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donald trump jr rejects allegations of collusion with moscow over a meeting with a russian lawyer last year with the kremlin saying he has no ties to the government . amid reports that displaced mosul residents are starting to return home fears are growing that they have nowhere to go and the iraqi cities liberation has left it utterly devastated. and a cold front blows in behind the wall the meeting between trump and putin at the g. twenty with the u.s. now apparently backtracking on plans to restore relations with russia.
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you're watching r t international live from our moscow studio with me in india today welcome to the program. us to democrats on the media have rounded on donald trump's son over a meeting held last year with a russian lawyer in response he's released the full e-mail exchange from june twenty sixth detailing how they get together was set up trump jr was initially contacted by an intermediary who talked about handing over quote very high level and sensitive information via russian lawyer the info supposedly incriminated hillary clinton was dubbed part of moscow's effort to aid his father's campaign it's apparently originated from a crown prosecutor of russia although that job title has raised more than a few eyebrows in the media that's because there is in fact no such official position in russia the country not being a monarchy and there are other. confusing spanx to this story to. explain.
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the story is like a rorschach test meaning that everyone sees a different picture and most of the media sees a picture of collusion in treason. think he was about to get help from a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin this is looking more and more like treason intent to collude with the russian government all these strange behavior from the president it's all explained that's not how trump jr sees it he says that nothing of substance was discussed at the meeting which he described as a name nonsense it was such a nothing. there was nothing to tell. me i wouldn't even remember it until you start scouring through the stuff it was literally just a wasted twenty minutes which was a shame whatever the content was the characters involved with the meeting are certainly worthy of a good moving. every
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way to come up i'm really tired of you. we all know her name now and it's highly efficient it's guy at natalia vessel needs sky natalia vessel night sky a. good story but why does everyone want to link this russian lawyer to the kremlin she works in adoption law and does not work with the russian government and why would the russian. prosecutors choose all of these people to deliver sensitive
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information to the trump camp donald trump jr confirms that this meeting was a big nothing burger he says she did not have any damaging information on clinton but instead that she wanted to discuss adoption law in the magnitsky act she confirms this. nobody who would be attending the meeting all i knew that mr donald trump jr was willing to meet with me do you have connections to grow she goes. no further more if this meeting between the trump team in the russian lawyers was about handling damaging information on clinton where is this bombshell we have yet to see any bombshell from the trump team about their opponent so after months and months of proof related to russia and being anticipated we finally have a story that's rather complicated in fact it's so complicated that you can see whatever you want the confirmation bias of the reader can lead the mind's eye to
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read whatever they want into the story if you're determined to see trump works for the russians you can see it even though the logical links just don't add up cable mup and r.t. new york during the silence was among those terms junior to publish his emails in the name of transparency he offered to do it for him enormously via way he needs two hours late to try to publish them himself political and legal analyst told us that there's no substance in this story only the buzzword russia making it a point of discussion for the media whenever you hear about this trouble. meeting always ask the question and. because that's what you have to do and that i don't drive junior met with this rush in and he thought maybe he would have some up all research opposition research and and it turns out that she didn't but she wanted to talk about apparently adoption and and that somebody
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said treason this there is nothing here but let me tell you what is the saddest part we have been told russia russia russia russia to such an extent that maybe by virtue of this repetition there's been some kind of a cerebral connection made where people impute to guilt whenever that word is met and i'm not kidding you it's almost like a brainwashing there is absolutely nothing to this story no matter how you look at it from anybody's point of view there is nothing there i think the communists denied having any links to the russian lawyer who participated in the meeting spokes person to mention peskov allegations of trumped russia collusion have turned into a t.v. series which has dragged on for too long. we've never been in touch with this lawyer we have nothing to comment on that she has no ties to us this is all part of
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a long drawn out t.v. series which can compete with the most popular shows in america but there's no need to drag us into this we don't take part in such series. civilians are starting to return to the iraqi city of mosul after the government declared victory over islamic state in the area on monday however one of the most difficult task could still lie ahead as most of us will has been devastated by month nine months of fighting the u.n. says it will claim billions of dollars and to rebuild the city.
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according to human rights watch the coalition used a number of weapons that are inaccurate and could be quote unlawfully indiscriminate of used in heavily populated areas among them are unguided artillery rockets and mortars nikki aaron has more on the story the liberation of mosul from islamic state has topped the news cycle over the past few days has been full of praise for the victorious iraqi and coalition forces and pictures of celebration victory over isis in mosul i celebrate shifts in the streets of mosul in battle the
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iraqi city of mosul is now free the biggest city in isis the so-called islamic state is in the hands of the lucky troops but against the backdrop of jubilation humanitarian groups crying foul over the plight of locals honesty international issued a fifty page report detailing the extent of civilian suffering calling out both iraqi and the u.s. led coalition forces for repeated violations of international humanitarian law which it says could amount to war crimes amnesty says there was a reliance on imprecise weapons. and ignorance to the growing civilian death toll and a failure to adjust tactics to the challenges created by ice will of course you'd never expect much respect for civilian life from the terrorists known for using innocent people as human shields but it seems that those fighting eisel somehow turned a blind eye to what they call collateral damage we have already shifted from attrition
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tactics probably shove them from one position to another in iraq and syria to annihilation tactics to billion casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation besides any additional needless deaths can just be blamed on the ruthless enemy anyway according to the un the battle for mosul has left almost nine hundred thousand people displaced more than eight thousand civilians dead or wounded and one hundred thousand children at risk sure it's heartbreaking now but if only way heard about it all sooner well the neighboring street all but destroyed the street across rubble the street over there it's the same story wherever you look around you little bit little alone would show us what your garbage can mean by an unfit mother. we were sitting at my uncle's house how. wife went back home because howard was sick and the house was shelled by
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american planes i tried but i couldn't save howard from the shelling and the is strikes and. there was was when it comes to how the battle for mosul will be remembered is seems these pictures of celebration at the liberation will live on in the media where the civilian suffering will be sufferance in silence. u.s. led coalition has reacted to amnesty international's report calling it it was sponsible a spokes person added war is not pleasant and those who. otherwise put the lives of civilians and soldiers at risk award winning journalist martin j. told us the battle in mosul isn't over looking at possibly months or even worse part of a year before most people return but return to wat you look at most of the old city in mosul is completely destroyed we've seen in the past of this is a tactical war unfortunate boy i saw two to shamefully use these people is in some
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people's pockets as buffers literally human shields for you ordinance which is flying backwards and forwards it's just me is is rather sudden on certain one unfortunately but in the longer term i think we're looking at. another war on another. battle another conflict with new groups people will be signing up to isis who takes over from isis but you can't really say that the battle is over a muscle some of the weapons used by the u.s. led coalition against iceland mosul include unguided artillery rockets mortars and improvised bombs these weapons are highly imprecise and according to human rights watch their use is heavily populated areas like mosul can be lawfully indiscriminate this with security analyst and former counterterrorism intelligence officer charles shoebridge charles thanks for coming on to the program now the
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coalition they defended. the use of these weapons that we've just listed their claim in the bombing of mosul was actually very precise we hear this time and time again and that's exactly the opposite of what human rights watch is suggesting so where do you stand on this. well we've saying repeatedly that it isn't just as they correctly point out human rights watch and others amnesty this week and i know it's actually agree with your comment of your reporter that the suggestion that this is a belated report certainly is. the but those reports now do state that these heavy weapons were used it's a fact of life that when you are sold to city you can't use heavy weapons you do that because you want to get the job done and you want to protect your own troops the impacts of that to a large degree as an ex-military person i would agree that sadly civilian casualties are inevitable but you can do and indeed you are legally required to do
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according to the laws of war humanitarian law and so on you're required to do all you can to minimize those casualties there are also good operational reasons to minimize those casualties because you don't want to give a propaganda advantage to the enemy and that's a particular case where you've got a situation like mosul and iraq generally where some kind of civil society is going to have to bail out afterwards to ensure that and other terrorist groups success or groups to that group. don't prey on the injustice felt by some of the population who have lost loved ones to american and iraqi forces sort of a whole range of good reasons why you should seek to minimize civilian casualties the difference of course what we've seen is how very differently the west's governments the media and to some degree the united nations as well as these human rights groups such as n.g.o.s that human rights watch and amnesty have reacted differently to what actually was played out in aleppo when very similar tactics
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were used against aleppo and yet when felt worse damage and people are much more intense bombardment for example of mosul has taken place has killed in a short space of time more people according to independent monitors in mosul and indeed rocket. than were killed in aleppo that the media in the west as one of the governments have kept very quiet about this and we see this in the terminology we see the liberation for example of mosul being spoken about we saw the fall of aleppo notwithstanding the methods used when assaulting a city are quite similar and also of course that the enemy in each case for the syrian government was. really of an extremist nature and quite similar holding ground especially in west most or sort of powerhouse are there and yet the reporting was very different and it also needs to be remembered just on this final point of comparison of course a ceasefire deal was arrived at where rebels and their families were actually
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allowed to leave in peace to spare civilian populations the americans in particular said that that wasn't going to be allowed to happen in mosul and there were they annihilate at the opposition. unfortunately with it and inevitably with it caused a great deal of civilian suffering. you've touched on a lot of issues there charles and i'm just going to pick up on a couple i have to pick up on this the double standards if you like in the in the media in the comparisons between. will evolve in sleep pointed out the difference in reporting but why do you think there is a difference in the reporting. it's difficult to come to any other conclusion other than that the media in the west not just the state media such as b.b.c. but the u.s. and u.k. media generally there are some exceptions and even in newspapers that generally support the u.k. and u.s.
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line there are some individual journalist patrick coben for example what one case where they have questioned the agenda of robert fisk another one of course but generally speaking when it comes to foreign policy and security policy we know from long experience that the west media generally supports. foreign policies and security policies particularly those the united kingdom and the united states and of course in the u.s. the u.k. was supporting the rebels in aleppo in. this case in mosul they were against the rebels it was a u.s. u.k. supported operation and so therefore we've seen very little criticism of it very little mention of civilian casualties and when those civilian casualties are mentioned it's always put the blame is put on isis who have been as your reporter said is generally accepted have been holding the civilian population as human shields but when the same thing happened to mr leopard and refuse there was holding captive large numbers of civilians in order to use them as human shields that was
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barely reported by the west even by the western newspapers even way east aleppo actually was liberated off depending on your viewpoint and civilians there were very willing to tell their stories the west media by and large simply wasn't interested ok charles you know obviously we could talk for hours about this but i just ask another question go back to the weapons obviously that's the issue at hand at the moment in the us led coalition as to here they they've said that they've used all these weapons and in accordance to the quote rules of war. quickly can you explain what exactly these rules of war are who dictates them and is there any room for. interpretations of. well there is going to be always unfortunately room for interpretation but and situations change and of course one has to remember that there are military objectives here that have to be achieved and inevitably people are going to die that is absolutely correct it's
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just that of course as we mentioned in aleppo it was alleged to be targeting civilians but in motion of course on media reports that the inevitable consequence of collateral damage if you like the obligation legally is to use weapons in a proportionate amount of minimize the risk as far as is possible to civilians but what we see again and again isn't just the use of heavy weapons such as a five hundred thousand pound two hundred fifty five hundred kilo weight bombs and so on being used heavy weapons from across the largely indiscriminate unguided weapons such as rocket launchers such as artillery and mortars these can be quite accurate but many of them on not but also even the use of so-called precision weapons again and again mistakes can happen and also intelligence can be incorrect and mistakes can be made in the decision making concerned so for example we saw a precision weapons being used by the americans a couple of months ago that the target was to kill to isis snipers and yet one
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hundred four civilians were admitted body americans to have been killed in the attack even using precise weapons and yet again in gaza with the israelis with saudi arabia and yemen again and again we see the most sophisticated expensive technologically advanced weapon smart weapons being used again and again to kill civilians so it isn't just simply a matter of dumb weapons against small weapons in the way the media try to pretend or try to portray the attacks on aleppo using so-called bombs what do you get hit by a power ball or a small weapon if you're a civilian you're going to be killed regardless and regardless of who's firing it and that's a point that's repeatedly missed by the media when it's our side so called americans and british backed forces that are doing this comic. an expertise on this. intelligence a few bridge in the program. after the break we take
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a look at how u.s. russia relations a firing off to the long awaited first encounter between putin and trump.
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we go to. the world. that you will. according. to. welcome to the program russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has confirmed a joint center to monitor the cease fire in syria has been agreed with the u.s. and jordan his words run contrary to what's been said by washington with the state department claiming the matter is still being discussed still likes to talk a lot going to the world. this lady could no dislike we're not acquainted and get out ahead i think of some of the negotiations that are under way i don't know
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how things work at the state department terms of who has access to what. but the documents signed in amman by russia america jordan provides for the creation of just such a sensor that is all still being worked out nobody should get ahead of themselves before keep abreast of the latest developments. for diplomats. and join central syria was one of several matters agreed by putin and trump during their first encounter on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit last week however less than a week later it seemed some in the u.s. administration are losing enthusiasm as checking for the explains the highly anticipated biological meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin at the g. twenty summit and with high hopes that the two countries could finally leave all the bad blood behind and see a new stage in relations after the two presidents met in homburg tillerson came out saying that they had great chemistry they discussed cyber security and the cease fire in syria and were really ready to move forward did discuss that joint cyber
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security unit but trump has since backtracked on that with a post on twitter after the idea was widely attacked here in washington and about that cease fire in syria the most important achievement reached by the u.s. and russia in conjunction with jordan moscow has already outlined what role in the suspension of hostilities they will play but america has yet to be clear. fide and recent reports show that the pentagon was left completely out of the process we reached out to the pentagon to see if they could shed some light on the plan and they in turn said that the state department was the head agency and referred us to them but they also have yet to come up with a solid strategy in terms of who is doing what when where or how some of those details are still being worked out is there a level of urgency in working out of because it seems like if you don't have monitoring or going to force mechanisms. it sort of incentivize people to break it to those monitors will be i don't know at this point i know we have folks
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in the region i know that our special envoy to syria is actively engaged in these conversations so i anticipate we'll get that information in the new future so we're seeing again one step forward two steps back on what's becoming the usual u.s. approach to working with russia some of america's partners in europe have also pointed out the inconsistency of the countries oppressor russia german government official and. saying washington's policies are indecisive back and forth i'm with no clear direction forma us to plant jim believes there are too many opposed to a reset in russia u.s. ties if the russians believe the americans are talking with two voices that's because we are clearly i think president trump is very sincere in trying to work out some kind of a broader arrangement with moscow and he faces tremendous opposition here in washington from people who didn't want this meeting to take place at all or wanted to be at best a pro-forma and shaken pleasantries kind of thing not to affect any substance we
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have a lot of people here in if you will in the deep state who don't want any cooperation with russia at all on anything particularly on syria and there is a huge potential that somebody may try to sabotage it but. i'm still rather optimistic. emmanuelle micron has enjoyed a meteoric rise to to the. first securing the french presidency and then a landslide election victory for his paltry but his ambitions make it even further judging by some of his actions. because he since becoming a member of the national assembly is being cooked meals cooked townsfolk tells all when.
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the. do to pull up and will know when countries soon have seven to eight children per woman you can decide to spend billions of years which will not stabilize. cost told debates the outcome of the g twenty summit that's next here i'll take.
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