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tv   Headline News  RT  July 10, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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donald trump's willingness to work with russia following positive talks the g twenty is met with deep skepticism in washington. european energy companies slam u.s. threats of new sanctions against russia saying the measure puts the continent's energy security at risk and a severely disabled russian man is sentenced to four and a half years in prison for allegedly carrying out an armed assault. but i welcome you watching r.t. international eight o'clock in the evening paper in moscow now after last weekend's g. twenty summit there were some optimism over the deals the u.s.
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president struck with his russian counterpart but now president trump may be facing opposition from his own administration. as the story. well terms time at the g twenty summit was of course why are you wildly picked apart and attacked on all fronts in particular his meeting with president putin and now we're seeing those hits pay off according to a recent tweet trump is backtracking on a cyber security agreement he discussed with his russian counterpart but the idea of such a joint effort was widely criticized here at home on the basis of russia's alleged hacking activities former u.s. defense secretary carter even thought he could see an old soviet ruse behind the leader's proposal he did to the russians pulled out the old playbook of seeing all this going back to russian so you do when confronted with something they've done wrong ask for u.s. intelligence to work in the same light
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a former state department spokesperson said in an article that term pet fallen into putin's trap and has lost the ability to fight back in the future something she says was fully expected and when it comes to allegations against russia we continue to see mixed messages coming from within the trumpet ministration the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has claimed that everybody knows russia meddled in the u.s. presidential election appearing to contradict donald trump's view but no one is sure i think it was russia but i think it was probably other people do or countries and i see nothing wrong with that statement nobody really knows nobody really knows for sure everybody knows that russia meddled in our elections everybody knows that they're not just meddling in the united states elections they're doing this across multiple continents and they're doing this in a way that they're trying to cause chaos within the countries so reflecting on last weekend's g. twenty summit the u.s. president tweeted that after brokering
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a significant deal on syria it's time to move forward and work with russia but we tween opposing views in his own team and constant criticism it's unclear if optimism over contacts with russia can last very long. there will be asked the founder of the group think tank how long the unproven allegations will last. well i think sooner or later there will need to be some solid evidence for these hacking claims if no evidence of merges then i would imagine it would it would pass into the into history is a month substantiated claim what we do know however is the trump of ministration is is certainly concerned about the allegations that have been made and it has cause some drag on the early days of the administration but we also know that many of the accusations have been disproved major media networks like c.n.n.
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and the times of their accusations proven to be false. so i think in till there is clear evidence it is it is very difficult for anyone to act or anyone to form an opinion in the words of behavior that we heard there i think everyone's very interested to learn what information that she has to back up those comments. meanwhile some of the largest energy companies in europe have slammed american threats to pay these new sanctions on russia charlotta been has the details. well this is about a pipe that's due to be built from russia right the way through to europe ending in germany and supplying a lot of the energy needs to be you countries and what's happened is that some of the c.e.o.'s of some of the energy companies in europe have slammed these new threats of sanctions against this pipeline project by the american u.s. senate saying that it's unacceptable that they should be trying to meddle in you
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e.u. policy the principle of american sanctions on a project that is not in us does not involve us that it's not in dollars it is an interference in the fears of european countries in that it's an acceptable the proposed sanctions not only affect russia but also europe and germany i appeal to all parties involved not to turn the project into a pawn of global politics and to leave the problem of europe's energy supply to europeans. it is unacceptable that european energy policy is now being made in the us well a number of e.u. companies and countries that agreed to support this project it's called the nord stream two project and this is a pipeline that's due to be operational by the end of two thousand and nineteen and it's due to start in russia to be built underneath the baltic sea and the project is expected to cost around nine point five billion euros so this is a huge project indeed and it's under some uncertainty now with the potential of
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these threats by the u.s. senate now those threats of sanctions against moscow in this particular project still have to be passed by the house of representatives in the u.s. but if that is passed it really will put a big question over this project and whether it can deliver that energy to europe and supporters of this project say that it is absolutely needed to secure the future of energy in e.u. countries what levy done is gone as far as accusing essentially the u.s. senate of protectionism and suggesting that by threatening sanctions against the project america would essentially be pushing its own gas supplies on e.u. member states and then protecting american workers so this is much more than a war of words this is an energy war that e.u. companies say that america just shouldn't be involved in a tool. germany's chancellor angela merkel has been facing criticism for choosing
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her because the g twenty host city pretty consecutive nights of riots and i'm president of violent rock several districts as world leaders gathered for the talks last week the country's president says germany hasn't witnessed such brutality in years. we have not had violence of such magnitude demonstrations in germany. there were apparently some who acted ruthlessly and destructively go. police forces and also against the property of ordinary citizens well the german police were out in force but over twenty thousand of them struggle to contain protesters with hundreds of officers left injured security forces in hamburg face criticism for failing to cope with the chaos at the rallies this video shows violent protesters in black market lack martyrs they're throwing chairs and fireworks three shop windows with apparently no sign of any police officers to contain
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a mark which. images of burning cars and streets littered with debris left local shocked international media outlets echoed those thoughts these are some of the headlines jansa merkel condemned the violence while many german politicians stressed that the left wing radical protests had been underestimated. dnssec food to give it on to get him to put on the teat of t.v. put it in decent talking to skits funds he's good fits him a good toughness for all telly chefs the script needs to get things that actually. the woman. i needed to further. my. dad i.
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well as the dust settles in hamburg volunteers have been helping to clean up the streets and restore shopfronts that analysts we talked to say violent leftist scrapes have been in the area for years but nothing has been done about the. the left wing commits much more physical violence than the right wing this is something we know overhears of we see it for many years and nothing has changed yet definitely there has been much more violence on behalf of left wing.
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extremists but. also certain the difference in the targets of course that the choose. while and now that we have seen in hamburg which is really like a senseless meaningless just looks for media. appearance it just wants to shock. that washington is losing patience with north korea is a defined pyongyang continues to carry act missile test both sides have been issuing star warnings to each other over the past week the year of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed many years and it's failed and frankly that patience is over i give the highest honor to our respected great leader kim jong who made our country
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a powerful nuclear giant having the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile. the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies one of our capabilities lies with our considerable military forces we will use them if we must. our spectacle leader kim didn't own said the u.s. would be unhappy to witness north korea strategic power on its independence day and called for frequently sending big and small new packages. well when it comes to you need to rahm's north korea and the us to fall for me. still doesn't have any missiles capable of sending more hades i have a comparable distances the fittest i've ever managed nine hundred thirty kilometers which is nowhere near the range of u.s. warheads with the threat will the threats ever really amount to anything we put that question to you from the korea policy institute.
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i think it's a great deal exaggerated. first of all the while song fourteen missile that it recently launched there's some question whether or not that's the one that i thought russian monitoring equipment had a very different result than what we're here in the united states for this sort of thing about the capability of the missiles though russian affairs of the saying it's actually intermediate missile but even if you take the us position that it's that i.c.b.m. and the range is only capable of hitting alaska and that's with apparently most likely an empty warheads if you add the weight needed for the weapon that would be free range for but this is only a single test of any kind of operation old nuclear weapons program we would require a year with testing and multiple multiple. united states has nearly seven thousand nuclear warheads north korea right now
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probably no more than ten it would be suicidal for north korea to launch with nuclear first strike and with north korea is quite explicit about the purpose of its program as the nuclear deterrent its intent is to ward off attack from the united states. there's a bit of a double standard here and that washington has never complained about india israel or pakistan ballistic missile testing in fact india conducted ballistic missile test or with your attitude pakistan but only north korea's singled out with un sanctions forbidding it from doing ballistic missile testing and i think the gist of washington's concern is that it has friendly relations with other nations where that's has quite hostile relations with north korea. the more washington threatens north korea or comes out with harsh rhetoric the more it
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actually convinces north korea of the need for a nuclear weapons program the united states regularly conducts joint military exercises with south korea i think the last one more than three hundred thousand troops and ships and airplanes and they're practicing the bombing and invasion of north korea and they also have commando. exercises that practice what they call decapitation strikes which in other words is the assassination of north korean officials and you can imagine if the reverse were to just imagine syria from russia were conducting joint exercises with cuba practicing the bombing of the united states and invasion the united states and practicing commando operations to assassinate u.s. officials the reaction i think would be utterly hysterical but when the united states does the same thing against north korea it's seen as just normal everyday business no reason for north korea to be concerned. now on a story that has made headlines in russia severely disabled man has been jailed for
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self will have the details on that off the press. thank you for new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media control over voters elected to businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. i i i.
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i i i. i i. i. i. again now in a controversial court ruling a severely disabled russian man has been jailed for four and a half years on charges of assault in the prisons hospital over fears of his well being let me see joins us in the studio for more details on this and really a sad story in many respects to what else to be known well andrew a twenty eight year old man named and he has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison for armed robbery against two men that he apparently knew and was trying to sell him a scooter and the man we're talking about here he is someone who has
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a muscle wasting disease which is a progressive and a genetic disorder and at this point we understand that he's paralyzed from the neck down meaning it's hard for him to even move his body without any help and because of his condition he weighs nearly in eighteen kilos and that's why when you take a closer look at the court statement it really raises a lot of questions because we can show you on the screen now the statement reads that may have has been found guilty for threatening to shoot the owners of the scooter in the leg put them in the boot of the car and drive them to the forest he then went on to promise to cripple them cut their ears off pop their eyes out and shoot them to death and it is such a strongly worded statement and really it begs the question. how can a paralyzed man commit such acts and we're learning more about personal life as well we know that he is married he has a young daughter and is going to be really didn't stop him from achieving his goals are such as graduating from university he's also an economist and he owns an ngo that helps is able to children. so he's in prison at the moment still concern and
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control to see about how he's being treated yes mamiya was sentenced on june thirtieth and he's been been in prison since then and from what we understand he's been assigned an inmate as his carer and this care is not professionally trained and at one point this inmate left the room that was in and as a result he was left by himself for twenty four hours and he couldn't move to turn his body or even eat and this incident has sparked a human rights group to call for a moment it's release saying that it's simply inhumane to imprison someone with a condition and so since then the russian federal monitoring body over prisons has ruled that medical exams must be performed. and the results of these exams for the term and for the moment if will be released or he'll be transferred to another facility or otherwise ok all right thanks. lisa. in other news a prominent bahraini human rights activists has been sentenced to two years in jail
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after being found guilty by a bahraini court of publishing and broadcasting false new snowboarder jab was arrested last year after speaking out about the gulf kingdom's human rights record he was subsequently charged with spreading malicious rumors and undermining the prestige of the state this was not however his first run in with the authorities he has been arrested multiple times over the years and has served jail time for comments he made to the media but a jab is currently still say facing fifteen years in prison for a series of tweets criticizing the war in yemen we spoke to seem to be what it jabs cousin and he says that the jobs trial is a violation of international law. was not given only oxus to meet his family or talk to his family or meet his lawyers and the last couple of days destroy is clearly and it by the government of bahrain to silence all forms of criticism for human rights violations the be
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a roadtrip was charged for intentionally purposely spreading false information and all he did as a human rights defender was revealed the human rights violations which happened in bahrain including systematic torture which is practiced by the government of bahrain and i would like to openly call upon the united states the united kingdom. the e.u. and the international community to intervene to stop the masses on go in human rights violations and bahrain condemning is not enough it stands for the international community to play a role in countering and stopping and putting can and to arm go in kuma rights violations in bahrain. ok let's get thoughts now slade harby he's the
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director of the bahrain free movement and joins us now good evening t. can you just focus in with a bit of detail on what he's been accused of this time around we heard from that previous interview we you know he said things that obviously the authorities didn't like but can you elaborate slightly for us. thank you very much good evening of course what my colleague has said is part of the story the essence of the stories that no one should say anything you have to have to accept the slave monster relationship that you are a nice slave for that now and maybe chose not to be a slave chose to be a female like more than four thousand the print political prisoners at this moment of time like that the case of i would have been how a. single case mr has them a sham. and of course the food is now out of jail but he is
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scrutinized closely now the question is. being a human rights activist what should he do should just keep quiet about the ongoing imprisonment torture. tension. and of course. i do. fantasies of the all should his speak out free people who want to say something they want to defend their or compadre it and also they want to do to their from their human a duty this is what that we chose to do and he spoke out he said water on the yemen is a crime the. the arrest and detention and torture of human rights activists and also political activism is a crime you must not continue doing that he will attend the human rights council
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meetings and also he met with. dignitaries other countries to tell them and to encourage them to take a stand to make a stand i mean in this life if you don't make a stand what do you what sort of a human being you are if you do not make us that if you do. do not defend the defenseless if you do not condemn. and do what is happening in yemen today is nothing but a war crimes this is according to the united nations express now maybe it was there is only reiterating what others have been saying so this is what he has been subjected to two years imprisonment for tweeting for. and i going to savor on defenseless people also on the his on the people on the natives of bahrain who have been calling for
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a change and then one such. companies in the gulf like saudi arabia like what and did what should they be allowed to do to rule the people dry by the chiefs ruling people with no children and with no sign of rule of law and tell us what we know about you know what he stands for and what he's trying to achieve but just tell us about the opposition movement in bahrain given what's happened. it's getting stronger a week you see the balance here. well i did sixty is now six of the house the people who went on revolution and pretty when i was still in the streets until this morning last night they are still there and this is the spy the fact that we have had six means in bahrain today we have this all would be the amount of the pakistanis the jordanians the american. marine base and
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also the british. base so we have six six facing the people the people are still there the people are still going out on the cities that people are saying that we want change so the better sense of power although it appears that this all would be a lie and american. saudi is right appears to be dominant but in reality they are weak you out you only it is don't do these tactics if you are weak if you are strong you allow people to speak if you are just don't go out people to protest but if you are weak you do not this is was happening so i believe. in by the end i would say that the the opposition is still dead inside the country in jails and also in outside the country by all means the government has not won the war it has started on the people
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and this is the intervention that is the soul of the military and karajan has not. only last week they. did a woman just because she told the word what had happened to have three have already said go when she was at us that she was there if she was at that she was sexually assaulted and beat them she told this after she was a these she was taken back again this is a weakness not stating. thanks very much for coming on to say tonight to give you peace and thoughts on the site be directed bahrain free movement thank you. he was.
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in donald trump for the first much. was it worth the wait and what happens. the flyers the wealthy areas of the italy going bust and we should save them because they're going bust well again the central bank the e.c.b. . they have already printed fifteen sixteen trillion dollars to bail out their friends their oligarch friends during since two thousand and eight and they've said they've signaled to the marketplace that we've got another fifteen sixteen seventeen trillion dollars to print to make as many errors as you want keep making bad loans keep borrowing money at zero percent interest rate to buy assets of
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precious. paintings and shadows it doesn't make any difference. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us is it actually just pull along awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what we want is the really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than the flu vaccines that some see people you've never heard of low down to the night my president of the world bank so very little room in a seriously send us an e-mail. welcome to sophie and komi sophie shevardnadze six months into his term donald
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trump is already disrupting the existing global order pulling the united states out of the international agreements and jeopardizing partnerships all of america's new posturing to fact its role on the world stage while we ask former u.s. governor and x.m. basher to the united nations bill richardson. from amending the paris climate deal to literally decades old drums foreign policies are. across the globe with america a party with some of its traditional policies could also see the role on the world stage who will step up to fill the power vacuum and how will it change the existing . governor richardson thanks for being with us today it's a great pleasure to have to be with you so we start with the latest the u.s. has pulled out of the paris climate agreement and the boston globe in one further and saying that it's in and.


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