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tv   Russia Today Programming  RT  July 4, 2017 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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north korea test of yet another about the south korean military says japan has already lost a formal protests. pain is in moscow for a three day official visit comes amid based in straitened really sense with washington which it's accused of most republication in the south china sea. palermo being forced to work for a local maffia games says the country is under quote and enormous pressure over for them i said. i know in my craw announces plans to slash this
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front. but certainly the more effective at passing new laws. will return with more new. international as crosstalk and if you're watching us. hello and welcome across all things we considered. revealing the truth c.n.n. in the nothing burger better known is russia gave also when trump tweeted in washington melted down and what to expect from the trump meeting.
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cross talking some stories in the news i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have bigger although bitchy as a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and we have dimitri babied she's a political analyst we spook international right and when cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate a lot to cover here we have c.n.n. in the spotlight if it weren't for trump's tweet slipping we'd be talking about a little bit more we can talk about that at the counterfeit network news also known to some people as c.n.n. or the clinton network news outfit. since that story has moved along demon russia gapes something that is a spent force now well i mean it was this and my impression is that. you know the boss us in the mainstream media decided to push for higher quality you
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know. this is the problem so for example. who is extremely anti russian but even he was enraged when he read bos speed he's an academic because everybody had economic you know at some think tank and prague which says that russia is a threat might here add on boss fear that russia was going to attack the u.k. using the russian community in london to destabilize the country before they attack so you can imagine all these are all grosh and billionaires suddenly had taken wide cause something so they would just drop the case this is getting out of hand and that's why we're going to see only one of these and they say gets out of hand we had mushy guess and say it was getting a little out of hand with these people that really the origins of it you know picture it seems to me that. the situation in western countries when it comes to news and media is that the news is about the media and i think this is this is a danger here because we're not talking about fox i mean. you look at see in the
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sea i mean they have they haven't talked about news for a long long time and it's really surprising when you see it now but it is kind of reached some kind of crisis and would you think. what is happening now with the conflict between the white house that can put the news station in the major news networks first of all it shows it discredits them he shows them for what they are that they are really propaganda outlets and it shows that this isn't the first time they have been doing this let's go back to two thousand and two two thousand and three the iraq war preparations for iraq or what did she and then say back then about the evidence about chemical and nuclear weapons in iraq about that weapons of mass destruction or what happened three years before that so every few years. the major news channels behave similarly it's not it's nothing new nothing new but make the differences the difference is people like us i think think it's alternative media that is making the difference right now because we had that in yugoslavia no
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one said a word because there wasn't any dissenting views we had the run up to an illegal war in iraq you want any dissenting views because there weren't in there wasn't a media spaceport now there is mark is not a difference i think part of the difference is simply partisanship we although the corporate mainstream media in the united states is almost entirely dominated by a. pretty rabid liberal political parties and perspective but we also have news outlets like fox which are the opposite side drawn by the koch brothers. right domestic things that the mainstream media is doing to trump now is no different than what fox did to obama it's simply that fox was one media outlet and this is a tidal wave so i think it's this is just standard this is the way the relationship between politics and the four of the state works in the united states what they present themselves just doesn't work their present. so if there's
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a model to the world i think it's kind of disgusting but it's kind of like that that car wreck that you're passing by that you can't help but the but rubberneckers she watches you're passing by but it seems to me. if we look at the president and we look at the media they're describing themselves these are all self-inflicted wounds on all sides ok the problem is that just great in the institutions you know the situation over american press was discredited by the last election the terrible way because we never had such a situation when the press would be so biased you know we never had the acting president not just supporting the kind of the office party but also blasted you know the candidate or the other party. you know when they want to improve the quality of largess of russia there is a contradiction in terms because when they reach real high quality they actually want to tell the truth of all three major effects first russia did not forcibly occupying crimea even russia second russia is not going to attack the baltics and
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there is absolutely no indication about that you could get closer to take the ball you need to get a good plan third and third mr ross is facing some real terrorists who want to subvert here not democrats not more directs real terrorists so when they actually start operating with a more or less quality if they're going to reveal these three facts i think the american for them to go to these negotiating seals if i were going to be more important here victor is that the if there's any real scandal surrounding the two thousand and seventeen presidential cycle it's really what the justice department did under obama with the deep state with all of these leaks these are the real stories out there in the mainstream media a minor sparks to some degree because they do push it but the ignore all about there's a lot of very very burning important burning questions about how the administration put their thumb on the scale in the election and it's slowly coming up with so.
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because of this hysteria of investigation investigation it's coming back again it's a boomerang and going back to the deep state that you just mentioned you know it would be somewhat naive to imagine that the american mainstream media is doing this all on its own so that it's just a war between the c.n.n. and heads of major news corporations and the white house never in their life with bush as a c n n m s n b c n b c b c c b s and so forth go to war with a. new station without the jeeps they needed without the hash of the making of the special series without the backing of the intelligence community without the backing of the american political establishment and it's not just that democrats here mentioned the koch brothers throughout the election season last year that called brothers opposed donald trump in fact in fact at some point one of the brothers said in an interview that he would prefer victory by democratic contender
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to a victory by the other and we see that in the american congress in the senate and the house where a number of republican congressman and senator snowe do. you see mccain going around the world around the world going to australia and. really disparaging the president and the white house and this is a situation that is going to continue as long as this president as long as donald trump is going to be in the white house they are not going to start i agree with you that the we need the help of the deeps need in these intelligence communities but mark you if we go back to one of those revealing videotapes one of the producers at c.n.n. said ninety percent of my colleagues i mean it's a mindset that you can tap into very easily i mean they're willing actors. in and pushing this kind of line from the deep state in other best. the koch
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brothers i mean you don't have to pay you have to bribe them yeah you willingly do it i was going to i don't think that it's necessary i mean they conducted their partisan war against trump before the election but they're certainly all too willing to serve as the eager sock puppets for the deep states fight to take down or at least limit the foreign policy of the trumpet ministration which this leads to know of all that countable unnamed anonymous deep state officials that you have been trying to get out right you know it is that really is a phenomenon and. the other hand the liberal media gets all upset when the other side uses anonymous officials leak leaking information and stories out but let's let's review the crumbling russia gay narrative in the in the past few weeks we've had the former director of the f.b.i. testifying under oath to the senate new york times story trying to draw regular connections of collusion between the trumpet ministration and
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a senior at russian intelligence officers was largely not true in the main in the main archer we have had this. new york times and the associated press new york times in particular maggie haberman i'll withdraw this this close shade. simply false narrative of seventeen intelligence work let me even me the former director of national intelligence officer testified under oath to senator alfonse that has been repeated over and over on who is to program ok some of these intelligence agencies some of these intelligence agencies like that just but. they don't even deal with these kinds of assessments so when you're saying selling the coast guard i mean they had a big game the question is why they felt the need to keep saying this to try to buttress their cause if you meant to add me into it sounds nice and citizens but i'm sure. we've also we've also had. the repeated scandals at
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c.n.n. with editors being fired trying to draw trump business connections between russia and the pain that was sunk and it cost three employees a couple reporters and an editor their jobs and now we've got these damaging videos coming out about c.n.n. cynical profit driven pursuit of this which on the narrative is crumbling but that doesn't mean that it will go down every day but we have a minute before we go to the break i agree with mark i mean it's what was near was never a case in the first place ok it was it was contrived here but it doesn't mean they're going to walk away from it if invested a lot into it go ahead i think the problem is in the ideal would you and trump made a mistake when he didn't buy the ideology but he just target individual media people like. crazy or call him what's her name
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he. well i would i would agree with that because i mean i guess i think that's a very fair description it might be argued with that personally but i want to be clear that that is but at the office i agree completely with the mainstream media on that and trump is damaging himself he needs to stop paying attention to these nominees in the media and government our government i'm sure you in these situations of the president had a stroke and we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some stories in the media stay with arkie. level was selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to buy the battle. to stop the predator tell you that would be gossiping public life. the day. after the madness has been telling you are not
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cool enough unless to buy their product to listen. to all the hawks that we along with our audience will watch league. absolutely the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life. for us on this national get out of the. sun nas by him sometime soon as we finally. found that while the city's tried desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of. the supper will probably go up on the coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on saabs knock up the supposed to mean
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a. lot of land. is a tourist phobia fulfill them to an identity. designed to kill people because it is doing its job just like the architects of the grab tower of london and the folks that put up the flammable cladding. that's their culpability and that the people who have designed this health care are people that's their culpability in the capitalist system in america by the current regime of kleptocrats thanks killing people is necessary to make payments in greenwich connecticut. welcome back to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some stories in the media.
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ok gentlemen let's switch gears we have upcoming we have the president of the united states meeting the president of the russian federation something that trump i think one of the doing talked about. during the campaign and he's been more or less blocked from doing it in the g twenty and could be on the sidelines i've been hearing that he wants to have more formal and a lot of people around him even his aides are saying it should be a lot more informal because of the atmosphere the toxic atmosphere here is not to be decided to think though ok we're going to hear words to tell me what this meeting means if it means anything and what both presidents want to accomplish what both presidents were looking forward to this meeting for more than half a year and the closer this meeting they got to this meeting their less they were you know we're looking forward to it simply because they expect the expectations
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are lower with every week with every day do you think that you think we should keep low expectations are the expectations are so low so low you know there's nowhere to go that's their bottom and it's interesting why and when this leak happened about tampa apparently wanting to. sort of a lot of the form of meeting or why it was this leaked and what was the intention what was the intent of those who leaked it so obviously the intent was to show that once a more formal meeting with out over the edge you receive state was put in the. according to all these mainstream media outlets and according to. a series in the american political establishment who has been sort of supporting his campaign but the all these are substantially the completely. worse and in the end and so that purpose of the leak was not so much to show what the hell is going on in the white house but again to show that it is seeking to prolong longer or
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or or you know to show us the promoter of an anonymous source in the media gaming out of the national security council. meeting out of the white house. from people who are opposing term because right now there's a new story they're going to get reaction to mark here and yeah i mean the latest is is another anonymous leak from the national security council that trump is looking for deliverables things he can give to putin supposedly without necessarily any quid pro quo that will sweeten relations like giving back some of the diplomatic buildings that the u.s. from russia inside the united states yeah but. at this point it's actually russia that is playing down this meeting they're saying that well it all depends on putin's busy schedule they'll try to pencil him in. is what they said for the
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donald you know what exists there's nothing policy wise going to be decided out of this meeting but it is very important because i think trump does form his relationships to a large extent through personality those first meetings will matter and he has built putin up i think in his own imagination in varying ways but also he's driven by ego and he's been completely assailed in the press by fiction all imaginations of really need to what do you think you think i mean i mean i think mark's right here because of the personal relations and just to point to figure out who's alpha dog here is this what he's going to try to figure out well i think the explanation is very simple anything connected russia is about the person that of trump was immediately attacked and twisted in your logic by the mainstream media i mean he met with the law and the mainstream media accused all of revealing american secrets to a low growth in the presence of many people in the room that's why he wants this meeting
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to be collective you know that's why he wanted many people around simply to avoid c.n.n. saying next day that he revealed to putin something secret you know give him a memory stick this is. only occurred once such a situation it was in the early years of the soviet union when basically then you did not meet for a needless for us because he was there evolutionary so he considered to be on his dignity to meet them and second because his own party it was like how come you were meeting with all of these imperialists will for many years the brass tried to facilitate the summits you know remember how the press was enthusiastic about reg meeting we're going to go into a cave you know the mainstream press is doing everything to to. basically they did what he didn't want to read he didn't want anything to come out the biggest. question there is also this meeting is basically is time going to see the end of it all this was a wonderful weekend
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a wonderful kind of work is he not going to see it because it was a big league meeting again that's about it are journalists going to switch gears here is that we trump has been making a lot of noise about north korea here. for me there is no and there are no good options here mark winds trump pushing this yeah i think this is trump trying to work presidential again and he's picking on an opponent that everybody does it everyone dislikes. trump's biggest problems right now is not with north korea i mean north korea doesn't present any serious military threat to the united states and never will or even to its neighbors south korea and japan this is all this is all largely about perception at this point north korea is a nuclear power more at last and then we just have to accept that and part of the reason why they became a nuclear power is because they learned through repeated saddam hussein kadafi in
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libya that if you give up and i think that the only thing that protects you from us regime change is a nuclear weapon you give up their day or they learned that lesson well but trust big problem now is his relations not with north korea but with south korea they've got a new prime minister who is pushing for much of a new president i'm sorry president moon who is pushing for much better relations kind of a detente he wants discussion with north korea he's not happy about the sad that the u.s. snuck in in the middle making the south koreans are paid for it to get he had trouble getting the south koreans a pay for the trump wanting to renegotiate trade deals with south korea trump sending a fleet protects south korea that actually ends up in the indian ocean instead all of this is an extremely embarrassing and right now south korea has had. better relations with you know exactly what the president of the oval office meeting it looks like to the new president of korea was kind of bending towards from sway deep explain to our audience because western audiences are never told the following what
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to the north koreans one well i mean just recently the south korean brass revealed that i would go in president to you know the woman who just had to create a spread as i don't. care under her and this is a nation over there north korean leader kim jong un was plant i am no friend of kim jong un but the problem is that these kind of methods you know on both sides as an example because north korea immediately said that the sentence you know former president hu to basically a capital punishment but i think if this g. twenty summit meeting is really serious i think they should discuss one thing the growing militarization of of the world in general well what about what about the militarization of the to relieve some of the united states is there were twenty three thousand three rape you're saying i will just be clear give you a list or south korea is very and capable of this militarization they already have
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tensions with japan and with the united states because they will be the ones to pay the price for a possible conflict and in europe the european allies of nato have been in the last three years forty six billion dollars more for their defense because as they say what russia did in crimea and also the ukrainian crisis has cost the european union i quote you waited more than two hundred billion dollars so you mean in the terms with the sanctions absolutely together with sanctions and counter sanctions and russia spends on his defense twenty seven percent of what nato is european elway's spent on their defense that's not from russian media that's from the stockholm institute for peace research and you know if there's a clear purpose to a more peaceful korean peirce or if you. has been attempted has been made by the way in the nineteen ninety s. there were some agreements made clinton administration and the leadership of north korea that was installed back then the truth of this is korean the resident aliens
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were. never get it you know which side by the united states by the bush administration and so when they abrogated that agreement when they defused to follow you know what the source of the other of the or what they themselves of course north korea now are sort of back to its nuclear program oh yeah well we see that if the united states today you know actually russia has in the past few weeks seeing how the situation has deteriorated when the korean peninsula has offered that its own program well how to move forward when the korean peninsula oh i thought it all i thought it was should see you lean on the chinese that's what you get where well first of all the u.s. customs of our it security guarantee exactly do you know when we hear from diem or what did you and the complicated still going on from one thousand people in the this nation the hostilities are legally in end the war now these are they can't
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they don't want to end the conflict is because as long as the conflict persists the united states has a reason to believe we have not just doesn't appear to plan it was very simple north korea is a very reasonable re regime with very reasonable demands about peace with south korea the united states they want a final peace treaty with the united states to end their decades long career and more there's only an arms they want diplomatic recognition that. exercise is a massive exercise right beside the way that the military occupation on the south korean border and massive exercise authority of government those are not huge i'm realistic demands unfortunately the u.s. political climate the establishment the american exceptionalism foreign policy will never allow that to happen and you're. i know you want the u.s. the u.s. does need to stay in south korea they cannot allow reunify korea except under complete south korean domination because the chinese don't they on that savage
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chinese don't want because any korea unified would merge back towards better relations with china and worse relations with japan the u.s. needs to keep south korea as a military base containing china forty seconds long or forty seconds right but also don't forget china which doesn't what the american thought terminal high altitude and defense missiles threatening its very limited nuclear capacity the same is true to russia so these two elements they should also be included in this equation. twenty seconds look at this point states as mark said is not willing is not able to move there is another that washington is not going to change its line and the you know they're going to change their line when the internal situation in the united states deteriorates to a point where the american foreign policy establishment will no longer be able to. hold your breath gentlemen we've run out of time many thanks my guess he remarks can win thanks to our viewers for watching us do not you see you next time and
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remember. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something want to be rich . but you'd like to be close to see what before three of the boys can't be good good. interested in the law as it. should.
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seem wrong what old roles just told. me. to shape out just because get educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the. descent totally peaceful. venice it's peaceful hours are numbered. is also stealing itself in the early morning. three unique cities in europe
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with one problem the skidding woods all the time. every now but yes you know what time that benny hill. that's not so many things that you put it yeah. i did a city did to close but coldplay concerts can do with colds of tourists every day the whole year round the peak season in some cities in europe results in the state of emergency. the best they became because of this and also china because the sheer. size of the. local residents suffer from the mass of this it's because they feel pushed out robbed of their own city how to read by noise and simply swamped by phone too many
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visitors. tourism is going beyond old bell it's not just in venice but the locals are not giving up without a fight. it's there for the. moment and get to show us how bob made you feel. city tourism in europe is booming this never before fueled by aggressive price dumping budget flights and the sharing economy trend which offers cheap accommodation worldwide. all the authorities dealing with the onslaught in one
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post so i could get i'm not sure because over the combine you have fema cousin releasing it to the national council basically combining claim up at an official shows the only charter that if if is should the rest proceed to the city as an expanding business model with customers instead of this it has but how many tourists can a travel destination cope with without losing its identity its all them to city and does the enterprise end up in profit with. the cat out on our clothes and all that. just. change on me only the end of the day the. empty city coffers despite must tourism so what happens to all the money brought by the millions of visitors that is imagine that you're the man until that one at that at what is the got that will have an app that adds up or break the sense that we're s.c.l. when we get out when i see oh yes. it was just back when i see oh isn't that anyone
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that like it has a. tourism in europe generates four hundred billion euros a year of the ratios market and the whole of shady business of roads and gamblers of gambling with few winners and many lose. the boss alone they to destruct one swarm of boss alone as poorest in shabbiest areas the photographer he sends for now knew the place when it was still home to three thousand fish in a. bustling nato was always a workers district to attracted people from outside looking for work so. strangers are actually nothing new but in the meantime things have gone too far for the fifteen thousand inhabitants of bustling may to be senseful now understands his neighbors concern. but are not out for a festival offer for i could not write it no more name constance gas any more live
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there for. her and i need to raise him to up high traffic. everyone that's good bad or good battery acid on their p.c. and now you are out there for a day i don't ask how nothing is going to get in there aren't enough. but mass tourism has not come about by chance a lot of people have lived in wasilla netto old their lives now they're worried about their district which for a long time was not touched by tourism in the last fifteen years though bustling nato has developed into a magnet for tourists because it's a perfect combination of city and see since the beach and brahmananda were remodeled most of the nato has become a favorite destination and not just for the local population young people and particularly often come for a weekend trip to party. their lines off a flights to boss aluna for less than twenty euros online websites like b.n.b.
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provide cheap overnights in private homes the slogan welcome home. photos by the sense for now document the changes in his district. a couple of years ago one of his photos made him famous overnight. a group of male tourists fooling around. the photo when global as far as australia the problems of mass tourism in the mediterranean city were brought into sharp focus in boston. a nit to pick to spot to cry the last straw for the locals. that are someone. from. you know getting mad these. want to show off. but we're.
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going to. but i want to i don't know but i am sure. as. the graffiti they send a clear signal tourists are destroying the neighborhood they should respect the district or else. the locals all particularly angry that. song turning into home today apartments and that's pushing up rents the banners cool and visitors to stay in hotels and leave the flats for the locals. so that either one of yours are better than living but i'm leaving the country that you're not. with your agreement with the project but these are you. can
12:37 am
read. actually. most inhabitants of boss of and awarded that they'll soon no longer be able to afford their own district a justified concern since in other districts a bus alone a single homes are providing two dwellings for tourists as in the old quarter for example in derry go to one outspoken critic of the situation has been an activist and is now the new mayor of bus alone and just who are going to put him back make them not get caught up with him accept that a massive. that it's better that i say that i'm more than that what is much of a policeman myself a cat when his mother slept that. meant i may address on another as yet what he's think i see no they're not facts but i was squishing that i am somebody yes you talk as if we don't as my colleagues at school my days are at the high peak i'm
12:38 am
going to be was then will visit us. venice theme park the fears of other callao meet with incomprehension from venice his men. they took it up his call it a joy this into their butts alone a primate that i thought i could lay for for shiva to get out of but being the sort of a man your. brain does it will shoulder the shit with you and your own very small nationality but your national accord that all that leave we. were there about the best that she thought she called the mandate she felt at home by the out of the local they could but they no closure of all go away. but does the man knew his own city he's been in office for a year he's an entrepreneur and venice is first man who doesn't live in the
12:39 am
historic center but on the mainland venice is way beyond the phase basile in there is currently undergoing the number of people living in the historic center has steadily declined since nine hundred fifty from one hundred seventy five thousand back then to just fifty five thousand today that's swamped by the stream of visitors how many actually come nobody knows for sure the city only counts overnight stays no day visitors. still have meant about going into us that i didn't get up to suggest i said meet you until last year to see and if we need to come here. no one made you one. thing you done had managed about kind of last minute i needed to find them and i need a massive. damage. being vits of us about. the figure is confirmed by the nature conservation organization italian nostra the millions of
12:40 am
visitors don't bring in much to the city's coffers the mainly daytrippers who don't pay tourist tax that's only true for stays above twelve pounds but the private sector has a massive tune of one point eight billion euros a year and that's official. venice has always been a popular destination but it was the advent of mass tourism and changed the city forever the foundation for this was laid by men. in one nine hundred ninety he propagated privatization as a way of relieving the city's strained finances venice opened its doors to global capital that. petra risky is a german journalist and although who's lived in venice for twenty five years she's witnessed how the city has sold off its palazzi prada board property chinese
12:41 am
investors benetton and many others. are also needed a mountain benetton it's going to get down off by specifies it. and. then a tale i saw off about it as a school that's inside seething janya it's on. for novels but for risky conducts research into mafia circles into the quagmire of political troops and corruption. she knows the tricks investors use to turn to the updated houses. protected buildings in venice into gold mines the magic phrases change in designated use but this requires political proof. that the boy had to have help convent in the vicinity they had to.
12:42 am
invent much what's in the demon and specially in the sea when this. stuff is a nuisance spitting and not invented the shaft me demanding the name of the law relating to the change in use councils the protected building provision doesn't regulate who what can be sold in the venerable building so the world heritage site is true with stuff. even if you've got a lot it's a. little there are more than. that you. need to. make it plain the of the cheated the cube and. what i mean people of the.
12:43 am
design to kill people because. just like they are the grab the tower of london and the folks that put up the flammable. people that's their culpability and the people who designed this health care are people that's their culpability in the capitalist system in america by the current regime of kleptocrats thanks telling people to make payments in greenwich connecticut. yes there is a saying. i think there should be chief justice and then to improve all the
12:44 am
countries don't let the ideas from the right to come to us come from he said if we give them everything slipped into the past. in this country. this is what we don't understand how we are in such a country. but i never said to myself that i think. the soon to run up or lose similar personal jolly good why do you need one delegate by the us if you feel if the minutes of on board not that god can we believe again in the world without a doubt the couple without the plane. would come back to the place story you'd have to see. to the best. if you
12:45 am
move. to. the cities direction seems to have been decided by hopeless despite negative headlines. for years and darren mental activist thomaso cut charlie who lives in venice has been consumed with the negative consequence scrooges tourism has for the city. and i mean. good. i'm doing. joel. watching c.n.n. ok though of this quality mentality. we mad so spall still no body. being told one of the until the train that they think that she may think would be doc why depended on. giving little spin control. and abby going to
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relieve your biological drive from them into it believing going on. in. the vast wash stillas up the muddy seabed undermining again and again the foundations of the city is built on piles. and the city itself is not the main profit maker from cruise tourism that's the v.t. people come they need. a private offshoot of the public school to authority. the. main one is to consume the little stuff is the infinity and see me through the senator's kemah multiple given access to the what i've said of you know what you. see is being done. on the switch it up it's the only thing board that. day but all of it for but she didn't say it of a. lot of took it in one thing that's entirely finance the idea. the switch it up
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it's the only braindead me going to be a widow. you know to me. the precise tune of dog the portal thora to you chose not to comment. is hardly surprised since he too gets no information from them that's why he's helped set up an action group in venice. it's slogan. nothing to cruise ships demonstrating on the banks of the judo. come out which is passed through up to twenty times a day by ocean going giant is entering and leaving the pool the protesters want to stop the huge ships sailing through the lagoon all together they should use an alternative route and outside the city today the activists are planning a secret rather precarious operation that i will be channel well mary jo i need
12:48 am
to be. pretty not be subtle. but. if through going a little thank god i think all three made me feel enough to fill me to not be so knocked up get out and be a green i looked it up when you wanted to quit but now be. they need to be so disobedient to be cheap you know it might be demonstrators intend to book the canal and prevent three cruise ships leaving. it's not only in venice that cruise tourism is seriously damaging the environment german is nature conservation union has criticised the lack of exhaust purification on the ships of. the fuel by heavy oil which emits a hundred times the pollutants of standard truck diesel. we get
12:49 am
a fairly good then wait a. bit on jordan not. me but yes that it. would definitely finance the idea that i mean. that if you think that the. news isn't alone in choosing a private sick to structure for its pool. luna's pull out europe's biggest the cruise ships is also partially privatized the city was not always so attractive to tourists the turning point was the one thousand nine hundred two olympic games. ames' around two billion was invested in road building hotels and remodelling the coast. with twelve international concerns the city undertook the biggest marketing program in its history. it was not long before property prices rocketed.
12:50 am
one example in one thousand nine hundred four the ritz carlton group opened a luxury arts hotel the building cost one hundred thirty eight million euros twelve years later it was sold to a single pool based international consortium for four hundred seventeen million euros over three times as much but has meant that council dinners and yet would not leave adelaide to see only a phenomena that i robot had to see out i'm going to split because it was the last democrat at the gas pump out of ask that i want to split us finances a couple that deals for the embassy and that russell dallas cannot get out at and i said empty so i'm no good mt marcy and anastasio that it got out of that office here that a week from as they want to read about a man who's going to have a gay son and all the while last year that a couple dozen then and afaik there's not that there's a couple even if it said once again is that the that just popped out at the others . in the mean time property prices have also
12:51 am
risen in other districts of boss alone the result of gentrification as in every major city districts change the character new restaurants open up and the place is suddenly cool if in addition the city is a popular tourist destination as bus aluna the tourism intensifies the effect. on me at the live that i see at that house but it's misandry x. you've got a democratic model that is that but they don't have a simple and i'm less sure that i'm as an hour ago i can't. i cannot afford the two he asked and i get yelled at me that will yell when i am last is a classic i don't i said still a steve a most but i was caught he seems pretty the he was but i was i was that i see it that easy i'm glad he's gotten back at the sets by now you cannot that i said they would get out less he laid out the thought the same and him on it i'm going to forget i'm an addict the but i surely am that i don't know but not that i don't
12:52 am
feel for a couple that matter what but difficult i meant i had to get dosed yesterday steps that i don't believe i'm going to see at that same but at the very same but i'm up a lot of the don imus has drained it and they were astonished stunned. the catalan architect daveed bravo still regularly comes to the boulevard my best them sprawl. and have seen enough ac up this morning forgotten by people as i. say one ness i don't like it as premises of conflict that is so that most that knows that i me then. and i guess i must because at least again i shut up and. people are laughing that employ at interconnects them. because of.
12:53 am
the number of visitors to barcelona just keeps on rising in the year two thousand and three million and twenty seventeen the city is expecting ten million tourists so. an additional problem is that the tourists tend to keep to a small area they stay in the old center stroll up and down the rumble us and visit the famous market nearby for tourists it reflects everything they expect from an authentic mediterranean place but they rarely come to buy vegetables meat all fish for the week. a lot of stool holders have already adjusted their range of goods you can only survive here if you adapt to the needs of the tourists. a whole hampshire are often just for decoration. some traders though i'm resisting
12:54 am
the trend especially those who still remember how they used to be. like this and. opened in eighteen forty. wasn't too recent is the main market for the inhabitants of dos alone. bravo like shopping in the market whole steeped in tradition nowadays he only comes to conduct studies. i am in. but i get that whatever the. a spare will. come. about and. i want to.
12:55 am
say that. one public space is increasingly restricted and globalised cities lose an important cultural resource and ultimately then i teach you to life. saturday morning in the historic center of dubrovnik only a thousand people live twenty years ago it was five times as. one of the few people who lived abroad and returned. the home city is cultural anthropologist and that's to fail if. she's interested in the effect the mass tourism has on the cultural identity of citizens and represents to breath make in the european cultural parliament at the weekend she wants to get to know the market traders personally for us they always have
12:56 am
a fair price he said about how much the south the tourists in the south what they sell if they self-heal i think i want to watch the medal they give me food though they don't look at the wrong side of. like pots of bustle and venice the old quarter of dubrovnik of the city wools is a willed cultural heritage site the city was already a popular tourist destination before one thousand nine hundred ninety since the end of the croatian move on its rapidly developed into a magnet for visitors april to october season average of one point seven million tourists up to fifteen thousand on some days most arriving on cruise ships. going to make was maced on that for example chanel got out on their cars the such even more. putting out because once you want to do it only. it could be easing the poster of a chunk missing the ball coming suddenly it does of us actually just called it in
12:57 am
the moment only the four of us on this national get out of them if they all such as . the sun now us play to the government chiming in on street so much of boston after fees it's come back i'll be all going to change their question not just the diagram admiring i did post a symbolic skate like i do from montana chant and that could come on most of that on the menu would look like a chain i miss when i was really picky child to go to bed to go to not someone i was real. goes through sleeman i feel more you printed over on the can i read she feels good studio now to negotiate the my chinese will be able to. a. seemingly small star wars episode also a little bit on me but to be the one that put him you know i'm not in new good in arrow because really in the mood to go through these are the pros and it's just me more doing the struggling should normally be not to get it so this was of to roast it was speaking.
12:58 am
in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media control over the voters elected businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive in. my body gets and some bodies that i cannot produce itself around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity and does this because it helps people it just says one of the side effects is that it. applies more. to put money on
12:59 am
your car immediately. half of all plasma based drugs today come from private companies and are produced from paid plasma small come from you know a motor car computer what are the risks of pay donation which. then is proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher paid. in it. if i was my. over two years old he was. in the money and that's the drill and who runs the blood business. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us is a full on. the only show i go out of my way to talk you know what it is that really packs them oh yeah john oliver of r t america is doing the same.
1:00 am
apparently better than. i see people you've never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank take. me seriously send us an email. the headlines off the international multi-billion dollar deals are on the table as china's leader ping is in moscow for a two day official visit and this trip comes amid a new strain in relations between washington and beijing. put a. some distance between them. follows donald trump and her election manifesto ties to the u.s. . vote in germany. and today the final day to decide whether to submit to a list of demands from arab states face continued isolation.
1:01 am
day morning here in moscow thanks for joining us it's. china's leader xi jinping is here in moscow for a two day official visit is already met with putin in the kremlin. encounter yeah let's get more details now on cross. he's joining us this morning good morning to you so the. big developments coming out of it. well the first day was more of a casual affair the chinese leader arrived that was in formal meeting a dinner but the real deal is today on the table twelve billion dollars worth of deals as well as twenty bilateral documents covering too many things to go into but according to a press statement from the kremlin relations between russia and china have never in
1:02 am
their history been better than they are today so you know that's saying a lot they say that their foreign policy wise their international outlook it's largely the same or very very similar in their opinions on the korean crisis on north korea and its alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons as well as the means to deliver them but this the missile but also on south korea where the united states is in the process of stationing a pods another part of that missile shield which is worrying russia and china they say that it sees far too deeply far too far into russian and into chinese territory and that there will be a response either an individual one or a response from both russia and china together in a joint response then let's go to mention that the two leaders will be heading to
1:03 am
the g. twenty summit in hamburg in germany where they will where they will be talking about this even more and their relationship is you know it's something to talk about they've met as you said for the third time this year they met five times six times last year and more than more than sorry twenty meetings since the chinese leader took office and russia is in fact going to avoid being the chinese leader with one of its highest.
1:04 am
chinese's the. ice cream is very much enjoyed as i promise to hold blocks of russian ice cream. well the visit to russia comes at a time when china's relations with the u.s. facing a new low to beijing ordered military vessels jets to warn off an american warship which according to china violated territorial waters in the south china sea north korea meanwhile is another key area of contention between the u.s. and china and pyongyang has apparently conducted yet another missile test on
1:05 am
launching it towards. china. north korea. has been looking at. between washington and beijing. remember the famous chocolate cake that donald trump used to woo the chinese leader we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you've ever seen president she was enjoying it was the first time that trump and she met with trump putting on a grand dinner for she which also featured granddaughter singing a song for she and chinese. i well that was back in april sense then trump's charm offensive seems to a faltering here's how the chinese foreign ministry sees it. president xi explicitly pointed out that china u.s. relations have made great progress in the recent days but it has also been affected by some of your factors a fair few such factors actually like the u.s.
1:06 am
accusing china of being a top human trafficking offender child who was downgraded to two or three status in this year's report part because it has not taken serious steps to end its own complicity in trafficking and washington's plan to sell one point four billion dollars in arms to taiwan which china regards as a breakaway province didn't exactly go down well either time isn't alienable coats of china and the us weapons sales to taiwan violates international laws as well as the basic forms of international relations china firmly opposes and something it's another thing that china firmly opposes is the installation of american missiles right on its doorstep the deployment of the u.s. missile defense system in south korea does serious damage to the strategic security interests of all countries in the region including china and russia and disrupts the regional strategic balance well it looks like relations between beijing and washington won't be seeing any major reset but how big of
1:07 am
a blow is that to china right now china's president is in moscow both china and russia would like to. demonstrate a common interest. deteriorating relations with the united to space both understand that donal's from administration. a serious fact of uncertainty and daydreaming very cautious demonstration of solidarity between china and russia is seen to be beneficial on the both. despite trump's attempt to be best buddies was she a while ago looks like the geo political set up hasn't really changed just like under obama the two eurasian super powers seem to be getting along pretty well while the united states is distancing itself and distrusting both of them. r.t. new york and it seems that donald trump is losing more friends his relationship with the german leader anglo michael seems to be falling well short compared to
1:08 am
that of his predecessor peter all of a has been looking at what that means for the two countries. what a difference four years could make to a political friendship back in twenty thirty where the angle of merkel published election program she referred to the united states as germany's most important friend however the most recent one low published ahead of the september's vote well somewhat downgraded the united states to the role of. it all really highlights just how the relationship between angola merkel and the president of the united states has soured since donald trump replaced barack obama in the white house and you can clearly see it in their reactions. to this.
1:09 am
ok. thank you for. when barack obama was president of the merkel was always there right beside him not just at the photo ops but also when it came to key policy points as well. today we have not quite but almost reached the end of an eight year long intensive corp which was characterized by the fact that from a german perspective the u.s. german and u.s. european relations are a core element. our foreign policy with september's election looming large jangle merkel has tried to distance herself somewhat from washington however her critics they slam her saying she isn't tough enough on trump the german chancellor must sometimes do to be in conflict with the american president up to now she has only done that in abstract terms we have to take into consideration angela merkel is
1:10 am
campaigning time will move so she has to look after the voters. and time to try on policy program you can run that we will not see over emphasize the french shoot the partnership with the united states this is the first most important. i would say should also lead to the consideration that it is not a policy shift that may be last very long clearly the german chancellor in the u.s. president p.s.f. no more and angle of merkel's you campaign manifesto makes it abundantly clear to the german voters that a vote cast for her as a vote cast against the policies and presidency of donald trump peter all of our t. berlin. the minutes past the hour here in moscow less than sixteen hours remain for
1:11 am
qatar to make its decision on whether to submit to a list of thirteen demands made by its arab neighbors the gulf countries set a midnight tuesday deadline although they haven't said what measures they would take of qatar does not comply now the list of demands includes cutting ties with iran and so called terrorist groups such as hamas and hezbollah also there are calls to close a turkish military base and shut down news outlets including al-jazeera and the middle east i moreover qatar is required to sever all contact with political opposition in saudi arabia bahrain egypt and the united arab emirates qatar the officials so far have refused to budge. this was still. made to be rejected it's not made to be accepted or not made to be negotiated. not an easy country. and even though a. tiny spot on the map it is actually quite an influential player in the region
1:12 am
and the u.s. has two military bases near its capital one of which is america's largest overseas base he has also chosen qatar for its only military base outside its territory also partnering with iran runs the world's biggest natural gas field right along the shoreline of political science professor. things this latest route will lead only to the further escalation of violence in the region that is not going to lead to peace that is leading to a war. ship . that would accept reality as. we are living in. just. this whole issue
1:13 am
is not the worse it. to go into an escalated conflict. self-destruction. russia's foreign ministry has rejected claims syrian government forces have used chemical weapons and a new attack the allegation came from the main opposition force the so-called free syrian army and was posted in a tweet apparently linked to the group it claims government troops launched several toxic gas attacks on rebel held areas and in eastern suburbs of damascus a russian foreign ministry spokeswoman marie as a lot of us says she's not impressed by the latest accusations the chemical show is gaining momentum the latest proof that an information campaign against damascus has begun is a message about toxic gas attacks in eastern guta a piece of paper created in line with all the rules of the western media and now
1:14 am
this is the beginning of a chemical attack and condemns it but this is merely a pretty good. this is the second claim assad's forces have used chemical weapons since the u.s. warned that damascus was preparing such an attack washington threatened to take decisive action if that happened i mean while we talk to a syrian writer. who lives close to the area in damascus reportedly targeted by toxic gases he says there's no sign that any chemical weapons were used. in the massacres and the area of. just just. fights in just just just the areas. that are in many areas. rules and controlled by the state in syria that so clueless to the world of this kind of nonsense that it was claimed. to have been had by chemical weapons. is not likely that the syrian it is absolutely i am absolutely sure
1:15 am
that it was not used and the syrians does not have they don't have that belief over the internet trolls the. syrian army combat friends even the terrorists breathing normally acting normally towards the camera actually we foreseen it we've been expecting it from several areas it's quarter past the hour here in the russian capital many many more of your world news stories in just a. obamacare
1:16 am
health care designed to kill people because it is doing its job just like the architects of the ground tower in london and the folks that put up the flammable cladding to kill people that's their culpability and that the people who designed this health care are doing so to kill people that's their culpability in the capitalist system in america as iterated by the current regime of kleptocrats thanks killing people is necessary to make payments in greenwich connecticut.
1:17 am
good to have you with us today for the program italy along with france and germany have agreed to drop a code of conduct for charities operating rescue boats in the mediterranean with the aim of bringing under control the growing influx of migrants in just the past few days alone up to twelve thousand people have arrived in italy from africa or more than eighty five thousand have landed in that country since the beginning of this year rome are seeking financial help from its european neighbors fearing the growing number of migrants raises the risk of terrorism. reports from society. italy says it's buckling under the strain as the my current crisis deepens anti terror and anti mafia national prosecutor franco. says that's in danger security those who arrive on the day then undergo a process of radicalization that may lead to the realization of terror attacks. to
1:18 am
cool the case in an ace a merry he drove a truck into crowds on. berlin christmas market last year amery arrived in italy on the migrant boat back in two thousand and eleven he was denied asylum in germany in two thousand and fifteen but was not deported a year later carried out the terror attack killing twelve people and injuring dozens more migrants made their way across the mediterranean sea and landed on the tully in what is like this but italian authorities say they just want to cope and they've asked for more help you can't park while the majority of migrants unlikely to be those fleeing into poverty the concern is that amongst them will be those who pose a threat to europe and that makes italy's cry for help directed to european leaders not just about italy alone but about the security of the whole european union.
1:19 am
italy has got this great. swarm of people from north africa from sub-saharan africa coming through libya in particular into italy what italy needs is some way in which can be a control over people crossing the mediterranean to italy that requires a kind of coast guard stroke naval presence backed up by the other your countries that's expensive they don't pay for it italy needs help with housing feeding providing health care that's expensive the other european countries don't want to pay for it and also italy has to ask itself is it just going to be lucky in the sense that other countries are seen terrorist attacks germany france belgium britain and so on italy so far has been massively spurred is that because the radical groups see italy as a useful conduit a country into the rest of europe or is it simply that they've been biding their time so also italy needs help with security. well the taco was the only terrorist who came from africa to the e.u.
1:20 am
through italy and other cases out of a used one of the three she had is to carried out an attack on london bridge on june the he had been monitored by italian police who warned the u.k. about the threat he might pose to yousef is believed to have been radicalized via the internet and tried to join eisold in twenty sixteen but was not able to. that or that it got to that point there are many moms in the italian prisons to radicalize islamists who go off to fight with ice and syria are indoctrinated in our prisons this is a problem i spoke recently with our prison guards the officers who serve in prisons told me that unfortunately they don't have enough people and can always control the growing number of islamist prisoners the percentage of islamist prisoners in italian prisons is steadily rising if the migrants aren't adequately to graded then people who we have their own frustrations and are narrow minded and are attracted by the hate rhetoric of some parties will definitely be attracted by that and start
1:21 am
participating in this is something that should be part of any migrant policy is to handle the acceptance of the present population as well as handle the integration of the migrant population i know it's easy to say but it's all a matter of resources in education and communication and you go back to resources it really takes time and investment this is a big issue we have in the world and it's costing and we have to spend the money otherwise make it a success. the founder of a liberal mosque in berlin has been placed under twenty four hour protection after receiving hundreds of death threats from muslims at the mosque was only open less than a month ago and allows more muslims of all confessions as well as a members of the l.g.b. to community to worship there as well men and women are supposed to pray side by side which is forbidden in traditional mosques and visitors are buying from wearing
1:22 am
any full body garments like burkas indoors and we spoke to the founder about the current situation. i expected such a reaction i expected that not everyone would like in general of course i knew that man wouldn't give up on patriarchy so easily because these are the pattern extractors that we're attacking at the moment i've only got threats because i'm a theorist and so to speak the heart of the movement but this is a movement and people should know that. we got reaction from mohammed shafique of the ramadan foundation fourteen hundred years of stomach history tell is that it's the man. who leads to prayer has to be mill in the same way the roman catholic church suggests that the pope the head of the church of of rome has to be a man women are absolutely essential part of being involved in the mosque that the
1:23 am
main pros have to be led by a man and any attempt to change that is distorted forty nine years of stomach history and we reject up islam is relevant fourteen hundred years ago it's relevant in the twenty first century to be relevant until the end of times you have to adapt to modern settings i accept that but you cannot change the principles of our faith and i think any attempt you know to use this you know the liberal elite in our societies who want to demonize islam they want to demonize and create division and not going to succeed. president trumps war in the mainstream media has lately become characterized by the use of memes as jacqueline berger explains to spite some criticism this tactic may actually be a winner. donald trump hit back at criticisms that his tweets degrade the office of the president by posting an admission saying that his use of social media indeed isn't presidential but rather modern day presidential and while the critics out on
1:24 am
whether that's a good thing or not it's undeniable the man understands the power of the internet trump inspires me i'm strong creates me trump uses mediums and his twitter post take the recent c.n.n. wrestling video he shared which was originally posted on reddit a popular viral news and discussion website. thanks that modern day presidential post caused an uproar in the traditional media president of the united states taking things way too far and as an incitement to violence he is going to get somebody killed in the media is an attempt to might be successful to drum up violence against journalists it's kind of behavior to lead to journalist hurt it's no wonder that sixty percent of americans say they have little to no trust in the media and many are turning to social media to get their information a trend that trump has cottoned onto and when the mainstream media makes his every
1:25 am
tweet breaking news they're giving trump exactly what he wants i think you guys are getting played man i think every time he does this you guys overreact and i say you guys i mean the media in general you overreact and you play right into his hand whatever trump does they jump on it in a huge scrum he has used the media the social media is used twitter. and twitter has been around for a while now he's laying reimbursed everything they've got i don't like to let the dog in the circus it's used to make and they don't understand it and they right now are actually a very critical position in their life because the american public has no faith in them whatsoever so it seems that's how trump when he is a war with traditional media. through the magic of me. our team washington d.c. . israel has refused to allow a teenager to leave gaza to receive medical treatment in jerusalem
1:26 am
a seventeen year old gunman he was shot and wounded by israeli forces during a protest near the gaza border in may. i went to the orders to protest against the siege and support the prisoners and jerusalem shot me in the hand and i fell down screaming my hand it's paralyzed i didn't feel the bullet and in my stomach. when the doctor came out he took me to one side and said the situation my son was in was very serious he was expected to die any moment one of his kidneys was destroyed his intestines ribs his liver was badly damaged and twelve the answer is we cut. the reason for the denial of our request had nothing to do with security but a new directive is surely
1:27 am
a year ago to deny treatment israel to anyone injured near the eastern border areas look i can't raise my hand i can only raise it with the help of my other hand. israel said it was a rejecting the request for medical treatment because it is considered one of the main inciters of the riots that broke out on the border but up next boom bust. in these talks. they believe produce offspring to tell you that
1:28 am
plenty of the. most important. tell me you are not cool enough to buy their products please. we live our lives on. manufacture consent to public will. when the really close is to protect them so. the family. let's assume you know what. we can or middle of the room sick. or you. really.
1:29 am
say there i'm lindy friend boss broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight the institute of international finance says the global debt now rests at three hundred twenty seven percent of the world's annual economic output we look at who may be at fault here also italy have borne the brunt of the refugee crisis it's now present to slam the brakes on accepting more in the midst of its own economic crisis my guests and i talk about guaranteed government jobs versus federal basic income versus the current welfare system we delve into the ideas thrown around and whether any real change is likely to take place then by starts right now.
1:30 am
goldman sachs is making big changes to the front page of its website it's now included an explanation of block chain to potential customers the firm describes walk chain a series of recorded. transactions as the technology of trust is saying that it will combine the openness of the internet with security of cryptography there's been good reason though for a lot of caution for crypto currencies they're still comparatively untested and volatile on top of this they're currently decentralized entities making them susceptible to massive cyber attacks and privacy invasion. well days ago the chiefs of major tech firms converged on the white house for a party of sorts to discuss technologies impacts on the economy workforce and federal id infrastructure as well as emerging technology some big wigs showed up
1:31 am
much to the chagrin of customers employees pundits and protesters including the ever present resist movement my guest says this protest approach is counterproductive and that it's losing steam when facing big business and big money i sat down with patrice on lucas senior fellow at the independent women's forum to discuss when we consider that there was a. kind of a campaign to get the c.e.o.'s not to come to washington d.c. last week for the tax summit and they still came and were talking about chess pieces from amazon we're talking about tim cook at it from apple like some really big names were in the room and we rewind back to last fall even after the election before the election one hundred fifty c.e.o.'s in the tech sector they signed an open letter openly against president trump. the candidate trying to time and you know we saw some big names also kind of sit out some of the white house early white
1:32 am
house discussions around tack and business leaders. he resigned as you know for a number of mistreatment accusations but i think what we're seeing is these c.e.o.'s are looking at not just the short term but the long term you know this is ministrations pushing forward with a pretty aggressive agenda and they want to not be left out of the table. out of the discussions they want to be a part of shaping the policy and i think it's important to realize here these are not nonprofits these are big business guys a lot of them are great places to work they have great benefits they're coming out with progressive products but they're not a nonprofit they want to capitalize and move forward and they're going to do this and i think that a lot of people take their progressive message and don't want to actually realize that this is business and in all its ugliest forms would you agree with that well i mean think about what companies exist for for profit and that's not a bad thing i want to service making money exactly where enriching the lives of consumers like us you know and so they're thinking through you know when you look
1:33 am
at some of the items that are coming out infrastructure there's a huge the opportunity for five g. broadband access or expansion across the country so if you're interested in that that's an area for you to be the internet of things i had to be there is a really interesting movement to think about how do we shape policy around that and if you're thinking if you're an amazon if you're a big company that is producing. products that are wired products that are connected to the internet products that are making people's lives better but leverage infrastructure you don't want to be on the back end of hearing about policy changes that are going to fundamentally defect your business model and if you don't do it someone's going to do it and if you do it right you can be instilling confidence in your customers in a lot of people so let's talk about the optics here we've seen people bow out of that sort of inner circle of what trump is trying to gather because of the optics what customers say whatever their employees say how do you think how important is
1:34 am
that going forward for these people as you said candidate trump you know brought those people into the room after he was elected. how do you think this is either going to. roll off people's bags or if they're still going to take it seriously as far as the c.e.o.'s meeting in the room sort of terms i mean there is they they're thinking again about what they're trying to accomplish you know from a business perspective and so i'm not going to downplay the importance of employee satisfaction employees perspectives and even their customers perspectives i mean a revolt by your customers can have a huge impact on what you decide to do you or what invitations to the white house you decide to take but they're thinking through things like tax reform which silicon valley has been pushing for because they're thinking about all the money that the revenue they earn overseas and how to bring it back here to there and states without having a huge tax burden tax bill so they're thinking ok we have an opportunity here to not just increase our bottom line but also allow us to expand our businesses by getting on the ground floor when it comes to these policy discussions you along
1:35 am
with what you've said you know apple gets maybe less than one percent business tax in ireland right we've got. the head of apple cook talking about really liking some of donald trump's agenda ideas meanwhile mark zuckerberg attend these meetings that ironic to you because. ireland's getting it ireland is giving out a great deal still he wants in on this well the official statement is that there was a conflict of interest for mr zuckerberg you know i do think it was interesting that we didn't seize twitter's c.e.o. there we didn't see facebook c.e.o. there and these are very big media companies you know i think they're making a calculated decision about you know. going to whether to go it alone whether you decide which show up to where do you send your maybe your. lobbyist to rather than yourself being in a photo op with the president so if you think that all of your patronage here. you
1:36 am
will him something he says oh we're going to work with you but you owe me this. president is not known to have said that do you think people are a bit gun shy if they were eventually with president obama for the same reason then they would be but i don't see that i don't see that and when you look at the obama administration president obama worked really closely with silicon valley he had to call in the tech cops the techies to rescue health care dot gov the obamacare website when it when it crashed and so there's there's always been that kind of relationship i think what last week's meeting did not just from a policy perspective was from a relationship healing perspective you know to say you know this silicon valley needs to be part of the idea of modernizing washington d.c. and its tech infrastructure but also thinking through how are these policies that are coming out of washington would affect us.
1:37 am
since the beginning of your regular crisis it's italy that mostly bore the brunt after years of feeling ignored by the e.u. the mediterranean country. is now threatening to stop accepting refugees for she joins me in the studio for more on that bianca hasn't the number of refugees actually relatively decreased over the years it has so you know compared to twenty sixteen and twenty fifteen the amount of refugees going to europe has dropped but a majority of the ones that have traveled in twenty seventeen to europe have gone to italy so italy isn't feeling relief like other e.u. nations are which is why if they're looking at different methods to deal with it now because of its location italy has always acted as an entry point to europe for refugees but for the past few years the sheer amount of refugees arriving has taken a toll so big that the government is threatening to shut down the ports the possibility was discussed at a meeting between the sorry who serves as italy's ambassador to the e.u. and e.u.
1:38 am
migration commissioner dimitris ever marvelous in a statement said quote italy is right when it comes to being when it comes to the situation being untenable in fact just over ninety two thousand refugees arrived to europe by sea in two thousand and seventeen of that total almost eighty four thousand of them ended up in italy so most people would agree that the italians need a break but closing off the ports for refugees might not be an easy fix disembarkation is governed by international law which could make for complicated legal problems ahead the move would also for ships to change their sailing routes in particular vessels the coast guard frontex and nations participating in the anti-smuggling mission operation sophia could technically be banned too it's a situation that would definitely concern the united nations considering the criminal activity that's forest in the wake of the crisis earlier this year the un's migration agency or into refugees being sold at modern day slave auctions in
1:39 am
libya it's not just the threat of human traffickers that refugees have to worry about despite the best efforts of aid organizations. conditions at official and unofficial refugee centers are often understaffed with very little resources but at a meeting next week migration officials are expected to discuss italy's dilemma and figure out what to do. figure out what to do it's going to be more complicated than people thought it was like hello are here according to our president how the aid groups responded to this big efforts they're also hemmed in by a lot of laws so all the aid groups are clearly very program except and so they're disappointed by hearing italy saying that they might not accept as many refugees as they have been for the past few years i don't think it's much of a surprise because italy in addition to greece have really been incredibly overwhelmed compared to the other nations so it's not that they can say they're totally shocked by it but you know these aid groups are saying the reason we have
1:40 am
to bring the men is because if we don't we risk them all drowning out at sea and then we're spending our time going there or worse risk exactly so you know they're not happy about it and i think they're definitely going to be involved in talks moving forward with the e.u. officials but they would you know it's not the best situation right now but they certainly don't want to turn any people away of course the u.n. announced that lots of syrians for turn to their homes what can you tell us about that it's an interesting little even think about it is but four hundred forty thousand syrians have returned home after being internally displaced so these are people that didn't end up leaving the country they just had to run out of their affairs in the road over. well that and in addition to that thirty one thousand who did actually of the country went back so it's a very small odd glimmer of hope i mean it's good to hear these things but as we know syria is just in most parts not safe to go back to so it's partially good news
1:41 am
but still concerning for most aid groups and yeah that's some very surprising news about that thank you so much. we're going to head to break now but stick around because when we get back the institute of international finance of the global that now rests at three hundred twenty seven percent of the world annual economic. boom bust is back in amount. i see you know what i'm still at the same time that. you know. we might be sitting here but that's a lot of gold yet completed money's. worth and you know if you don't think that's a magnificent. someplace but just not for food i think they may save us from
1:42 am
people who really you know it's imprinted the in my conformance they're welcome in russia it's all being very good because the food was dusty it's not a very enjoyable place to be a very friendly paid job i said. number one. some place you go through you. come close to. the line here we're very glad that i'm here which of those we'll still fears will people been saying about rejected in. the long also the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of our two americas do the same we are apparently better than blue. so i see people you've never heard of love jack tonight the president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an
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e-mail. list. of people there won't be cheap but then you want to come through still but the idea is the right to own your computer should just leave you everything to do but. this comes. this is what we don't understand how we are in such a country. dozen or so to the ones at the same time. noticing. the. similar. if. not the god can we believe with the phone the computer with the plane. come back to the three story you have to see.
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borrowing sprees in the developing world has spurred a surge in global debt levels to a record two hundred seventeen trillion dollars according to the institute of international finance this is positioned global debt at three hundred twenty seven percent of global economic output or g.d.p. as one of the most authoritative trackers of capital flows the i f f warns that three trillion dollars in a job now create. the danger of short term debt repayments to emerging markets according to the i.a.f.f. in some cases this sharp debt build up has already started to become a drag on sovereign credit profiles including countries such as china and canada
1:45 am
for its part china accounted for two trillion dollars of this rise but it's that now nearly thirty three trillion dollars this coincides with the continued de leveraging of advanced economies cutting total public and private debt by over two trillion in the past year. and the center for american progress a huge think tank on the left is pushing expanded government employment programs could be a great tool for training and employing a much needed skilled labor force in the united states but some fear it could create large and ineffective government bureaucracy handing out jobs that aren't adding value meanwhile others argue that universal basic income is the remedy to the current state of an ineffective welfare system but my gas have lina cerna economics professor and program director at bard college points out the flaws in this and then lays out a plan check it out to jump into proposal is not a new proposal so i'm very encouraged that they have embraced the language and some
1:46 am
of the rationale but it seems like what they're proposing is a bit more modest than what the actual job guarantee is the job they're going to sensually is a permanent standby policy that often is directed to the unemployed in good times and in bad so even if the peak of the economic cycle we have about two people per every job opening so we'd need an employment program that will capture those unemployed people as well they're targeting him by the four point four million jobs and that seems rather small. yeah. to say the very least and right now unemployment according to statistics isn't the worst we've had but it's still not great and that's much more than then we need out there now see if you want to train and start apprenticeships fine but they don't guarantee private sector jobs us to meet we need about twenty million full time jobs in
1:47 am
today's world to have that number right what do you think about that yes some of my colleagues i believe economics institute have done a recent study that does the full count. we're looking at anywhere between twelve to twenty million full time jobs a shortage of twenty twelve to twenty million so we need to account for people who have left the labor force right after the crisis people who are working part time but need full time work. other people who are invisible to us there's pent up demand for jobs even among caregivers simply because there aren't well paying jobs and so if we were to look at really the demand for jobs we're looking at much bigger numbers well tell me about these public jobs what number acquire an increase in government projects funding bureaucracy we know anything right now. the right political right is taking over elections in this country we just saw for
1:48 am
a special elections the democrats are zero for four obviously the presidential election was it was one thing how do you think the american people would ever think that increasing government projects to offer employment would work because that sounds like what it would require to keep people publicly employed not just trained . all right i think that if anything this last election told us that people want jobs i mean that israel heart of their economic anxiety there are other issues without a doubt but with respect to our policy agenda going forward people need work and so . given what we are already doing and how little we have how meager the expansion has been how. few jobs we've been able to create i people i think are hungry for a lot more aggressive approach so are these going to be government jobs they can be
1:49 am
federally funded but they can be locally administered they can be administered by a nonprofit social interprete ventures there are many ways in which we can do this what's important to keep in mind is that this is a policy that compliments private sector employment the government already spends in countless cyclical ways in other words when the economy is bad the government already provides a considerable amount of stimulus but if we were to do it through job guarantee we will simply be providing jobs to people who have been laid off that provides the stimulus to the economy we essentially eliminate jobless recoveries and as the economy recovers then people transition into private sector employment so in a sense we're not changing the function of government we already do counter cyclical spending except we don't know how much we need to spend because we don't directly employ people but doesn't the sound
1:50 am
a bit like i mean you're going to have to agree increase public funding for jobs are fees jobs worth less do we need them is there a demand for these jobs are you just creating jobs where. you know so that someone can pack a lunch and go to work every day and come home with a paycheck which we all know is very important people have pride in work and a lot of people unemployed want that but can we just go about willy nilly creating jobs to guarantee a job and if not then isn't the word job guarantee a bit misleading. it's a guarantee in the sense that if somebody needs work we will provide a project that will employ them at a above poverty i've argued for a living wage so in that sense it's basically a promise that's what it means to be a get and but then a job guarantee what kind of jobs would those be yeah what will project we're talking about we talked about building needed infrastructure are we talking about administrator or someone working in the you know the state highway program like in
1:51 am
my state and they pay people fifty thousand dollars a year to do p.r. and make new pamphlets i mean i know people that do that and it's not necessarily something that's really needed but we do need road workers so i guess one of asking is these projects that people are being trained for what what what's an idea of some of those types of projects. so there are lots of socially useful to it is that just go unfulfilled i mean if you just look at the care gaps whether it's elder care whether it's child care whether it's community care i mean we have a lot of public squalor these jobs are for the public purpose these are socially useful jobs there are many many things that we can think of whether they're small environmental jobs like renewal cleanup whether they are small infrastructure jobs whether they are again care care work there isn't a shortage of things that we need to get done but what we also know is that
1:52 am
unemployment imposes enormous costs on society and we already pay for unemployment we estimate that we are foregoing we're giving up about. half a billion to ten billion dollars of output per day because we tolerate high unemployment now this is already paid for we're there also enormous costs that are associated with unemployment whether this these are health costs whether this is crime with its incarceration whether it is the urban blight and the poverty that we have to address this is paid for what i'm suggesting is that if we were to do a direct employment program that provides people with decent work decent pay doing useful public projects that will reduce significantly the enormous costs that we already bear right and a lot of people as you say you can fold that into. two trades and you know
1:53 am
engineering refrigeration even all of these things that that so many people even with high school educations can vocational training method i'm trying to say valuable vocational training that so many people can't really get a hold on if the government maybe as you said funded those things it would add so much to the projects we need now i want to talk also about what cap is targeting as an unemployment rate of our i'm sorry apply employment rate of seventy nine percent of the prime age working group that's nice do you think that's even possible. i think it is possible i i wouldn't necessarily think that this is the appropriate target i think the target is to provide work to those who need it what about the population that is not prime working age if we were to look at the national unemployment rate most economists believe that we are already at full employment but if you actually look at county level unemployment you will find that their pockets around the country some surprising areas in fact that are not michigan or
1:54 am
ohio that suffer from persistent ongoing depression levels of unemployment and this is ongoing even in good times so if i were to do. i will simply provide open ended job offer and i will target the program to these distressed communities some of these distressed communities may have elderly workers that still need work some might have young workers that have very high unemployment rates so the way that i would go about this is simply providing in a targeted way a job opportunity to anyone who wants it then people can voluntarily select into the program and only then can we know really what is the appropriate employment to population ratio that we will end up with i think the most the thing that would actually sell this is if you the american people understood what these jobs were how much they were needed and they weren't just trying to find someone something to
1:55 am
do for a paycheck i want to talk about a universal basic income it solves affects the social welfare you say this concept is essentially a trojan horse can you explain that to me. well it's a giant voucher program the universal basic income promises. paycheck to anyone whether they work or not whether they are rich or poor whether the economy is doing well or not on ongoing basis so it is particular with the right because it is seen as a replacement to existing welfare programs it is popular with the corporate sector because if that represents if that actually leads to replacing some programs that might lead to privatization of some public functions so we have this model where the corporate sector doesn't have any incentive or impetus to provide decent pay because this represents a subsidy why should
1:56 am
a company provide let's say health benefits if somebody has a basic income voucher that can you know buy health care on the market why should we provide high pay or high wages if there is that other additional income that one could. supposedly use to provide for themselves so it is a subsidy now compare this with a job guarantee the job getting to provides a decent work a distant pay if the private sector wants to hire a person in the expansion from this program they will have to match that wage benefit package and so that becomes an effective minimum wage for the economy and this could be very interesting if we hear more as this possibly develops maybe not of what these jobs would be to fill in these communities and even urban urban blight areas that there's there's the jobs have fled the opportunities have fled what could be created there thank you so much for coming on and talking to me about this we're going to bring you want to talk about this more very soon probably not.
1:57 am
associate professor of economics and migrant chair at bard college thank you. a guest on the alex jones show has actually made nasa released a statement about life on the planet mars according to media reports former cia case officer robert steele went on the show claiming that for the last twenty years . oh heavens children have been kidnapped and sent to mars to live and work as slave labor in a statement released to the daily beast nasa spokesperson guy webster said quote there are no humans on mars there are active rovers on mars there was a rumor going around last week that there weren't there are but there are no humans this comes days after a photo from mars made the rounds online with people claiming that it showed alien bone fragments in the dirt this has not deterred nasa however from trying to send people to mars with the estimates of the first manned mission could take place and fourteen years i guess we'll know about those martian earthlings when and if we
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land. that's all for now check out the show on youtube youtube dot com slash the best r t thanks for watching see you next time.
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