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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 22, 2017 6:29pm-7:01pm EDT

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you can't go wrong. it's a great stepping stone for whatever you want to do but some veterans are willing to take children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular first video game. it's played. like call of duty. call of duty. or. a darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told. just need more recruits. thank god thank you. thank the bad car police the pope. i was children we generally grow up viewing police officers as the super heroes of our society right and then once we grow up if we manage that we realize we're really in this country many don't we realize that
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a certain percentage of police officers are deeply flawed human beings a percentage and a certain percentage are deeply flawed human beings with very little training and a certain percentage are deeply flawed human beings with very little training and. and they're kind of being told. i think it's just because of my bumper sticker that says just said. to drugs. thing they don't like them anyway the boys do have a tough job to do and now they're facing a new drug that is ripping communities apart sometimes causing the deaths of innocent people the side effects of this illegal narcotics are our mood swings including manic like episodes leading to violence impaired judgment feelings of invincibility nervousness extreme irritability delusions hostility and aggression considering all our nation's cops are already asked to deal with how can they
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possibly also take on people jacked up on this drug especially since the drug i'm talking about is steroids and the addicts i'm talking about are the always obvious target. ok. then see that coming did you tell it like tim nice job right there. puts on some of the rest to this monologue doesn't tank in a similar fashion to m. night. someone's career arc you know. although although apparently his most recent movie split did pretty damn well so i think it's i have a sixth sense he's turning around the franchise i really do there are there are signs that the comeback is really really happening. and he will be truly unbreakable. sisterhood of the traveling pants.
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by the north. in order to be who that writes this and i ok it's mean to me. in order to be of set about police on steroids i would have to provide examples of police acting excessively violent or irritable or nervous delusional hostile aggressive and where. to example name one time. oh right all of the times mike brown in ferguson freddy get graham baltimore area garner new york for land ok to mirror rise walter scott i would go on but the show is not three weeks log. and this right and this is not to say that all of these officers who killed these men and women were impacted by roid rage but i will say they were all at least doing their best impersonate someone impacted by roid rage. how can we possibly say this is not a factor in the least over these cases we have militarized police running around on
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the streets trying to be rambo with a hard on you know terrified out of their minds some of them and a hopped up on a mood altering drug judgment impairing nor katic this has as much chance of going right as sushi at a gas station. i mean. it could go right or sometimes people die. right to the least shouldn't every accusation of excessive force be followed by a great deal of drug testing i mean we do that in the lympics for a guy jumping over of thing or orally you know through throwin a stick. really were. through that stack pretty damn far when she would kind of chemicals you had a new system. so for
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a cop should we really need you through that old lady pretty damn who. would see what kind of caboclo. yeah. i mean it's tough to know for sure just how rampant steroids use is among cops because almost no one test for it but we do know for example that one jersey doctor supplied steroids to hundreds of law enforcement officials and a police psychologist in spokane washington says that nearly twenty five percent of all police officers in urban settings with gangs and high crime use steroids so why haven't the cops themselves taken up this issue you know i mean they have kind of not really in two thousand and four the federal drug enforcement administration warned of the possible psychological disturbances of juiced up cops then in two thousand and eight the association of chiefs of police with sixteen thousand
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members approved a resolution that calls upon state and local law enforcement entities to establish a bottle policy prohibiting the use of eagle legally obtained steroids was great except the police never what's the word did did any of that. they didn't did they didn't they didn't they forgot they did part. i myself have a resolution to this. in the coffee pot here in the break room a word i haven't ever abided by said resolution so it's hardly much of a resolution is it. evidence shows that there is actually less random testing of cops now than in two thousand and eight so think for a second what kind of melting pot we've got here we've created here we've made in this country many cops if not all our own knowingly affected by systemic racism
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they're facing suspects who thanks to the n.r.a. can legally conceal weapons and they venture out into the darkness of the night knowing full well that out there somewhere in the continental united states is charlie sheen ok. so it's that easy job done easy job why former police captain ray lewis has said that pretty much every police department gives possible hires a personality test unfortunately they do not hire those police that score a high or insensitivity police department actively ovoid on hiring cobbs with sensitivity and compassion great because when most people can i will one goal wow i hope i get a sociopath. with no compassion but biceps a size a water buffalo. defense great if you're calling them to open a pickle jar. plus there's
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a large percentage of cops dealing with p.t.s.d. the resulting the equation looks like this. systemic racism plus p.t.s.d. minus compassion plus roughly three hundred ten million guns in america times roid rage squared equals cluster. just. cluster times. but police unions still claim cops have the right to take steroids sold all have the upper hand yeah guess what you already have the upper hand you have a gun ok you have a gun a badge a taser handcuffs pepper spray and three other guys behind you who have done stuff . and of not of died gives you the upper hand saying your. thank you. and if your response is well sometimes the
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other guy has a gun if you are in a shootout with another dude and you have bigger chest muscles and extra poor judgement that's not the upper hand. what are you going to pull the trigger harder with your ripped think you're. going to sit back a month. or. so considering how our police have been militarized considering how they often kill over a hundred people of month which is higher than most countries kill in a year considering that the black matter is now a national movement considering all of that you would think that aggressive roid rage in cops would be a common media story but in fact there's very little coverage of it in a quick google search one of the only current articles on the first page was this one is saying that phoenix police pioneered in anti-doping policy that took hold in
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police agencies across the country when the department implemented random steroids testing nine years ago oh great. but the agency suddenly and quietly shut the program down last year guy do you back. the phoenix police department said the testing was too expensive in part because police officers had grown adept at masking steroids use well at least it's good to know our cups are pretty good criminals. they at the cure what we look for now is time for the twist ending i don't think steroids should be illegal i think they should be legal and regulated like alcohol is which also causes aggression violence depression and poor judgment not to mention regrettable e-mails to your ex-wife that regrettable e-mail leads to your ex-wife's dad a regrettable pics and regrettable pics to your ex-wife status.
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al gore causes all those that alcohol is legal but cops are allowed to be drunk on the job because it makes them act like goddamn idiots steroids should be the say whatever you want to do to yourself is fine i did in my opinion it's fine if you want to become a jacked up moron with tiny testicles fine sure could but you can't also be a police officer you can be president but not a police or. cover you why should you be debating a. crime
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leaked a.f. now let's take the news from behind the united nations this week warned that the gaza strip is on livable under the israeli blockade. the national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for northwestern ocean county in southern new jersey central camden county in southern new jersey burlington county in southern new jersey southwestern one of county in central jersey southeastern bucks county in southeastern pennsylvania central philadelphia county in southeastern pennsylvania in till seven thirty pm at six thirty pm severe thunderstorms were located along a line extending from bensalem to acknowledge moving used thirty miles per hour
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hazard sixty miles per hour with gusts source radar indicated impact expects damage to trees and power lines locations and pack that include philadelphia camden gloucester city cherry hill i'm loyal willingboro news medford lindenwold lumbered and florence moore burlington bristol mount holly riverside berlin and tell myra for your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a building in addition to damaging winds frequent cloud to ground lightning is occurring with this storm move indoors immediately remember if you can hear thunder you are close enough to be struck by lightning. the rainfall is occurring with the storm and may lead to poor drainage flooding do not drive your vehicle through flooded roadways repeating a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued until seven thirty pm for the following counties in pennsylvania and philadelphia in the following counties in
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new jersey burlington camden and ocean. donations and now he's taking them as a thank you from corporate america for allowing the continued pillaging of our country in fact the obama presidential library i don't hear about this as recently they've changed their name to the obama citibank staples center library. for the advancement of the amazon and. all hell jeff bezos. that's. pulled a. doesn't roll off the tongue but it grows on you and speaking of the corporate ownership of our government this week king donald brought in even more goldman sachs alumni to oversee wall street whoever it was who cause remembering the campaign whoever it was that said donald trump would not let the big banks run
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things those people are idiots oh he wouldn't have i was always around i was not big headed at it or chatted orange faced orange you glad you aren't in the same room with them. having the big banks run our economy sounds very unethical to say the least if i find the guy in charge of government ethics i'm wrong i'm going to punch him in the face in completely unrelated news the director of the office of government at the resigned this way. he said the u.s. is a laughing stock he basically said the troubling news ration won't let him do his job yet you know what's really an ethical not letting the office of government ethics tell you you're wrong ethical. that's like the top of the list one ethical thing that's actually less ethical the. surgeon signing his name on the inside of
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a patient's stomach. dr bold black was here. it's actually less ethical than quietly dumping seven hundred thousand. tonnes of fukushima radioactive waste into the pacific ocean which we found out this week is exactly what the tokyo electric company plans to do well look on the bright side no literally the bright side. the pacific is glow in the dark now so it has a bright side and maybe all that radiation will make the great pacific garbage patch which is now the size of a country come to life and. you may be skeptical that a work that everyone knows garbage stations don't come to life on her own all right we've got to feed them radiation. everyone knows that when they go to a quick break but i have live comedy shows coming up in seattle minneapolis chicago and washington d.c. just email redacted tonight at r.t.
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america dot tv tells in tickets well be right back go back. kind of financial survival job today was all about money laundering first to visit this confession to three different. oh good this is a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america something overseas or the cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in their club backcrosses we just have to deal with all it's a journey to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got a look at a nice luxury watch for max and for stacey oh beautiful jewelry how about. a
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bill for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal here for a watch guys of course. imagine being six thirty five and you have a but career and career involves using your i phone in your computer and things like that and being in an office. perhaps you sort of getting to mix a circular t.v. you could have to stop doing all this i mean this is how do you live here must be for my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up winning it and the box. very strong magnetic field held in my head. think of it like a real hard pressure my skin burned and that wireless access point there just continues on saying with our students in the schools. we are just continually
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are citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electro small and it's getting worse. back welcome back. to the land known as the happiest place on earth celebrated its sixty second birthday this monday. but the guy inside the scrooge mcduck outfits when his balls off is his not due that's woman in gold he's not disneyland workers are currently protesting low wages in fact many employees are among anaheim california is homeless population literally which is insulting since they live and work in the shadow of a gigantic castle that could easily house everybody. but instead of helping employees does the spends all their money bleaching the gloves of oversized
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rats. for more on this way turn to our senior disney expert now let me give. you. what's what's tell me tell me about this for a place is supposed to be so magical. these employees are being treated sounds like less than awesome ok yes some workers are sleeping in cars than the ones in the movie cars but even these disney princesses were living in paradise cinderella dressed in rags snow white was a maid ariel the mermaid had a serious hoarding problem. the workers are just doing great impersonations of disney's indigent bag on characters that's going to. the point of these films is there in your own good person and you work hard you will not be left on the roadside all these characters fortunes turn around at the end well and they can
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turn around for the workers to you just have to read between the lines of walt disney speech when disneyland opened this is the land is your land here a dream lives fond memories of the past and here you same for the challenge and the promise of the future you see the past is the twelve dollar an hour wage employees still receive but they can savor the challenge of getting the twenty five dollars an hour wage needed to actually afford an apartment in orange county. this is like religion sometimes you have to adapt the scripture of your day to fit modern times . like like religion yet for mega church of make believe make believe you are getting paid more and and wow what a mega church to be if the tides for all your hard earned labor didn't go toward maintaining your leaders lifestyle and clearly they have been since disney c.e.o. robert iger as compensation dropped by one million dollars last year drafted jalen
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took forty four million dollars. his employees don't even make a living wage in fact research shows that nationally if minimum wage had kept up from one nine hundred seventy had kept up with income distribution and purchasing power it would now be twenty one dollars an hour instead it's still seven twenty five only disneyland isn't completely screwing its workers in fact a couple working there while living out of their car recently told the guardian they have a twenty four hour helpline you can call someone even answers the phone is cast on from getting in the beast. as long as you can hear it through the accent of an indian man imitating a french womanizer competing with a half the world i have buffalo going for a young woman's love in your golden. thank you very much. i think that guy helped me with my airline tickets recently. that
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disney's best to offer is a helpline is yet another slap in the face of by corporations of low income workers does they like almost all big corporations makes billions off exploiting cheap labor and wall street by the way celebrates when workers are struggling or in secure in real life there the woman who plays snow white probably has to live with seven men just to pay rent so that's probably true even little even little girls know this is not an ok. situation look. if you really think. we. are right now wait usually has better pull with smaller people never again everyone thank you thank you nic thank you the neo cons in the neo liberals have finally come together they're both pushing for
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infinite war around the world it's real cool moment. and the problem ghana machine is going full force to try and help the cause redact correspondent john f. o'donnell breaks it down for us. thank you. so i think it's fair to say that c.n.n. has been having a rough go of it lately but don't worry they've redeem themselves by revealing a truth bomb of a story that exposes the single clearest example ever of the mass media collaborating with the oligarchies oh wait they're the ones doing it what is your message to president assad. that. me and that are buried and you know. then now that adorable girl is bonna oliver she's eight years old seven at the time of
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that interview and a syrian refugee living in turkey she's gotten widespread coverage by western mainstream media because of her viral tweets from war torn aleppo the only problem is she's fake a man. and i don't mean like she's actually a forty eight year old truck driver or she's being played by prolific method actor daniel day lewis although he could pull it off i agree she's a seven year old girl but she's clearly reading words she doesn't understand syllable by syllable from a script to push regime change made. a ones act that children are seen react. and god in school it leaves a nice we can't do can't hack we can change and we can. together we can help them and trust me i take no pleasure in making fun of
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a little girl struggle to read well maybe a little bit i have a modest but this is crazy she's been exploited by a large entity she can't possibly understand. oh god the same thing happened to me in those how to hairstyling videos say we're going to thoughts of shut down south from mama loves us talent lacks is just can't get it. i did know that lady was good a man again to my head like i was a sock puppet anyway if you're not yet convinced that this is a rotten syabas board at least that is being used for those purposes there's a lot more prove to you like the food in istanbul. yes what do you like. to see faith in. i've seen last year i went through like istanbul as the. fish
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she's not comprehending basic english which makes the geo political sophistication of some of her tweets which are managed by her mom but supposedly said by her ridiculous dear world it's better to start third world war instead of letting russia and assad commit hash tag holocaust eleven at worst she's a top to bottom creation of the propaganda machine pushing for more u.s. intervention in syria at best she's a confused little girl being used by the propaganda machine pushing for more u.s. intervention in syria c.n.n.'s jake tapper for more on syria follow at alla bed by ana walter from the bigelow ballsy avatar said are you serious resigned from journalism and why is she getting a book deal from simon and schuster that's real and why did time magazine name her
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amongst the twenty five most influential people on the internet it's almost like there's a concerted effort by the mass media across multiple platforms to amplify the profile of a telegenic child who can pull at the heartstrings of the american people to better condition us for another regime change war. oh god. c.n.n. did the same thing to me today we're going to talk about al gore. so i'm going to come all of his hair going forward. in the front. burner from washington jolliffe o'donnell back. here your headline from the future you'll read this in two weeks in philadelphia police captain seen angrily handing out steroids to slow to anger rockies. and
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in august you will learn. new c.n.n. show to be hosted by a three year old yemeni girl who supports us back to bombing and famine that is our show.
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but i do think that archie is propaganda arm of the russian government and helps to spread. information that helps advance russia's interest and so that's why i think it's important for people like me to come on if it weren't me would be somebody who is less capable who would maybe not do is going to job presenting the american point of view. actually as a financial survival guide stacey let's learn about fill out let's say i'm the troika and you're a police response they have to fight well street spot thank you for. destroy that's right. debt slavery.
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an r.t. who responded and has caught up in. the report on the latest clashes between palestinians and israeli police and. russia and the syrian opposition they're greedy on thames for a first deescalation zone the earth the capital of damascus. and the whole release is a list of one hundred seventy three slum extended suicide bombers that it could be preparing to carry out new attacks and you are. an activist at sea monitoring how migrants hiding to europe or delta west coast guard sit down.


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