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they got it i don't only know. all right what's up actually parody is a very important cactus i guess you call it to the art native art that goes back thousands years old with beads all over them you know covering them at the top you see the hexagon which is apparently a symbol for the p.o.d. in the minds of the expands the mind and of course i never advocated the use of anything that's a controlled substance but apparently core of the culture here you have some kind of consciousness raising experience along with the odium magic mushrooms this type of thing and who knows what it's all about you gotta come down to mexico and check it out yourself it was the journey to the grandfather that's what you know you go to the grandfather and i ask you from latin and south america goes to your grandmother so well actually grandparents might be quite important to the story i want to cover here because you and i had been walking around with jeff berwick. the dollar vigilante and an arco poco and we noted in the park and it helped in the
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second half but we noted in the park and throughout the city walking around mexico city while we've been here just how many kids are running around on their own is having fun doing all sorts of things. like much younger kids you might see kids skateboarding in new york or london and they'll be like sixteen seventeen eighteen i'm talking about like six seven eight nine year old kids just walking around. playing doing things that when you and i were kids it was acceptable in america to have free time on your own and the reason why i mention this is because it's quite important to this studies coming out in america where they ask is american childhood creating an author or terry and society overprotective parenting as a threat to democracy american childhood has taken an authoritarian turn an army of trends in american society or can. spiralling to produce unprecedented levels of
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supervision and control over children's lives tracing the effects of child rearing on broad social outcomes as an exercise in speculation but if social scientists are correct to posit a connection between childbearing and long term political outcomes today's restrictive childhood norms may pretend a broader regression in our country's democratic consensus. mollycoddling children is the claim which seems to be borne out by the british aristocracy of a certain trovatore prickett this for sure because of the need to kind of foster a culture of. breaded in this and also a tarion worshipping and look what's happening there the thing is in the collapse in freefall so i would concur with your finding professor well ok we're going to go through a number of details here but in terms of the millennial generation a lot of people have been focusing on for example these sort of snowflakes as
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they're being called college students shrieking at the notion of any sort of professor having an opinion that they don't want to hear and needing safe spaces that's also part of this a trend towards authoritarianism but in terms of how we got to there and we're going to go more into those college student snowflakes left wing because i bring that up because most people think of them as. unique to the right wing and it is part of the right wing but it's also part of the left wing but since the early one nine hundred eighty s. american childhood has been marked by turning toward stringent adults control support for free range childhood has given way to a flight to safety characterized by unprecedented dictates over children's routines more so than any other generation parents and educators have instilled in me the idea that as greg lew county off and jonathan haidt put it quote life is dangerous but adults will do everything. in their power to protect you from harm indeed
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strong social pressures have so hardened against parents who believe in the value of a free unsupervised childhood that psychologist peter gray likens them to past chinese norms on foot binding and they give some hard data to show the trend what life was like different for me and you when i was a child in the seventy's or you were a child in the sixty's they have actual raw data to show what is different between our childhoods and those who are growing up in the two thousands and the teens now they amount of free time school age children enjoyed has plummeted from forty percent of their time at school in the early one nine hundred eighty s. to twenty five percent by the mid one nine hundred ninety s. the time young children spend in school jump from four five to six hours and the early eighty's to almost seven hours beginning in the early two thousand and by two thousand and six some forty percent of schools had either eliminated recess or work
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consider doing that so forty percent of schools have no recess that's that was my favorite class of the day we're eight so. i understand so when we see on television left wing advocates left wingers out there and they're shutting down professors from speaking at colleges shutting down colleges. this is an example of them being or acting in an author terry terry and fashion become little dictators yes and this is what linked to the fact that as children they were completely shielded from any of the so-called dangers of life kept in a bubble and so when they become young adults anything that disrupts a bubble a loud sound you know a professor saying something that doesn't agree with them they go into shock they go into stuff like meltdown and they behave like little dictators and they're shutting down universities and so this is based on a childhood. desperate attacked from and over over over reliance
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on keeping kids completely divorced from reality it's partly helicopter parenting and we're also going to talk about the right wing and there was a the number one determinant for who voted for donald trump it wasn't about economic policy it wasn't about trade deals it wasn't about racism or anything the number one predictor of that you could guarantee you knew who was going to vote for trump was how they what they thought about how children should behave what sort of independence a child should have so the more authoritarian sort of mindset did vote for donald trump so we have it on both the right and left in america but part of this childhood authoritarianism is also part of just like ordinary things so like when we when you were little did you play with plato yes did you play with things that by your mom just gave you a point it's like a lump of clay you're just go have fun and you can spend hours playing with your
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plato now it's much more structured through video games who create the world for you they guide you through. they provide the imagination you're not doing as the child five six seven eight nine year old so when you were a child max you didn't have video games to turn to you didn't have. amazing amount of online content to turn to you didn't have thousands of hours of television shows to watch on netflix your mother would tell you you know little max go outside and figure out what to do if you're bored go find something to do so you had to come up with your own ideas and invent things you know and learn how to occupy yourself that was part of creating yourself you know it was great to foretell the future was charles schulz to crew the peanuts cartoon remember a stupid lawyer. lucy and i remember one of the strip i read this as a child and
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a member distinctly linus picked up a rubber band and he stretched it a little bit and then lucy comes over to watch him and then linus starts to really have fun of to throw a band like he's having fun like the time of the blood and then lucy grabs it and walks away. you know she's an authoritarian she was lucy's a dictator and she was always pulling the football way from you pull the football away from charlie brown ok she was a socially pol pot of children's cartoons so is. it's making them authoritarian but it's of a not or a terry mindset but it's also all this a sheltering of the child and home and the home has a lot to do with the stranger danger here so i'll recount a personal story so we go to visit my mother my stepfather in north carolina down near the coast we go there all the time. several times a year for years and i assumed it was like
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a retirement community as i had never seen any kids so it was only a month or two ago where we were leaving driving out of their house at around two or three pm and a school bus stops and all these kids got off. i was like there are kids in this neighborhood i haven't seen them in all these years here though it's right on the lake they're not playing on the lake they're not on their boats like we used to do they're not doing any of this sort of stuff we used to do as a kid i mean there there is an alligator and. that's right there was a big alligator that. you know would buy you out of professional courtesy but you know the other kids might be so lucky but in terms of their health consider that practically every declining health outcome in children can be traced to the sedentary indoor micromanaged lives that now define american childhood and a two thousand and five pediatric study researchers from the university of pennsylvania found that children with mothers fearful of neighborhood safety are more likely to watch television for over two hours per day and set of playing
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outside when american students are moving for only eighteen minutes per day at school it's hardly a surprise that we've seen since the one nine hundred seventy s. a more than three fold increase in the number of overweight six to eleven year olds so their health outcomes are going to be worse just based on this fear of letting your child. you know take their own risk make their own mistakes. make bad choices have you no imagination the fear of what they might miss out on some of those a los angeles city though ten years ago when i was on roller blades and i hit my head was bleeding this ruling and so they're going to be ok most of our will as you said i would take to the hospital but i might get sued so i have to leave yeah well they then the article goes on to say that the impact on children is concerning in itself but to society at large authoritarianism is not
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a good place to be for any society and psychologist alice miller said that that ended to this of. she was an expert on this whole authoritarian mindset she's now passed but she says that as a child that ought. tommy to give your child autonomy is and helps fix this and i want to move quickly at the last minute here to the fact to the snowflakes. we mentioned universities in america few institutions in american society have a braced authoritarianism as decisively in recent years as academia there you know where helicoptered millennial is increasingly get their first taste of independence since two thousand at least two hundred forty campaigns have been launched at universities to prevent appearances by public figures most of which have occurred since two thousand and nine behind these authoritarian efforts are an army of quote chief diversity officer is seventy five of whom have been hired between two thousand and fifteen and twenty sixteen at colleges and universities their mandate
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train students against quote subtle insults quote environmental microaggression zx and micro invalidations in this insurgence of political correctness new york magazine columnist jonathan chait sees not simply a rigorous commitment to social equality but rather an undemocratic creed and a system of leftwing ideological repression well professors are actually paranoid because they can't believe they get paid especially to do nothing but if you want to look into the future i suggest rent the movie boys from brazil. if you recall about the cloning of hitler america's become well we've got to go now to the second to thank you thank you say to go away. there was a very authoritarian exit i thought so to.
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the walk still of you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles but don't. do socks for the tell you that will be gossip and tabloid but files of the most important news today. the mocks of advertising telling you are not cool enough and let's fight their product. all the hawks that we along with our audience will watch. we need. a lot of. money. magnificent.
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told. people. that there. will. destinations must be nice to live. tourists the city's economic and social life. on the smashing. of the. sun not as. soon as we. tried. to collapse. of.
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the will probably a. couple. in the bush was up the on some the supposed. to. is it will fail. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max in mexico city with jeff berwick welcome thanks max good to see you jeff berwick of dollar vigilante also enter a cast where you could find a narco capitalist online it's a must to go to spot for the anarchist folks the community in the world i would say
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that you probably have the at the center of the narco capitals movement i think around the world so for viewers just as a primer review anarchy as you see it as a political statement sure yeah i actually have the largest. in the world we have the largest. conference in the world called narco poco in acapulco mexico so very close to yours i heard you guys your side dropped by and for people don't know what it means anarchy just means no rulers it doesn't mean no rules just means no rulers so no government taxing you and taking your money and extorting you in and telling you what to do and saying they own you just because you were born there that really doesn't make any sense now it's interesting japanese that you started this really before the introduction the rise of anarchy currencies the centralized currency the money without a central bank and if you embraced bitcoin and cryptocurrency and in a way you kind of foretold or that they would arrive because central governments
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and central banking on a state of crisis yeah absolutely why also write the dollar if you want as you know when i started that in two thousand and ten and. by the end of the stock the u.s. dollar now if you're currencies will probably collapse and a lot of people used to say to me well what's going to take its place and this was in two thousand and ten i had not heard that when i heard about it in two thousand love him with his three dollars and as soon as i heard about the market found the solution already and so as soon as i looked into it in two thousand. and at three dollars i said this is going to change the world this is going to be what ticks down the governments in the central banks which is a good thing we need that that's the cause of all war in the world cause of most poverty it's central banks and governments so almost like sent from god in my opinion especially coming out at the very peak of the financial crisis in two thousand and two thousand and nine all the sudden as everything looked like it was about to collapse came out it's one of the white paper that described it going to cost as the financial crisis and it's really a protest vote in many ways and it is almost sent from god i think of it as the
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kind of virginal birth you know of a currency that is sprawling into the world that is now changing global economic bubble finest you're also a gold or gold bug lot of people the gold community quien and vice versa but you seem to embrace both what are your thoughts there well like i said i think all the few currencies are going to collapse so you need to have something other than dollars and of course the first thing that i used to always recommend was gold and silver that's been the mainstay whenever there's going to be a hyperinflation or a collapse or a government default or some sort of serious crisis gold and silver has always been a mainstay so i was always a big fan of it and i just added to that repertoire once i found out about it and i've been trying to merge the cheap communities and doing a fairly good job it's taken years ago people are so paranoid and so against anything competing with it they've it's only goal is gold or nothing and when they heard the computer money that they didn't even know anyone created they were like standoffish but over the years
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a lot of the gold people are starting to realize that might not be that bad it might be a useful the thing to have in addition to gold and silver especially for trade especially if we have a period of time where trade really collapses banks close. it's really hard to buy something from china with gold but with decorum it's no problem well it's proven itself as a store of value the exchanges that deal in it have had problems but the block chain itself but point law changes and as advertised. unimpeachable impregnable immutable as i said. now how do you fit in with this idea of how does the narco capitalism of. libertarianism because you hear those jews. joined together often when your thought their. libertarianism means that you believe in liberty that's your biggest principle is that you believe in liberty and. so really i consider anarchism to be the most libertarian you can possibly be and so there's a lot of different sort of factions of libertarianism some people call themselves minute because they're like well we still need
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a government we don't believe the world can success without a government it will be too chaotic that government needs to be as small as possible so there's a people who call themselves men or because constitutionalists even and they call themselves libertarians as well but i consider africa's them to be the fullest extent of libertarianism where like even if it is possibly worse you still have to stand by your principles and still say that no one should be enslaved by anyone else so it's the most purest form of libertarianism ok so the devil's advocate here and here is a country that has you know it would be in a state of anarchy as that term is used more frequently not to mean a decentralized currency because i mean. we're talking about somalia you know it's just a perfect use case for libertarianism because if it is nobody would want to live there there's no government going out so what how do you respond to that kind of what i speak somali is not a bastion of anarchism out so that somalia has been actually the result of statism the government did collapse which is kind of
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a good thing but now they're just warring factions warring over who's going to be the government the people there don't understand libertarianism or you think so there is they still want to government so this has nothing to do with anarchy at all and you're right they do use that word a lot whenever there is chaos of those say always anarchy if they do that on purpose they want people to be very scared of anarchy and the that's the government and the people who control you know the banks and all that kind of stuff they don't want anyone to even look into anarchy because if they do that mike oh yeah why am i paying fifty percent of all my money to this group of bureaucrats every year who are just using. do terrorist attacks and bomb people and and wars and all of this sort of stuff you know a lot of people are waking up to it so you know somalia is not good case for libertarianism or anarchy is a in fact any time we try to do energy anywhere in the world governments come and try to shut us down the best case at the moment is a place called libor land which is started by america accomplished in between slovenia and. and they're just being recognized as a new country now and they say there will be an american couple this country so we'll see what happens there right and of course if somalia was really anarchists
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they would embrace cryptocurrency but of course they don't because it's run by more or less warlords and that's a centralized power you know we're just not libertarian and there's chaos but it doesn't mean it's libertarian or anarchistic in the sense of decentralized power and i want to spend too much time on that but i'm just saying it's i that would be my response to just throw that in now going forward to mexico where here in mexico city you've been in mexico for a long time and this country seems like it's inching toward a crypto revolution in many ways people are starting to embrace it and they understand the power of it you're on the ground you live here what do you think mexico is not what you're told about on the news as you guys know you've been here and now if you come to acapulco which is where i live where that where we have an archipelago the cia calls it the fourth most dangerous city in the world you saw it was perfectly fine for most people mexico city that you lot of people look on the movies and they go oh my god we're going to get shot or killed you know it's very very nice. and you and it's
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a lot of changing that the economy's doing very well the government's much more freedom minded than the u.s. government in fact they just legalized marijuana in the entire country this week which still hasn't been done in the u.s. in mexico in mexico is that true that happened two days ago wow yeah and i went to the actual first decline conference here in mexico city it was think two thousand and twelve or two thousand and thirteen and there was about thirty people there and i went to one last year and it was hundreds of deathly stuff going on here well we were just at a meet up here in mexico city a lot of people. turned out very exciting stuff so it's on the horizon for. what's what's coming up just the same old thing really just keep going where we've been doing so well with the cryptocurrency of course pick when we're up one hundred thousand percent since three dollars or three thousand those few days ago we covered a theory of a two dollars it's now four hundred dollars so we're doing incredibly well on that stuff just pushed forward we're becoming you know very popular on the internet i speak in many converse i'm just on my way to you know we're great friends conference up in montana the red pill expo i'll be
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a freedom fest after that and i have my own conference an arc of focus so busy busy just spreading the word of freedom and our capitalism volunteerism and trip to currencies right now and the activity in crypto space has been remarkable in the last six months for sure they have the initial point offerings that they were telling people about what's going on there what if area wasn't you know i don't really even know i've been blown away how well it's done i knew the a theory and you guys before it was even a public coin that you could buy back in around two thousand and twelve two thousand and thirteen and tron zero met up with a number of the guys and i said this is going to be huge when it comes out and it came out a year or two ago and then they had their fork and it seemed like was all falling apart it was a big mass and i took my eye off it for a while i said ok i'll get back to it later i recommended to subscribers a few bucks but i was like i don't need to pay attention this story and the last six months it's gone from ten dollars and i'm just trying to catch up or not i really don't even know what's going on now that's the thing about this space. the
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dow incident. nation. if i got that right and it kind of blew up the coin they create a stopper going that of course the gold bugs were like you say this old thing it doesn't work it's not to me at all but nevertheless it still grows are still going what would you say to them that's so important you know that i was that's why i took my eye off the syrian because when they actually just said ok it's up to vitale to decide who gets coins. that's not how crypto currency should work but they've been really moving forward on their smart contracts they've got so many big companies interested in microsoft and all these companies and i think what's happening is all these guys from microsoft are going to this conference going out we should get into theory and smart contracts maybe i should buy some a theory before anyone knows about this and i think they're piling in right now i think that's what's going on yeah i think that's probably the case so it's all coming together and i just loved what's happening here and mexico in mexico city it just seems like folks are totally energized to take on the establishment in
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a big way i know you live here i guess that's what attracts you to this location definitely have no problem with the fact that most people here are very empty governments and they burn down the president's mansion all the time and they're always there they just don't like government that's i think why mexico get steven ice quite a bit in the u.s. and other places they call it super dangerous it's really not that they don't want people to know it's like quite free here and in many ways quite a bit freer minded than many places in the u.s. where they've become so status they become so well what's the president going to do about it well this should be run by the government health care should be done by the government everything's becoming socialist and all that kind of stuff and here in mexico it seems to be almost going the other way and that's why i think it's doing so. yeah i just have to reemphasize that's been my observation as well and they show it's very popular they dub this show in spanish it's often extremely popular and so we're spending more time here ourselves but the vilification of
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mexico in the states is something to behold when we tell people we're going to mexico city they did you get a look at that i like oh my god are you bringing security will you be safe and that that's all propaganda yeah they just put that out on the movies constantly to put out the news i've actually been in acapulco numerous times where i've gotten e-mails from friends or the post on facebook the say are you ok and i'll be like yeah why and that i heard there was like some sort of chaos in acapulco to be some cartel thing or something along those lines. and i was like i haven't heard a thing i call people no no no i don't think anything's really happened here it's just constantly putting the stuff in the news to make it seem like mexico is really bad and again i think it's because they don't want people to know that it's quite a bit more free here and it's doing quite a bit better than the us is because the us is going the opposite direction towards more regulations more rules bigger government yeah yeah i see those airports but i just say what you. guys are part of my pleasure i would ask for this edition of the car with me and stacy herbert i thank our guests.
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the biggest. star in our call capital of the world. i think you guys are stuck in an alternate reality and russia today and sport in various n.g.o.s put out a set of facts that simply do not accord with reality you have constructed an alternative reality here in russia that makes it very difficult for you to cooperate with others. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive immunoglobulin that my body gets and
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support is that it cannot produce itself around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of general should you know and does this because it helps people it just says one of the side effects is that i did this surprise move or. put the money on your car immediately you don't have own plans moonbase drugs today come from private companies and are produced from the plasma as well as on for your. you know a motor car and. one of the risks of pay donation. then is proof that the frequency of pathology is much higher in paid donations. if i was lying when i. moved over two years old he will go over the money and that's the truth and who runs the blood business.
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there's a saying. i think they're on the cheap. and then we went through all that contra stuff let's idea the right to do is come he said if we give them everything they do to bust. this country. this is what we don't understand how we are in such a country. into the ones that i think. it was a monumental. similar. good one. because if you feel. the middle of on board not that god can we believe again with the phone about to come to terms with the plane. we've
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come to the place story you have to see. at least in the best. if you move. to. the leaders of the world's greatest economic powers begin arriving in the german city of hamburg for the g. twenty summit we look at the challenges they will be facing patients will be trying to overcome. also ahead this hour the u.s. military force a defiant north korea. to reveal they create.


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