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tv   News with Ed  RT  July 24, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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answer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. on the news tonight jared pusher gives his first public statement and denies his role in any collusion between the president's campaign and russia and the democrats shift gears and push for a better deal as the blame russia strategy seems to be failing the party. and one lawmaker warns about the influence of ora tea and calls on young people to own their acting skills i'm michel supporting tonight for the r.t. newsroom you're watching our team america.
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good evening friends we start tonight with the president's family in the spotlight once again the country and lawmakers heard from jared kirschner the president's son in law in his first public statement regarding contacts with russia outside the white house cushion or emerged from a two hour meeting with investigators with a clear and confident message to the american people he did not collude with the russian government or russians let me be very clear i did not collude with russia nor do i know if anyone else in the campaign who did so. i had no improper contacts i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. and i have been fully transparent in providing all requested information. kirschner also released an eleven page statement setting the stage for his meeting with the house intelligence committee on tuesday the military has been following
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the story tonight and she joins us with more details manila yeah jared kirshner finally broken silence today for many people this was the first time we've ever heard the president's son in law speak costar said he was doing this to set the record straight and essentially clear his name from the way he says he's been portrayed by the press for example the number of times he's met with any russians question or indicated that he's met four times with russians some with official capacities others without on april twenty seventh two thousand and sixteen candidate trump gave a speech at the mayflower hotel in washington d.c. questioner was first introduced to russian ambassador to the u.s. they're gay kislyak their june ninth two thousand and sixteen at trump tower the now controversial meeting with russian attorney at natalia vessel in the sky and on december first just weeks after trump's victory in the election commissioner met with kinsley act again that's when then national security advisor michael flynn was
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present and on december thirteenth questioner was introduced to russian banker sergei girl cough speaking before reporters this afternoon reiterated his desire to be transparent. since the first questions were raised in march i have been consistent in saying that i was eager to share any information i have with the investigating bodies and i have done so today. the record and documents i have put up voluntarily provided will show that all of my actions were proper and occurred in the normal course of events of a very unique campaign but it was in his eleven page statement to the senate intel committee staff that he was more exact about those interactions as a pertains to that first meeting with kiss me at question or said he was introduced to him and detailed that quote we shook hands exchanged brief pleasantries and i thank them for attending the event and said i hope they would like candidate trump
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speech and his ideas for a fresh approach to america's foreign policy and his second meeting with kiss the act he said this i believe developing a thoughtful approach on syria was a very high priority given the ongoing humanitarian crisis and i asked if they had any existing communication channels at his embassy we could use where they would be comfortable transmitting the information they wanted to relay to general flynn the ambassador said that would not be possible and so we all agreed that we would receive this information after the inauguration nothing else occurred i did not suggest a quote secret back channel now question or also stated that he is not someone who seeks the limelight i think that's evident in that most people have never heard his voice until today so add his eleven page statement really just reads like a man who is a political neophyte trying to navigate his way through this unprecedented election this unprecedented win and certainly a wise move to make these statements public ahead of his schedule testimony before
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the house intel committee tomorrow morning ed. all right thank you miller appreciate that and for the democrats after months of being off message and almost completely focused on russia and investigations the democrats finally realized half the country is burned out on the subject and doesn't believe russia influence the election the democrats are doing some reality checking tonight. and when you lose elections as we did in two thousand and fourteen in two thousand and sixteen you don't flinch if you don't blink you look in the mirror and ask what did we do wrong the number one thing we did wrong is not present a strong bold economic agenda working americans so that their hope for the future might return again. in an interview with the washington post senator schumer who is the minority leader in the senate also criticized the democrats failed strategy
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of blaming russia and james comey for their failures for more on all of this let's go to our political panel tonight ed martin president of the eagle forum is with us and also mitch caesar former florida democratic state party chair gentlemen nice to have you with us first of all let's number different subjects and i'll let talk about cushion or first and mitch you being a lawyer i mean my impression today was this kid's either america's best liar or he is a tremendous boy scout either one i was impressed by his demeanor but i want to know from the legal aspect did he help himself today. well what he really did it's interesting is in some ways he calling through his brother more donald trump jr under the bus because he clearly admitted all these meetings with russian folks just saying he's not really part of it i don't think he's a boy scout you can survive in new york real estate and be a boy scout example of donald trump but but clearly i think he tried to distance
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himself no question about that only time will tell if he helped himself i think he did in the context of public opinion a little bit because we've heard his voice has been ill was said for the first time i was kind of my even my wife said gee i've never heard him before so i think he's doing well in the p.r. front it's very difficult at this point to see how we doing on the legal front but i also learned today that you can testify before congress without being sworn or speak to congressional investigators and if you don't tell the truth that's still a crime. how do they do today does this in bold in the president's well argument that these investigations are overboard your thoughts yeah you bet i want to point to things that viewers number one is last week mike pompei of the head of cia said the following i'm confident that the russians didn't interfere with the election or it did interfere now con what you say when someone says i'm confident of something
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that means they're not telling you the whole truth they don't know for sure shared cushion or instead stood up today and said i didn't do this i'm careful i'll show you everything the difference between the intelligence community and the deep state telling us to focus on russia and jared cushion or is the difference between truth telling and people trying to hide the ball that's why couldn't help themselves that's why people are starting to move on and frankly that's why the democrats are going to get to that in a minute have a problem because people are looking up saying what are you for except yelling about things that are in the past that don't make sense. mitch what did you make of the display that the democrats made today in an area that donald trump easily won and they came out to reinvent themselves in front of the american people or should i say to refocus your thoughts on that first of all i agree with chuck schumer i think we had a message it never reached anybody i think the biggest reason was frankly the hillary clinton server issue and nothing could break through that no matter what we
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said it could not break through also i have to say somewhat critically that democrats will take ten minutes to explain something that republicans sometimes explain on a bumper sticker we need to learn the lesson they'll do well with the news they need that they came out with a new slogan about health care but then there was some talk kind of jokingly sounding a little bit like a pizza concerned which it did but that's ok maybe they should say to appeal to younger people better health care better pizza maybe that will work. and i think you're right yeah i think i think we need to get to a message but it has to be clear it did not come through well what is coming through the american people on the republican side and martin is that this president is clear in.
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the national weather service in sterling virginia has issued a special memory warning for chesapeake bay from pools island to sandy point maryland chesapeake bay north of pools island maryland until eight forty five pm it was seven pm a severe thunderstorm was located over aberdeen proving ground moving east at twenty five knots. hazard wind gusts in excess of fifty knots and look pale source radar indicated impact boaters could easily be thrown overboard by suddenly higher wind and waves capsizing their vessel boats could suffer significant damage in high winds and hail locations impacted include spencer the island turkey point and aberdeen proving ground boaters should seek safe harbor immediately until the storm passes wind gusts in excess of fifty knots large hail high waves dangerous lightning and heavy rain are possible with this storm.
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trying to drain the swamp trough is trying to encourage that they're fighting with everybody but back to the point the democrats are looking people are looking at the democrats and saying what are you for when you look at the trump you know he's on our side first and everybody gets in his way he will go after and that's worked pretty darn well for about eighteen months. the national weather service in my poly new jersey has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for new castle county in northern delaware cecil county in northeastern maryland southern chester county in southeastern pennsylvania delaware county in southeastern pennsylvania intil nine pm it was seven pm severe thunderstorms were located along a line extending from near phonak still to the riverside moving east that thirty
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five miles per hour hazard sixty miles per hour wind gusts. source radar indicated impact expects damage to trees and power lines locations impacted include wilmington newark middletown west chester elton calvert chester and bill west down downingtown full cost fourth more ellesmere kennett square newcastle oxford north east west grove and rising sunshine for your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a building repeating a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued until nine pm for the following county newcastle delaware and maryland and the following counties in pennsylvania mr and delaware. for debate the question for every senator democrat or republican is whether they
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will side with obamacare as architects which have been so destructive to our country or with it's forgotten victims any senator who votes against starting debate is telling america that you are fine with the obamacare nightmare which is what it is. for more on this we go to our friend dr corey a bear c.e.o. of community health even professor. dr great to have you whether you know what the mainstream media is not focusing on physicians. what do you make of that we don't hear much from the medical community right now when the president talks about unfair provisions i'm sure he's talking about rates that are going up or the mandate to buy and all this kind of stuff but the millions of people that are going to be heard here what's the strategy here and why is the medical community being so quiet all of a sudden your thoughts yes it's very interesting i think to
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a lot of things that play here it's a very political time right now in our country and i'm kind of concerned because you know. physicians tend to be a very much higher income bracket than a lot of people in the united states i'm not sure if that has something to do with it but the bigger the bigger issue is that what donald trump is offering really cannot be according to the c b o numbers of furthermore he's saying and out watch the speech today and i've been following this obviously you know with a magnifying glass for the last five years. he's saying he's going to decrease rates make sure that you can get your preexisting illnesses covered and he's going to increase coverage. he can't do that obamacare didn't even do that oh most you know what i mean so he can't what he's promising cannot be done and so when he's promising this to two to two physicians and to the regular common man what i what
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i'm seeing is that i think this issue they're hoping that the senators will not go forward with this i mean in louisiana we have a republican senator who is actually pushed back on on donald trump's bill a lot and cassidy and i are i met him several times. and he's not the most liberal guy in the world but even he has pushed back on the republicans plan to repeal and replace i mean it's not like you know this is just a all liberals just fighting this this is people and he's got to be a doctor so i mean. yeah well what if the facts are with the democrats and the numbers are with the democrats the republicans could do them a favor by voting to proceed tomorrow it would seem to me. but movement forward as far as the number of i mean how are the republicans from a physician's position going to defend the number of poor people especially minorities in this country who are going to be hurt by this republican move it's
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really indefensible and basically you have to think about it this is where the rubber hits the road either you think that health care is a right or health care is a privilege republicans think that health care is a privilege and when you think that health care is a privilege then it's it's something that you think that you know you need to pull up your bootstraps to get a job and then if you get a job you can get some health care and if you're not that guy you don't deserve health care some people feel like you know that the constitution didn't make a provision for health care but i like them to hearken back to the time when the cause of it was written there was no such thing as health care so i think it probably would have been considered during that time if they had actually had something called health care. all right dr correa baer great to have you with us tonight appreciate it so much as thank you. congressman ed royce sounded the alarm about this network r t last week the remarks were made during
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a speech to the ribbon society a centrist republican think tank based in washington d.c. the congressman expressed concern russian media now more in is now more influential than traditional american outlets like radio free europe and the voice of america royce also wants the united states to create a cyber command similar to the one in israel and called on teenagers to hone their hacking skills for more on this we're joined tonight by legal media analyst lionel lionel pack baby hack that's the. that seems to be the advice is coming from a high ranking congressman what's the mission here this is almost in the form of a threat isn't it. understand this man's position he suggests as fact the inspiration for this eases is the cagey b. which is so damn affective he says dick k.g. b.
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what decade is c n and also let me get this straight ed now you've been around you know what's going on here imagine the the sagacity of telling a congress person right now when the word hack and hacking is so much a part of our collective media d.n.a. so he goes out and says you know we should do let's unlist high schoolers to hack the united states let's do this let's have now do you want to stand we always talk about bad optics but i guess the bad auditory version of optics of this this goes to show you yet again this idea that we're going to promote propaganda and i just got one simple idea call me wacky call me crazy but don't you think one of the best ways for us to promote what is so great about our system and our republic is just to disseminate and spread i think it's called the truth just let the truth and let
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people hear it first well these concentrated propaganda units. propaganda units i mean i i would make the point that there is validity a in what he's saying because you know our our government funded networks more effective because truth the truth is the sponsors can't get people for telling the truth i mean we don't feel any pressure we're we are allowed to give you know it's our mission to give both sides of the story and a complete picture of what's going on and it's almost as if that's not what they want nor do they expect from their media and one of the problems he's having was he was to remove the b.b. jurisdiction and to give it to the president but at the time this was written they imagine they have magine a different president look what i'm suggesting is simply this the truth here is
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what's important and you can argue that whether for example truth versus commercial i understand that but as i understand what this fellow is saying here right now he is saying that we because we always talk about state sponsored media remember that's part of the message to spin state sponsored by our aid this is a propaganda it's a state sponsor so what does he suggest his own our own i guess collective state sponsored media to to rival this but also think about this and i can say this again to suggest to perhaps implement it suggest to federal funding and the like a kind of a homegrown farm team of boy scout hackers to go out and do what exactly that timing of this couldn't be more tone deaf and awful to bring up that k.g. b. . well why intellect always it was good to have you with us tonight in a sense a very good question good to have you on thank you my friend president trump has
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pulled the plug on the cia's program to arm and train rebels in syria the program has cost the pentagon over a billion dollars artie's alexy yarrow shops has the latest tonight. last week when news of trump attention to stopping cia program of training and arming rebels in syria surfaced in the washington post the oral narrative was quite easy to predict the move sought by moscow it's had line some pundits and commentators went even further from suggesting that trump caved in to putin or that it's all trees and you know the usual putin puppet thing but does this move really benefit russia fair enough putin himself as well as other top officials in moscow have been on record implying that u.s. strategy in syria with arming the rebel forces and then seeing those weapons in the hands of had shopping jihadi this may not have been the best one but here's the thing u.s. failures in syria have been acknowledged on the highest level even in the obama
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administration as of joy third we are currently treated about sixty five years this number is much smaller than we were at this point in fact d.o.d.'s much anticipated program to train rebel fighters in syria was scrapped by obama and replaced with supplying the existing ones with weapons and why well because the health a billion dollar a year program managed to produce only a handful of fighters for fire at first and then only sixty while expectations of fighters trained by full twenty fifteen was in the thousands the cia plan of arm and train rebels when separately from that of the d.o.d. and the very same washington post revealed that it had twice the pentagon's budget there's a billion dollars a year which made one fifteenth of cia's overall budget and effectively meant that every rabble trained by the cia cost around one hundred thousand dollars and some actually believe it was all worth it as we can leaks founder julian assange pointed out one washington post reporter from. fired shots at also those rebels actually
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killed or wounded one hundred thousand syrian government troops one may ask when and how did that happen especially considering that there have been cases when the rebels supported by the cia calash with those trained and armed by the pentagon l a times reported that in february last year the deal with. the national weather service in sterling virginia has issued a special memory warning for chesapeake bay from pools island to sandy point maryland chesapeake bay north island maryland chester rivers of queenstown maryland eastern patapsco river including baltimore harbor until ten fifteen pm. twenty one
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pm a strong thunderstorm was located twenty five nautical miles west of middle river moving east at thirty knots hazard thirty four knots or greater source radar indicated impact voters and small craft could be thrown overboard by suddenly higher winds and waves capsizing their vessel locations and tank that include fort smallwood state park pine forest narrows bridge north point state park with the river island chester river gibson island can point us to beach island point to more light and seven foot. move to safe harbor until hazardous weather passes. at least consistently was fighting against the radical islamic terrorists the president said we should be opposed to now i guess at long last some kind of degree of saturday has caught up with our policy instead of subsidizing these maniacs we're going to cut off weapons to them and hopefully team up in defeating them. for
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the united states this has a history of failure does this pretty much underscore how off the mark president obama was on syria it does and it also let's be clear about this that this is a policy that goes back decades ever since the mujahideen war against the soviet union that there have been people here in washington that see jihad as freedom fighters whether it's in afghanistan or kosovo or bosnia or libya and now in syria and then we wonder why there's been so many countries why we have all of these terrorists in so many countries so how do we know for sure that the cia is out how can the american taxpayer be sure that the kind of money that alexy our shops he was just talking about that were tossed around billions of dollars isn't going to be there anymore and we're definitely not going to be training there's a lot of stuff done on the q t. i think it's too soon to say that this is
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a done deal i really do there was an earlier report this year that the program had been cut off evidently was re started list remember this is partly a bureaucratic fight between the cia and its clients on the one hand and the pentagon and their courage kurdish clients on the other hand there's going to be a lot of pushback from capitol hill on this and and these new stories it's all about the russians the russians wanted cetera et cetera is going to dovetail with the me about the you know the russian influence on trump and on his people and so forth and the moeller investigations so forth i don't i don't think that this is doesn't necessarily the end of the regime change bush. and i want you to reflect on some reports out there tonight that rex tillerson is considering a short term as secretary of state that he reportedly has told close friends that he's going to try to make it to the end of the year but others are saying that there is too much conflict with the white house or the way things are being run
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what's your reaction to that i this is i just heard that earlier today i'm not all that surprised you know for one thing you notice the very slow pace of appointments at the state department i noticed somebody was named to the undersecretary for europe in your asian affairs who could have been a clone of victoria nuland in the old administration it seems to me that the change is not really coming if you will the swamp is winning when it comes to the policy jobs i think this cutting off aid to these terrorists is a small ray of hope in a rather dark picture. all right jim always a pleasure nice to have you with the show and thanks so much and that is our news so i follow me on twitter and news with ed like me on the facebook page we've got. reported the newsroom thanks for watching we'll see you back here tomorrow not.
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