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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 15, 2017 6:29pm-7:01pm EDT

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and you know also like tyler durden wall street has an army of autumn aton cyborgs wreaking mayhem so pretty similar as what is gonna trump is running around the white house like a like a like of bull in a china shop just goofing world leaders or whatever the. whatever he's doing his or his best going on wall street can just keep pillaging without doing without a good idea being secretive about it anymore they just like boulder brinks truck up to the stock exchange is like a reward money and no it doesn't matter no the gender trump just tweeted that the canadian prime minister can suck his dick nobody. nobody cares what we're doing and of course trump has put goldman sachs in charge of the economy and president obama did the same right he put it put tim geithner in charge because the banks run this country and if you're like me you're thinkin there's anybody going to do anything to stop you i don't know at all anything but anyone could talk like agent bob.
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but i may be a lot of people had complaints about occupy it didn't it didn't have a clear goal all right it was full of rich white kids it smelled less than savory but. none of those complaints were technically true it as they say in the biz but the truth doesn't matter when america believes something deep down and it's got right deep down where john cena lives just. right i call this the john cena realm right here but say would you will about occupy you can't deny that while it was going on the entire country was glaring at the institution that is running our economy and by running i mean finger banging ok. people all. the people finally there was some dirty quotation marks but. people finally cared to one. history was steadily extracting all the wealth and resources and giving it
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in an unmarked paper bag to a tiny percentage of completely douchebags who modeled their looks after american psycho ok or maybe as donald trump jr did so. it's really just a different. story during occupy the country got angry they got angry so the mainstream media did what they do best they acted as the white blood cells attacking the infection in the system in this case the infection was activists calling attention to the destructive tendencies of capitalism the media piled on the protesters they pepper sprayed the messengers basically this along with a healthy dose of militarized police and f.b.i. infiltration which was later proven is how occupy ended up maligned and imprisoned the white blood cells then moved on to step three of operation protect wall street
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step one is ignore the protest step two is attack the protesters step three is go back to ignoring media silence right we saw this identical to these identical steps which was standing rock and with black lives matter and with the bernie sanders movement and with the all vanguard brussel sprouts movement. which we can all agree is getting a little lighter and ok you think you are getting older a blue cheese caramel dark liver brussels sprouts without a curly hipster mustache hair and it. should be some sort of netting. most protest movements don't get past step one the mainstream media ignores them to see if they'll simply go away right and it usually works but now the internet has allowed for an alternate path to public awareness and an alternate path to photos of cats partaking in very uncut like tasks ok. i. not show an image up you will get
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no image. so this is one of the reasons why crushing net neutrality is something the f.c.c. and wall street are drooling over right now which which is which reminds me if you want to save the internet you've got a month left or right get on a. track. god can you imagine the number of americans right now who are like. want to save you. gotta watch house of cards on netflix right now i just don't have the time that yes yes. right now they are mounds of money being thrown around a wall street are bigger than they've ever been there's a massive auto loan bulbul a huge student debt bubble and others and when they burst in a thousand pieces it will result in a lot of people going broke and mcdonald's mcrib suddenly becoming
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a delicacy couple days after after the auto bubble burst that mcgreevey is going to be up for a car and see it well you know you're going to pay for things with a fist full of nickel ribs and say it wasn't a day is coming. how is everybody not talking about wall street right now the five richest mad's has the same amount of wealth as the bottom half of the world three point seven billion people and in the us ninety nine percent of the wealth created since the recovery is going to the top one percent the people who work on wall street at the at the hedge funds in the big banks they do nothing but make a few people very rich they make more in and day than most people make in a year and many people make in a lifetime yet the mainstream media isn't talking about any of this at least not regularly because it's not an idiotic tweet by donald trump they also aren't covering it because one day served a massive telecoms that love wall street criminal activities to it doesn't fit into
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the democrats good g.o.p. band or vice versa paradigm that every god damn story must wear like i'd like an ill fitting gown they just have to cram it is. sausage. and threw it also doesn't fit into the russian idea paradigm that every story has to wear over top itself into get out of its banks over an ugly dress that primitive. the white blood cells the mainstream media know that putting on those gals will distract us all from the continued pillaging by the ultra wealthy and the white blood cells you know they may not enjoy mixed metaphors as much as i do much but i love them i love them. but they love anything that allows their corporate owners to go about business as usual not all who work at mainstream media are villainous or
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even morally vacant but they're all at least useful idiots greasing the gears of the neo liberal neo con extraction of the planet they're helping wall street to pull the wool over our eyes. i guess and that wall is shown by children in bangladesh getting paid like five cents an hour and those kids are willing to take the jobs over the wall because they've got an economic god to their heads to take the job for the wall that wall street pulls over our. wealth. that wall is probably obtained from factory farm sheep. ok then kept in pens that are too small to turn around him i mean for the sheep to turn around and i don't. i don't i don't mean i have trouble turning around and ok so i've never been in a sheep's cage. it's not like i try to turn around and failed is all i'm saying and
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i know factory farms sheep they're pumped full of antibiotics which will likely be the cause of the next antibiotic resistant bacteria which will be the cause of the next pandemic pandemic slash giambi apocalypse page wall street. that. if you're a good citizen after hearing this monologue you will forget about the numbers i said earlier it would northey and list exploitation i just reminded you about and you will move past the thoughts of gut wrenching inequality instead you will find a trump tweet preferably something about a celebrity bleeding. and you will get furious about it and then you'll spend your day stewing over that and only that then the next day find another one rinse and repeat the criminals on wall street thank you and how do you want to do you see the value.
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really well or take the news from behind a b c a.b.c. news is reporting that a smart home device like the amazon acco or the google home those things a smart home chose to call the new mexico authorities during a domestic assault and it saved the day. yeah basically the walls of this house who are like. mom and dad are really going. on and yet are not good. i'm calling the cops is somebody. now look this is what he's feel good stories that is much more insidious than you
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realize i'm glad the woman was rescued of course but please raise your hand if you would like for your house to be spying on you and calling the police. when it feels like something you legal might be happening. i don't even trust my landlord to do that all right do you really want your door open or just think you do it so. he has been sniffling. either he's got a cold or he stored coke all right then. and it's july and i don't quote. secularly do you know how many times people call the cops for help and the cops end up killing the people who called them oh lauch. especially if you're black if you're black calling the cops your place at night is like running up to a random pit bull and going hey daddy. sure ninety percent of the
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time it's going to be fine with that other ten percent. and you would point is this the headline of this article by a.b.c. news should read crazy new dystopian authoritarian privacy invasion technology to gently help one person. that's where they can say this is our privacy invasion is always sold to us every step is sold the same way it's going to help you know like to microchips under the skin that i covered a couple a couple months ago it's old age ever. microchip under their skin because well old people sometimes they don't know their name all right and and then they think their wallet is a raccoon so that's all that out. and then they end up in the hospital and we don't know who they are. i mean by crazy here for every one domestic dispute this
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device all of us there are going to be a hundreds of thousands of false alarms and or or weird sexual crap where someone's screaming lover would you straggle based rather. than have you with the fry pan. you know where those headlines were breaking news smart home calls coffee because man dressed up like the blue power ranger was angrily rubbing his on his fish tank you know where. where is that headline i'm not saying i'm a fan of that activity but it's not illegal. no reason that your house should rack chalte you know what. what a consenting adult does where that where the latex outfit and a fish tank and not as consenting fish is it is ok is this. business. speaking of authoritarianism in
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a very different story the most the most important person you probably know nothing about was released from prison a couple of weeks ago reverend edward pinckney tried to clean up the corrupt political system of benton harbor michigan a town that is owned by whirlpool corp a corporation the people who make your you know shitty dishwashers and washing machines like they own that town that and even that kind of says something about our society right in order to own an entire city in ancient cultures you had to like defeat in invading a horde or strangle a warlord from his family or some. no and in our society you take over a town just by building a thing that gets baby puke stains out of t. shirts of suburbanites. that scores us city. anyway by trying to clean up the corruption reverend pinkney pissed off the whirlpool funded politicians and judges so they locked him away for two and
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a half years so funny thing about corrupt good old boy dukes of hazzard style backwater political systems they don't really like it when someone tries to clean them up you know good enough to tell a dad like stomping on cockroaches most people think it's a good idea except for the cockroaches. they generally show very little support. well the reverend is free again and he's ready to continue the fight i interviewed him yesterday on redacted tonight v.i.p. you can watch at youtube dot com slash redacted tonight we've got a quick break but i have live comedy shows coming up in seattle minneapolis chicago and washington d.c. right here right here i go. thank you thank you thank you very much he did it.
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by the observed events of the past few years and asked myself several times what's going on in my native germany. really refugees. u.s. intelligence agencies indiscriminately listening in on german citizens and the government. and once again judgment takes at least. as many politicians from various political parties and various independent experts and journalists in an effort to understand just how independent germany really is when it comes to decision making. whether a day when it's a national interest ok resound someone else will. imagine being a six thirty five and you have a what a career and
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a career involves using your i saw in your computer and things like that in an office and perhaps she started getting them excited circulars you could have to stop doing all this and this is tell you lou the minutes must be frightening my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up winning it in a box. or out at a very strong magnetic field on a card held in my head. think of it like a real hard pressure my skin burns and that wireless access point out there it's just continuous all day with our students in the schools. we are just continually bathing our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electro small and it's getting worse. in case you're new to the game but this is how it works now the economy is built
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around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media control the voters elected a businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. thank. you very little document has believed from facebook and they were real that the site's censorship rules are getting many black activists banned on facebook posting political dissent
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is now considered to be as offensive as physically threatening someone or posting a picture of a nipple you know whether although i will argue nipples can be dangerous they i i once knew a nipple so charismatic it could topple the regime really good we discuss this in your facebook or naomi campbell yes. they were. a. leader was able to topple dictators i don't know you know full well they're pretty powerful though anyway these leaks are terrible news for facebook but great news for my eyes. my space is like we may have allowed child pornography but i always warn right. away and children of all types everyone is criticising the basement now but they're doing their best to limit hate speech on line by using an algorithm that protects all races all genders and all disabilities but all ages you
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know so you could post something like. should be bludgeoned to death with dictionaries whenever they abbreviate the word super as supes you know very well when you are allowed to do that all that changes my dad really. but however these activists like oh they get bent well i have the internal docket. it's to train you to be a facebook censor it's going to take a no no no you're thinking of how long it takes to become a police officer. here. on the banker's actual quiz how does facebook protect from hate speech is that a female drivers be black children or c. we have men. black children i assume you know it's three we men. really what's what are you saying you know the way we
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heights a tribe of tiny scottish men who build micro cards. which white men marry white. oh no well opes looks like they either of them at some glitches. we should show that the image was we would make that images from facebook's internal training manual. in facebook's insane rules you could post i want to hurt black children because they consider black children a subset so it's ok but you can't say keep white men away from your learning i know it sounds bad but let's look at a post that was banned. what for when racism happens in public your silence is violent she said violence delayed removed you leave that up a riot might start against whites that's a legitimate political expression about racism did you read it they obviously i'm
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learning to read like an algorithm so i don't see braces them anymore. it's a good life i recommend it look we have to make facebook a comfortable place for two billion people you can't have statements the majority doesn't agree with so that's why facebook prefers to agree with governments who don't like activists because you know journalists in occupied territories like the western sahara. kashmir and palestine. sounds like facebook is favoring the ruling closely this is to make it a happier place for everyone but when i sign into facebook i don't want to see political expression i want. i want to see animals and paint these dancing these co-exist your boyfriend your grandma and i have to began saying. your opinions on police accountability for the losers on twitter. and so former
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unless the police are dancing. ok. if you have journalists or pro publica state that this is the most far reaching censorship operation in history considering the number of people involved we should be alarmed about this ok only so facebook isn't the utopia you dreamed up it's a market place but you know you can't stay away from facebook you will soon find its own. great god can i. believe but i think you're just plain unpopular opinions imagine if dancing were banned now me or you were banned no i don't have to talk to my parents and post then. or try. advertisements have an impact whether we like it or not and you can learn
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a lot about the goals of corporations by looking at where and how they advertise redactor correspondent natalie mcgill found out some companies are trying to make specific kinds of people unhealthy she filed this report. with the millionaire this is the zero. at some point you going to wrap this they answer how many legs does it take to get to the center of the. tapi no wait a minute. in the center of the this is a positive. isn't it an expired cough drop i use this the point out the power of advertising and in a country where blacks and latinos are nearly twice as likely to develop diabetes than whites a red center for food policy and obesity study points out the sad but not
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surprising news that junk food ads on t.v. intentionally target african-american and latino youth black children in particular are fifty percent more likely than white kids to junk food ads and therefore they're also fifty percent more likely to know what's in a burger king chicken snack wrap. well. sorry mary just took me to the church of b.k. for a second the same study also says. television ads for the general population. are unlikely to appear on t.v. channels targeted to african-american and latino viewers that means if you ask a black person what actress jamie lee curtis has been up to and they don't mention
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this that means they probably haven't taken to. dying here. and only actually sued and they had to admit that they don't help with digestion at all. and not say great. minority politicians are fully aware of the effects of junk food on their constituents. get a recent study found out when a bill to tax so would have died in the california state legislature in two thousand and fifteen it was in part because the so what industry gave nearly twice . as much money to members of the legislators latino caucus than the average member of the state legislature the soda tax bill ultimately died when three latino caucus members abstained from voting and all three are among the top five recipients of soda industry money in the state legislature when politicians who represent minorities take big sodas money they're not just turning
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a blind eye to what their youth see on t.v. but what their low income constituency in their neighborhood corner stores these are stores often located in food deserts where you're unlikely to find a supermarket with fresh produce if one at all you're more likely to see fruits and veggies on underwear than on the shelves but you know what everyone can afford grab snacks now and sour cream with a dab of ranch and sure you might say this comes down to freedom of choice it's a fifteen year olds choice to buy romeo miller's barbecue one with my honey potato chips but remember about the choices we make are based on what we're exposed to and we all take it literally hundreds of ads per day that have been proven to influence us multiple cities like in san jose california are eliminating food deserts with assistance from national programs like the national healthy corner stores network
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that helps corner store owners stock healthier food at a portable prices less than ten miles from where i stand in b.c. life expectancy increases seven years for whites compared to low income minorities so either we find ways to impact these companies bottom line or we appeal to celebrity egos. samuel jackson would mind seeing some mother and son a mother in law in my corner store. reporting from washington with madeline to go back to. ya. probably you know this first one actually comes five years from now right after the u.s. unemployment rate hit seventy two percent and the minimum wage is down to fourteen cents an hour you'll read of capitalism still hungry no no no no no.
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pay as you coming up in one week donald trump will give a press conference in which he states on equivocally. we've had no help from russia miles or a jury in white supremacist juvenile administration is this bad all by ourself that that first judge would join us from her house arrest today or later labrador. colon is still exist. rico's treated as one. hundred forty three cool. and i knew
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a lot of. the island is controlled by the us government and some puerto rican screw even dependence. on any kind of you know me. either way but i mean what i mean. there are. still many do wish to join the us hundreds every day. with the country at a crossroads anger of the island is on the rise. basic income when you have an economy around the world that rewards imagination and monetizes free thought free thought free movement of capital and all the intermediary forces go out of business a lot of bankers lose their jobs a lot of politicians lose their job the nation state collapses as we know it and people are as free as their money because right now money is
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a lot freer than people. credit is one of the basic instruments to draw. it's an economy but it could also lead to tragedy i didn't learn the whole gist i can be and that that the debt style game and it was . many lives have been broken excessive to the banks got you into trouble. the banks didn't think of. the. creditors people see you know the future face of how you know you become ill. your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is. actually front of it. to future morphed cisco or.
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the iraqi government launches a probe into the alleged torture and execution of terrorist suspects after a series of disturbing videos appears online. american see north korea as the biggest threat to national security according to a new poll we find out whether those fears justified. the german interior minister calls for potential wants is to be tagged in the wake of mass own arrest you're in the g twenty summit in hand. and a ban on pork on kindergarten menus is stirring controversy in austria.


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