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tv   Politicking With Larry King  RT  July 11, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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always thought provoking ron is the former republican u.s. congressman from texas who made three white house bids twice as a republican and once in one nine hundred eighty eight as the libertarian party's presidential nominee he's an outspoken advocate for limited government personal liberty and low taxes he's the founder of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity and you can catch him on line as the host of the ron paul liberty report and ron joins us from lake jackson texas good to see iran. good to be with you larry good to see you again how do you respond to those as they drum as exchange of marriages to dish rules globally to. isolationism it looks like trump against the world how do you feel. well i'm still trying to figure it out you know i looked at it when trump was the candidate and he was saying things that it was.
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that were appealing to me like we at least ought to talk to the russians and that seemed ok and he talked in america first he said something that he was reserved about his endorsement of nato but those positions sort of are flip flopping they go back and forth and then he becomes the champion of say nato and you know i as a libertarian we like less international organizations and less intervention overseas so i don't know what the final you know of the bottom line is on this but when he stray you know our program usually talk about it and when we can't figure out exactly what his position is then we we mentioned that as well but our goal of course is always to point out that there is a there is room for a position of nonintervention is staying out of the internal affairs of other nations and not trying to be the policemen of the world and. we watch carefully
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what's happening but to tell you the truth i don't even know what will happen tomorrow we're just coming off this meeting with putin and and there are some things there that isn't optimistic but who knows what tomorrow will bring in today ron can any country be truly isolationist. no i don't think so i don't know why anybody would want to be an isolationist and i haven't heard anybody really advocating this as true isolationism. i think trying to get some criticism even from myself is when he wants to restrict trade and you know put on tariffs and have trade wars. he's not an isolationist in the sense that he if he wants to deal with other countries is on his terms and it becomes a little bit of a of a conflict there but no i even the hard core libertarian doesn't want to be
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isolated we might want to stay out of the organizations and board and government and rules and regulations but we happen to believe that libertarianism offers the opportunity for more trade more travel and some of the people in washington used to criticize me for not being for free trade because i wanted to and doors free trade agreements yet it was those people who wanted free trade agreements which i think were artificial when the first ones who were the first ones to put on sanctions they still argue more sanctions on russia more sanctions on cuba reversing the trend away you know from two to many controls and regulations when you look at our policy with china with cuba fifty years of sanctions didn't do much good so i think that free trade is one thing but it's not isolationism to american first remind lindbergh and boom rallies. overall
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us those are the scary a little. yeah because first thing is you have to define it i don't think i want to say i live in america i think we should be concerned about it and we don't make america you know a very great country i think that should be worthy goal but it's how you pursue this see if you come to believe that america is an exceptional nation knows all the answers can be the policemen of the world and has a moral obligation to throw its weight around and. that is a reminder of jacobin isn't. that the french indorsed a long time ago so this is quite a bit different but i like to think of america being an example you know a libertarian example because that means you honor and respect privacy and markets and and limited government and if you could have a country that respected civil liberties in a true sense of the word and had
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a free market economy where there was greater prosperity instead of this terrible mess we have now which makes the super rich richer and the poor poorer and wipe it out the middle class is horrible so we're not i don't think we're an example for the world we should be the first in the world and say do it like we do and people who get out aggressively is very annoying but then again if you stop and bought that moral standards and the principles of liberty and you set a good standard people will say you know i think america has put it together and it was a time i think that was more the case that we we were never perfect and we're far from that now but we set an example in you know make an impression that individuals have liberties and we should protect them and that to me is a much better way to spread our exceptionalism awards you really from meeting when it seems that they got along. and statement that you didn't interfere with the elections. it's kind of
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a mixed bag what's your read on that whole meeting. i keep thinking maybe the two got together and kept the press and say look you know we're going to have some of these agreements and we back home spin it your way was spin it my way in russia and i had trouble spinning his way here and he said what and i think i need to weld way too much all on you know the election because i think that's been overplayed yes there's a mass going on in an election but we were involved in one hundred l. actions i think since world war two. and we're so much more involved than anybody else and we kill people to put them in office and we were involved in the coup in ukraine and all these things so i think that the election interference is important and should be talked about but they didn't talk about what was really going on in syria what's it going to do to get really help they got a cease fire. yeah i did and i think that's very good night to the second or third
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from that in our program this morning i praised it and encouraged it thought this was a very good there's hope at last i think i think basically and i you know in a way i think russia and putin when i think obama loses you know get rid of assad assad has to go that's no longer talked about anymore so i think in a way we're losing out there but if you just look at it in a short span of time what happened before and what happened after what happened right now i think the real winners if this holds holds true it will be the american people you know because it will emphasize a different type of foreign policy rather than assuming that what we need are twenty thousand more troops in syria and but that's what i fear. about the foreign policy today because we are building up we we haven't admitted that it's not going well in syria and afghanistan and iraq just think of the mess it's been left over
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there and the conclusion ought to be coming in our direction and i say our the libertarian direction of saying you know maybe we're not doing so well running the world may who we ought to just sort of try to get along with people and trade with people but not try to believe that we know what's best for everybody concerned about the new york times story which everybody is running with the. president's. agreed to meet with the kremlin connected lawyer on june ninth of two thousand and sixteen during the election you have to being told that she had damaging information about hillary clinton jarryd condition and coleman afford also attended does do you have concerns about what went on behind the scenes. oh yeah i think i can add to it but i don't think it's a single party that was involved i mean the other side of that argument is looking at every single thing that hillary. add in association and even investments in her
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foundation i mean it's some of these problems that we talk about whether it's foreign policy or monetary policy spending or all these things they're very bipartisan and then it's almost like. i gotcha you know how am i catch you doing this and sometimes i think they're done for distraction but yeah i concerns me because i think it's wrong i think it be stopped i think it should be exposed but i do believe very sincerely that we shouldn't think that either party or criticizing what's going on around the world comes anywhere close to what we have time and done all the way back you know during the cold war when we are cia assassin and. the president of the leader of the south korea how about you know when we got rid of most a deck in one thousand fifty three i mean we were in a lot of coups and
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a lot of elections so i think if you we were serious about this problem we would be talking about ourselves in improving our our own responsibilities it's the threats to united states security this minute worldwide do you see or the most. of the world why just generally speaking for us national security for america is it north korea is it. what are you concerned. well this is i am going to tell you what it is that i usually do and some people they don't like here and it's our policies you know during the campaign as you recall in a presidential campaign a accuse me of being un-american because i said there's such a thing as blowback and and there's there's consequences for us interfering overseas so i i'm concerned mostly about the consequence of bad policy whether it's foreign policy. or whether it's
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a protection of our privacy at home nine eleven was a total disaster for us but since that time mostly what has happened is we have gotten into a perpetual war for sixteen years that we don't know when we just waste and we've undermined the personal liberties of all americans the fourth amendment is gone so i fear policies one thing and i look back and look at the history of korea i was in high school you know when the korean war broke out and one of my teachers went over there and i killed and saying things similar that happened in vietnam so we established this monster over there this is splitting up the contrary why were we doing this when we lost the war in vietnam admitted it we just lay off in vietnam even with its imperfections is a country that you and i can go there and travel we can invest and trade there and everything else so korea i fear our own policies that come back to haunt us as
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a major concern so quote the old told comic strip we have met the enemy and it is us. already you know with former congressman ron paul right after this. about your sudden passing i phone lee just learned you were a south and taken your last long term. care act right up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got my chance. i remember when we first met my life turned on each. and my feeling started to change you talked about war and i keep my seeking still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question are are. you secretly promised to never be like it's one does not need a funeral in the same as one enters. mind gets consumed with this we're going to.
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speak to you because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. i've got to go just. as you're watching all of. us. all the world this and all the news companies merely players but what kind of part is r t america play party america offers more artsy america offers more.
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in many ways a news landscape just like the real news big names good actors bad actors and in the end you could never hear on. so much parking all girls all the world's all the world's a stage we are definitely a player. politicking my guess is wrong paul so why didn't your doctor your son is a doctor to republican senators bill cassidy of louisiana john mccain of arizona now suggests that the republican draft bill drug dealing with place obamacare is dead where is all that going. well i hate to be so that emphatic but it doesn't have much life in it even though it may be the very best thing to do under these conditions but you know building a welfare state is easy because it's a give away if you're wealthy it's super easy because you can promise
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a lot of things to a lot of people and you can win elections with these promises but eventually a nation becomes too poor see it as a way to did well as long as they were very wealthy in the oil kept coming in and they hadn't destroyed their their economic system so when you build a system of medical care which depends on so much of government you know nobody really complain that medicare and and and medicaid you know throughout the years and prescription drug programs all these things that republicans support and eventually comes to an end because you can't afford it it becomes a bureaucratic monster people get on happy the costs go up and they have to be passed on to people who aren't providing the bennett who don't you know the ones who get the benefits and they hit we have been doing that and now if you want to clean this up you have to change that but nobody wants to give up anything that looks to them like you getting it for free so it's impossible the reason the way this gets solved it breaks down like an economic system did in venezuela and yes
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start all over people would like to propose to do that legislatively but it will not be politically acceptable that republicans are remember opposed medicare completely and medicaid you know all that was proposed in the early sixty's. well i would i would do some double checking on. a good dream you would have three and then there's who is president of the game and that is that medicare will never work any doctor will take care of anybody if you don't have money that was the problem for you. well you know maybe that's like arguing socialized medicine in venezuela worked for a while so no. analysts supported it you know with the a m a's position but if you go back and look at the votes the republicans were very supportive at the time they they passed
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a lot of that with republican support the republicans have not been good if you're on the side of less government no as soon as bush got in and they had a congress they passed prescription drug program and people have learned to like it but it doesn't solve the problem being how do you look at what happened to. their missing what do you think health is a right. now. you have a right to your life you have a right to your liberty. properly if i'm sick if any person is sick don't they have a right to a prescription that would help them be better. well then you have to say words that come from by violating somebody else's rights if if i'm sick and i need ten thousand dollars for my first you know medication i don't have a right to spend the government to your house and take ten thousand dollars to take care of me beside those that weren't always fails but old tools to get like most
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countries in the world do was single payer system i was just in norway i never saw people in my life they pay forty percent taxes that begin everything take care of everybody's pay it's what's wrong with that. well i still don't agree that it's right there is a basic right because i confuses the whole issue of rights you have a right to your life or your property you have a right to do your program in this sort of thing so is so far divorced from you have a right to a house you have a right to a job you have a right to close and we're going to do this but you cannot have a right for stuff without taking something from somebody else in violating their rights so right now you know it sounds like there's plenty to go around but eventually it just doesn't work so you have a right to life and the truth is the freer the markets the better off the people are i started medicine there is no medicare and medicaid and believe me i work for
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three dollars an hour in emergency room and i was in a church hospital and things were all that bad i didn't see anybody turned away from the hospital they were taking care of and all that happens now is the bureaucrats getting cultural but me personally what i resent the most who is destruction of the doctor patient relationship and it really got bad under obamacare because people say you'll have your doctor they don't have their doctor and what happened your cost one goes up and have you looked at some of those numbers on the cost of insurance the other night i went to buy some. medication for my wife and they couldn't find some paperwork and i let me just pay for let me pay for it and of course if i had my insurance paper there would have been ten dollars so i said how much is this medication go to a thousand dollars and that is not the market as to force a person who wants to go on his own and take care of himself get into the system and then they can jack up the prices for the insurance companies the insurance
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companies make a bundle and guess who else is involved in that it's the drive companies the drug companies so we don't have you know socialized medicine what we have is it is corporatism it's the corporations run the us and even the corporations the hospital management. companies there corporations out my kids are in medicine is the corporations that run their practices so the destruction of the doctor patient relationship has been very devastating to medicine was your answer. markets i want to markets to sort things out i want i want everything to be distributed like a distributed cellphone the poorest people in the world have cell phones the poorest countries where everybody has a cell phone because it's competition can you imagine if we had a single government program after nine eleven say you know it's very important to every single person have a cell phone is a company we will pick out the company and we all know how and we will tell them how to distribute it and which phone or kind of a. phone cost ones i bought
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a cell phone for my practice a long time ago very expensive prices keep the quality keeps getting better but you don't you don't want the government distributing anything except the protection of your liberties because people are much better off rather than a bureaucrat i don't people say well ron you have too much faith in people well i would say those who say it has to be done other you have too much faith in a couple people who go to washington and run your life and run the world and run the federal reserve decide how much money there should be and what the interest rate should be that's what i don't trust and that i think they argument is pretty good but that conditioning in the psychology is on the side of free stuff and that's why i predict there's going to be no reversal of what we have no gradual reversal to something that i like but i put i make the point that i want to let people know what it's like there's nothing wrong with it it's on the right side of
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the issue of rights and it's the best system ever known and when we become venezuela or something close to that we will have a chance to do something new and different but right now we are marching in the direction just look at the bankruptcies. the states and the municipalities the cities and what's going on in illinois this is real this debt is real and none of these programs medicare and medicaid. they are unfunded it's not like an insurance company if insurance company did that all go to jail but it's all a ponzi scheme we always depend on the young people coming in and paying the bills the young people get furious that's why this system is bad make the young people they don't they don't need her services but they're working we'll take the money from then and give them to some other group who need it but in a free market you would have a health policy not run by your business is you'd have a health policy you set up with the company they get you in early and they contract
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with say you have to be kept all you your whole life just like some insurance company just because you move around you don't lose your life insurance policy you don't lose your car insurance but there are choices to be made and you don't get try to get pay and a car insurance you know good you know insure your car for your gasoline and in your services you say you get insured for major problems but medical care is for minor services you go to the doctor for a fifty dollar bill oh what's my insurance going to pay worst in the world. and it gets abused it gets bureaucratic and it goes bankrupt and that's where we are. you know make things up do you. know i'm very optimistic you know i read my stuff because i think this message is alive and well it's stronger than ever we have a better understanding of central bank then we ever had before we understand what corporatism is like we never have before so in many ways
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a long term optimist but i think on the short run you know if we had common sense to take the medical care i supported a position that you and i have believe we agree on i say cut the bunning overseas cut this warmongering spend we. and hundreds of billions of dollars building bombs we don't need if we could cut one hundred billion dollars out of it i'd stake fifty and put it against the deficit and put fifty into these programs that i think make more sense in a transition take care of the people that we have gotten so and for and that person doesn't have it i think you could work your way out but politically it won't be acceptable just think how strong the neo cons are on the war both that both the liberal stations and the conservative t.v. stations are all warmongers they're always for war you know war and just someone saying yes that's i don't want to do it was someone said once at the biggest waste of money is the only way a bomb is worth it is if you use it. no worth all the
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total waste that explodes unless she uses some of the feeling becomes you might as well use it. may we have a be we have those b. fifty two that we've never use and that's what we're going to do and then they brought him out for vietnam you know. it doesn't make any sense at all but they're in charge the military industrial complex just like the medical industrial complex and the media industrial complex they're in charge and they can direct things and i think all this fighting back and forth and this by bipartisan arguments is all fiction i think there's too much bipartisanship on the big stuff if with is does one party oppose the other party and going to war no we don't declare war but either party is in power always do all the financing because they know it's jobs they're like they're like liberal keynesian well we're building this
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f. thirty five oh we got jobs in our district so it's sort of a conservative keynesianism we can't get rid of that they use the same argument as the left does for creating jobs but they and they agreed to it so both parties agree on deficit spending welfare ism and warmongering and violation of a similar is why why do we have a patriot act spying on everything that we do why don't we destroy the second and fourth amendment i just think people have to see things differently but it's it's not going to be done under the current circumstances i think we need an intellectual wakening but i think that's where the grassroots are starting to understand and that's the people that i talk to a lot and i think it's very exciting that we would have an alternative this maze to through this mess we have and for that reason we are optimistic ron loved all of them do you love seeing you thanks so much. thank you larry. we thank you for
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joining us and listening to ron and me on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget use the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking . about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last turn. up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like
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it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. called the feeling the freedom to. everyone in the world should experience freedom and you'll get it on the your role in. the world according to just. look up the modern world cup along for the raw. data. you are launching our team got special report. this bugs you and me.
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basically everything that you think you know about civil society have broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be in this normalizing mind. we don't need people that think like this on our planet. this is an incredibly tense situation at. the local wal-mart selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still. produce talks product tell you that what we gossip the public but also the most important news today. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough and that's why they're probably. all the hawks that we along with all we'll watch. it.
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donald trump jr plays down what he calls a no nonsense meeting with a russian lawyer last year jack singh allegations of collusion with moscow. and a senior national review says the report saying the six thousand civilians died during a u.s. led operation to liberate iraq is a city of mosul. the u.s. secretary of state signs an agreement to with qatar to combat terror of financing despite president calling the country out sounder of extremism system months ago. or more of these stories had to r.t. dot com coming up months in mexico talking about nafta.


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