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tv   Headline News  RT  July 6, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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the island is on the rise. but it is of the world's greatest economic power is beginning arriving in the german city of hamburg for the g twenty summit we'll look at the challenges facing the divisions they'll be trying to overcome. while the host cities brace for mass protests with his many is one hundred thousand activists expected to turn out if they are promising to disrupt the summit under the slogan welcome to hell and ahead of the g twenty the u.s. secretary of state invites russia to cooperate on no fly zones in syria.
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hello good evening welcome has just turned day to be watching r.t. international now top story this hour world leaders have started to arrive in the german city of hamburg for the g. twenty summit which begins on friday and during the talks there will be a number of crucial issues for them to address. china and one china dictating to me through china. czech republic is taking twelve potent taken. good enough. that is it if you didn't see it with you in the gold about. the defense is often in
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america. every decision will be made to benefit american work protection will lead to greater prosperity and strength they love to put images of events in business and put texts in this most recent book on the own techniques i am to buy to get built. well the u.s. president donald trump has arrived to even the most anticipated meetings will be between him and the leaders of russia and germany if you prefer is in hamburg for some time what to expect from the. there's nothing you can do about it first of all this summit will be watched because of the first ever meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin we'll see
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if they can do something about all the issues that news anchors all around the world have been going on about in the last months or maybe even the ears that is syria north korea and ukraine but despite possible flyable steps that could be made after the meeting of perhaps two of the most important men in the world the media have been generally focusing on the trump russia collusion story all over again you think that the subject of russian interference and u.s. elections is going to come up well it certainly sure appears unlikely that the president will confront putin why on earth would he not send a very clear message to putin on that absolutely would be a mistake he's going to convey to putin that he's weak. and shriek number two how will mr trump get along with the german chancellor the host of merkel just take
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a look at some of the things the german leader said recently that is something you didn't really expect a german leader to say in the last decade or so and also her election program we remember that elections in germany are coming up in a few months there egle merkel referred to the u.s. national park there is instead of friends is it that berlin and washington are not such big friends anymore could we have seen that come in maybe take a look why. thank you. ok. thank you from. now highlight number three is of course turkey and the participation of the turkish president. we have seen many issues with him taken part in the summit even before
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the g twenty get together began for example apparently they couldn't find a place a live event where the turkish president could give a speech then there were difficulties i guess it is fair to say as usual with the tapered one security guard speaking let him to have berg and of course the latest news the biggest news of thursday the european parliament and now it's meant that that turkey's e.u. accession talks will be suspended if anchor off implements the constitutional overhaul that was backed by referendum in april which will expand the powers of the turkish president top pair to watch so these are the things that we'll all be watching for you here in hamburg at this big g. twenty summit in a prank reporting now will the host city of hamburg has been preparing for mass protests organized by radical left wing activists in fact police expect around one
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hundred thousand people to take pot a many already flooding the streets there and they've got a message for those attending the summit. there's. just such a. tough. job . well in fact the hamburgers already seen some unpleasant scenes in the week protests turned violent and then also on wednesday night a porsche dealership a was targeted in an arson attack destroying eight luxury cars police believe left wing activists were behind that incident many law enforcement officials are reportedly nervous about the event and what might take place is a long history of far left radicalism and protest and they say they do expect
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a bad eight thousand violent demonstrators to be out in force later after over one hundred seventy groups from around germany call for demonstrations in the city so far the protests have been pace for. reports it's all very good natured here at the fish market where crowds are gathering for the welcome to hail a demonstration it's being called not welcome designed for the twenty global leaders that are coming here for the g. twenty summit part to tell what the numbers of up to one hundred thousand are already here we've seen along that route they were expecting to. shop owners borrowed as cafe owners or putting up large pieces of plywood against their windows to stop their windows being broken in case these demonstrations stop being as pleasant as they see right now we have seen that occur in the past though i spoke to nick dritte new who's the director of global justice now about what makes this
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year's g. twenty a little bit special there's a particular issue this time of course but trump is coming to his allies like oh do want to coming but the world feels like it's in crisis and so people are coming to say actually we need a completely different solution what merkel is talking about in terms of climate change and migration and so on may sound better than trump's agenda but actually merkel is the same person who pushed the economic torch to greece but she's the same person who at this summit has proposed an agenda which is all about markets free. markets and the rule of international capital and i think most people here feel we want to very very different solution that puts people in the many heads of capital and the few we have seen a very large police presence still it's a little further back than we may have thought it was to come in trucks there were also some police vehicles and many police on standby in full riot gear it is worth noting no that the violence that we saw and choose the evening where camps were cleared out the demonstrates is that i've spoken to put the blame for that squarely
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on a heavy handed approach from the police what happened on tuesday was they set up ten camps in the box then the police went in to remove those tent camps and well violence didn't see you there in watertown and was used we've not seen those type of scenes today we certainly didn't see those type of scenes on wednesday evening out the down stemmons strace unit was taking place didn't put too much still in not we most likely will see some form of clashes later on. we'll be keeping across it fully people have died in a suicide explosion at a bus station in the syrian city of hama will have the details on that part of the story after this break.
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welcome back you're watching r.t. now the u.s. secretary of state said that america would potentially be willing to deepen cooperation with russia in fighting terrorists in syria and more of the details is more aghast. well the tone of the statement was somewhat neutral more so than we've come to expect it was even corporative but there were its own twists and turns in it for example the united states said that it is open to working with russia on stablish a no fly zone over syria working out to gether a joint mechanism when the united states talks about no fly zones there's a lot of suspicion everybody remembers what happened in libya where the u.s. and its nato allies established a no fly zone for humanitarian purposes to ease the suffering of civilians only for it to turn into a we fly you don't deserve where the united states bombed you know gadhafi his
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father his fighters his military anyone and wanted with impunity and nobody else could fly up in the skies and it was also an interesting bit about chemical weapons where the united states said that russia has an obligation to stop assad from staging any further chemical attacks the key word here being further because it was never stablished for a fact that assad carried out any chemical attacks by an international body an international investigation take the latest attack that happened in april this year the. nation for the prohibition of chemical weapons which was investigating it then investigators didn't even go to the location to gather soil samples to establish what this chemical attack was what the gas used was they were given those samples by rebels the other thing about chemical weapons is that washington says russia has
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an obligation by the same logic you could hold the united states responsible if any of its allies like the s.d.f. syrian kurds or for example the iraqi military if they resort to immoral or illegal methods of. more like torture the russian foreign ministry also warned that they have evidence that isis is preparing provocation for false flag chemical attack in syria to draw the united states in them on the topic of provocations and fake news the russian foreign ministry also expects a retraction and correction from c.n.n. we're talking about the boy that became iconic an icon of the battle of aleppo vod the civilians there went through with you know much of the big media mainstream media rallying behind him saying look this is what the russians and the syrians are doing in aleppo and the russians have promised not to forget that story until a retraction and a correction is issued by c.n.n.
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. this early this week russia and iran meanwhile met in the standoff another round of talks on syria's reconciliation after two days of negotiations they agreed on a plan for the escalation zones in syria with the final details expected by the end of august we heard from the russian president special envoy to syria here's what he had to say. i feel positive about the results of the latest round of talks on syria although there haven't been any major steps forward it's still all moving in the right direction toward stabilizing the situation and finding a peaceful way out of the syrian crisis we probably haven't achieved all of our goals we aim big therefore it's not always possible to achieve the desired goals at least for now. look at the cover. and i don't think we have any disagreements on the deescalation zones everyone understands this term deescalation
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zones has become a set phrase meaning as zone under the control of the moderate and radical opposition for such zones of deescalation have been drawn up the main difficulty today is to agree on the borders of the deescalation zones it is tough because working with maps while sitting somewhere in ankara moscow or tehran is impossible there is always a need to be present there on the ground it's important for the fate of the people living there any ceasefire very much depends on how we manage to agree on these boundaries. because of. the bombing of the syrian army deserves only condemnation there is no excuse for striking the government's army as it's fighting terrorists we believe the actions of the us in eastern syria to be absolutely unacceptable and we believe the u.s. should allow the syrian army axis to the border with iraq so that the border can be brought under full control as soon as possible we hope that after i still is do.
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stroy there there will be no pleas for american army units in syria if they are not invited by the government. meanwhile fist fighting is taking place as the syrian army tries to push islamic state out of the city of raca kurdish fighters have breached through the walls of the old city for the first time r.t. went to the front line. was. not totally. i. don't know. what lie next. now leading us think tank has cast doubt over the extent to which the kremlin can control russian hackers the rand corporation has released a new report focusing on the role of cyber warfare in
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a potential conflict between russia and the us and it notes that there is a link scroope of cyber mercenaries and patry arctic activists in the country which moscow has little control and that such hackers could carry out cyber attacks against the u.s. without any orders from the kremlin it comes after the american president once again failed to agree that russia was definitely guilty of meddling in last year's election. well you once and for all yes or no definitively say that russia interfered in the twenty six thousand election well i think it was russia and i think it could have been other people in other countries could've been a lot of people interfere in your intelligence agencies have been far more definitive they say it was russia why won't you agree with them and i'll tell you let me just start off by saying i heard it was seventeen agencies and i said boy that's a lot do we even have that many intelligence agencies right let's check it and we did some very heavy research it turned out to be three or four it was in seventeen
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and many of your compatriots had to change their reporting and they had to apologize and they had to correct ok well i think a us based cybersecurity consultant geoffrey can join us now to discuss this a bit further i think he's with us i'm not sure whether he can hear or see not. hello you are there to apologize sorry we had a bit of a few problems jeffrey good to have you on the see what you make then of this round of reports do you sense that it is flying in the face of allegations that the russian government hacked last year's us presidential election. yes. i was very happy to see that red report. was published of this time it underscores the need to focus on what's really important which is strategic stability. as it pertains to nuclear weapons and.
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trying to attribute cyber attacks to one government or another so. through all that the report recommended state is really something that i've been saying for years which is that our tradition is incredibly difficult particularly today it's almost impossible to differentiate between independent non-government actors and government actors especially especially now that so many tools are available. for free that can be used in these attacks yes sure does a report like this carry much weight i mean how do you think the u.s. government will react to it well i think the rand report itself acknowledges. it's not going to be an easy. journey to bring people over to the author's recommendations so i doubt that it will have much of an impact on.
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our politicians and policy makers. just to say it's see that the u.s. government partially funds. this report too i mean that might lead you to conclude that you know what why would they thought i i mean it's you know pretty much sort of saying this is what we found you fund you funded us to know it's this inquiry and this is what we found is and i will question a back to the conclusions they free. well maybe that's just a difference in culture and. it might be different in russia in the u.s. . you know your. organization will receive a grant but that grant may or doesn't compel the organization to produce the by the. people who supplied the money want so. you know we're the we hope that our researchers federally
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funded research and development lover tories are simply going to pursue apply the scientific rigor and come to the conclusion and i like to think about what's happened you know in this case so now jeff you're a cyber security consultant are you surprised that no hard proof is being provided to back up these allegations that russia is behind you know meddling showing the us presidential election in the campaign no not surprised i mean it's written about this extensively from. starting with last summer i think about i would like to see. this become a requirement if a cyber security company makes a claim but they show the proof otherwise don't make the claim i mean that that is a requirement in any scientific inquiry is peer review so you think you've
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discovered something wonderful share the evidence and let your peers see if they can come to the same conclusion. why this does not happen in the world of risk here it is a mystery to me but i don't think we should tolerate it like a cyber security in politics some might like to add geoffrey will even after the man that was said geoffrey cyber security consultant thank you. both of. the internet communities turning on c.n.n. are for the news channel said it might disclose the identity of the alleged creator of the viral mean featuring donald trump wrestling it's logo here are a few notable responses a multi-billion dollar t.v. network blackmailing a private citizen into not making funny videos about it is not journalism c.n.n. donalds happy to keep the tweets coming through something self evidently creepy
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bullying and heavy handed or by a large news organization publicly announcing they will expose someone's identity if it ever again publishes concent on the internet that the network deems inappropriate or projection will well it a twitter spat that escalated since the video was first posted by donald trump on sunday the next day to c.n.n. said it had tracked down the clips creator and attempted to make contact but actually failed that individual then supposedly posted an apology to you on the news aggregating website i read it and contacted c.n.n. to pleading to keep his identity quiet of the channel pointed out that no threats were made but that it reserves the right to reveal who's behind the clip if another is actually made but we spoke exclusively to a moderator for reddit for the reddit page where the clip originated in he asked us
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to conceal his identity. just so you're this guy on a solo oh i'm the guy who posted the original gift it would be frightening if i were him and i received random phone calls or in an email from see email out of nowhere i would not super a doozy yesterday about c.n.n. one of the largest news communities in the world certainly not boy get throats. telling you to stop doing what you want to do on the internet all as you know has no right to do the cyrano has all the internet against them right now and when organizations attack freedom of speech it never ends up well for them and make no mistake about it this is an attack on the internet and c.n.n. has formally declared war on it in return we need to see you know were hurt and told or ever taught as yours that you do not approve of by running ads on their network our site right now on the road to people who are pushing this you know hash
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tag on there are exposing c.n.n. fraud news network they are are doing the right thing well here's our c.n.n. has since responded to the accusations it does say that the person's name has not yet been disclosed because of safety concerns and that any assumption of blackmailing him folks. he's done were trumps your pain too were started in poland way he stopped over on an official visit to nothing escape the sharp die sharp eyes of the media either during a wreath laying ceremony to commemorate the warsaw uprising against nazi occupation he was supposed to shake hands with poland's first lady didn't quite happen that it didn't go to plan and that wasn't the only or quick moment either the media speculating that much of the cheering crowd there was bussed in from across the country and he's not the only one apparently struggling with genuine support.
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the spokesman told us that we were a little showing. we should not hesitate to express ourselves during this speech. iraq. and it should be depicted. on the soaps. i.
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seem to national things being with this today i'm back and before the. possible impact that might have. i think you guys are stuck in an alternate reality and russia today. put out a set of facts that simply do not accord with reality you have constructed. that
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that the frequency of pathology is much higher paid. in it. if i was mine when i. was over two years old he was. in the money and that's the truth and who runs the blood business. i'm one the frances has been boss broadcasting around the world from here in washington d.c. tonight's big changes in the air to international airlines that security standards allowing passengers to carry their laptops in a cabin on u.s. bound flights also political anxiety of the upcoming meeting between arab states prompts the moodies rating agency to change its outlook and qatar's credit rating also. there are.


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