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tv   Headline News  RT  July 7, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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breaking news here on r.t. international the presidents of russia and the u.s. wrap up their first face to face diplomatic meeting which lasted over two hours or so to come. i. i class is between ninety g. twenty protesters and police are ongoing with more than one hundred officers injured and scores of demonstrators detained in hamburg plus and on the radar. around one hundred bridge to gun owners on its terror watch list despite the country having suffered a string of recent attacks. hello
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there welcome come to you live from moscow you're watching r.t. international the russian and u.s. presidents have just finished their first face to face meeting after more than two hours of discussions behind closed doors on the sidelines of the g twenty summit they did discuss a range of key issues including ukraine and syria cyber security and the fight against terrorism can get more details now from. ranger who joins us from the host city of hamburg good evening. talks then what else do we know about what came out of the meeting. good evening to you from. the russian president's next meeting at the g. twenty summit. the japanese prime minister shinzo just before these talks
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began the russian president shed some light on what he discussed with his american counterpart donald trump and let me just point that out for you once again that something you already mentioned a lot of are listed syria ukraine and the fight against terrorism and cyber crime so about thirty minutes ago we followed alex that the first face to face meeting between mr trump and by mr gubb who is over the white house had previously said that the planned as thirty minutes of talks the kremlin had given it one hour but it turned out to be way longer than any other than the duration that was planned it turned out to be almost as long as two hours twenty minutes now instead that the leaders could have a how to short conversation you know stick to something the formal test the waters
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but it looks like the two leaders decided really to commit themselves to bridging the many devices that exist between washington and moscow whether this lead to any compromises whether they have come to any breakthrough status something that we will still have to find out. yet they have the full of they sat down for. some they did meet didn't they face to face was a lot of intrigue when they did. it but the answer you're absolutely right and that can be explained by the number of the journalists that squeezed in to that negotiation room well i can tell you the exact number but trust me about was quite a crowd there were fighting for any extra space there now besides this there were of course the two presidents the two top diplomats. on the russian side the foreign minister and writes. her son u.s.
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secretary of state on the american side and just about to interpreters now both leaders did raise the meeting and they said that they are the shiny really happy to finally see each other face to face and talk about donald trump even went on to say that this is something that will definitely happen again and again that is something very important we also saw two handshakes both of them were initiated by donald trump before the first one mr trump said that it was an all over him to me a lot of our polling to which a lot of who responded in english thank you now just as the journalists were being asked to leave the room for the meeting to proceed behind closed doors some of them started screaming out questions and we could make out words in english like shoes and meddling with the usual thing you know thank you very much. you really think the last thing. that i hope you had
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a chance to notice the expression dog. face when that happened he had quite a laugh now he's actually gotten used to questions like that being thrown at him every time he meets u.s. officials speaking of the russian foreign minister we are expecting a press conference from him and hopefully he will shed more light on perhaps more details of these crucial to this first ever talks between donald trump and vladimir putin was with thanks and you will be coming back throughout the course of the. force in. well that this first face to face matey hasn't been the only highlight the summit a few of the best. meanwhile
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on the streets of hamburg and some protestors and place of clash for a second day security forces used water cannon and pepper spray against demonstrators who threw bottles and stones and police over one hundred fifty officers in fact were injured and forty five protesters have been detained one hundred thousand people are expected to protest over the course of the summer. i. think i like i.
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well our europe correspondent petrol over has been following the rallies in hamburg . tensions have boiled over between demonstrators and the police. i can see the main body of the crowd so this but. everybody seriously so you can that really hurt you of course openness what can you please describe for me what happened from where you were well as far as i could tell there were attack in the demonstration with no reason obviously i couldn't see anything. as far as i could tell and i'm from. i've never seen anything like this we've had fights about squatters houses and all that i've never seen anything like that lee aggression the as far as i can tell purposelessness is that of wooden english yes
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it is now as it is now. i've never seen and my face hurts maced and everything there is unbelievable. just behind me you can see some smoldering remains then the trash fire that was started. that is a. sports car i believe that's been torched here now there are. eight seams roaming the moments of small bits of violence and what you saw also last time is just how quickly it can start and then the police come in to try and put it out but whenever they put it out in one place it seems to pop up elsewhere we understand from the police that they were ordering people to remove their masks they were refusing to do so then water cannon we used pepper spray was used.
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well despite there being a whole load of stories about potential violence coming from demonstrators in the build up to this large gathering we have been hearing from one member of the local palm and here in how much is about the role the police could play in provoking violence yesterday was a big demonstration twenty to thirty thousand people that was very very peaceful and i was the same and indeed it was nearly the same spectrum which were come today in the evening i talked to those who. appealed for this demonstration and they say we want a peaceful demonstration but i fear will be an escalation because the strategy of the police is slow to deescalate if as it should be and might be there. the one different. way of contradiction as well hear the crowd chanting away there and see for she starts build a chance going on all under the watchful eye if we move the camera over here over
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the watchful eye of a lot of police officers. i wish to keep a bit vigilant here because we are seeing what's the flower being thrown at the police just as you can see there we're actually right between the police and the demonstrators right now so we're going to try and get out of the way just well moment while i'm talking to you not the best place to be if. he has a huge call of police officers that's marching through the city then leading the the demonstrators they're only going to be allowed to go in the directions that the police want them to and the result is what we've seen its move seen violent clashes with the police we've seen calls set on fire. well exactly the situation we have at the moment right now thank. god i'm not sure. i drove over that report now thousands have been expressing their anger at the summit it does seem that the world ladies have say fobbing having an altogether
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more cordial time. now in other news france's interior minister has revealed that around one hundred registered gun owners in the country are on a terror watch list. i have asked local police to identify the registered
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owners of firearms on terror watch lists we have identified about one hundred people and the offshore it sees are taking action to correct the situation this appears to be a significant dysfunction. the linesman comes just a couple of weeks after the latest terror attack in central paris when a car full of weapons and gas canisters rammed into a police van the attacker was the only person killed in the incident the thirty one year old man was a known gun enthusiast and also on a terror watch list a french journalist and author of jihadist france alexander mendell told us that legal gun ownership by people on the list is not the only concern eat there. the show he shows that the carelessness of french bureaucracy you have about ten thousand people that are registered on the watch the least on the on the other. hand you have about one percent of them that legally own weapons
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the frightening thing about that is that they have access to shooting ranges where the gold to train where the sometimes even have to. meet local police policemen and to talk with them and they have information about security it's not about the weapons themselves it's more about the fact that they are they have access to this shooting ranges where they. can train to shoot. now after months of reporting on alleged russian meddling in the u.s. election using unnamed sources c.n.n. seems to be changing its attitude towards anonymity one of the channel's own political analysts now says people do not have the right to stay anonymous it was in response the backlash the network faced for threatening to reveal the man behind a viral mean featuring president trump wrestling the c.n.n.
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logo. as they tell. c.n.n. now thinks that we the people do not have the right to be anonymous this is how kirsten powers their political analyst explained it in a tweet. people do not have a right to stay anonymous so they can spew their racist massage honest homophobic garbage now that's an interesting argument coming from a network that's been running stories about trump based on unnamed sources for months based on anonymous sources according to this source who spoke on the condition of anonymity anonymous sources are the basis of most truthful reporting oftentimes we do have to gather information using anonymous sources. say can i use your name and they say no can i use you as an anonymous source a source familiar with the matter they say yes and then report the information on the air we heard c.n.n. use this phrase so much it's actually spawned a number of online memes sure c.n.n. protects their online sources but the way they see it if you post something online
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they consider to be offensive they have the right to reveal your personal information to the public something that could actually put a person in harms way oh and they get to decide what's considered to be offensive as well apologized for some of those other racist anti-semitic and it's not publishing to users name because of his apology think bribery in reverse they get said to me say listen if you are if you're a track that read it they there's a couple of bucks for that would be bribery kind of sort of but if i were is if you listen if you don't retract that read it i'm going to expose you i'm going to docs you i mean let everybody know where you live how to let people know where you live what you said things you've said perhaps you might be politically correct things that might cause you problems with your job it's almost a blackmail coersion but it's unprecedented c.n.n. may be a powerful news agency but just to proclaim to them the policeman of what's considered
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to be offensive in the end u.s. law has the final say cable mop and artsy new york. looks like a sleaze being left alone to sort out the worsening refugee influx problem. to mrs fail to find a way forward to shed the burden instead members want to target and rescue boats from north africa which are suspected of being exploited by people traffic is just a matter of days up to twelve thousand people have landed in italy while more than eighty five thousand have arrived since the start of the sheer city's top antti mafia prosecutor believes the crisis has created a security threat. those who arrive on the dinghies then undergo a process of radicalization that may lead to the realization of terror attacks meanwhile the head of europe's law enforcement agency says the terror threat on the continent sits at a twenty year high several of the terrorists who carried out recent atrocities in
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europe came through the mediterranean route from africa to italy but the spices really excepting the biggest number of migrants it has thus far been spared mass terror attacks we discussed why that might be with the tally in police officer and union leader gianni to nelly. at the beginning of the migrant crisis in europe i explained that there was no security filter i said terrorist could come and hide here easily i mean the problem of information exchange is not being adequately addressed by european intelligence services the easiest prey for islamic radicals are desperate men those who are criminals or are in prison a muslim who came to italy and is integrated and has a job is not easily influenced by islamic radicalism the desperate man is willing to do all he can to redeem himself but for these men to be sacrificed in the holy war means social redemption and being respected. ok well we
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can go back to hamburg now because russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov is giving a speech on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit we can listen. so while you're sure to put your hands i do feel that is the we've seen that both the russian and american presidents are driven by the national interests of their corresponding countries they understand these interests and they understand that there's interests are to seek out agreements that would be beneficial to both parties and not to play some confrontation scenarios or to create problems when there are none so it is in this way that the two presidents have discussed syria ukraine the korean peninsula cyber security and a number of other issues they have agreed on a number of specific measures that it's a new day in the capital of jordan in amman. experts from u.s.
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and jordan have. and of their work and they. have issued a memorandum on the. the zone of this collation in syria it is on the analyser in this area they will be assist fire even though it's you starting on starting at noon. on the ninth of july each year us in this and russia have agreed. to maintain it should cease fire suitable for the good and the who did so this is filed with maintained by all parties when. they will also maintain. by showing that area and aid agencies and when you go to there will be monitoring sent that will be created in the capital of jordan because of course that's. the security around this
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deescalation zone will be maintained she was with the use of god you know the russian. literally in coordination with the u.s. and jordan with them and what is also important that if you're in this document in this memorandum russia and the us as and jordan have pledged that they are interested in the sovereignty of the syrian arab republic and in moving the so-called political settlement this is one agreement that was agreed on by our presidents next as for ukraine and the american side has said that they have appointed as the representative to resolve the iranian crisis and it was agreed upon to create a channel between the representatives of russia and the president of the us so as
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to use these opportunities that the us has. in order to. move towards these settlements on the basis of the minsk agreements on the basis of the potential that was laid down in the other formats but it's we believe that. soon the american representatives will were presented it will come to moscow. for consultation but you know the next topic was cyber security social. and both presidents believe that it's these area is posing more and more risk which and new threats are born out of it including the terrorist threat and so it's of other criminal nature and the threats towards the normal functioning of society as you know these problems include child pornography that paedophilia and the so-called suicide all social
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groups and president trump we have said that in the u.s. there is still this. circles sure who are talking about the russian a legit intrusion and russian are legit attempt to influence the u.s. elections so president trump and president putin has discussed these issues and all these issues will become matters for our cooperation and the special. group will be created towards that the fourth thing as that we have agreed to expedite the procedure. for nuremberg to from russia to the us. and for those rights the boats yes this issue was discussed and we're going to work towards it but they
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have a negotiated anything so if we are going to continue there are still some work laughs well your impression what's your impression you always see the small details so what are the small details in that meeting what was the atmosphere like and how was the next steps which are there was a constructive eisner's fear because both presidents were both aimed. at the national interest they were driven by their national interests and. they also both understood that both countries can do this only if we search for a balance between the interests of our two countries and if we want to maintain stability in various regions of the world including the korean peninsula ghana standard northern africa with a question about syria. well ukraine well. they have a different plan. was a good one i don't remember mr trump proposing any other plan and the length he
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told of that had to do with the mr tillerson did not show a need or way in which. we differ on maintaining the agreements and. yesterday we talked i talked with most of the three on the foreign minister of france and we have agreed to expedite the process towards implementing the minsk agreements a lot of the first words about the intervention and trump have already come and i remember syria. where you will so you mentioned the arrangement on the selden part . because you are really we are really. very badly you know why so you said about the arrangement about the southern part and yesterday there was zero results will they discuss the southern part of syria so that's georgia and
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russia us is that a new new form or are you going to put eventually if for the discussion and look as for the fall of may and the memorandum agreed upon there were talked about for this collation zones in. the northern of homes in. south west of syria and it's clear that without the assistance from the syrian government forces and the in the u.s. coalition forces we cannot agree on anything and as for asked an hour we talked about three other zones. and there is an understanding of how these zones near homs and. eastern goods are going to look like and we're continuing discussions on other zones. tramp raise that topic of elections in the talks thinking that
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a things that these allegations are groundless that's why he said that president trump has said that the. campaign is a big army. rather strange and bizarre because over. many months when we've heard these allegations goods and not a single fact has been presented and this is something that has acknowledged by the people in congress by people who actually lead this movement at some point and president trump has said that he has heard clear the chorus and from mr putin that russian leadership and russian government has not interfered in their lections and she accepts these things that put us to put in has said and what about north korea have they discussed that topic. seem to not be listening to me i've said that i've said it twice i mean in the context of the arrangements mr to us and
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so i will be continuing and intensifying the cooperation between our foreign ministry is directly and through the security council on all the issues of the international agenda including the korean peninsula if i may to ask you to liberate the ukraine so have they discussed this cost the joining of the united states to the whole much you know i've already told you we've creating we're creating a bilateral channel to support to the world group that's operating in the normandy for format and has to influence them on the main ukrainian partners and this is something that is constantly being asked of washington and other capitals. all parties are interested in the fact that all the parties to the minsk agreements implemented. all the all that is written down in the agreements and. our western pardons feel that on the understanding that. and this broke currently not sort of moving forward as quickly as we want to well on
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the outcomes of that meanings mr putin and mr trump other friends partners so what you know i have already. so you how these how these talks went and what atmosphere they took place had they agreed about next meeting. that. is you know we didn't talk about grants and. we're discussing the issues that are actually on the agenda and i have told you what we have discussed today and i can see are definitely that both for presidents have been. very driven by the national interests of their country and of the international community is of course and this is something that is going to be told to you to tomorrow. so the twenty is more about the economy so maybe there
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will be another but you need to discuss economic issues at this meeting but what mr trump and mr putin was of. exclusively political nature with. the boots on the basis that all. russian and russian citizens detained in in the u.s. . that we're continuing to work on this issues we believe that. it is clear that situations are humanitarian in nature and i believe that our american colleagues will make the right choice thank you very much. ok so that was the lever of their speaking on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit in his presence in the meeting between president putin president trying to say that lasted hours in fact they got through a lot and he said they talked about syria train the korean peninsula and also cyber security to give you a quick summary said about syria that you expect to announce the escalation zones in a cease fire from july.


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