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that does nothing but drive this nation into the open arms of new year old liberal destruction i think you'll enjoy our conversation i disagree with him on almost nothing but that didn't stop him from getting righteously angry during our talk enjoy to me thank you though this day leave my pleasure. so you know i can't move away this long to do this for your show has as blowing up over the past two years for obvious reasons you're going to like anything you know you've been to a political comedy a long time do you feel like anything about you has as change or is it really just a country has come around finally start to give an inch and you were there talking about it. i think it's the latter i think that the country is finally coming around to what neo liberalism is really really is and that it's infected both political parties are complete our politicians are neo liberals that america so what it has happened i think recently with the election of trump neo liberalism somebody else i heard made this analogy it's like we're the frog in the pot and the liberalism is
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that slow flame and we don't notice how bad things are getting and then trump cranks that flame up all the way and people like hey what the hell's been going on so just like when everybody's upset about the hundred billion dollar weapons deal to saudi arabia and they're going to go kill civilians with that in yemen and we're giving them the cluster bombs which are considered a war crime that we manufacture right here in the united states so now people are aware of that and then they're like wait a minute you mean we were doing this all along we've been doing this forever you mean barack obama also sold them over one hundred billion dollars worth of the same weapons yeah can you believe that no i can't believe that barack obama seems like a nice guy why would he do that although there was no there were tell a lot of people holding the thing in front of their eyes and go oh no no no there's just started just yesterday. right so that's the whole thing right so they can't so now people are waking up like why are we in this war why are we bombing syria what we did libya iraq we're still in afghanistan so this is people are starting to wake
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up and i'm starting to talk about the petrodollar which you'll never hear anybody ever ever talk about people like i ask people why do you think we're in syria people like us we're trying to help people and you know after i stop laughing i try to mention the petrol dollar and the pipeline and hezbollah and all that stuff that's happening and then you know that we're actually training the the people we're fighting in iraq we're training isis we're funding them we're funding al qaeda to fight in syria to overthrow a government so people don't know anything about this stuff because it's never talked about in the mainstream news media and people like me and you talk about it and what they do is they do they monetize my videos and you tube what i talk about it and they smear you in the new york times for talking about it. that that's you know when they're coming after us night club comedians who are known free speaking truth to power that's what we do lenny bruce george carlin we go back to will rogers you go up you go. so that's what we're supposed to be doing not only bill hicks and george carlin but all those comedians like that you know stephen colbert
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used to be that way too right so the problem is now all of the only comedians that the establishment news media will allow to be seen in a good light are corporate comedians comedians who are being paid by one of the six largest communication company had thawed out this stuff and are what we call the mic resistance where you're getting everything i wanted out of my mind get those beautiful yeah and i was going to tell you the reason the reason this is a good time to have you on is because both of us have been the victims of various attack pieces you knew you had some of the various attacks in the washington post the new york times recently went after me it does seem like they're coming after their ship there they're turning their propaganda laser beam and pointing it towards toward the likes of you and me and and you know you mention the this task a media and tried to do. with this stuff and a lot of people don't realize that for example lenny bruce was basically driven duis debt he was being arrested most of his venues the bars were being the venues are being threatened with their liquor license being taken away so they cancel his
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gigs so you know he started doing more drugs because things were looking really rough for him and he was driven to his death cell so this is this is not anything new but. this is out of the new but but why do you like speak a little more about why you think. you and i are the ones they're attacking now. well it was surprising as all get out to me lee and i think well obviously it's because places like this and places like you tube and the young turks are would these are the last places that are actually telling you the truth about what's going on right because you know as a people don't i don't know if people know or not but you know in one nine hundred eighty there were fifty giant media companies in the united states and other six and those six media companies bring you every newspaper every radio show every t.v. t.v. news show so that's what's happening right now it's the concentration of power so that have to come at us because we're the last bastion of actually truth tellers people speaking truth to power people forget literally forget that the new york
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times is more responsible for donald trump then and then again it's funny to see them blame people with no money and no power isn't it lee they come after you they come after me they go after an actress like susan sarandon or an activist or they go after jill stein another person with no money and no power they're still pretending like we're the problem and why are they why are they doing that because if they don't pretend we're the problem they have to look in the mirror because the new york times gave trump what five billion dollars worth of free press and they had more free press they would rather show an empty podium of donald trump than show bernie sanders giving a speech about universal health care or ending a war or a living wage or free college or infrastructure spending that's what who that who that main street and that's i met and b. see that's not just c.n.n. or a.b.c. that's m s n b c which is right now fueling a van a phobic can hear a c. theory and a million miles an hour with zero evidence and i'll tell you one more thing about
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this russia thing people are starting to get skeptical about it just like you and i are right because i'm all for investigating anything and crime any crime let's investigate but what they're doing is investigating a person right which is different and so you're going to catch a person obstructing justice you're not going to get him for the original crime it's kind of the same thing they do. to bill clinton so that's why they're coming after us right now david brooks i don't know if you know david brooks is editorial writer for the new york times and he was also a mainstay on p.b.s. news hour yesterday on meet the press he literally said i'm starting to get uncomfortable with the lack of evidence in this rush best to gauge and yeah he said that at meet the press and meet the press so now what are they going to do they're going to smear their own editorial writer they're coming after you hey you know what i heard david brooks got into a cab and the guy spoke russian. yeah and you know they love the they're doing things like running around going no seventeen seventeen intelligence agencies
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all agree oh yeah the coast guard riyad really agrees on that you know how much investigation is the coast guard done really they're talking about like you know the cia and then you've got dion feinstein on c.n.n. with wolf blitzer going you just came for a meeting of the cia do tell us about the link to the russian hacking and. they don't have any right now like that's all and see that you can say well villagers are just drop like what do you really how good they are not adam adam schiff who is the head of the who's the ranking member on the intelligence committee he got humiliated by tucker carlson on fox news over this russian lack of evidence then even though he's screaming at the top of his lungs that treason has been committed and so when tucker carlson can you million a sitting congressman especially the ranking member on the intelligence i don't think you got a case that's what i think i think you're really doing a bad job when you're able to be humiliated by tucker carlson well and it's amazing
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how the shows how the maser me is collapsing and how the worlds have turned on top of themselves you have tucker carlson doing some of the best reporting on the lack of evidence here and yet tucker carlson is an idiot shill the other half of the time and then you've got him agreeing here glenn greenwald on in there agreeing to the whole thing and i'm like oh my god these worlds are colliding. yes yes it's drugs strange bedfellows right well it's weird when the new york times literally prints an article after that shooting of steve's belief that blames the progressives and bernie sanders support that literally went in their newspaper and that's their that's their version of look at the equal coverage we're getting a it's totally laughable but it's media bernie i want to i want to ask you you have bernie sanders who still ostensibly is in the democratic party do you think he should you know try and take over reform the democratic party as if that's ever worked before should he started third party should people give up on bernie sanders is a figurehead where do you stand on that. i think bernie sanders should give up on the
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democratic party how many times you need to be proven wrong about the democratic party they're not capable of reform it doesn't appear to be rightly because what they did after they lost the don first of all they smeared bernie rigged the primary because as schama so want reset at my show which is true the democratic national committee would rather lose to a republican then let a progressive win their primary that is a fact and it's being proven over and over in fact after they lost to donald trump after they screwed the country out of a progressive that's who we should be blaming by the way for donald trump the democratic national committee hillary clinton debbie wasserman schultz donna brazil and all the other elected need a liberal democrats who sandbagged bernie sanders and that's all we should be blaming for that right that's that's really who the people who did that so what bernie sanders should do what happened the democratic party lee they moved to the right after they lost to donald trump they write that only they are tim kaine to lose to donald trump who was to the right of hillary clinton they didn't go get a progressive as a vice president they want got
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a guy who's to further to the right than hillary clinton after he says. after the day after they lose the d.n.c. says we're going to start taking corporate money again so they got even worse they even got more corrupt they didn't hear the message and now in california the california democratic party is the biggest democratic party organization outside of the d.n.c. in the country so the progressives got involved we elected so over six hundred progressive the democratic delegates to the state convention which was way more than a majority so we thought we're going to take over the party so the party then has superdelegates on the state level so they overruled the populace in california they installed literally you know the chairman of the party is now the party if we could had a progressive but what they did was they installed a pharmaceutical lobbyist a guy who took a hundred thousand dollars last year to defeat bernie's cheaper drug bill that happened in california and he defeated it and now that. that guy's the chairman of the democratic party and you're telling me that we can reform this party from the
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inside out i'm about draft bernie i'm all about bernie has to realize that the democrats are dead all great change in america has always come from third parties right and so what either happens is the democratic party grabs gets absorbed draft bernie or i think the other way bernie absorbs the democratic party that's what's got to happen is by far the most popular politician in the country the democrats still are shunning him they still don't want you to hear his message so how much longer can he sick stick around and try to play ball with these guys i understand that they're very powerful that he doesn't want to be shunned in polite society the way what like what the democrats have done relf nader but it's time to stand up and be and have a spine bernie sanders has led the way he's got the platform he's offering it to the democratic party for three the most popular platform in the country and they don't want nothing to do with it jeremy corbin just proved that the establishment news media smearing a progressive politician at some point has
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a backlash effect so the more the establishment attacks bernie right now the better it is for bernie the lower popular he becomes you know he's only eight percent of the democratic party have a strong dislike for bernie sanders so when you hear these people on twitter or in the news media or on m.s.n. b c and they're smearing bernie sanders or progressives are saying they're violet or other sexist or they're bernie bros just remember that is a tiny tiny tiny minority inside the democratic party those are eight percent of the democratic party or as johnny calls them the hate percent. i want to ask you in this in this system we now have this kleptocracy rule by thieves obviously money in politics is a huge huge problem a huge impetus for it but do you feel that the money you know gets into politics and corrupt system or does capitalism inevitably allow the state to be envelop by the money interests and. where do you think. you know i'm not smart enough
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to know but i do know the effects of money in politics and i do know that capitalism right now is eating itself right so general base those who's an eighty billionaire who brings us the news. out of syria i don't i don't think in any eighty billionaire who's got an economic model that amazon that's built on destroying local economies really wants to be a muckraker do you really think that guy wants to be a muckraker so that's yeah that's where we're getting that's where we're getting our news from right now we're getting our with our news from people who are using the powers of monopoly to crush local economies and then they buy the newspaper that supposed to tell you about what they're doing so they don't tell us about what they're doing also right now the washington post people don't know this either the washington post with jeff days of paid around two hundred fifty million dollars for jeff bezos has a deal through amazon with the cia he for six hundred million dollars an awfully twice what he paid for that paper probably three times what it's worth right now so
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again we're we're having these people these so capitalism right now we need anti trust laws to be enforced so we're right now barack obama didn't know antitrust laws and he didn't need approval from congress to do that you know it was teddy roosevelt who was a republican who came in and broke up the trust before bulk of the monopoly so if you believe in capitalism you supposed to believe in the power of competition but what we have now is capitalism that eliminates competition so what amazon dot com does if you say if you will if you are started diapers dot com which happened what jeff bezos does was offer the same product for less money he'll take a loss until you're out of business i mean that's not supposed to happen in america gerri we're out of time i could talk to you forever but i love that i love having you on and i got to do it again and keep keep saying the things that get you attacked that's all we need we need more value so the do we do our job everybody checks again already and we're going. started to join comedy tours and yes let's do
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that i look forward to touring with you lou it lee and not keep punching out bloody negativity that was actually not the full interview there was more that we couldn't squeeze in there sort of watch that you can go to youtube dot com slash for adak did tonight we'd go to a quick break but i have a live comedy shows coming up in chicago minneapolis minnesota and washington d.c. all you do is email redacted tonight at r t america dot tv for details and tickets i'll be right back with a lot more. i'm tom hartman and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't help big picture we will go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture.
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all the food we don't know. everyone in the world should experience really and you'll get it out of the old the old. the old according to jess she'll welcome our world come along for the raw data. welcome back to redacted in i.v.
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ip a california court just a clay or that monsanto does have to label their weed killer roundup as cancerous monsanto now has now appealed that decision but in the meantime the active ingredient in round up. will be going on california's list of potentially cancerous chemicals it's about god damn time if you've been following this story then you know mind sandow has been fighting this battle for a long time we as a country use roundup herbicide for everything we then of that crap than donald trump uses spray on tan or every time a study comes out saying it's cancerous monsanto then trots out one of their in-house scientists that they pull out he's got like an electric collar around his neck and he declares. character a is and then he brings me and morse
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code just before they shove him back in the cage with like cattle prod. i go in but it was not cancerous then then then why i mean if it is cancers then why isn't everyone getting cancer. i think we all are. attorney michael balm represents more than three hundred people who claim a loved one became sick or died from exposure to round up oh it was only able to find three hundred for the lawsuit this is how corporate rule works are i profit over people works this is this is it you can see it you can cheat with your own eyes they introduce a chemical or a technology and they don't do the proper testing at all or they do it and hide the results or they pretend to do it because they don't want the proper safety testing they don't want to know what happens they just want to throw other chemicals out on the market and say it's. a fit say until people start pumping out three eyed babies
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and you look out your window and turtles are just walking across your lawn up right on their hind legs or whatever the starts happening all the bees start dying and then people get angry and then super friendly corporation goes. we'll do that. turtles are just happy and bust side your baby can see all kinds of things ready can see behind you without even turn and it's sad it's got eyeballs everywhere you should thank us that's a super baby. it's it's but they it's a refund but that's how corporate rule works anyway i hope these lawsuits i hope the people can continue to win these losses against monsanto in other news i found out this week that i'm not the only one who thinks giving six hundred billion dollars to our military every year really more like a trillion when you count all the extra perks like the pretty ice cream in the mess
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hall after seven don't tell nobody giving six hundred billion dollars to our military is to put it politely joly crazy i am talking dennis rodman scuba diving in a bad cold fall absent the khorasan aid and all of that money all of that totally crazy money could be used to do things like oh i don't know fix our crumbling infrastructure give our people health care fix the environment that is beginning to look like the paranormal realm where beetlejuice lives with that sand snake remember that by the way michael keaton is great in that film but he's just doing sam kennison sister sam kinison first nation. oh this is kenneth as beetlejuice that's the real conspiracy people just as chemists and genesis builds anyway the u.s. conference of mayors passed a resolution the other ones that agree with me like i mentioned earlier passed
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a resolution last week calling on congress to move our tax dollars in exactly the opposite direction proposed by the president from militarism militarism to human and environmental needs yes yes that's exactly what i've been saying all these years i don't know who these mayors are but i like the cut of their gym i wonder what city these mayors live in maybe i should meet up with these mayors. another resolution they put out calls on the federal government to ramp up diplomatic efforts and cool tensions with russia china north korea and other nuclear armed states and their allies and to work with russia to dramatically reduce u.s. u.s. and russian nuclear stockpiles now this is not smart matters if we decrease our massive nuclear stockpile of about sixty eight hundred warheads we will have the ability to destroy the entire planet if. the need should arise
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i mean listen you know you don't want to take any military option off the table all right what if we decide that that that total annihilation of the human race is what the situation calls for. what then and we find ourselves sitting there with our thumbs up our bikes and only enough nuclear weaponry to obliterate half the nuclear race i mean the human race we're going to look dumb for amazing half of the human race won't be laughing at us in their butts off but in general these mayors seem to be quite right and forward thinking why is it we have such brilliant mayors yet our federal government looks like a convention of a redneck lottery winners well the reason is that corporate money has bought out our federal government but it doesn't care enough to buy out the mayors write their
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local level isn't that big a deal to them so in the position of mayor you end up with more often you end up with people that generally care about their town and actually went around meeting with the voters in a real and genuine way you know what you end up with or with a real democratic republic if you will. and i've got one more strange story this one's a little strange but it's weird but positive we'll end on a positive note science found a fish without a face like an actual faceless fish that is meant to be that way it didn't just like drink too much life. or swim near focus shima it's meant to be a faceless fish and i'm not going to make a nicolas cage john travolta joke i'm not going to do it i'm not going to do it's going to my contract i'm going to i ses and then the reason by the way that i say science found the fish without a face is because of you or i or i hope it ham homosapien found a fish without
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a face we were just posted on instagram with a caption that says w t f followed by a second photo of said person enjoying a lively black and to fit a faceless fish taco and again because all fish tacos are faceless fish tacos or rather one hopes by the way they also found a sea worm that a hundred percent looks like just a detached penis which makes the deep ocean exactly as scary as i always said it was all going swimmingly and maybe the penis is one right you don't know you don't know. and if those creatures are swimming around just a large penis there's a lot of questions you've got to ask first of all that's that's scarier than a penis attached to a man because you can't reason with it not at all and if you can reason with many other secondly if there's being this thing can exist on its own with no human attached to it why do we need men maybe we don't know maybe the human male is
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obsolete because the pain that's going to go it alone so then think about it anyway it's been one hundred forty years since we last saw this faceless fish he literally has no discernible eyes or nose the mouth is way underneath it so it looks like the back half of a fish just took off without a head my first thought when i saw this was wow what a lucky fish he doesn't have to ever hear justin bieber brian stelter of paul ryan that sounds delightful my second thought which is the one that matters was isn't this planet breathtaking despite all we've done despite all our and pollution despite all our wars of aggression despite all of our crap isn't spaceship earth. it still has the ability to amaze and bewilder there are still species we haven't found and animals designed in such a manner that they they shock us what we've picked for over religion and race and
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money a figment of our imagination that we're willing to kill for while we bicker over all that this poetic planet is still doing what he does best being majestic and it's our job to create a sustainable future in which we can keep appreciating that majesty and which we can keep having our minds blown by faceless fish. that's a show i got for you but you can get all of our content a you tube dot com slash redacted tonight and i'm madly camp on twitter good night ok bye. i'm going to do just that and you're watching our. poll.
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i do not know if the russian state hacked into john podesta emails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided credible to support his claims. i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing three months before the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied that the n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the u.s. . the hyperventilating corporate media has once again proved to be an echo for government claims that cannot be verified you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the invasion of iraq. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming indistinguishable.
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most people think to stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest story in truth to stand down in the news business you just need the right questions and demand the right answer. questions.


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