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tv   Headline News  RT  July 25, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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the u.s. is set to vote on further sanctions against russia but the e.u. warns of retaliation against washington if the move hurts european business. quote no magic solution to the refugee crisis can be found italy's interior minister warns that international talks and arctic route travels to rural areas of the country to gauge the effects of the migrant influx. iraq's vice president calls for a bigger russian presence in his country ahead of talks with blatter my point.
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broadcasting live from the russian capital you're watching our team to national it's eleven in the morning here in moscow i am and these two top story at this hour the u.s. is set to vote on further sanctions against russia on tuesday the bill which has already been passed in the senate and now goes to the house targets russia for allegedly interfering in u.s. presidential elections let's take a look at what's in the bill it blocks any partnership with a russian companies in a range of sectors it also calls for punitive measures if any company invests exports or helps russian pipeline projects. but the move faces stiff resistance from the e.u. russel's warns it may retaliate if the move hurts european businesses the e.u. commission warns it is launching a major diplomatic offensive against a possible new sanctions. following the spruces swith some concern regarding the european union's energy independence and their g security
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interests we are activating all diplomatic channels to. address these concerns from these u.s. measures with our u.s. counterparts and earlier version of the bill has already been slammed by germany and austria cannot accept the us through to impose sanctions that violate international law and affected european companies involved in the expansion of europe's energy supply europe so the g. supply is a matter for europe i'm not the united states of america it's up to us to decide who supplies us with energy and how according to rules of openness immokalee competition the bill accuses russia of weaponize ing its gas exports but us came up and explains it would actually hand the us more power to control the global energy market so after months of podium pounding and condemnations against russia the us congress is about to pass
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a bill penalizing russia not much to see here right just part of the ongoing confrontation well let's take a look at what's actually in the bill the bill is targeting the construction of a key natural gas pipeline into europe citing what it calls detrimental impact on european energy security furthermore in the same paragraph the bill talks about exporting more of america's resources in order to create american jobs strengthen u.s. allies and strengthen u.s. foreign policy now that all agrees with a key component of u.s. energy strategy america's global dominance and finally we will acknowledge that energy policy. is not just a vital element of u.s. economic policy but it's also a viable element of u.s. foreign policy and one of the most important actions we can take is to use our massive shale gas resources to begin shipping liquefied natural gas overseas
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so there you have it but what does selling gas to europe have to do with protecting the sanctity of america's voting machines america's european allies are now crying foul saying that the usa is interfering with their energy policies with these sanctions and this conflict the relationship between russia and germany is not always free of conflicts but i cannot see how the politics of sanctions is hoping that says there is an american saying if you're in a hole stop digging i think this would be the right's approach to this issue the united states wants somehow to have a bigger share of the european market especially in german germany because germany isa biggest market. so far what i saw is that the russian you know is somehow an enemy for the u.s. guy. from each state. and we have a very longstanding relations with the russian federation. in
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a market where you know you have longstanding relations and i see. a good example to mention. at this point russia counts for thirty eight percent of the european union's natural gas while the usa only accounts for two percent of the e.u. is natural gas imports you can bet some slick wall street syndicates would like to reverse that lineup so when you hear this explanation of the sanctions we'll continue to work with the house and the senate to put those tough sanctions in place on russia until the situation in ukraine is fully resolved don't forget about this one we are committed to securing your access to alternate sources of energy so poland and its neighbors are never again held hostage to a single supplier of energy u.s. leaders say that they don't like russia for all kinds of reasons but one thing they
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don't mention is that russia is a key exporter of oil and natural gas competing with the big monopolists cable baghban artsy new york donald trump's son in law of gerry kirshner has denied all accusations of collusion with russia during last year's election campaign he made a statement outside the white house let me be very clear i did not collude with russia nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign and that is why he won suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him the president's senior adviser was called to testify in front of a senate intelligence committee the hearing was whole was held behind closed doors but even before he went in he explained the extent of his contacts with russians during the presidential campaign has the story. he did put out an eleven page
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statement before him and in that document he outright denies all accusations of colluding with the russians or of having any knowledge of others in team trump having done so along with denying having any improper contact with foreign officials bush outlined each interaction he had with russians including the now infamous meeting with a russian attorney that the media has painted as no less than a kremlin agent cushion or was being invited to meet with a russian attorney and it had been promised she would deliver dirt on hillary clinton and it is suspicious that they met with these people that they didn't consult a lawyer and that one of these people is a former k.g.b. she or you with a russian intelligence arm kirshner's explanation is much less exciting he claims that the meeting was about adoption and that he even had an assistant call him and get him out of it because it wasn't a good use of his time question or also draw attention to the fact that his job during the campaign was to be the point of contact with foreign countries and
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therefore the four times he did encounter russians was well within his scope realistically not having any to report would have been more concerning given the amount of foreign contacts he had during the campaign i had incoming contacts with people from approximately fifteen countries to put these requests in context i must have received thousands of kools let's isn't e-mails from people looking to talk a meet on a variety of topics including hundreds from outside the united states when i could not be responsive to everyone i tried to be respectful of any foreign government question or how stressed the fact that he had only limited contacts with russian representatives and none of them were improper history has shown us that it is likely that the hunt for wrongdoing well continue political analyst charles or tell believe the rival democratic party has gained nothing from its relentless campaign against a team trying. jarrett coaster did a great job in the primary a great job in the general election a great job in the transition and a fine job an outstanding job today so i would hope that the democrats were would
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realize it's actually in their interest now to use this new message that just rebranded just came out today and accept the fact that they lost because hillary clinton and her team ran a horrible campaign learn from their move on and select a new set of initiatives to try to sell the american people but i fear there are simply just not going to give up quite frankly i think we've seen enough we know enough i think president trump should stand up he should be encouraged to use the process formally and get robert muller says to produce results and then stand down . there's no magic solution to the refugee crisis according to italy's interior minister european officials met in tunisia to discuss the problem on monday italy's been the most vocal over the migrant issue with the country receiving the brunt of all refugees coming by sea from africa interior minister marco minutes stressed the need for
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a common strategy. there is no magic solution no nation can alone deal with the migratory flunks a new nation sheltered from it this year alone almost one hundred thousand refugees have reached a tally in coast that's eighty five percent of all migrants who have journeyed by sea to europe. has been traveling across italy to rural areas of the country the see how the crisis is impacting on life there. italy's come up with a plan to ease the migrant crisis make them settle across the country even in the most remote areas one neighborhood saw an abandoned hotel turn into a refugee shelter overnight the result a divided community and a mere launching a protest. bad to a small town in the mountains which after a government decision was forced to accommodate dozens of migrants. i hope the mayor of this town mr cheever talk explain the system to me.
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on jordan oh can we see the hotel now. that yes ok thank you. the prefecture didn't tell us in advance that migrants were coming but i thought everything would work out so the government told us that it would help us to cope with the migrants there already many problems like unemployment issues with infrastructure health etc that's why some people around here are angry because the government chose to invest money into the relocation of migrants instead of providing time with additional funds. this looks like the hotel we're looking for they entered through the gates but stayed outside because there was no electricity the hotel hasn't been used for years to host tourists my next step was to try and talk to the migrants inside but they wouldn't let me behind a locked gate was a dodgy looking men he claimed to be from a cooperative that had been put in charge by the authorities filming he said the
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mayor said that a very low percentage of people who are here are actually refugees most of them are economic migrants is not true no that's not true the migrants are well integrated the mayor has never even contacted me he is lying i went on to ask where the migrants were from the man claimed they were all refugees out of. nigeria niger guinea became a fast food just as i was negotiating we saw a couple with a tray of sweets turns out some locals were indeed glad to have the new neighbors the security guard let's put it this way made an exception for me and actually allowed me inside the hotel to see what the conditions are like and i can tell you that the migrants and refugees have everything to live a normal life there the question though remains whether they will be able to integrate into the local society and whether all the locals will be ready to accept
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that number of refugees our journey continued to another small community where migrants haven't arrived yet but the government's intentions have already caused quite a debate in the usually quiet neighborhood. a very small abandoned school local government wanted to place sixty my grandson in that small building i think we have a chance to talk to the lawyer who is representing the local community as far as i understand the plan was to put the migrants here most of the rest. putting migrants here into buildings like this is racism the risk is that the shelter could turn into a ghetto the kind of concentration camps because the migrants will have nothing to do here but the problem is not just this it's bigger it's about the lack of ability and opportunities to integrate the boats won't stop arriving in sicily from north africa so let's wait till you hear similar stories from italy's many other. having blasted the rest of the. crisis italian officials seem to have taken up the
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strategy of a nationwide melting pot will be watching how it's put to the test you'll have a drink tea in sicily. with islamic state losing grounds in its stronghold there have been frequent warnings that many to harvest from europe may flee back home it's thought a twenty two year old dutch rapper could be one of them after he posted this online . so people. see. but that rapper is among hundreds of europeans who left their countries to join us on stage and iraq and syria the netherlands authorities believe two hundred eighty dutch national is headed to the middle east to take up the jihad of that one hundred nineteen manage to join isis while fifty returned back home. eighty of
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those that left holland are officially classed as children. it seems many jobless were determined from the outside to eventually return home and resettle and europe . i had expected to be a change factor in the civil war by fighting a shot that didn't succeed because the world is siding with the side and they always had the intention of returning after the war. countries across europe have been ringing the alarm bells for some time now over the risks posed by returning to harness even though they will face criminal charges some fear the fighters will just say what the authorities want to hear. integration there were rocks with the individual who ought to be integrated is sort of willing to integrate so the question is when these people who were born in the west and then converted to islam there fled their home countries because they were called weak to islam and the isis
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state being the better choice but the question is really are they willing to change to change back to the rules or is it only some artificial. behavior in order to come back from the crumbling isis state and then carry on fighting in western europe that's a question an adult film about a homosexual syrian refugee is sparking debate we discuss the issue right after shepherd. when i almost choked someone seemed wrong roles just don't call. me you get to shape out. comes to educate and in. equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. choose to look for common ground. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corners corporations run washington washington media the media folks voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before . welcome back to the program iraq's vice president is meeting vladimir putin on tuesday joining a four day trip to russia it comes after newly al maliki said moscow should broaden
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his political and military presence in iraq are his gay partners has more. burey maliki is meeting president putin instead petersburg on day three of his four day trip here to russia and the meetings that he had yesterday were with sergey lavrov the foreign minister to discuss what about russian cooperation with iraq and how that they can develop relations further in particular spheres like economic space the political balance there and also in the military sphere in the league he called upon russia yesterday to increase its presence in iraq iraq has historic ties with russia and now we need russia's political as well as military presence to restore balance in the region in the interests of the countries and nations living there. well as we're hearing there russia and iraq seem to have very good relations with in the meantime iraq's relations with the u.s. haven't been so good leaky is a known and vocal critic of the american bases there and also how he's forced how uncomfortable the iraqi people are with the american presence he's also said that he's concerned about how the americans could also claim credit for the liberation
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in mosul against isis which he feels was effectively down to the iraqi forces on the ground rather than the american presence so lots of issues to discuss when it's coming up today on day three terrorism one of them that's the big point there but also as you said before economic cooperation and moving forward on maintaining what he calls that political balance. an adult movie about homosexual muslim refugees has sparked controversy in germany the film shows a night in the life of a newly arrived syrian refugee in berlin who after suffering a hate crime needs a german man the director explained she was trying to change attitudes towards migrants. it's. like you're reading. in the café. you didn't understand. like the sound of it.
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if you are brought up with an idea that homosexuality is wrong. of course there will be people thinking that this film is showing something that is completely out of the question. but what i hope for and what i wish for them looking at it and getting emotional with the characters feeling for it and eventually. mine the vast majority of newcomers to germany are muslim with homosexuality forbidden in islam we've got a reaction to the film from a syrian refugee. i came to europe from the arab east from syria not to see things like this but to learn from europeans the culture of good behavior i'm personally against it shouldn't gaijin this kind of action. social commentator mo ns are and conservative writer mike turner of age gave us their views on the story
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. if it can do some good to show people that muslims come in different kinds of shapes and forms but that's a great thing now there are naturally going to be people who are upset maybe some the graphic scenes in the sexual scenes it is an adult movie but the key themes are that there are different stories and some people want to tell their stories there's definitely some tension between the idea that europe needs to open its doors and walk them in millions of people from all over the world with those millions of people often have homophobic values it's been proven they're actually have to segregate gay people in the refugee camps because they do face violence and attacks in germany had a problem with that with the refugees that we had some reports that recent in the u.k. and in france about asylum seekers who were gay and who were being so badly abused by guards in offices and other people that were not being protected that they have taken their own lives and you're going to have a major culture clash if you walk a man a million new people who have a strong cultural identity and are willing to impose that culture ideally in their
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own social norms are the people who live in the host nation my kids one of these guys that belongs on the alternative or the far right now who have been peddling. ideas of war in the one nine hundred thirty s. would call the untermensch which is that there are people who are somehow less human they've got less human values they're monolithic bloc so i just remember one thing mike that homosexuality was made norful lawful in terms of there was no crime or punishment to be meted out to people who were gay in the muslim world centuries before it was in the race the facts are the pew research has done multiple studies on this and multiple polling and fifty percent of people in muslim majority nations do believe that homosexuality should be a crime in question is is the muslim world now in the middle east now not three hundred years ago now five hundred years ago now are there except of homosexuals and gay people the answer is that they're not you have to change hearts through
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enlightenment through education through reaching out through engagement what you don't change hearts spies by pointing at people and demonizing them and making them feel under siege and downtrodden what you don't do is change hearts and minds by making people feel somehow untrustworthy or unworthy your. u.s. forces in afghanistan have been accused of killing eight civilians in an airstrike the bombing raid took place in the nagra heart province on sunday was targeting islamic state a spokesman for the regional governor issued a statement. he told us the. militants were killed in the u.s. operation eight civilians were injured another eight killed including women and children. into witnesses the strike hit a funeral procession several of the survivors are being treated at a local hospital artie's video agency rubbly managed to speak to some of them. but if i had shown it's then the jets find
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a lost me sorrow it level twenty five rooms to ground some people were killed and injured later i fainted when i opened my eyes i found myself in hospital. we were sitting in the room together and suddenly i had to must have been pardoned to follow the witch and i was injured. so. the u.s. military has come first and the strike took place but said it wasn't aware of any civilian casualties while the u.n. mission has promised an investigation into these allegations. thanks for staying with us you're watching our team to national if you want more details of any of the stories we're covering today to head to our social media platforms including our facebook page twitter page you tube channel and of course our web site r.t.
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dot com i'll be back in about half an hour's time with more stories. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. do something want to reach. out to the right person this is what the three of the more people are. interested in the waters in that. city.
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this. can only get a little bit too much. but i you. know both i'm through with it but i guess i'm kind of in the side of this yes. there's no sooner. that. he will get a good area for immigrants it's. never really know for sure but this is been a active area. so i. know. when i started no i.
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