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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 13, 2017 7:29pm-8:01pm EDT

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on the hayride was the last time that a full board you say if you ever met the best quarterback or explain the topic that doesn't belong in the piece now i've interviewed you to question more. our culture is awash in lives dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that. fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most. society on politics as a species of endless and needless political theater politicians and a celebrity are two ruling parties are in reality one party to corporate and those who attempt. this. universe of the design to push through the
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cool and exploitation field little are forced so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money that we might as well be squeaky against an avalanche but squeak we must. well come true we're back to. camp and american political prisoner has finally been released from prison and when i say american political prisoner you probably
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instinctually if you're american you instinctually think. that i mean an american imprisoned overseas for political reasons no i mean right here in the good old us of a reverend edward pinckney. was imprisoned in benton harbor michigan for fighting against a corrupt system that is basically owned by the whirlpool corporation that's right the people who make their dishwasher pinkly did nothing wrong except be basically a model citizen a citizen who cares about his community who tries to get justice for his fellow citizens who tries to exercise his freedom of speech and his freedom of democracy and for that they locked him away for two and a half years well just recently he got out and it was my honor to get to speak with him he's got quite a story to tell. reverend things remain. oh it's my pleasure my pleasure to be on
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your show i mean i'm looking i was really looking forward to that was all excited. and as i just can't wait. for may i started covering your story a couple of years ago. i'm quite excited that i can finally say welcome back to freedom a it's a blessing of bias cell i always say is just another day of the of the ground. i do want to catch our viewers who don't know or i want to can sum up on your story you've been a community leader per year is a community activist for years ben harbor michigan and this is a town that is ninety percent black and used to have a stable working class with most of the people working for the massive whirlpool corporation the ten corridor so what happened that made you someone the corporate powers needed to log into prison in order to try and show you up how did that go down well. it was it was going to be a hostile takeover it was going to be
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a takeover i mean a hostile takeover was going to happen because they came first they came for the. full warrior he came for the war and we followed him out and didn't he came for the land and we found them out and then they came out. we couldn't find him of. eight gas mark and he said it was going to go to lengths in order to take over the beach itself and that's when they bring it in april the jack nicklaus' signature jack course. yeah so so they meaning the kind of. harbor the. politician the whirlpool in pointing came in they were taking up your land and so you were you were trying to recall some of those officials. absolutely started with the. with the commissioner he was like
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a here and joe and all the money that was there was given to the commissioners and they need to table was cited through him and we figured that we were going to recall him and kind of change and we were successful at recall him and. we also had the election and never thought that we could be many election because he had the biggest family and he had all the revenue that was coming from europe for themselves his name was glen yarbrough and we were fortunate to use the absentee ballot to defeat him because before they knew were hearing aid found out that he had the recall and he was angry so they said of the sheriff's department out knocking on people doors kicking in people doors on time out to three o'clock in the morning and you know the day santa the absentee ballot and it went on that when they discovered that it was no longer in power at that time so
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they figured that is i was the smartest person in the whole world or i was a criminal so they decided to criminalize me and they charged me with that hand paying people to vote and which was basically a really a misdemeanor charge but being in possession of absentee ballot was a felony it was a five year felony so they have four people with a pay and we do have it on videotape to prove what we saying that they were paying people to say that they gave me their. absentee ballot so that that was pretty much the be. again you know that and they went on because they go yeah they did a fight only as long as i was out so they charged me and they convict me of being in possession of the absentee ballot now that i want to dictate. anything else but i was in possession of a senior citizen
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a senior citizen. actually keep out five years inside the penitentiary yes so they were they were basically using their corrupted system in every way they could to silence you to threaten you to scare you and your people and they even at one point try offered to buy you a cadillac of their own well what they want to do with. fifty thousand dollars but they were going to bankroll my organization and say absolutely not and that was not going to happen yeah so they were really trying everything and you know this this speaks to a certain type of corruption that seems to be happening really nationwide political very sheldon wall and came up with the term inverse totalitarianism which is rule by the anonymous corporate state and this basically seems to be what is happening in benton harbor is ruled by a corporation. talk a little about how powerful whirlpool is there. they have over four thousand
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employees who work for whirlpool and a half percent. and you live in the city of benton harbor or build a township. they control everything that goes on in our community of they control the school system and the school system is failing and they want it they want the school system to fail and there happen they do so because they have their people on the board who direct can have their direct contact with the people who can make decisions and they destroyed their destroyed school system now the challenges for the city and they were eliminated in harborough period then have a gala go yeah i want to talk a little bit more about the criminal justice system how you were treated and i think there was a mistrial first with a mixed jury and then i made sure i got to know why jury and then you were convicted but also talk about how you were how your present treatment was oh
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absolutely well you know they the first time around it was just to trial the first trial in a hung jury we had two blacks on the jury who refused to convict me eight eight eight days they had the jury was deliberating for eight days and days it was england two because they say this though evidence here can give a tale that's what they were saying so. vengefully when they are all white jury they found me guilty and i received five years probation because they couldn't sell me to prison and that can go i guess they couldn't help but it just didn't look right go and go in the prison for being in possession of an absentee ballot that you did not alter or you didn't do anything other than that but still they gave me five years probation and i am the article. for the people tribune and i'm quoting do running of the twenty eighth. chapter starting with
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a fifteen verse all we have to the seventy seventy third verse i believe in ears somewhere along that line anyway and just say. judge. africa he said that will threat on his life he said what i did when i wrote called it the bible deuteronomy that head straight in his life and judge wiley guinness whitely. he's even one found me guilty of out on the judge in the sense meter three to ten years in prison. the a.c.l.u. came in. and they had it overturned it was overturned because they say they couldn't be classed thread well anyway and if this court system had an ethical bone in their body you shouldn't even have been tried in the court system because you've been protesting against the way they run things for years so clearly they can't be
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unbiased in your case as you are absolutely correct and it's going to continue because one of the things that i did it i made sure the. same each one of these judges courtroom little know that reverend king is back in to long of a protest right in front it should be a pretty big world and i'm excited about that you know i'm excited about letting him know that you know that you know it's not going to be business as usual that you're very glad you're back i want to tell you a little about the prison system you know when they're the whole country you know not just the country got out of control we have five percent of the world's population and a full twenty five percent of the world prison population because we're just locking up everybody how do you have you thought much about how you think we can bring about prison reform are going to. actually. change the laws you get to make the laws you got any candidate you can go to prison for being in possession of an absentee ballot without altering it or changing any kind of weight well you've got
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to dismiss a slow and let me talk a little bit about my present case now because carol there's no such charge as a forgery on a recall petition and a chat me on one one six eight point three seven which is up early if i give or something of a forced absentee ballot or fourth day something other than a recall petition the day make up the laws as they call o. and it's a funny thing that you know we were talking about this display as a corporate rule a corporation called whirlpool. on my wife's birthday. they sent a swat team to my house slightly for recall petition they ducked out of st but here's the thing they really get when it came. to my home
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i was not at all that out on my weed account with my wife and my neighbors and just an awful lot they were tally of their. last round well well and also just the crabs and speaks to the militarization of our police i mean there's no reason they need to send a heavily armored swat team to your house no matter what really no matter what the crime is unless you have an active hostage situation. i mean your you are this is what's amazing about your situation is it speaks to almost everything that's wrong with our society it speaks to racism and corporate control and the criminal justice corruption election corruption the automation and joblessness and dwindling middle class in benton harbor speaks to what's going on across the across the u.s. the greed of the top one percent sidelining political opponents you know it really is a microcosm for everything that's happening throughout the nation and so i want to
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put it to you can we as a people turn things around you know how where do we start how do we begin fixing the system well here's the number one thing that we've got to do. we get we got a cunt together it doesn't make it a black yellow paint or whatever color you think you want to be we have to come together against a system you see long as they keep like they have and everybody likes like it's white you know mexican fight against the everybody's fighting against somebody and they don't have to do no fun. put you in jail until we learn to you. can't you get out of it's going to continue like this is you know because. we've got it happening. we're all in this together and they kill we get get to that level this is going to continue like a deal yeah you're absolutely right there's nothing better for corporate
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exploitation then more world divided and we're we're atomized were split up into our own little sac there is and we don't we don't join together and that's why they've had to guard the working class has got the unions made sure people are working together to change things absolutely let me see did prison. really gala a tremendous education about life to see old school trying to kill me they were trying they were trying to find a way to get me one day one c.e.o. was the c.e.o. was coming towards me and i was coming towards them. and he had the bomb on if he bought my arm so if he has to write easily. i jumped up against the wall at the last minute to save myself and if i had not jumped up the wall he would have tasered me that day cause he told me he said our own most get almost anything and you write in i need to protect the young
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the young they put their arms around me garbage man sale make sure that they are plant no weapon in their take it was just an incredible thing because we forge a bond that you would never ever and so you know that i believe in god i believe that god made it happen that way and that way out able to survive because they were trying to kill me who are incredibly happy that you were able to help through that situation. one one more question is what you wanted your advice to other community leaders out there and those who are thinking about becoming someone that organizes people and brings people together what your advice for them well the number one thing you will gather understand one thing is the whosoever will thing and you have to learn to stick a move. moving you don't. slow down because that's what they're
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trying to do they're trying they're still owed you down to a place where they come and put you in prison don't stop. playing m m original. and that kind of. operation that's when i absolutely well. it's good to have your back here and you know i when it's all said and done to you do you wish you just took the cadillac. to sleep. that everything around you this is what i. ran over and finance and key person people and. i'm going to do with it that's a promise that was actually not the full interview with reverend paying me there was more we couldn't get in there to watch the whole thing go to youtube dot com for jack to deny it we go to a quick break but i have live comedy shows coming up in chicago minneapolis seattle
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and washington d.c. email redacted tonight at r t america dot tv for details in tickets i'll be right back with more. on. the mission of news with you used to go to the people tell their side of the story our stories are well sourced we don't hide anything from the public and i don't think the mainstream media in this country can say that the rich were. are to america has a different perspective that we're not hearing one echo chamber that mainstream media is constantly spewing. we're not beholden to any corporate sponsors no one tells us what to cover how long the coverage or how to say it that's the beauty of our to you america. we hear both sides we hear from. and we question more
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that. not letting anything get in your way to bring it home to the american people . the cold war still you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. to do so for the tell you that the big gossip that probably. doesn't tell you. like. all the hawks that we. will watch. welcome back to redact is an i.v. i pity the protests that happened last week outside the g twenty they were almost beautiful to see right it was beautiful to see people standing up displaying full
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frontal anger and passion people willing to be hurt or arrested to help create the change that needs to happen in this world however it's very not beautiful when people do get hurt or arrested while trying to help bridge the chains and he's aben in this world so watching it was beautiful and ugly and gorgeous and disgusting and i didn't enjoy watching it but it was also awesome to see them make sense. it almost didn't matter what they were protesting but it also very much mattered if they were there willing to you know get pepper sprayed and beaten because the gas station had run out of like turkey general game or something and then that it would still be intriguing video to watch but they wouldn't you wouldn't feel anything deeper you know however this was not that these people see donald trump those protesters they see donald trump and they hear that goes of hitler right. i'm referring to adolf hitler not the lesser known rudolph hitler the chocolatier who's
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been in the business just. went way down around the one nine hundred forty s. but it's not just trump these protesters also feel the crushing grip of the global oligarchy making it difficult to breathe and even more difficult to raise a family they see their error getting darker their water getting murkier their futures getting dollar meanwhile we all sit home and watch a very rich elite group of human beings trying to delude us into thinking they're doing anything about it but they're not fake climate accords and tax cuts for the wealthy that zax them that's the big idea that's going to fix things the police outside the g. twenty were more militarized just like in the u.s. and they were tasked with protecting the g twenty members who were tasked with protecting the property money and influence of the global elite in some of the countries these leaders are legitimately elected right in others the elections are
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outright stolen and in others such as here in the us the elections have the appearance of legitimacy despite being performed on computers that are controlled by a select number of corporations that refuse to let anyone see the code you can't you can't you have no idea what's going on in there if a tree falls in the woods with no one around does it still make a sound. if an election is performed in a black box without anyone allowed to see an it does it still count the ruling elite would tell you it does but some might argue that the ruling elite have a good reason to defend an election system that always keeps the ruling elite in power funny how that works funny how the people who work who are elected where within a corrupt unaccountable system they just they just don't seem hungry to change
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that corrupt unaccountable system and that is that interesting they don't that's not an agenda number one lets up and the corrupt system that just got me into office and that odd that's not right there at the top of their agenda that's a bit of a mistake in the calculations of democracy a bit of a glitch in the matrix a bit of a fly in the ointment a bit of a rub. in the rub down i should've stopped it back in the open and just one too far our media did indeed cover the g twenty protests i'm not going to say that in government they should be congratulated for covering it it's possibly the only thing of substance they've covered in the past three years with the exception of that moment trump sat on his phone and accidentally tweeted what might have been the nuclear codes we're not sure however our media predictably covered the protests without context right without truly explaining what led to thousands of people
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being willing to risk arrest outside a motorcade that may or may not have held angela merkel. the coverage i saw did a good job of saying that some of the protesters were violent yes but most thousands upon thousands were peaceful of course it largely didn't describe police brutality or infringing on people's rights it didn't describe that right but what do you expect from our corporate media police brutality has never really been their thing but what the mainstream media truly failed at everything i saw on every level was to give context they did they might show the images of the protests of the police cracking down but they didn't talk about the crushing austerity pushed on european nations how whole countries like greece are being trolled off for pieces to private interests they don't really get into the environmental
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destruction we're witnessing while our leaders stand by idly we're with tepid or meaningless climate accords and some reports they mention the protesters were anti-capitalist without saying any more without saying that some people are anti-capitalist because they they they they want there to be a habitable planet in seventy five years or that they think the pursuit of money is not a good justification for for killing millions was starvation and disease boy it sure does sound like there are there are plenty of really awesome reasons to be furious with the g. twenty leaders to get out there on the street and and show that we care but those reasons that context was almost nowhere to be seen on our mainstream coverage even as they're showing the images and covering the protest like that without context if i'm walking into a room where we're just blood sprayed across the walls it's intriguing right it's
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fascinating to examine writing oh my god. but you know of a single clue what happened it could be something of great significance maybe someone died in a horrible accident or it could be something of almost no significance maybe kathy lee gifford died in a horrible accident anyway you get the point before i run out of time i want to cover one other story and that's how c.n.n. for their own ward winning documentary undercover in syria one of one all these awards they hired a top al qaeda propagandist to help film it and now they're trying to keep that on the d.l. so to cover their tracks it's no. accident. ill ming fair a. good memory day today that is the downside of of doing propaganda documentaries with the wee bit of
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a how up from al qaeda it's all awkward at the people peabody award ceremony it gets a little uncomfortable. anyway this story was broken by two of the best investigative journalists i know max blumenthal and bin nor net alter net basically the man al-qaeda operatives now call their media man bilawal abdulla karim he's an american from new york who the saudi arabian news l.a. al arab media reported on june seventh that of bill karim officially joined al nasra in two thousand and twelve is basically al qaeda in syria and apparently given like friendly fawning interviews to some of syria's most notorious jihad is figures so now c.n.n. is trying to minimize the work abdul karim did on their movie their very special movie their award winning documentary and he here's how this came out he was not
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happy about it it was he was it was very upset whether leavin leavin him out now c.n.n. barely mentioned my name he said i'm telling you some how c.n.n. must have forgotten that i was the one that filmed it i guess they forgot. i don't think they are for it but i think maybe c.n.n. doesn't want to make a big to do about the fact that they're hiring al qaida is american foreign ng medium and they're there they're not really inviting them to the red carpet premiere and then add it out really they're kind of pulling down the instagram photos of them with the armor i got my own kind of propagandist it's kind of like when mel gibson directs a film the film might be good but all the actors are larger we didn't come with him here. i totally believe the holocaust happened and so i'm not really
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hanging was mad max over there i'll just eat my spanakopita over here myself anyway good luck with that c.n.n. . so that is the show but if you like exclusive content you can just text the word redacted to four four four nine nine nine i'm putting out exclusive videos every week you can also get those at youtube dot com redacted tonight i'm at least camp on twitter and at redacted goodnight goodnight and keep fighting. in case you're new to the game this is how it works in our economy is built around . preparations from washington to washington the media the media. and voters elected business to run this country business if. you must
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it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. most people think just stand out in this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand down the news business you just need as the right questions to the right answer. question. len i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about the ugly side of. corporate media everything uses to talk about these. i'm not a pretty clear picture about how disturbing how cool for conduct is be
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a model these are stories that you know what else might happen to you host of america. question. on the news tonight the president meets with french president ron and outs his breakthrough with russia on the syrian cease fire and the president defends his son from meeting with a russian lawyer last summer the attorney from the ag or our family scott volver sits down with us tonight and the senate republicans unveil a new health care bill in the latest round of the repeal and replace saga i met. to d.c. you're watching r t america. good evening friends we start tonight with the president back on the world.


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