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manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. very go around be the one. making all middle of the room sick. i.
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welcome back to the program a lot of entertaining is right now for a q. and a session with russia's brightest young minds the president the ceiling question otherwise range of topics on children and the tween ten and seventeen so we're listening from the age of fourteen well forty one point seven percent of people would like to start their labor activity at the age of fourteen probably these are people very much oriented towards a working really working hard or had a quite a different question because the young man was so talking about into a printer a look a pivotal. and this is something. for example a person starting ok we are live streaming the q. and a session and you can see it on dot com. but back to our main news now.
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another day another russian meddling theory say i might pompei a claims russia not only interfered in the twenty sixteen presidential election in the us but has been doing it for decades i am confident that the russians meddled in this election as is the entire intelligence community i hope i didn't stop or two thousand and eight you can go back to the seventy's my point was simply this this threat is real the us government including the central intelligence agency has to figure out a way to fight back against it and defeat it moscow has reacted to those accusations his ati's emily says. the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov the squad compares comments that russia has long been meddling with u.s. elections even before twenty sixteen as quote common sense take a listen to exactly what he said. if you've. seen two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve it means president obama has
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victories i will leave it without comments because it transcends the bounds of what's reasonable. in the meantime allows also did an interview with n.b.c. where he was questioned about these alleged secret meetings that took place between president trump and president putin on the sidelines of the g twenty summit that happened earlier this month and that's because a lot of media have been reporting and have been speculating that on top of the official meeting that the place between the two leaders there had been extra secret encounters with meetings that took place were secret deals happened struck now both the kremlin and the white house have come out of the night this and in this interview again dismissed the allegation and used in and now a g. of chemical and children mingling with each other to describe the importance of possible extra encounters between the leaders here. president putin and president trump meeting three times of the g. twenty that obviously for the bilateral limit when they met. together that was forced. to go.
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to the people who are. going to close the. room. before the start. of there we have it that's how the russian foreign minister views and take on the media's going overboard on speculating on these alleged secret meetings that took place between trump and putin. from says he would have never appointed his attorney general how do you know jeff sessions would rest ricky. is it myself from overseeing the russia investigation and it's far from the first change of heart by the u.s. president however trump has never hidden the fact he wants to be unpredictable i want to be unpredictable unpredictable i use the word unpredictable but i like to be unpredictable you want to be unpredictable oh no i care
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a country where we're totally predictable as some find it increasingly difficult to follow the president stands up and hit the streets of new york to find out if americans really know what trump stands on key issues that will trump is a man who's policy positions can be quite hard to pin down we decided to talk to americans and find out how well they know their commander in chief and where he stands donald trump says it was a good idea to pick jeff sessions i think what he said is. that if he knew jeff sessions would with he was never would it joe's in him regrets putting up as attorney general i think would down jump it's all about business so he my. president donald trump has confidence in attorney general jeff sessions do you think he likes jeff sessions trust jeff sessions or or doesn't. i think he uses jeff sessions. rational gratian
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i don't think he regrets it because he's still in office sessions should have never refused him self and if he was going to recuse himself he should have told me before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else donald trump thinks china is a good partner i think things anybody has a good partner who will pad his pockets and pad the pockets of his spamtrap and partner with anyone that will enrich his coffers if we can't continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they're doing you think getting us to partner with china again i'm really not so sure he's thinking about china i don't think he wants to partner with them for say i do think he will be able to do anything even with china. i. have. to say. you know you. have a relationship what's his position on cooperating with russia around issues of cyber security i think he statement i remember reading it was that he wanted to
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create with russia some kind of overall cyber security by i think based on his relationship with russia maybe i do think he will want to partner with russia because that was his main thing when they came the election. the fact that president putin and i discussed a cybersecurity unit doesn't mean i think it can happen it can't but a cease fire can and did is going to partner with russia on cyber security no. hootin and i discussed forming an impenetrable cyber security unit so that election hacking and many other negative things will be guarded now some might think that donald trump's unpredictability might be an asset when negotiating with foreign leaders however sometimes it appears that his supporters are just as confused as his adversaries. are to new york. from a u.s. diplomat jim trump's inconsistency is just
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a way of keeping his critics guessing. i think they are sometimes difficult to pick to pin down during the campaign someone said that the american voters took him seriously but not literally that he would express things it is somewhat different ways maybe seem contradictory sometime maybe is a little bit of an annoyance for them sometimes especially if they feel they need to answer literally appear and say sean spicer is position or kellyanne conway his position they say what trump said this or that he said that how do you explain it and maybe it puts them on the spot the bigger issue is whether he keeps his critics off balance and i think this is part of how he does it. france's official presidential portrait has never posed much of a problem until the latest incumbent among maicon now wants a break along than his predecessor.
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or. we'll be back in a couple of minutes away. trafficking
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organizations are very sophisticated and they function very much like a global corporation you know they have different components components that engage in money laundering and you know the. security forces that for a man. in the us a child can choose
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a school. with his as teachers we don't. recruit will says to the cadet is interested in going in the military or we don't recruit. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers. so that. you can go around the military it's a great stepping stone for whatever career you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular first year video game. it's played. like call of duty turn off call of duty oh yeah. for these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told does it just need more recruits.
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welcome back to the program is the fourth day of the my show has taken place near moscow the latest planes in aviation technology are being showcased at the event while some of the best display teams from around the world are demonstrating their skills but as well as looking to the future many have been taking a few moments to marvel at something a little special from the past a legendary soviet illusion to fighter affectionately known as the flying tank took to the skies for the service of first time in decades this particular one was shot down in one thousand nine hundred forty three it had been lying of bottom of a lake in northern russia for more than seventy years before it was recovered restored and returned to the air more than thirty six thousand were built making it the world's most produced military fighter although these days there are still only
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two flying. free wi-fi in public places sounds like a great idea but has many users in the u.k. recently found out ignoring terms and conditions for the sake of scrolling let's say your facebook feed could cost you quite a lot. when . we were looking at changing our privacy policy and really just trying to. simplified things as much as possible for people up in arms of the wife i just thought you know how
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many people actually have to read what they're agreeing to because the plan was for us to make it as transparent visible for those people as we possibly could so we thought who you know let's do an experiment let's stick some of it in and it's really crazy see how many people actually pickle prominent. people just completely unaware of what they're agreed to with that date you could literally pull anything you want in terms and conditions and because people just don't bother reading that will be agreed to all sorts of different then. parties sophie shevardnadze has spoken to a veteran drug enforcement agent who spent decades and the cover exposing cartels across latin america here's an extract and you can watch the interview in full on friday. when i was working undercover at you had to be extremely careful.
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you know not be nervous because drug dealers buy their psychological make up are very very suspicious you know out there or they suffer from paranoia and they passed you constantly they ask you questions what i did to control any type of nervousness is expired just from my mind that i was. and psychologically i transform myself into a drug lord. i was one of them i dressed like i like. i could not afford to think like law enforcement and i did law enforcement for so many years but i had to completely completely remove that from
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my mind and there was a transformation very much like an actor and does before he plays a role in the movies or on television however. in this case you were playing a deadly game of cat and mouse any minor mistake that you made and you worried that . some is in full swing and you may be wondering ray can kick back and catch some rays we got francis on take evidence of one of russia's most populous seaside getaways. we are now in arab russia a warm spot in the south region of russia called krasnodar this place is located on
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the southeastern tip of the black sea vitacost from crimea which makes it a great russian summer getaway adipose filled with fresh fruits seafood restaurants lots of russian history windsurfing beaches you name it has it all. and just a few months ago a new international airport has opened up in an hour and we're about to check it out let's go. and. get a deal that afternoon leave it live in new glad to meet you let's go to what makes it. different or on the same level as international there. grandmamma's the ship and it's
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a can also do even our fourth of the main thing is the right combination of airport technologies that you have to go through everything intuitively but with understanding where you are going there is navigation somebody everything should progress logically about what happens to your and selection of cells registration registration of a second inspections of the shops commerce and technology when you have this right but it allows a person to be in a comfortable zone it doesn't then you need to control the expectations of the passenger and then he feels relaxed if a person knows what will happen to him and gets more than he expects and he feels calm and we get good feedback on how everything is organized or any of the one in that's the secret you have a secret that's a secret these emotionally and it was i mean think of it. the head chef of a local italian restaurant who literally changed local tastes and food culture for
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the better. i came to instill a culture of. my italian next to teach people to eat tasty food and enjoy or. leave. my impression of an op i was a very perfect summer getaway very tourist friendly lots of lovely people the warm hospitality of the russian self back together with great food and lots of things to do and see so when you'll be planning your next adventure consider a place like no other reporting out of an upper russia miguel francis and giago r.t. . to cross back live to such a where vladimir putin is taking part in a q. and a session with russia's brightest young minds the president is fielding questions on a wide range of topics from children aged between ten and seventeen let's listen in . they're holding their hands they're.
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please introduce yourselves my name is irina and i would like to ask you a question about the environment protection in russia what projects is the government's ready to support. and how far is this ready to go or to just read it to. to do. and so. what can the government do to support certain projects of young people and to help implement this project well first this is the year for environment and environmental protection will you know that i believe i'd like to turn the attention of society to which the make up process which takes place in that very severe but i would like to everyone to know about the challenges we're facing and we are about to change in the immediate future so that at least two of structures and socialization could unite their forces and efforts to solve environmental
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issues but still we have a very practical thing which has to do it with the introduction of new technologies so we adopted a law on that we should make it obligatory for the companies to transfer to would see these are more efficient technologies nationally adopted technologies unfortunately we had to so watch i suppose in the entry of these laws into forward as well you know. you can imagine before we had certain economics well problems and the companies really really fast personally convinced says that they need some more time you know to comply would be additional. standards in this fear of environmental protection and that is that you should know loaded on to them and they would be an image that you have found that incredibly difficult to cope with the economic difficulties and with the need to invest more finance into the
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introduction. of new technology that is why we really decided to postpone the show actually into force and finally we had these laws working and now all kompany are obliged to reach a passage to do so with using new technologies that will be very beneficial i believe to our environmental problems because there was no speciation also that was something which has to do with the demand side and ses and technologies because these were developments they certainly involve new technologies pretty much probably you've heard it over the direct line many people asked about it that you just seems that it's old you trifles that's rubbish some say but these waste sites across the country yes that is also. something which has to do with a preference wish should be applied to be to achieve progress we should learn how to process that solid waste we should know learn that and we have a program just for that speech well partially that program lacks is lacking in
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where the financing but we've made already first steps and we need to go further than that. good afternoon my name is misha. i'm a developer of mobile. and i would like to ask you what are your relations with your parents when you. were at my age and. whose advice did you follow the advice of your parents or of your mentors. well it depends on the age you know what certain age but. i always understood. that parents really love us and we don't get this. when we're young we don't understand the role of our mother well at those same adults forget many things stay in this is a boy we forget almost everything mom and all the time but mothers never forget how
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your mothers no forget how they grow. how they bring up their children how they care for their children you could protect their children and we should not forget that too so that is the reason why it's an impotent i believe that all the parents all for us the one who advised us something please label or do it because they want only the best for us but it doesn't mean that person cannot have the right of choice no it should be so grandma everyone should be able to choose and people who understand things properly they understand that you cannot impose anything on a person and i like it was there for you to tell you that well you have your whole life ahead you will be parents one day and you as future parents you will not have the right to leave someone else's life for you you love be able to impose yourself
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onto the life of your children you should respect your children because they are people they are individuals and they have the right to choose you can guide them you know that these are very very specific things you should be very well you know somewhat idia k. ted in terms of knowing how to communicate and how to be children you should know about the values of your children you should know about the interests of your children and you know how to direct a person toe with his or her girl but the choice is always up to your child and i had a very good relation with my parents really loved me i could feel it all the time. not just them but. i tried to make my choices always and my point of view my choices when you see them. well sometimes you do not coincide with the opinions of my parents i should. try not to make it offensive for them but
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i always try to make it clear for them that i have my own choice and it can be different from there at a certain point i for example to decided to go to university there and they were absolutely against that because i was well i was a youth champion in judo of the city of leningrad and i already had a role in the truth to come unity but you know. there was you know a university right there and they could pass it just without an effort without a wink but. but i decided that i would go a different path. personally but honestly and that was even dangerous because i could fail to enter the diversity is such a difficult case could emerge i was well aware of that but i still decided that the best way to achieve your goal is to go straight forward in your it's always you go and it's by the penis of my parents well i feel that i should do. that the police
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and i had been. at a certain point i'd started to listen to my coaches i had a very good coach mr raffle and he was a very well thoughtful person he was very sincere in treating us we never never doubted him. and his intentions i always respected his opinion and i should say that. and that is about education reciprocation he also said with that i should take a different road but i did not agree and i. think that america that in there talking at a q. and a session in such an open back in a couple of minutes don't go away.
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imagine being six thirty five and you have a career and career involves using your i phone in your computer things like that in an office. perhaps you sort of getting to mix a circular to have to stop doing all this in this kind of you lou the minutes must be from my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up winning it in a box. very strong magnetic field held in my head. think of it like a real hard pressure my skin burned and that wireless access point says continues on saying with our students in the schools. we are just continually bathing our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electro small and it's getting worse.
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the neo cons are back and they're back with a vengeance long associated with the extremist wing of the g.o.p. and tied to catastrophic policy failures they have now found themselves being embrace by the democrats and the liberal media it would seem to be a rush or a truck strange bedfellows. which would mean a minute i can only get a little. bit. more than you but i. know both of you want it but i guess some kind of a. sign of this yes or no but if you dump on him just know he refused. to. wear the blue he won't get a good area for immigrants it's hit and miss we never really know for sure but this
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is been a active area. and he's in tsotsi at the moment he's giving an extensive q. and a session with the young and bright minds from russia's civil. on the internet if you mean let's say drugs obliteration of drugs and terrorism propaganda these things should be prohibited and the death groups as some people call them when some people make yon boys and girls commit suicide. do you think that we should give them the right to do that kind of baseness on the internet you know never ever the society should protect it from such criminals who are going to intentions and areas but is why you need to that we should have just the same laws which we have in but let's say in real life and in the sphere of
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every day social life if i may another question asked of the needs of us. how far are you ready to go to achieve your goals. i should say that that is a very deep question indeed. we. probably many of you know the following formula means a city of a lousy for the goal you feel you have a very honorable goal it doesn't matter what it means on methods you'd like to achieve that you suitability high goals so the end. doesn't just divide the means let's what i think if you have a goal and you use some dirty handed little means to achieve your goal then you do mine the. the goal of yours and he means it i would like to say again that the and doesn't justify the means if you want to achieve.


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