticised for their policies on same sex marriage and abortion as was previously inks with violent paramilitary groups in northern ireland not a perfect ally but attendee u.p.a. m.p.'s have been crucial for theresa may so much so she was ready to pay their support came with a hefty price tag of one billion pounds to be spent over the next twenty years that's in addition to the previously announced five hundred million in funds to northern ireland and who is footing the bill you may ask as always the taxpayer taxpayers resent politicians cooking up deals behind closed doors that invariably end with their cash being thrown wherever it's politically advantageous rather than where it could be best spent to recently called it a good deal and the do you be are delighted if you think the same applies to
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scotland and wales think again this is the worst kind of pork barrel politics which has shredded the last vestiges of credibility of this weekend prime minister it is outrageous that the prime minister believes she can secure her own political future by throwing money at northern ireland was completely ignoring the rest of the u.k. despite the british government having now plastered together a solution the question is for how long will it stick after all the irony is that a mere seven tory m.p.'s switching sides would potentially be enough for a majority to slip away and party funded. opposition leader jeremy corwin playing the deal was not in the national interest but rather in may's own interest and he voiced concerns about where the money was coming from and why no other parts of the u.k. are receiving extra funds we spoke to a radio host on a politics professor for their views. g.'s it managed to get this group b. little coalition together but the do you pretty whole ten see she's still
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a minority government i think she's going to have real problems lasting i certainly think they'll be in an election by i'll tell you but i think she'll find it very very difficult all this government together because don't forget she's got simply with the seizure of three c. she's also got a. divided party on the conservative party a strong massively over the major issue at the moment which is breaks it out even more so it might make her a little bit was more secure for a few days but this is no one so i think it bites that obviously makes position more secure because with the do you play they have a working majority of thirteen of course i don't know your ploys to confidence and supply matters government isn't going to get much of a legislative program through but that was evident in the thin nature of the queen's speech in a sense it's save the conservatives what could have been a great deal of trouble with some of their own supporters who were very unhappy about these changes and it's going to make it more difficult for the concert is to balance the books which they're having problems with anyway in terms of trying to
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reduce the budget deficit to a manageable level. next ought to be a report on the growing income gap in the first twelve countries and if you're watching us in the u.k. oil and a close up look at the war on drugs in the philippines mcrib where we see shape will be with you in half an hour. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to be precise it's like that before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. things should. boss alone the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be
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nice to live there or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them a little bit before this on the celestial get out of it was such a traditional story some nas comes by him sometime this year that as we know is by no means a school but days a month on that beach while the city's tried desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of isa don't include what will put the couple who probably global in the coffee cup at dolly economy in the us as up little on saabs knock up the supposed to mean a. lot of voters. as a tourist phobia will fit into an identity. if you take an economics course you're taught that markets are based on informed
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consumers making rational. judgment for suppose you turn on the television show to . take a look at the. moment are they trying to create informed consumers making rational choices. true or they're trying to create uninformed consumers who will want the so huge industry one of the biggest industries in the country. like i'm. going to. go yeah i'll think that's what i'm going to say pleasantly plump.
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must be. oh i came into things and just seen it. as i got a manager. but if you've never before don't live. i have to hand man i don't want to and congestive heart failure and actually literally bad. it took me two weeks sick come out of the car i'm just luggage in my heart still is beating low in them to do what they need to do you know but that's just making it weaker. it just makes me think. if i'm home by myself like my kids that there's somebody knocking on.
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and then you get. down to. that. hair. i would love to see more of. i always say i wish i had a husband that worked and i now find you know where we are able to come home together at night and take care of the kids together but i know that's not reality and i know he's providing a lifestyle for us that without him working as hard because. we know the financial distress is one of the main factors that sends people to see marriage
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counselors in the areas that saw the biggest increases in new goldie we saw the biggest increase in divorce rates people in the middle are trying to make ends meet in the process of experiencing a moon norm or similar additional stress in their lives. got to think of all the problems in the neighborhood. they need from fades if they been abreast to what the event. sounds as i'd be looking to hear from my saw is the free and the good the only. foods deal while out i'm in there cooking. this just from people stressed and out because the economy is so jacked up over here and that's why we end up with situations like these people for different for loney's so. they made and frustrating at a job i'm going in and trying it in people have. peer brains against another
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person one. with somebody else. they are just anything to take the fust ration now because they got too much else to do. psychologists and sociologists who what with violent criminals consistently say that lack of respect is the trick a violent and aggression all that's left to people is the maintenance of self-respect and so if that's threatened in some way then you see this violent and aggressive reaction. police make say two teenage boys and his ten year old girl. honester gun fight in a birthday party or privately own club this is not unusual they've had a lot of people killed in this little town in the past few years high school
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students killing each other you know in and you know this is you never know when you're in unity rob and. i would love to walk to work or ride a bike to work in a place was only like two miles down the road but i'm too scared to ride a bike or walk home at midnight always worry about walking. always so with half the lights out right now. you know it's a very dangerous place. to get a hold of a good sixteen homicides last year. returns a lot more people are in this church policing community are trying to address some epidemic of violent crime much of it rooted in drugs street sweeper shot good twelve twelve gauge drills in this drill magazine no cites because it's not designed to meet an inside.
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the city it has come when i'm sick of the i'm stressed that this is this devastating look at look in the. day you came around the next week and. i'm thinking. you know i have this door closed and the good doctor here in our own calle boys out. war on crime.
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every level who can't afford it are getting out of the way retreating to walden bay from where they can launch a new republican battle for the survival of american. crime the fear it provokes are crippling our society limiting personal freedom and fraying the times that bind us now those who commit repeated violent crimes should be to. no when you commit a third bottle of crime you will be put away and put away for good three strikes and you are now in. i get caught with a gram a dope one point five. i would hurt anybody but myself i wouldn't sell it you know i don't give it to kids or anything like that and i go to court and i would try to hear anything need their used it three strikes. and
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they gave me a twenty five year since i've been in a box just live with bigger than this for the last seventeen years and to be locked up and treated as i've been treated here there's not a man alive that would feel the same way that i do now they've created a ball i hate me yeah i mean the pinotage but you know something i've never never been caught with the thing i've got to get naked in front of females and these officers and i got to bend over and show them. yeah humiliating it it's beyond. i had all i had all. i had those kicked out on the robertson unit i was beaten almost to death they broke eight ribs they dislocated my arms motley they broke my jaw they kicked
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outlaw greil they broke my ocular bone not know. but you know something the first time that i did get my head ripped off three days later it didn't hurt as bad and in a bit and in denial became a must i hate people and do you know how sad that is to say. you know i i've been treated so bad back here that yes i could i could actually now i could kill a man. out really could i could kill one of these locals and out in it net say and it's sad because that you know. i was raised as a net and what about going to do now mr around when i get out what am i going to do give me a job at mcdonald's i'll be fifty four years old came down when i was twenty six
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i was in college i was taking a vote. what about a good one i'm not going to do now because what you were before you come to the penitentiary is not what you're going to be when you're released. this is a country that began with the language of liberty and yet we have more people in prison to tap into than anybody in the world. and. there's no doubt that being rich makes it. will be incarcerated even if something terrible . says so. let's say. this is the richest year ever human history the rich are getting richer this
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evidence are less and these are creators and how sort of kratos these are do or make and things happen when they do well and we all well. there's a religion that says they really will benefit there's almost nothing to do with the real world so it completely fails in the real world hauser's the room we're not a failure for the of fraction of one percent of the population that's accumulating wealth you know beyond the dreams of avarice the influence of money in politics has risen dramatically in recent decades the people at the top have more money what they've been doing has been giving bigger contributions to politicians and in return asking for lower tax rates on themselves and less stringent regulations on their companies from humble beginnings in small town arkansas to the world's leading retailer wal-mart has come a long way since one nine hundred sixty to no one except for maybe sam who never
12:42 am
lost sight of his original idea could have predicted the company's remarkable growth in case because of. a national level for. registry william and they are no doubt highly respected in the communities in which they live in there they do respectable things museums and they give money to hospitals and stuff. and yet you know in many communities people who work at will are getting the wage but also getting food stamps so basically the public is paying for labor. for fiscal year in two thousand and twelve while more heads grow sales about four hundred forty six billion and then the net sales were sixteen point seven but almost seventeen billion dollars net profit i have no problem when it comes to make you know profit and like i said i have my own business but when you're making
12:43 am
a profit at the expense or you get the people who are doing the work and they're their own food stamps it's a moral issue if you're making a decision i we're going to cut our so we can keep profit up you know what you're doing. a little blog or telling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings me to the chicken hawks wants me to fight the battle. for the tell you that because of the public but most important. tell you on the cool enough
12:44 am
to buy their products. we. want. one of the biggest challenges that any investigators face in dealing with cyber crime is. who did it why did it come from and as we've seen with many of these attacks and you've mentioned one across the recent run somewhere attack it's still unclear where that originated from so our clear message to government is to work together around the world to minimize this risk to grow those relationships and make sure that diplomacy is the key to everything. we've been finding that wealthier individuals are more likely to perceive the pursuit of self interests as opposed to collective interest as being moral and favorable or even observing this moralization of greed this greed is good mentality
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this culture absolutely selects for psychopaths thinkers you know people who literally have no empathy whatsoever because once you have successfully cleaved off at school considerations you're incredibly efficient i think there's nothing wrong with aspiring to be comparable i don't even know that there's anything wrong with aspiring to be rich but the aspiration of wall street is how you money and you money is the amount of money so vast that you could pick up the phone or save you to whoever you wanted without repercussion. one of the necessary illusion for the general public is that we live in a capitalist economy but the rich don't believe for a minute they insist on a powerful state to protect from market this so goldman sachs makes a risky transaction. they're basically protected if it crashes
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they can run through the nanny state with their trap and. build a good morning this is a pivotal moment for america's economy. problems that originated in the credit markets and first showed up in the area of subprime mortgages have spread throughout our financial system is more common wall street or asked by a freak out trying to. find how long yesterday the dow closed down five hundred investors read it this is a show me to see whether or not the government can step in and feel the same kind of mean i'm a strong believer in free enterprise. under normal circumstances i believe companies that make bad decisions should be allowed to go out of business but these are not normal circumstances you know the president has said over and over it's the people's money. right about that it is the people's money but now it's the people's
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debt. this is the pain. that will stay with me for the rest of my life but you got to keep four hundred eighty million dollars i have a very basic question for you is this fair. the spectacle all of these bankers who have contributed hugely to bringing the western economies to the knees and you're still going home putting themselves money beyond the dreams of avarice in most people's eyes and they really think it was but sometimes i meet them socially. when you understand this is how capitalism works i say this is not how capitalism work this is talk up a blizzard goes hopelessly disastrously wrong. one . of your seriously. out of the best person to speak of the wall street that is i sit across from them. you know i see the humanity of
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the people on wall street are working harder now than ever before not knowing whether they could ever move up the ladder and when will this rat race and for the . doctor all didn't pass this exam go psychologists and probably more than anything else. is known for helping people manage i'm certain. and maintain optimal motivation and performance in times of uncertainty. it's become a mission for me to help people out there in this rough time because i feel like in my practice as a psychologist my clients are looking to me for answers my dissertation is the first study in the united states conducted in the last fifty years it was called casualties of wall street and assessment of the walking wounded and my findings
12:49 am
basically showed that we are currently in a crisis of connectivity. the elderly. should not bail out those who made the reckless decision to buy a home they knew they could never afford. that word came up a lot o. greedy homeowners this is serious about for people who bought t.v. their second mortgages and it's their father and they were greedy that's the mentality blame the victim. i
12:50 am
keep using my credit cards to live and then i got those where i was maxed out and i'm at the. to be moving. i've got to go very soon within the next few weeks you know. this is this is the. there's a lot of data. suggesting that social mobility is an all time low people despite their hard work on it's achieving the american dream. so who is it that achieves wealth it's often those individuals that are born into wealth in the first place. i actually feel like i'm blessed with having everything i need. to look here.
12:51 am
could not ask for anything more and she's living. dead fifteen years old i left big stone gap ginia and i hitchhiked across this entire continent to southern california. and i had a good job. heterosexual show of a life was good i was thinking about going to hollywood be the next tom cruise or somebody you know me. but it didn't happen might it. feel that mainstream school is a great place for kids who are even slightly above the curve. so it probably homeschool if they're not staying on track meeting the milestones
12:52 am
meeting the goals they need to meet it's going to impact long term what they're how complex. no challenge is more urgent. no debate is more important we can either settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well while a growing number of americans barely get by. or we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same set of weights. it's not the case that all of the is attributable to bad apples but rather that the barrel is bad the barrel is what's contaminating the outposts it's the institutions that prioritize getting ahead above all else that it's ok to break the law if that means that your going to make more profits for the company with no attention to what the consequences are for the system as
12:53 am
a whole. what i object to is the feeling that there's some mechanism out about which you can do nothing to that's not simply not true chief if you want to change this they can change it and never. let me busy a tailor in m.p. it's the day i. have a voice for my fellow worker and everybody this. rochelle going to what would you like to say to the boss held for whom you work i don't blame any one particular company the truth unless the government actually acknowledge the importance of the home test within this country people are going to continue to be failed these problems a deep rooted within the system and the system that needs to change my name is
12:54 am
janet sparks and i am a wal-mart associate at store number eleven zero two when i think about the fact there are c.e.o. mike du made over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart associate. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. i wish we'd never gone to jesus sent out of this we've never had this stormy high rewards i didn't realize about was going to happen maybe all those orse knew perfectly well that this would be the result of it but i think the plot is unfortunate some are regret it i think you know you sort of always have it maybe in the back of your mind that you know you're not part of something good but i don't
12:55 am
have a clear sense of why i'm doing something actively harmful and then when the financial crisis hit i started to feel really uncomfortable and i asked my boss will the public ever forgive us for this and meaning the bail out and he based i said to me well here's the thing the public always forgets the public forgot after the savings and loan crisis the public forgot after the long term capital management blew up the public always forgets and the public will forget again and we will you know move on and it will go back to normal so don't worry about it.
12:56 am
12:57 am
last fall in love. there's a saying. i think there will be chief justice and then through and through all the countries don't let the ideas of the right just go through us company he said if we give them everything slipped into fast. leave. this country. this is what we don't understand how we are poor in such a country. but there isn't the one that doesn't help. the soon to run up a similar similar to me jolly good why do you need one legged by the us if you feel
12:58 am
if the minerals of congo were not that god can we believe again in the world with the fall of the. without the plane. would come to the place story if you have to see. that i am the best. move. welcome to the wonderful blood donation. come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive in. my body gets. produced itself around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity and does this because it helps people just see one of the side effects is that it. puts money on your car immediately. half of all plasma based drugs today come from private
12:59 am
companies and are produced from paid plasma small conference room. and. one of the risks of a donation. then is proof that the frequency of pathology is is much higher paid. in it. if i was. using the drug and who runs the blood business. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president and you. want to. have to go to press this is what before three of them all can't be good. i'm
1:00 am
interested in the water. headlines on all three international. jets toward all four u.s. warships close to disputed territory in the south china sea. relations between the two countries are now heading to a new. the . video.
1:01 am
thanks for joining us. china deployed military vessels and planes to warn off an american warship that came within twelve nautical miles of triton island it's part of a disputed power sell island group in the south china sea which china considers its territory and that's why beijing blames the u.s. for violating its territorial waters under the pretext of navigation freedom the u.s. side once again since a military vessel into china's territorial waters this constitutes a serious political and military provocation the chinese side is dissatisfied with and opposed to the relevant behavior of the u.s. side the so-called the violation comes as u.s. china relations face a new low want to trump presidency let's discuss this further now r.t. what it does they are joining us here in the studio this morning good morning to
1:02 am
you. hasn't it been donald trump saying since the start of his presidential campaign that he would go hard on china that's exactly what he did he said from the very start during his campaign that he would stand up to china both economically by taking back american jobs jobs that he thinks the chinese have taken from the united states as well as taxing the chinese making it more difficult for them to make billions and billions in the united states also militarily by demonstrating and showing to china america's military might take money. we can't continue to allow china to rape our country i want china dictating to me. but as with as also often happens with trump things quickly change he's a businessman he likes you know business he likes money flowing and making profits
1:03 am
and the chinese of a certain you know they've got a lot to add to america's economy and they change they slowly became friends and it ended up with donald trump and she jinping eating chocolate cake together. i think we have. a tremendous progress in a relationship with china the relationship developed by president xi and most of it is that stated we go forward to being together many times in the future. and there we were was so happy all these nightmare scenarios that people were afraid of and dire predictions they failed to materialize as far as they were aware back then the media you know called them a couple you know saying that this this friendship is great and now we're in a situation where they say the honeymoon is over but whatever other factors as well but of influence this potential fallout over there were plenty over the last month
1:04 am
serious incidents all of them for example when a u.s. warship sailed into the spiky island chain which is a chain of islands in the south china sea which china claims as its own and it has defended somewhat belligerently their their rights to those islands as they see it that certainly caused a little bit of full out then came a document an american official document that called china one of the worst human trafficking offenders in the world you know it's nothing too serious but diplomatically it is it is a slight and i suppose what really did it was when the united states donald trump announced the deal that he does like selling guns when he announced the deal to sell one point four billion dollars worth of arms to taiwan taiwan is of course china considers it a part of its own country a part of its own territory taiwan split in order not to become communists that
1:05 am
disagreed with communism and the united states has been supporting taiwan which you know is something of a rival to china of course much less powerful but here's what the chinese at the say about that. taiwan is an inseparable part of china we firmly oppose the export of arms to taiwan we stress that nobody can we can or determination to uphold our territorial integrity and sovereignty and we oppose any external interference in our domestic affairs we urge the u.s. to abide by its commitment to the one china principle and to stop arms sales to taiwan and all military contacts in order to avoid further damage to our relations and enable corporation in other fields that what's most worrying is that we went from here to here in the span of about a month just a little bit more so you know where's where's this going to bottom out how bad these relations going to get and with donald trump there's you know it's hard predicting the fellow and what he'll do next is anyone's guess. but i thank you.
1:06 am
well the editor of a veterans today jim dean he believes the dispute in the south china sea is part of a long sparring campaign that isn't going to fade away any time soon this is part of a sparring campaign that i think is going to go on for quite a while this this dispute over who has sovereignty over the south china sea is going to be with us for years it really doesn't involve the united states because it's on the other side of the world but the u.s. likes to show the flag but china has major interest here because it's got a billion people a huge energy. appetite which it's spending a lot of its foreign earnings importing so a long range if there is energy found in this area it wants to lay claim to it and
1:07 am
of course the u.s. is basically saying we will we will challenge that. italy is getting angry as it seeks support from other european countries over the ongoing migrant crisis it's threatened now to close its ports to rescue ships interior minister claims the country's under huge pressure more than half a million migrant so arrived at a town in port since twenty fourteen and the numbers continue to grow and with the crisis gripping the country reports have been most that matthew gangs of the put up a lot of mo in sicily a full scene the refugees who work for the. simple seas need to use somebody.
1:08 am
shot to do been skiing met with a local journalist and pilot a mole to find out the reality of the situation and she also appears from one migrant who shares his terrifying ordeal. just behind me is where the famous sicilian market at ballard takes place. every day and while in the day it's a hot spot for tourists in fact they're recommended to go and see the market is one of the things to do when you're on the island of sicily but at night the market turns into something completely different and instead of selling fresh produce and fish what's being sold on the streets hey it's hard drugs and the majority of the people selling drugs. africa that's what we've been told by one local journalist francesco. we film in secret with him on the streets. very powerful trafficking. drugs.
1:09 am
they are using. specific. facts it's believed around huff a million migrants have made their way across the mediterranean sea to italy in the last few years while sicily has a long history of crime mainly perpetrated by the mafia what's happening now is the dix teaming up with migrants to kerri-anne criminal activities the main migrant gang is black acts which is forcing new migrants to work for them.
1:10 am
my my for. my phone took my glasses. to my. form. used. don't in mecca refused to join black acts and its activities since then to be the case. as to. understanding me. to do so how can i feel myself selling drugs is not the only way many my current a force to make money we've been told many young people are being used for trafficking and prostitution here only. and we're told that if we just head down this main street here literally just officer main street is where many of the pills
1:11 am
for lying to you in origin selling. points off to know it's the girls refused to talk to me but it's clear the majority are only teenagers so many the reason migrants of forced into this would is the lack of help is available to them where a camp. beds and. to the migrants at the normal service there are like showers like food sometimes and. people inside these camps almost miners are using to the side the former to be prostitutes so i think it is. there is a very strong. condition in the camps and the use of these migrants because where there is a. kind of crime. could be.
1:12 am
there have been many investigations into the procul surrounding drugs only island as well as that of child prostitution but regardless of what the tally in the forty's do nothing seems to be able to stamp it out it's one of the reasons is because there is a constant source of my kids who are willing to take the place of anybody who's removed from the streets for prostitution or selling drugs this is a group of them seems to have no solution. cicely. donald trump's taken another swipe at the media by posting a mock video of a wrestling match between him and c.n.n. it was thank you i thought with the it with thanks in the past trumps
1:13 am
repeatedly accused c.n.n. of broadcasting fake news about him and possible ties to russia in a recent tweet he said he was thinking of changing the channel's name to fraud news c.n.n. . the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house but i'm proud and they're not were are were the fact is the press has destroyed themselves because they went too far. with c.n.n. responded with its own tweet accusing the president of juvenile behavior and of encouraging violence against reporters to the press and the president may have a point when speaking out there against the mainstream media even if he's doing it they claim in a manner. reports. if only it were
1:14 am
a fact that russia hacked the u.s. elections that would make some journalist lives so much easier here's something recent from the new york times the american intelligence community has said there were some interference is a fact not an opinion get it fact ok but you still have to explain why something's a fact they chose this report with its many high degree of confidence tags attention judgments that don't imply that the assessment is a fact while the author of this and why tom's article got too carried away scroll down correction these says mom was not approved by all seventeen organizations in the american intelligence community though that's what millions of new york times readers were told in the original article at least it got caught with all those pesky fact checkers about life ain't that easy yet in school they taught me about the world's most respected news organizations like the n.y.
1:15 am
times associated press but what do i see now on a.p.'s website that very same clarification the correction for four stories over a period of three months you bet that correction didn't reach as many people a piece of describers as the original four wires last week we got a glimpse into how stories with the hash tag russia and trump are done on c.n.n. live on c.n.n. constantly right most of the structure of. this is ratings but honestly. it's just like. most of the you know we don't know. john. proved this video was leaked after another c.n.n. online piece about trump's russia ties trump's associate has met a c.e.o. of a russian investment fund that headline would make the internet go. nuts but guess
1:16 am
what it turned out to be false the article was were cracked it completely no corrections had three c.n.n. staff members resigned well you can only learn from your mistakes just don't be so shy owning up to it. it's our sort of press news agency recently made clarifications regarding several stories are published in russia supposedly meddling in the us elections we've also lost them to clarify why they repeatedly run stories stating what they admitted to be false facts so far we've had no response but author charles alltel blames an overall for wall in the quality of investigative journalism sad fact of you know wife since about nine hundred ninety nine is that instead of having newsrooms filled with empowered investigative journalists with budgets the mainstream media has cut back on that so that even c.n.n. doesn't really have that many investigative journalists there nor does the new york times i think that's evident in their reporting it will take a while to turn the trend around in the case of c.n.n.
1:17 am
we are talking as regards trump and indeed as against the conservative elements of the united states of america of a nonstop this information campaign and when it comes to trump spewing fraudulent nonsense about you know what happened in the election and after the election they've severely lost their way which is evidenced i think in the long term trend in their viewership but let's remember this is the network admittedly they later fired kathy griffin for holding up a mock severed head of our president and c.n.n. the same network his complaining about a cartoon i mean give me a break this is r.t. international those are stories that are coming your way that will be after a very short break.
1:18 am
one of the biggest challenges that any investigators face in dealing with cyber crime is. who did it where did it come from and as we've seen with many of these attacks when you've mentioned one across the recent run somewhere it's still unclear where that originated so our clear message to government is to work together around the world to minimize this risk to grow those relationships and make sure that diplomacy is the key to everything.
1:19 am
here monday news here on r.t. international thanks for joining us the russian foreign ministry has condemned what it calls a smear campaign against the syrian government the ministry's spokeswoman. was referring to videos circulating online claiming to show the aftermath of a chemical weapons attack ordered by president assad. this social media smear campaign under the banner assad used chemical weapons has now started just as we predicted you'll see more of this fake videos over the following days the complain the splints to be on the grand scale the videos purporting to show victims of a chemical attack flooded social media on saturday it came not long after the white house that accuse the syrian government of preparing to use chemical weapons but syrian journalist i let you put him believes the accusation makes no sense mr commandos for only issued
1:20 am
a statement denying any use of chemical weapons saying that this actually is a world known tactic used by terrorist groups according to the statement of the syrian army when these groups feel that the album before they try to stage chemical attacks to stop the advance thing if we're going to discuss the circumstances surrounding these attacks that it doesn't make a lot of sense for this room government when swimming in achieving actually substantial most real games are more than one from that it would do something that would enable the rebels to benefit from international support which would actually force the army to bring its operations into complete. wiki leaks chief julian our son chose to lashed out at a number of media outlets where she claims to have been calling for his assassination he made a number of posts on twitter under the hash tag tolerant liberal of the whistleblower read tweeted a number of articles on clips in which death threats were made against him he claimed the outlets are biased as they go along with the worst elements of state
1:21 am
power and they censor and they too cause censorship he also said he was being targeted just for telling the truth but american philosopher chomsky explain how neo liberalism is in fact increasing tyranny instead of increasing freedom all of this in the latest episode of on contact with chris hedges the full interview available on our website at r.t. america's you tube page is a quick clip. what did you see this is the so-called neo liberal shift to try to shift decisions from the public arena to what's called the market the market how do you define the a liberalism it's basically the idea is private is reduce the rule of the public institution. deregulate to. permit the encourage the growth of natural institutions the. policies of this kind of the ideology claims it's increasing freedom so actually
1:22 am
increasing. it means that instead of decisions and choices being made in the public arena where the public good principle has something to rule the state to the degree that the state is democratic maybe an actual rule shifting it to private tyrannies corporate sector. it's all to international it seems there's just no stopping the german footballing machine the world cup holders are now at the confederations cup with a trophy cap on it after seeing off chile in the final sunday's game and some. gold off to germany seized on a mistake by the chilean defense right outside the box despite a number of decent chances just couldn't get themselves back together into the game earlier in the day portugal beat mexico two one in extra time to take third place
1:23 am
in the tournament and there was a charged atmosphere throughout the match which saw two red cards. england striker stan collymore who have been covering the championship would be looking back at the best moments of our special coverage have also been meeting some of those who played a special part in the percy. come on. let's. see my. family thinks now i might. come see you i like the song i. like that he's clean. coal. leaks a cheap easy oh i really want to focus on the post cause we've had such good fun i'm going last month without a break fun so let's just walk through this. time before you head back off to
1:24 am
england one of the highlights for you lots of different things to talk about fans the football cultural aspects even the food was very good she can say. twenty six take over. the last election it. was a. snap. oh. this is making stadium one of the most famous in the world rican say wait. for the rice truck over to our rights to see the kid says. the push here. from the sky. was.
1:25 am
full full it's a long haul. issues to the courts have been devoted to you it's been great fun but we really have to go from a. to come here is as a tourist primarily a cut up white to come back and i will come back. i am. so sorry i just lost racists and we can speak with clear other children who think if we see going to honestly you do you expect you are told you we keep hearing the race the hooligans they're everywhere where are they i mean we've spoken to people from the guardian we've spoken say family groups in the poll just ground the call in some places. you
1:26 am
have to look at things in context all they're a group of in virtually every european country yes unfortunately going to the sport of seeing england fans misbehave on toll's red squares like this one pope's boss obscene german fans do it french fans do it i mean last year the whole narrative about russia being a bad place to call. is a round fifty two one hundred eighty it's a tad themselves on russian football clubs the only thing really left for us to decide is he gets to keep all those famous signatures to stan collymore singing to my god i'm just seeing now on e-bay how much i can get you can you can help with more you are so funny and so generous i tell you what stand will be able dishing a few more percent is the scene at least before the upcoming season and you are definitely in the running to very well listen to say about a fantastic song genuinely or not say thank you for inviting me. to be able to do
1:27 am
this all again at the world cup next year. thanks for joining us here on r.t. international it is a half past eight nearly on monday morning here in moscow more news in a half an hour between now and then though sophie shevardnadze. that's geysers financial survival. this is a central plank support dying at the limits of the cloven right now so stop the. bustle of the dubrovnik and. fix travel destinations so it must be nice to live or is it. going. to arrests disrupt the city's economic and social life before this on the celestial get out of the. sun. sometime soon
1:28 am
as we find a school. while the cities try desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of. the supper will probably go on the dole coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on saabs knock up the supposed. to. find. is a tourist phobia will fail fall into an identity.
1:29 am
hello welcome to so sam killen sophie shevardnadze digital technology unprecedented opportunity in our lives but it also creates more targets for cyber criminals says everything iran the us is connected it all can be hacked so will our reliance on gadgets make us fatally to cyber crime will i ask. the u.s. cyber crimes are. the touch after attack cyber criminals a government into chaos paralyzing corporations and disrupting people's everyday
1:30 am
lives as more and more devices and services go online becoming an easy target for hackers worldwide so how vulnerable are states and businesses to the actions of crypto criminals can critical infrastructure be protected from online assaults and what happens if malicious software into the wrong here. neil wallis chief of the united nations global program on cyber crime welcome to the program it's really great to have you with us now neil de lay has been a crime story has been they want to cry attack in a federal lots of countries and damage key infrastructure but the software the cyber weapon behind the want to cry virus was actually reportedly devout by the u.s. government and stolen by hackers so why aren't cyber weapons guarded as tightly as missiles are tanks. sophie thanks for giving me the time to talk with you today i think you raise an important point i obviously couldn't give you any specific
1:31 am
detail on the original of the exploit because that's simply something that's been reported in the press and i have not seen the original of that however would have dos show us one thing is the need for governments to work clearly together to help minimize the risk of exploitation of difficulties in technical attacks on software well i mean a cyber weapon is basically finding a flaw or a hole in software right so if the government develops a cyber weapon it knows about software issues why not tell its allies why not tell the software company why make a weapon out of it i think that's a question that you have to address to individual governments well that was the issue but i think the creative point that comes across with all of this is the need for governments to work together and within the united nations office and drugs and crime that's what we do we bring governments together from around the world from iran political persuasions to try to minimize these sorts of risks and help those
1:32 am
conversations to occur but i mean your work is part of your work also convincing people who are placed higher actually to work in communication with their analysis and not guarded secrets for themselves and maybe use it later i think there's a mixture. of that. the way we work is that we for example we hosted the intergovernmental expert group on cyber crimes and governments around the world sit on that it met most recently in april of this year and it's that sort of opportunity where we create the mechanism for governments to talk to each other to work together to grow relationships and ultimately all of this is about minimizing the risk to the public from saw the crown but how hard is it to give for the government to make the governments give up those findings. i think the way that the u.n. works we don't interfere directly in the issues of us over
1:33 am
a member state when we do is to create that atmosphere and the capability for governments to work together and i think what we seek to encourage are those sorts of relationships where governments from across the world from across political divide do sit together to try and work their way through some of the most challenging of issues in cyber it's a ten something how damaging can a cyber attack be i mean what's the worst case do you have to hack into the military to hold onto you you have to hack into military computers to do lots of damage or a kidney mass where the infrastructure and step shut down an electricity grid or a phone network for example yeah i think that's a really important question and the context of that is exceptionally important because depending on which country that that happens is in depending on what their critical national infrastructure is you could have a really serious impact we've seen where smaller countries more developing nations have suffered from attacks that have for example crippled the internet for a period of time i was speaking with representatives of just last week and they
1:34 am
were explaining from their analysis and from their data the attacks and critical infrastructure have changed in the past year so instead of energy attacks being the priority we've seen a rise in water and of water infrastructure coming under attack but looking at a different way you may be for a country that depends on tourism as your primary source of revenue so for example if an attack occurred that took the tourism industry offline hit hotels hit the infrastructure for bringing tourists around the country can be exceptionally grave on an economy as well so it really is can text really dependent. london based think tank assess the u.k.'s trident nuclear submarines can be hacked into which could potentially lead to the horrors of its weapons being launched u.k. government has repeatedly denied any possibility that tried an operating systems can be hacked what's your take on that. i've got nothing really that i could comment on that i have no knowledge of tried and i have no knowledge of any member
1:35 am
states operating systems for for nuclear weapons or anything like that so i think you need to ask the government concerned now what. is it theoretically possible to hack into something so huge that would unleash a catastrophe again without having any knowledge of that system or how it's built i really couldn't give you an honest answer on that it's not only anonymous hackers from the deep live seeing states use where likes that snagged on adversaries already is cyber war the battleground of the future as it all going to be done with computer programs i think what we see so few from cyber crime and cyber attacks is that it has made things easier whether it's a state by satanic whether it is an organized crime based attack or off in the gray areas in between and within my program what we seek to do is help member states from across the world on their request to build the capability to investigate such
1:36 am
attacks and minimize that risk but i think as the internet of fame is so devices that are connected to the internet grows that there needs to be a must much stronger posture of cyber security around the world both from industry governments to help minimize that risk and the public are key to minimizing that risk what scale does a cyber attack have to be in order to provoke a real live military response to be seen as an act of war. i think again all of this is contextual it would depend on the country involved and depends on what the nature of that attack would be one of the biggest challenges that any investigators face in dealing with cyber crime is a provision who did it where did it come from and as we've seen with many of these attacks i mean you've mentioned one across the recent won't run somewhere attack it's still unclear where that originated from so our clear message to government is to work together around the world to minimize this risk to grow those relationships
1:37 am
and make sure that diplomacy is the key to everything and then there's also how governments use the internet and hacking and his own advantage like in qatar its neighbors cut ties with it partly because of something the emir sat and now they're claiming it was a hack but with it being so hard to identify the perpetrators are the unseen hackers becoming a convenient political scapegoat again it's a really good question so it brings me back i think to the previous response that after of you should is the most difficult bit and that's where we need to ensure that governments across the world across political divide have the capability to investigate and deal with cyber crime attacks because without that it is exceptionally difficult to draw a conclusion on the original vet and to work on the policy that goes around the u.s. intelligence and lawmakers are considering investigating. software because they think that moscow can use it to do bad things do you thing that stick to diligence are or
1:38 am
is it politics actually compromising security and really just your personal take on that i have do understand your position working at the u.n. you need to stay neutral but it's something. that has to be your take what's your take on that so i think in all of this i wasn't aware of what of it or you said there about. if we look at the we look at other of the russian companies group by b. for example they work with industry they work with law enforcement and government in lots of different bits of the world so for example in europe whole law enforcement agency group will you be or a critical guidance factor to the european soccer problem center and i think that shows to me how important the collaboration between industry alone for us mint is and that's the sort of thing that i would certainly advocate for him push much more for the importance of industry and being a preventive measure home sauber climate on helping governments around the world
1:39 am
today with these issues is absolutely fundamental there is too much of sauber crime to investigate it way out of the row with industry have protection under investigation is going to continue to grow irrespective of where they're based now the n.s.a. and major media outlets reported on the alleged russian hacking of and then you had that clones can paint as fact and now we're getting information from french intelligence that russia had nothing to do with it the us claimed that russia attempted to influence the vote in austria and now vienna itself is denying it what's up with the n.s.a. expertise i mean how could they get it so spectacularly wrong. again having no experience of the n.s.a. or the substance of what you're discussing it's exceptionally difficult for me to comment on that with any with any real substance sophie what i do think this shows again and again is the necessity for diplomacy at the heart of countering state
1:40 am
based allegations of cyber and i think the way that we work at the un by bringing governments together and we're seeing a marriage a very good constructive process there is something that we need to continue to do and governments around the world are committed to doing that it's our role model to help make that happen. so alex running voting safe enough nowadays countries just go back to good old paper ballots i think like everything we see in cyber there are elements of protection elements of security that you can put around anything there is no such thing as one hundred percent security and each individual member state has to make very own decision or what's right for them we see some governments some countries that choose to use paper based systems we see others that choose to use our trauma and really that is a decision for them the key to all of this is making sure that there is competent in the system that's in place right now we're going to take a short break right now and while we're back we'll continue talking to you they had of the united nations global program on cyber crime nail walsh on how to fight
1:41 am
cyber crimes more effectively states when. everybody. wants to be. magnificent. they really. feel welcome in russia it's.
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very. very friendly a whole. bunch . most people here are very glad that there are still. many factor. to public will. when the really close is protect themselves.
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we can all middle of the room. and we're back with media walsh chief of the united nations global trope ramón cybercrime neo welcome back now you have been saying that close international cooperation is needed to fight cyber crime but it already exists in some form so is it more that those countries don't really want to coppery. no i don't think that's the case that whole world we see on a daily basis both at
1:44 am
a policing and law enforcement level through to diplomacy is the real desire to work together we had over ninety member states from the un in vienna a few weeks ago discussing sauber crime discussing matters of policy and diplomacy that's working there's more to be done but it is working and that alone for some level we see cooperation bilaterally so between states a multilateral e through institutions like interpol in europe whole and that is working i think there is that desire that we're about working together we're about keeping countries and citizens safer from song. but you're still saying that there is more a need it right there's always more that can be done i think to enable closer working together to build those relationships and build trust across different bits of law enforcement organizations so and my six has been reinforcing that cybersecurity squats with hundreds more stuff does that mean that intelligence agencies will rely upon internet and social media war and bond style agents.
1:45 am
again a good question but having no knowledge of m i six or how that structure would work i think it's a question you'd have to refer to the u.k. government but looking at the broader sense of that i think where we see if we look across crime cyber crime as a whole saying that delineation between what happens online and offline is becoming increasingly blurred one of the biggest risks the most deal with around the world is online child sexual exploitation and abuse and as adults we might often have a perception of what a risk might be but when we speak to kids when we speak to younger teenagers their understanding of what happens online and offline really has become a very grey area that there is no separation between online and offline it's just life so it means the we as investigators as diplomats we have to have a different approach an approach that recognizes or children assess the risk to be no sign of something and this i'm sure you know a sadder crime separate from ordinary crime i mean is it really geeks and nerds and
1:46 am
darkened rooms or is an organized and much tighter like a mexican cartel. really good question and we tend to look at cyber as being cyber dependent so where you need a computer to do something so for example hacking a computer system or cyber unable to let's look at a traditional bank card fraud ten years ago i would have needed to steal your credit card to do it whereas now i could send you an e-mail and socially engineer you to give me your bank card data so really there is that broad mix of stuff that you need a computer system to do it and then other things that can happen generally sometimes it'll be an individual kid or adult with a coding capability other times we look at i think a growing risk what we call cyber crime as a service where highly technical highly experienced cyber criminals will offer their capability to other organized criminals even individuals so for someone with no i.t. capability if they want to become
1:47 am
a cyber criminal they don't need to learn how to do it they can just pay someone to do it for they give me an example how exactly can sabur a cap of a lady help irregular criminal operation like an extortion ring or a drug smuggling yeah absolutely there is a case that's in the press from a couple of years ago where there was a large drug trafficking group operating from south america through to northern europe through the port of antwerp in belgium cyber criminals help the organized crime group to move their large amounts of cocaine to toms of cocaine from south central america through to antwerp and by manipulating the computer systems within the the dock the port based companies and the container based companies where this was moved it helped the organized crime group to traffic a large amount of drugs without detection for a period of time and this is what we see that celebrate criminals can help other organized criminals to reduce their risk and to really try and make a difficult venture much much easier it's sad mccrie more about hacking meaning is
1:48 am
it mostly technical or is it about making people. i'll do things like clicking on a bad link juve being them into doing something silly blackmailing i don't know if you remember they were banned in virus that was simply an email asking you to just delete important files are the public the weakest link in cyber security. again an excellent question and something that we hear regularly you can look at it two ways you can say the public is the weakest link because you put in infrastructure or technical protection into everything you've gold. but still someone could come in and maybe put an infected u.s.b. stick in or click on an infected e-mail already or an infected website the alternative is to look at the public can be your strongest link with the public can be the most important part of your defensive armor by education by empowering the public we can help to minimize the risk of cyber crime within my program or on the world in guatemala el salvador coke where educating the public and how to stay safe
1:49 am
and how to become that critical part in keeping structures and infrastructure saif they want to cry tat made a lot of noise but they didn't make make much money for those behind it is big money mate quietly and cybercrime and how i mean can you give us an example of how it's done sure that's a good one across the first it's a great example of something that didn't work it's attracted so much public attention from around the world and political attention i think if there's a good news story out of one across is that it's broad run somewhere up to the top of the cyber crime political agenda something that lone foresman diplomacy has been talking about for some is the internet organized crime threat assessment a europe whole publishes has been pushing run somewhere as a critical threat now we see governments around the world talking about it even in russia as you know seventy five percent of victims of want to cry were based in the russian federation so we see that as a crime group or
1:50 am
a criminal trying to make money and as you rightly say they haven't made much money a toll in fact only around fifty bitcoin which is around one hundred thousand euro has been the send to those criminals bitcoin addresses and they've not been able to actually see or take that money yet so in effect want to cry has made the creators of the disseminators over no money at all so a criminal business model with. didn't work where we look and where we see making real money is the attack on banking infrastructure and institutions and sometimes on business as well there is still often a reluctance of big business of selling books to report if they have had a breach if they have lost an amount of money that may be because they're afraid of a reaction from shareholders or boards of directors but we really encourage business to work with lone foresman to try and counter that threat if it's simply written off for fear of embarrassment that cannot help law enforcement it can also help a government to help minimize the risk to true economic prosperity and society so
1:51 am
when we see money like that being made if we don't counter that we don't come to the narrative of it that's for sauber criminals continue to exploit it so the cyber crime is also made possible due to need digital characters like bitcoin that you mentioned this is the ultimate crime enabler or can actually trace stand recipients of the currency. sure i'm not sure i would call it the ultimate crime enabler it's just another way of doing business in many ways no different to some informal ways of moving money bitcoin and other cryptocurrency seek to be anonymous so it's semi anonymous however the work that we're doing within the united nations office on drugs and crawling we're building the capacity of investigators around the world to counter celebrate we can investigate block chain big coinbase transactions and we are very good at working with partners such as china as to identify where those
1:52 am
transactions are and who the users behind them are so are you anonymous if you use bitcoin can you get away with it no you can't. can be done completely anonymously or is leaving a digital fingerprint inevitable can someone believe that fake fingerprint on purpose again another good question and it's back to that conversation about attribute who did it some criminals some cyber crime advanced persistent threat groups will seek to try and anonymize where they are or to pretend to be coming from somewhere else and the challenge for investigators is to try and identify those digital footprints as you rightly call it to try and work out who they are and where they are trying to identify on those occasions where someone is pretending to be somebody else or pretending to be in a different place it's not easy but it's not necessarily impossible either but it takes time. threats and may once more government regulation of the internet
1:53 am
following the latest london attack but with that do any good i mean if a person wants to hide online they will so are those kinds of current proposals an overreaction or a lack of understanding about how the web actually works. i think the key point in all of this sophie is than the says there's a the absolute necessity of government governments to sit together work together and talk through these issues the risk of cyber crime the risk of terrorists exploiting the opportunities on the internet. is a global phenomenon it's not just a unique to the u.k. we see it around the world so i think for us at the u.n. to host the forum give the the opportunity for governments for internet service providers for social media companies to sit together discuss these problems and come up with workable solutions that's the key to it according to threat metrics cyber security firm fifty percent more cyber attacks originate from europe and any
1:54 am
other part of the world over the last couple of months overtaking the united states for the first time how do you explain that how do you claim this shift. sure again back to the attributions are where it's coming from who's doing it and word away identify where those that attacks have arisen from sometimes i think we see where there is a pollster from law enforcement that shows cracking down on a specific geographic area or a specific threat area then we sometimes see a shift in where those attacks are where those crimes originate from so i think when we see from like you say from us to europe we see a shift that will be for a period of time and then we'll see it move somewhere else as well something we're very conscious of very aware of is the risk of a jurisdiction of risk so a country or an area where cyber criminals seek to exploit a weakness and they just listen or a weakness an investigation or enforcement capability and that's where our role with the u.n. working with others like interpol if you're
1:55 am
a folk hero polled by luttrell governments is to try a capacity to minimize those risks now you worked in actual law enforcement and you fought terrorism with the f.b.i. and you worked with interpol can do you an organization you work on the advise others on how to fight cyber crime or can it actually fight as well. united nations office of drugs and crime isn't an investigative body our role is upon request to go to countries and help them build their investigative capability so we don't get involved in the investigation of an offense we don't get involved in the prosecution or we can do what we do do is to build that capability to investigate helping the infrastructure get in place helping a government policy to get in place helping investigators to grow their capability to investigate we help them get in touch with other countries to build those relationships and to build a capability to do something but the actual investigation process is a role for each individual country to do and we wouldn't seek to get involved in
1:56 am
that whatsoever right mr welsh thank you for taking time to talk to us they were discussing cyber security with me whilst chief of the united nations global program on cybercrime that's it for this edition of self and co i'll see you next time. what politicians do to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to the press to see what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always
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in the waters of my house. there should. be a doozy i say. a few there won't be cheap bust and truth come true so let's ideas they're right. comfy he said fifty give them everything slip to the bus. discounts. this is what we don't understand how we are in such a contrast. to the ones at the same time. noticing how. similar. john a good one one delegate because if you feel. the middle of on board not that
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god can we believe again with the phone about the computer with the plane. would come back to the three story if you have to see. the best. move. to. come to the wonderful blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive them you know. my body gets and some bodies that it cannot produce itself around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity and does this because it helps people it's just that one of the side effects is that in this the plasma burn they put the money on your car immediately you don't have all plasma based drugs today come from private companies and are produced from paid plasma will come from you know
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a motor car computer one of the risks of a donation in it then is proof that the frequency of pathology is much higher paid. in it. if i was. over two years old he will go. through and who runs the blood business. because it was going to cut us off p.b.s. kids.
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