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tv   Headline News  RT  July 20, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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germans are not safe to travel to turkey berlin while also threatening economic retaliate following the arrest of several human rights activists the two nations already strained relations plummet further. exposed and vulnerable a turkish news agency publishes a map of american military base locations in northern syria sparking concern at the pentagon. trump in the dumps the u.s. president gets record low ratings we look at the polls fail to predict major events .
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just after eight am in washington d.c. one pm lunchtime in london three in the afternoon here in moscow welcome to r.t. international my names you know neal this hour's top story relations between germany and turkey are spiraling to a new low germany's foreign minister say's a rethink may be needed regarding economic relations between the two states for the arrest of several human rights activists including a german citizen in turkey it all over brings us more. but st get this latest flare up which has prompted the foreign minister to cut short his holiday come back to
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berlin an issue which is quite a strong statement from zig mar gabriele well that's been the arrest of a german national a human rights activist forces we have to rethink opposition to turkey the situation in turkey is not transparent we should call it for what it is we're waiting for ankara to return to european values german chancellor angela merkel spokes person has described the whole predicament we're in at the moment is serious and it all came about following the arrest of peter now he's a human rights consultant he was arrested in turkey along with the head of amnesty international turkey. and four others they have been accused of aiding and being part of helping a armed terrorist organization that hasn't been named as it stands at the moment but this is the latest in d.
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printing crisis between in and ankara still ongoing at the moment there was the crisis over the incirlik air base now this was the base in which germany was flying reconnaissance flights as part of the coalition fight against isis it was using a base within turkey german lawmakers from the bundestag wanted to go and visit that air base they were told repeatedly that they couldn't and now prompted the german defense ministry to move those aircraft from that base in incirlik in turkey over to jordan what we have seen over the past is some well really grumpy slanging matches between the leaders of turkey and germany they would revive gas chambers in concentration camps if they weren't ashamed this is their mentality they're disturbed when we see that this is not seem entirely. your practices are no different from the narcs you practice is of the past my comment that the nazi
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comparisons in turkey's part must and is valid without its are but unfortunately we see that this comparisons have been starts well they're all strong economic and social links between germany and turkey at the moment both the diplomatic links between the two countries all that pretty much is low as they can get. on top of a savior and yesterday a former foreign minister of turkey and finding member of the ruling a k party joins me now for more on this you're very welcome what do you make of this development and indeed germany's response. of course of the relations between turkey and germany was not at the best already several months. if you will not good because then of turkish origin who was acting in good correspondent for german newspaper was arrested this time peace activists and
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attention of course is going up in portsmouth police. statements made by. the. shows that germany is planning to bring. to you even to a higher level and of course the comic lucian suffered from it because when there are. only three things there's not a visit to it means that the businessman will not also the. german is one of the countries that has huge investment in turkey if this investment goes down the turkish economy will stop or if it could we see sanctions do you think against turkey. sanctions i think will not probability unilateral sanctions well actually. not
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notice for the passengers who will tourists who visit. some sort of thanks but if you are talking of international sanctions which covers other nations as well i don't see this coming with. berlin is of the opinion that there were no growing news for arresting the german human rights activists are they correct in that actually. since last year's attempt to cool. hundreds of thousand people were arrested some were released but many still are under arrest and the. legal procedure is still under way so it is not something unheard of in turkey being arrested and being kept under
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arrest for several months without being brought to justice or common practice since last year what would it take to resolve this situation between germany in turkey. i don't think they're to. long to pick who to germany but turkey's human rights record of course is not at the best level prevent turkey was not part of democracy but since last year's attempted coup. things are going. down and the many people who turned. are and their fit some of them are expelled from the public service and some are refused to receive path to travel abroad and this. has become a common practice in turkey yes sir former foreign minister of turkey thank you
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very much for coming on the program this hour thank you. the american military saying it is concern for the safety of troops after a turkish news agency released a map showing the location of u.s. bases in northern syria in a comment to r.t. the u.s. central command said that the sources which contributed to this story cannot be independently verified adding that it would be very concerned if officials from its nato ally would purposefully endanger forces by releasing such sensitive information with more here's nick earring. this is how america's military presence in northern syria allegedly looks that's according to turkish state news agency on the dollar it claims to have detected america's hidden outposts scattered across kurdish held areas the agency reports there are as many as ten including two
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air bases one in army leon which is large enough for cargo planes and used to supply kurdish forces and another inherent hit which is slightly smaller reportedly used by military helicopters there's also said to be eight more military points which it's claimed are used to house military consultants operational planning offices and units to engage in active conflicts plus the equipment cap that allegedly includes artillery batteries rocket launchers and all made vehicles with the turkish news agency revealing washington's active operations in a war zone in thirty much detail with accurate or not it's likely upsetting for the us and course the pows that ally the discussion of specific troop numbers and locations would provide sensitive tactical information to the enemy which could in danger coalition and partner force we respectfully request that you refrain from disseminating any information we chose not to disseminate all the details listed by
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the un a dollar agency like the number of u.s. special forces and strategic talks of the outposts arguably a bigger question here is not about the publication's accuracy but rather why would turkey want to undermine its ally by revealing potentially dangerous details of its secret military bases well perhaps it has something to do with the location of these bases which form within the region controlled by the kurdish militia a group the u.s. considers to be a key ally in the fight against eisel but one which turkey deems as terrorists probably the turks are doing this and thinking down the same line in response to this event. i think that you know we can tamper with turkish interests probably the turks are thinking well we could probably get it to be a challenge the american administration and other nato allies if you don't offer a fully respected as a member then probably we should rethink this one issue in
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a sense to need to stability now turkey regularly slams the us every support for the kurds but now by revealing this sensitive information it appears ankara is using more direct tactics to strike back at its nato ally. well issues for the us military in syria do not and their reports are emerging the president post the side to suspend the train and the system program for rebels so far there's been no confirmation from washington well the covert program was launched back in twenty thirteen under the obama administration to put pressure on syrian president bashar assad. bases in jordan it provides training first selected commanders from the opposition free syrian army as well as supplying weapons munitions. well some media were quick to call the possible halt of the program a victory for a lot of your putin saying it shows trump's willingness to work with schools over
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syria well let's delve a little bit deeper into this because brooks professor of government. durham university joins us live in the program term of course in the north of england very welcome and if this report is true because it's not totally verified of course what reasons are behind the move. well it will be will have to see what the move is and what discussions were really were held but it would seem that what might be behind this move is could be a softening of. approach moments of the americans changing course in syria and i think it could also mean some suspects. focusing more on domestic politics the united states and withdrawing from other parts of the world so a bit of. the media was quick we've just been looking at reaction to this quick to call the ending of the cia program
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a victory for president putin in syria your thoughts on that. i think that's probably right you know this is this is something that it would appear putin had wanted he wanted the arming and training and support for the rebels to stop and that seems and america being a big supplier and supporter of the rebels and that will now stop i think it is to some to be very surprising remember it was donald trump some suspected trying to deflect criticism that he ties he might have had with moscow over the election campaign that brought him to the white house that he dropped missiles in syria in response to what the syrian president had done reports of possible chemical attacks on civilians but you know that that kind of strong line against
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bashar is the dots is now changing course and now it seems merica is going to have less of a role not more of a role yeah syria which will be the one and welcome news for those who want to deescalate things but a real change in the american course of action not the point isn't it what what happens next is the big question will wrapping up the cia program assuming that it is happening of course have an effect a major effect on the situation on the ground. i suspect it could be. that it could have a very significant effect on the ground in syria and in aid the government i think it will be very important and they'll be very close eyes on what happens next and if russia can help end the conflict and try to bring some some calm to devastation on all sides of that country i think that will be something people will be looking at and also i think people will be looking at and so what happens next
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so so trump changes course in syria i.d.'s a very strong view about what kinds of weapons were used on civilians and what america should do about it namely fired missiles in that direction now he thinks he should stop helping the rebels but does that mean that he is now after. a small one reaction with missiles to see think that we should not do anything in syria anymore or is there some other deal elsewhere between moscow and washington well that's the question and that is what he meant was you know anybody's guess that's the thing and i put it to you why do you think that the white house would decline to confirm the reports just about there is some kind of clarification here. i am baffled as i am by many things that the trump administration does you know there were a lot of people who thought however critical they were of trump and a lot of commentators were that his action in syria taking some military action in
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the one strike was something that obama had promised to do in failed to deliver and some thought well maybe trump had done the right thing he had followed through on on the american position on syria but to make that bold step to do something that that he had thought about the should be tougher in syria and then. very quickly go the other way all of a sudden with no clear explanation it's not quite clear what america will be getting in say is there some deal elsewhere on negotiations between the two sides will there be some new deal between the two sides what will the other implications be for american and russian relations i think this is as mysterious as the about turn all of a sudden with with no warning in syria hopefully hopefully we'll have peace but we will wait and see absolutely tom brokaw of law and government attorney and
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university thanks for your thoughts this hour. but times running out for the e.u. to help italy which is threatening further drastic action over the latest crisis that's among the stories ahead on our. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington media the media over voters elected to businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before
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. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate it's pull along. the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch. yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than booth. and see the people you've never heard of love redacted the night president of the world bank so take. it seriously send us an e-mail. you're back with our to international several european countries have been engulfed by the own going migrant crisis italy which is now accepting most of those coming to europe is in a standoff with other members of the block over how the crisis is being handled in spain activists have protested against refugee policies on violations of human rights while in greece an angry demonstration has been held against delays in the
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immigration process. the ladies have left and separated from their families and stranded in police divisions between different ethnic groups have also been emerging in the overcrowded camps. everything. just waiting for the decision. african
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people sometimes if the or just start by saying they want to get their rights by their hand and loys some of the. syrian people they get. quickly just not true it would be. not only fun to spot. people coming from africa feeling neglected when they are arrived suddenly they faced. different treatment because of their skin and skin color or because of different other variables when you feel that not receiving your interview in a couple of months but in four five six months you're seeing that there's a longer rejection rate for your community or for the group of people you are from your attention and your frustration raises you know rumors being desperately
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calling for help saying it feels abandoned on the isolated from the block the e.u.'s repeatedly voiced it's readiness to help but it seems patience is rapidly running out there are t.v. reports. the city of messina is the beginning of the main ferry transit route to mainland italy there you have it there are more and more migrants filling the local streets and there are no solutions coming from the central government and the european union brussels has been voicing repeated the readiness to help but italy says that saying something is different from actually providing real solutions and getting things done we need a unity of purpose international regional effort and this is why the utopian union continues to work with the quartet for libya to die and that there is a unitarian approach. in europe used to be to lead
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to the location we are continuing to push because in europe you know particularly you could actually in general the only thing that counts is. italy has threatened the you with issuing temporary visas for migrants which will allow free travel all around europe and that will be of course a thorn in the side of the record breaking numbers of migrants and refugees have been arriving in the country in the recent months since january it's really has received more than eighty thousand refugees but those are just official estimates the numbers may actually be much higher and that led to unprecedented measures by the government for example restrictions on n.g.o.s that are trying to rescue the refugees that are coming from north africa on boats and also even leading to closures of course here in sicily locals who are getting increasingly fed up with the situation there saying that responsibility must be shared i believe that
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welcoming people is the right things will tell you but the european union must pay more attention to this phenomenon and support italy in this enormous effort of social integration for the. people is a must but the e.u. cannot just look at it from afar it needs to get involved and not abandon italy and sicily in particular. yes we feel abandoned i believe that the european union should really focus on its allies issues especially on the issues that affect the south of italy we have been welcoming italians are true europeans sicilians have been welcoming and supportive for years but we are not willing to be the fools of europe the e.u. has left us alone this is our country we will try in every way possible to block this arrogance and this selfishness which is not european after a serious of protests in the region mayors of local towns around messina have decided to gather at the municipality behind my back to find solutions to the
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crisis there's a glimmer of hope that this can be done a lack of action could lead to more protests here and also in the towns around the city. time to go sky high because it is the final business only day at the mosques twenty seventeen earth show near moscow pictures like this have been happening for the past number of days and will continue right through to sunday now more deals are expected before doors open for the public that is tomorrow saturday and sunday so lots of time to go and check out i fear itself if you're in the region because we've got the latest innovations that the russian global aviation industries have to offer in some big checks being signed as well there are your i spoke to kate partridge about what's been happening there today let's take a closer look. planes and things the flying the sky there it's
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amazing we get so you take this for instance this is trace and you can fly and they can also drive and they can swim. this behind me you can see these you rick and you rick is a drone as we know drones can fly and they can check out traffic and i can even spy on you but this one is particularly special as it can save people as well. another thing that i've seen here is a flying taxi just like those from back to the future. we're going we don't need to . die out of three d. experience of what it feels like to operate one of those cars so what i see now pieces smoldered yellow tom that is basically you know sort of problems that make
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the operator say that the rams you've got this big car that looks a bit like the pattern of you this is going to get all the pins of flips upness but the most is on it so it's got four different modes of i spoke to one of the men behind this project and he says it's only a couple of years to go before we'll all be able to enjoy the ride oh in twenty twenty if you go to dulles or just a pop up your mobile app and you will come over and probably block the move for of the for the there are types of things you often really know until it's really if you think you very much indeed well there you go ladies and gentlemen we we always thought that it was back to the future but the future perhaps is so far away these are twenty twenty. we have lots of fun helping their art side of moscow and you can always go more in-depth on any of the stories we've been talking about on our website to keep our tea with you on the move by don't know dinger up when you get the chance.
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social about whether it's a store of value or a means of payment and as a means of payment it hasn't really caught on the number of retailers actually in the world that something big point is dropped according to a morgan stanley report but as a store of value it's caught on spectacularly people see this as a safe haven currency. called the future we don't and we're going to. everyone in the world should experience. and you'll get it on the open. the old according to josh. the modern world come along for the
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ride. hi lindsey francis is broadcasting around the world in washington d.c. tonight turns out germany is making big bucks on the greek debt after nearly ten years bailing out the plane and going on and if infrastructure initiatives finally are passed if ever what is the united states going to do with the shortage of skilled labor workers how do we even find the resources to train people like this in time some say might not be possible my guests and i hit the skies we talk airlines more passengers more profit and expansion former u.s. attorney christopher park chilton looks at the numbers with me stand by for us starts right now.
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citizens of the united kingdom get to kiss those dreaded credit card surcharges on their statements goodbye starting in january that's one of ban on companies charging fees for debit and credit card transactions takes effect according to the treasury people shelled out on average four hundred seventy three pounds every year that was in two thousand and ten alone the biggest culprits food delivery apps and airlines ryanair and norwegian have been known to charge up to two percent the european union has already instituted a directive by hitting out of visa and master card the u.k. takes it further by also targeting american express pay pal as well the change in the law is likely to mean some companies will simply put up their prices to cover the extra costs they bear with card.


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