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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 5, 2017 2:29am-3:01am EDT

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labor leader at the door removing his goal of debate when tony blair was there. i'm not sure how well he would have been but it's symbolic i don't know if you've ever been and are among those caught up but it is truly the most spectacular event of the day it's steeped in history you can really you know you moved for the entire time you marching with banners it's been a significant of a community of a mind of a picked on of closure of that industry essentially so to have a labor leader to have trade union leaders top members of the shadow cabinet minus callers to it's wonderful to be honest and i think that gives everybody that's a because obviously the door minus call us moved on a bit. it gives everybody that their hope that political representative. working class voices and representation in parliament are on their side essentially they will political representatives what's it like being a new m.b. and entering that building the building you said reeks of the establishment and of
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. it's a strange place it's like nowhere place i've ever been before is represented of for many people past and present a system of oppression that is something that does things to communities rather than facilitates the power of communities so to be that does feel quite alien um i'm not going to lie you know it feels a little bit like an hour body experience but i'm there for one reason and one reason only it was the people of northwest durham that put me there and i have them in my mind every minute every second that i'm in that building so for example universal credit is being rolled out in my constituency in december and. has decided that that will happen clearly doesn't understand either universal credit or what happens and we're in class communities over christmas you spend money it's quite a luxurious time you have nice food you get your family some gifts or whatever and
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to have universal credit rolling now in december means that they are consigning many does that mean it's just a left right and well it's a system where all of the benefits will be paid on a monthly payment included housing benefit book importantly there's must've problems with this system so sometimes people the payments are in a real in a reality so sometimes a way in a week so that means this government is prepared for people with no money in january and february and i'm going to try and use up place to stop that happening again well arguably when you say it's not quite as intimidating given that you have appeared in volume and just does a deal involving a hundred million pounds limpy has come to light so it's not quite as intimidating doing that actually. it's about money to an extent well i think what be in there it dispels this myth actually you know it's really important that only very very intelligent and wealthy people can take part in actually it's about deals it's
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about power and it's about preservation of power and i want to kind of interrupt that i know my party wants went to that we want to use the crux within the conservative party to make sure that they are not spending money recklessly just to preserve their own position in government i don't begrudge the people of northern ireland one penny i don't begrudge that essentially hopefully austerity will end for them but what about the people of north of the northeast what about the people of northwest durham you know we deserve investment in infrastructure services we deserve the public sector pick up to be lifted but we're not i'm poor and they're in their power broker a deal you know you've talked about food banks it was thirty and your constituency there were some of them will be worrying about their own m.b. of you sort of you found a place to live when i talked about social housing i've been an m.p. for two weeks and i've been in the rent sector for a long time i was using one aspect of my personal life to display a problem about the why the crisis in social housing not just social housing but
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the private rented sector and the sector where you buy you know all of it currently for people of my age and that incredibly wealthy is tricky in one way or another and i suppose at some point i was make and the depend trying to save the deposit of course it's labor councillors that are now under fire in a lot of media at the moment. we call when there's a handle on the labor policy council is up and down the country responsible for social twins and i think what is really difficult is that the conservatives have created this perfect storm our was new when i was a count about it this was what they were different they were devolved i'm more and more responsibility to councils and at the same time not in government. grants because you know as well as i do councils only have three ways really of raising revenue and that is through council tax business rates and through government grants if it percent of buff you know of the government trying to taken away and clearly it's going to have an impact on serves that extend in the right to buy
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a housing association event having the right to buy on social home is really really difficult for something very cool been said brennan says questions but then of course the extreme left as it is as it should be they criticize labor because instead of taking up seats in council they should be resigning or mess or breaking the budget obvious great council of labor council should be make and much more noise about the impact of the costs that they should be highly publicised you can say you know if you look at it in a kind of sterile sense that they are treading a fine balance between said where monitored in the best we can we all could manage of this i think that will come a time and that is very soon when they're going to have to say enough is enough we are not going to change the face of local government anymore ok well you voted against the defacto cuts in pay for firefighters police the public sector. didn't vote with you on the is now saying he was for your labor bill why did he
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have to be so careful in durham recently when he was condemning corded cool bit of that i think that yeah i think that. really said about what boris johnson said that's be honest he's not a person of the people i don't really think is ever had a proper job in his life has you so i don't think he would answer journalist. if you have suffered no offense to. you know what i mean is i don't think he really understands the corrosive nature on your saw as a professional if yeah upon your up on the air that's been to talk about pick up a freeze if it's not in line with prices inflation all that kind of stuff this is a picasso book to a prison officer in my constituency who said he was better off as ago than he is today never mind the changes to his pensions and all that kind of stuff so it is sickening actually that part of that has the cheek to say oh actually i would like to say this change because i don't believe it i think what is due it is not a stall for leadership contest once again make
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a political couple hours people's real lives and i don't i just don't think it certainly won't wash with my constituents a person like him said oxley sorry i didn't vote for at this actually be a reality but now i actually do believe that war did speak louder than words always do it that it was a very cool room was elected leader of the labor party who i mean he lost his leads you can't bail or should say with his first interviews on this show he's appointed what could one could consider blairites. when you think of the new you know you would oblige and verse three days when some of these people are on the record voting on war after war in libya against in the best occasions into the iraq war. what do you think about these choices or does corbett have no choice and has to work with that side of the board i think that jeremy corbyn is different or that he can't provide a political party that is one that is going to be really powerful force against
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a conservative and the government and you know we can look at the people and say the most requests of all and you know i'm sure many would and i'm sure the be judged on the. their appointments are important because many of them have a lot of experience and we need right now to create as much division in the tory party as possible so that we can go on and we can form a government that truly transforms people's lives it's no good may show an a but i can make piecemeal reforms of my constituents i can try and stop universal credit being rolled out in december i can talk to both providers and think about that but real power comes when you are in government and. being a really credible force to take on this government so that we all relax and ready at any point and just briefly anyone watching who may listen to gold in the gold will you have people just street protest right now and protest on the streets how would you say to young people who think i could never ever become an m.p. in the goldmans it's just too complicated you have to go to the right school how is
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it possible well it's a that's what rich people and powerful people want i think to keep it locked out of the system but most importantly it's about the it's about the relationship between the two isn't it you know i am absolutely nothing without my constituents and without the street movements that give me the confidence to speak my socialism and to a supposed truth to power and not place seven only the movement's need some to be saying those things and in the in the powerful place so we're nothing without each other the street movements othen pour and the worst place to speak to as important as anything and he's doing that place more of a cog thank you after the break as the british parliament debates the israel palestine goldberg today allows a call when he speaks of the producer and writer of the new film indorsed by new until this week uncovering the u.k. u.s. backed ocean of injustice right now searching electricity in gaza the largest open air prison in the world and from the headlines will be exploring soaring strikes in
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syria and asking which has created this take over climate change all this of all coming up in part two of going on the. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive immunoglobulin my body gets and some bodies that i cannot produce itself around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity no one does this because it helps people it's just that one of the side effects is that it. applies more. to put the money on your car immediately after you get done half of all plasma based drugs today come from private companies and are produced from paid plasma as well as. the roamer of computers what are the risks of paid donation in it then is
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proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher in paid donations and it. if i was lying when i. moved over two years old he will go over the money using the federal and who runs the blood business. boss alone the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them and hopefully before us on the celestial get out all such as the. sun was by him sometime soon as we finally into a school but there's a time that the while the city's tried desperately not to collapse all powerful
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corporations collect the profit of what goes up will probably be global in the dull coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on so. the supposed to mean a. good part of life. is a tourist will feel photo no identity. when we see on television left wing advocates left wingers out there and they're shutting down professors from speaking at colleges so the shutting down colleges. this is an example of them being interacting. passé become little dictators yes and this is a link to the fact that children. were completely shielded from any of the so-called dangers of life kept in a bubble and so when they become young adults anything that disrupts that bubble
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a loud sound professor doesn't agree with them they go into shock they go into stuff like meltdown. still exist. ricos treated as one. cool. little can i knew a lot of. the island is controlled by the us government and some crew even dependents. either with. their audience. still many do wish to join the us hundreds more leave every day. with the country at
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a crossroads of the island is on the rise. welcome back with me now to go through some week stories is the real cause. for liberal democrat member of parliament lembit opec you get the all clear from the financial conduct authority annual report that came out today it surprised me as much as it surprised. actually before we go into the papers what do you know the football supporters federation saying they're going to pressure shops from north selling the sun newspaper rupert murdoch's innocent publications kind of being bad anderson publication it's been on the rocks in liverpool for almost three decades now or the kind of the reporting of the hillsborough disaster now seventy clubs have you not ministry said they want to extend that boycott across the country now that could mean the sun is literally setting on news international they already reckon that it's costing fifteen million pounds
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a month according to one thousand nine hundred nine figures so that hurts the pocket there but there is u.k. presumably and no one reason times or the other or the wall street journal not in this context know any way to go to the independent yes independent says as the world prepares to grill donald trump on climate change at g twenty britain looks set to miss key renewable targets this lumps two stories in together it looks like donald trump's in some rather hot treatment being grilled i don't think he cares either way what is this about bringing up aren't there isn't a this can't be because he's made the deal to do b. doesn't care about the ira but there are two stories here there's donald trump getting a hard time a g twenty about his views on climate change the other stories about the u.k. they're not really connected it looks like the u.k. is going to miss its fifteen percent renewables target and twenty twenty hasn't done so yet but look at sony got to eight point nine percent in two thousand and sixteen a lot of people think they just cannot close that gap in the time available to work
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is she going to lecture the whole job about climate change and restore faith in the g twenty because at least she's trying that's what she would say there's all kinds . of questions about the science behind this maybe don't share all sorts of questions don't try to get a job in terms cabinet this is the problem we all have a syllable democrat the open mind of all democrats the all pervading assumption that everything said about this is wrong is one of the reasons people react the way they do when trying to get slant exactly what design is no but anything what they mean exactly the fact of the matter is some may have the right to question this that's not the that's one debate we can have that if you want the other one is about where the trees amazin the right or the wrong stopping since the fact is i just like is close you're getting to donald trump that time just to i come here to tell the truth this is archie you think there's some russian thing not going to reproach you know you could handle the truth a few good men are still trying to get this right and maybe theories amaze trying
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to fulfill these targets whether they're nonsense or not nonsense not the point britain signed up for fifteen percent renewables twenty twenty she might not be able to make it so two debates don't mix them up i doubt it he said a few good men which is also reporters and men and they call it a film as leave this room where the murdoch sunday times yes the times right leaning paper says rogue s.s. unit accused of executing civilians in afghanistan so this is not the morningstar this is not the extreme communist press saying this it's the times and it's a very sinister story it's suggested that members of britain's special air service us s.e.'s are alleged to have covered up evidence that they killed unarmed civilians in afghanistan in cold blood it looks like the accusation goes like this no doubt these people were killed the prince has been so far that the afghan forces did this killing of civilians and therefore the british don't need to investigate
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it now this evidence suggests from something called operation north more a u.k. sponsored investigation which was taking about a year and a half maybe d.s.s. were involved as sas potentially killing civilians in what they. a rogue units they always say that in these situations big question are s.a.'s are british operatives responsible for what the afghan forces were blamed for to stress again no one denies that happened the question is who did it and this one has also been scaled down on this as an investigation could it possibly be that some people don't really want the whole truth to come out here six hundred seventy five cases reduced just for now so there are two things here is is there a cover up going on and is the cover up about s.e.s. troops going in civilians if you did for family members and all but well i can answer your question very simply the british ministry of defense says the royal military police found no evidence of criminal behavior by the armed forces in afghanistan sadat's ok that murdoch's talking about wasting your time and indeed
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the source quoted here is as he just wanted to the you have a desire to just make it go away i'm not sure what afghan civilians families will maybe the times is leaning to the left after all maybe they've been completely cynical who knows let's go from one cover up to one alleged cover of world website about a media blackout versus website maybe but look at this world socialist web site states the media blackout does expose a on the u.s. missile strike against syria the story here is about that alleged sarin gas strike which was pinned on president assad and then used doesn't excuse by president trump in america to launch strikes against assad's forces o.p.c. w sarin was used even though no one really believes that wants again there are some facts here sarin was found that as well are the gases traces of other
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gases but evidence of well there's evidence of it every strange o.p.c. w. report let's not get hung up on the lorry yeah but let's not get hung up on not that there's a deeper question. even if those gases were there it looks like there's plenty of evidence suggest that a five hundred pound conventional bomb was dropped and set up secondary explosions probably inadvertently which released a toxic cloud of gas over this town now it was early in the morning the god of the air was dense so the gas now formed a kind of bubble above the town in other words an unintended gas attack genuinely not the intention of the attackers trumpeted nerver or trump. said in the story that he did he'd been forewarned by the russians this was going to happen and his own advisors were quite concerned in fact they used rather stronger language than not that chung refused steadfastly to listen to that evidence and use this as an excuse to launch a strike so even in the white house people saying hang on donald don't do this
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we've got the evidence it's not right what we haven't got is transcripts to absolutely confirm that so herschel doing interviews at the moment be using to be expressing i believe that someone who believe the vietnam war was full of atrocities should we believe are you against a war that killed three million vietnamese hirsch's got form you're right he was the person who pointed out that american forces had killed about one hundred people in the my lane massacre that was denied at the time but lo and behold it was proven so he's got a pretty good record and speaking the unspeakable maybe he's just done it again thank you. well the u.k. secretary of state for communities and local governments a job it may have wanted it shut down by the palestinian expos going ahead in london this weekend europe's largest palestinian event with speakers such as john pilger will host discussions and debates on the israel palestine conflict in twenty seventeen one hundred years since the british balfour declaration after fifty years of israeli occupation and ten years of the siege on gaza joining me now is one of
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the speakers foreign a bull see a palestinian filmmaker whose film versions of injustice has just been endorsed by chump ski and it's out now welcome to going underground there. how did j.p. morgan banker removing currently involved in the energy pipelines reserve. leaving a film like oceans or in justice. well it all began when i went and visited palestine as an adult for the first time and needless to say it was it was appalling i mean you're on the ground you think you've understood everything from the books and from the soundbites and and then you go and you see with your own eyes and you see just how systematic and institutionalized and widespread the oppression actually is you see with your own eyes the sort of the illegal settlements on the hilltops and this is all within twenty two percent of historical palestine so this isn't the occupied palestinian territories i think that's often missing from the discussion so i see all this with my own eyes i'm witnessing these
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checkpoints and the war plowing through and hope it hits me you know this is this is this is unacceptable frankly and i come back to what i consider is my life of privilege and occasional charity and sympathy is just not enough you know and i also concluded that i think the main reason why this has been allowed to go on for so long is that most people don't understand the truth of the context behind this conflict and they don't empathize with the palestinians circumstances enough so that's where it all came about was a sort of. i can't look away any more and i'm going to try and speak to people's e.q. vs their i.q. with that beach scene in of in just to go back to about how frustrated and you mentioned this in the first bit of the bill frustrated by the mainstream media narratives there and the way journalists cover it let alone politicians whether.
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there's no context so it's extremely frustrating context is everything context is decades long illegal occupation of an entire nation context is a ten year blockade of gaza two million people imagine that was in london two million people blockaded for ten years where basic amenities can't even get in where you know you've got the sanitation issues of the water drinking water is limited and so forth so context everything context is the checkpoints and is the home demolitions and is the child prisoners there's no context when you're reporting in the media and you're not given context the new refrain sort of palestinian pain and suffering as barbarism and terrorism you know when palestinians act you know they resist or they revolt or even are aggressive or violent it's framed as as barbarism and terrorism baseless hatred when in fact is resistance to that occupation to those those circumstances they're living in so i
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think the media's done a terrible job in covering the actual narrative of the palestinians and and they've been severely the humanized but the truth is they love it live and breathe just like any you and i and anyone else the book was drowning. these hills show me a little bit about this next film today they took away the. prisoners yeah. so you know there was a unicef report that came out in two thousand and thirteen about how widespread and systematic and institutionalized it was for. the israeli military to to take children into a military system and this is again you know shocking is the only country in the world israel is the only country the world that tries children through a military justice system today in jordan portrayed in the media again i've got to say as a danger to israeli settlers well i mean let's put it this way when the majority of children are taken between midnight and five am in the morning when they're in
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their beds at home which should be you know the most safe place on earth for any child. i don't know what threat they were posing at that point when a twelve year old is dragged from his bread it to in the morning was the threat there you reference the throwing of rocks i did that in my film i show a child picking up a rock as a family is being kicked out of their home and their home is being demolished and and i say we have the line in the film did they expect them to be silent you know in the face of this injustice that screams are palestinians expected to just sit down while their homes are demolished and and their land is taken and they are blockaded and they are being made to go through hundreds of checkpoints every day and daily humiliations are they expected to just sit down and and be doe solve but for me you know i'm not an academic and i'm not a politician i am a human being who went and saw with my own eyes understood the situation both sides i am defies very much as well with the other but in this scenario it's the
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palestinian narrative that has just been disregarded you know when we need people to also recognize that the palestinians are the occupied not the occupier they are the victims of a of a colonial enterprise at the end of the day i mean the stablish one of the state of israel the ideological birthmother is a settler colonial enterprise but i certainly they are the indigenous population that are being colonized well you know all of this is been left out of the narrative orrible see thank you and you can see far as speaking to the palestinian expert in london this weekend journalist john pilger the son of top israeli defense force general. that's it for the show we're back on saturday the day president leads president putin germany will then keep in touch by social media was ruled out today forty five years to the day the israeli government assassinated palestinian novelist telephony and seventeen year old niece in a car bomb in. a
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city that was. i'm still going to ask. who's here all. we need to see a lot of. money. plus the. magnificent. food. they must be really nice and friendly and i might the foreigners feel welcome in russia. because the food was dusty a very enjoyable place to be a very friendly take hold. some basic. punch. people. who are very bad that happen here which are those low. income inequality wage stagnation
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gerrymandering of political districts polarization you know the lack of effectiveness in congress there are these are well documented trends going back decades and now they're really acute and manifest to the point where people describe the system is being seized with a kind of paralysis. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive in. my body gets and support is that it cannot produce itself around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity and does this because it helps people it's just that one of the side effects is that it. puts money on your car immediately you don't have all plasma based drugs today come from private companies and are produced from paid small conference in rome or.
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one of the risks of pay donation. is proof that the frequency of. his money paid. over two years old. and who runs the blood business.
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played. protests against the g twenty summit. days before. an independent report says british. governments accused of failing. to pay a multi-million dollar. during his detention.


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