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but the punishment. is what the speeds felt by. removing mushrooms so that having to answer the same old questions it is a small price to pay for the incredible journey this is making aaron reporting from on t.v. from biking. no doubt we'll have a camera trained on the launch pad when they settle for just over a couple of hours let me get in there in just over half an hour for more reaction to russia's diplomatic mission to the prospect of yet more u.s. sanctions meantime good news alerts from altie on facebook and twitter. with make this manufactured consent instant to the public well. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. with the famous
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merry go round certainly the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. billion real news is true. for many particularly his critics a trumpet ministration is nothing less than chaos on steroids for some who know the president this is merely business as usual for him is this a winning strategy for the president america and the world. florey used to be a professional hockey player won a stanley cup and the moment the girl who was living the dream but who sits in a dark side. time i was fourteen to sixteen i was raped one hundred fifty times by a coal mine i was more us in a dark room and so you know every time i close my eyes. i can sleep after many
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years of silence he speaks up and unites without a thing so you are going on trial. walking in from now or walking to the victor walk it's to create awareness and promote healing around the subject child sexual abuse this type of behavior is absolutely example because of the sentences that are handed down to the justice system. we have video from well i'm to introduce to you today we have the owner of talking to nicolas maduro the president of venezuela mr president thank you for coming venezuela is going through a very tough time right now in a few days the elections the national constitutional assembly will take place it's polarized the country both politically and socially well the election go ahead after all is there no going back so i mean that's not going to be and. since the adoption of the nine hundred ninety nine constitution convening a constitutional assembly has been the political rights of the venezuelan people
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it's not only a political rights it's a human right too. i called for a national constitutional assembly on may the first as it became clear that the right wing forces in venezuela didn't want dialogue they violated all of the agreements they signed up to last november and started to rebel trying to carry out a coup in april they tried to break our country apart but failed since may have been openly using violence supported by the us and the trumpet ministration through the cia n.s.a. pentagon and state department they have also gained support from the right leaning discredited latin american governments colombia in particular. yet the opposition claims that this sunday's election is you seeking to consolidate power and hold onto it forever. whatever appointment and it is your choice you're going
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to be the opposition has been saying the same thing for eighteen years they used to say about hugo chavez and know about me for the last four years there is no other way to resolve a conflict in our country than through democratic means. for three and a half weeks starting in may i urged the opposition to engage in direct dialogue and join the national constitutional assembly but they refused. since then the only thing the opposition has been doing is taking more steps backwards right now the situation is dire they face political isolation they're leaning towards the far right and they've trapped themselves in this strategy of local acts of violence restricting the movement of people in the very districts that voted for them. the opposition is losing the support of the venezuelan people that voted for them in the past if not now why do you think the opposition always refuses to engage in dialogue with you when you get out of it because those are their orders the way the
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opposition behaves to a large extent stems from changes in u.s. politics and the ultra right politicians nominated for key position is and the trumpet ministration as well as lobbyists the lobbyist and the ultra right are running the country together it's very dangerous for the entire world. you know i mean for venezuela this means that the american leadership sees only one option and that is to destroy our country to try and wreck it so they can lay their hands on venezuela's vast resources which let's not forget that venezuela is proven oil reserves are officially recognized as the largest in the world we have enough oil for two hundred years. venezuela has the fourth largest natural gas reserves and the largest reserves of gold in the world. we have big reserves of copper and diamonds so when it came to geopolitics in latin america venezuela raised the flag of resistance and stood its ground defending its independence and its successful
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model which is why the us ruling elite has been bullying others for eighteen years the ultra right in the us has tried to use violent means coups interventions and accusations against president putin. i spoke to him a week and a half ago the damage we have suffered is a thousand times greater than in ukraine. the same tactics have been applied to us but a thousand times worse. i don't know that we'll talk more about oil later but for now let's keep talking about the constitutional assembly it wasn't put to a referendum so what i'd like to know is when and how after the constitutional assembly is convened the new constitution will be drafted and whether or not it will be put to a referendum. and we put that that boy that's a very important question every day we have to deal with scathing attacks in the international media which usually happens to countries that are targeted by
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american imperialism first there was iraq when they lied about weapons of mass destruction then iraq was destroyed and now it's a hotbed of terrorism then came libya which was destroyed and then forgotten and now look at the crisis in the mediterranean in. venezuela is now a target of a witch hunt of global media persecution they spread lies and deception abound so as this is the real fake news the post truth era. in venezuela the constitutional assembly will not be made up of political parties is not a constitutional assembly in the traditional sense it's a public grassroots constitutional assembly where each of the three hundred thirty five municipalities is represented it will be comprised of representatives from all these municipalities i called on different social groups to take part in the election workers farmers disabled people women students and business people and
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different social groups see that yes there will be a general election to pick members of the assembly representing different social groups and all the municipalities held on sunday july the thirtieth. for example the working class with elect seventy nine assembly members farmers will elect eight the quota for disabled people is five representatives and the same number goes for business people. our pensioners will have twenty eight representatives and a couple. sad to say that over the last hundred days a number of people were killed in venezuela for different reasons i'd like to hear your take on this and ask you to comment on the criticism leveled in this respect at the police who are controlled by your government you are ok with it but don't read it i think the question should be put the other way the international community has to make up its mind about the violent coup against the venezuelan people staged by the right wing opposition. it has to make up its mind about twenty
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nine people burnt alive merely because they were suspected of being shot his supporters. who do you believe is to blame for the deaths of those people what will suit you if you investigate further instead of limiting yourself to general statements that come from international news agencies you'll be able to learn all the details about what's going on in venezuela venezuela is going through the same thing as ukraine i don't know if you know what happened in ukraine. is an act of course mr president but i'd like to hear what you have to say about it but i think you should look into it and i get it there are people being killed in venezuela never mind which side they are on we would like to give you the opportunity to address the media that accuses the police controlled by your government of killing them do you have anything to say could you elaborate on this so that the people who get the news from the major international media outlets learns more about your point of view what's your opinion on the death of all these people in venezuela and who is to blame. the scene of some of the your o'con to has fallen
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victim to a geo political agenda or our country is being persecuted they've tried to create the same extreme conditions in venezuela as they did in libya iraq and syria but thanks to world power and strength of our people the unity of the revolutionary government and the unity of the people and the military we've managed to avoid this venezuela lived through one hundred ten days of brutal violence but showed patience . and courage they i mean you have you in. but already the opposition here does not employ democratic means it does not put forward reasonable demands in line with the constitution i mean there is no democratic opposition in our country that offers a constitutional alternative to the political regime venezuela's opposition wanted a coup so that later they could ask for an intervention we managed to foil the coup
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attempt our difficulties are likely to continue for a while but soon enough we will put an end to this problem once and for all and gain opposition because i don't support it i mean. that in venezuela has prevailed in its struggle and will continue to do so it is not our first battle. attempt that took place in april two thousand and two was carried out based on a media campaign but justified overthrowing president chavez with false accusations that he ordered the killing of peaceful protesters let's not forget that mr president do you think the entire world is against you you know that ok we're going to come back and want to topple me that's what i believe there is a large scale campaign in support of venezuela across the world i find this kind of solidarity extremely impressive the best minds always see the truth despite the campaign waged in the media. not only has venezuela prevailed in the domestic arena but there is also a huge international solidarity movement that can dispel the fog of manipulation
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and lies. in the i mean he said i'd like to dwell on that subject for a second can you tell us who are those that stand up against you and oppose you both at the global and regional levels can you also tell us who supports them. i know. i get. so simple upset about it yes it's simple the global media narrative is controlled by the west specifically by the united states the media serves global geopolitical interests and the global oligarch and especially in washington which sees latin america and the caribbean as nothing more than their backyard the obama administration attacked our revolution and regrettably did not behave decently towards venezuela. and now there are major changes among those who are in power in washington who run key institutions i don't know whether you have heard about this but the cia director recently confessed that
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he was in charge of coordinating the work of the cia with the authorities of colombia and mexico to topple the government in venezuela and then pave the way for a new government to take its place such confessions lead to much bloodshed and violence many people in latin america have died as a result of the cia directly intervening in the domestic affairs of venezuela we have come through difficult times but i would say that the cia director who pleaded guilty as a lawyer would say and the governments of mexico and colombia were caught red handed so it's laughable that they tried to say it didn't happen. what did i launcher in misrata in venezuela we want our own way of living we want to see the historical model created by simon bolivar prevail we are in a struggle to protect our independence and with the. at independence we want to create a homegrown economic political and social model to defend our country's wealth as
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it belongs only to venezuelans we are in a struggle to defend the model of latin america and the caribbean as one integrated zone and up hold the independence of the region as a whole there should be no doubt about the origins of that historical conflict because it did not start yesterday with the insurrection of these violent extremists in april in venezuela it began a long time ago. because back to the munroe doctrine or the concept of america for the americans as they used to say back in the nineteenth century unfortunately they really tried to implement it and it brought about much harm. let's turn to simon bolivar in one hundred twenty nine he spoke truly prophetic words the united states appears to be destined by providence to plague america with misery in the name of liberty. it has been a long historical conflict after we claim a legitimate victory this sunday and once again establish the revolutionary forces
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which will be a truly historic moment for us we will kick start the process of sustainable recovery i dive versified recovery and we will continue to introduce the model of social unity which has already proved to be beneficial for venezuela and the whole world. we will continue this struggle and i hope at a different level they already publicly said i don't know how long donald trump will remain in the presidential seat taking into account what is happening in the us donald trump is an outsider a businessman trying to deal with such power structures as the pentagon and looking for ways to create alliances with imperialistic state institutions i don't know how long he will be in power and what kind of power he will have in the end but i would like to meet with donald trump and shake his hand and tell him forget about gunboat diplomacy and. road doctrine is time to accept the diversity of political thinking it's time for mutual respect and interaction on an equal footing i would like to
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say to mr trump stop your aggression towards venezuela for his well is vital to ensuring stability in the whole region like venezuela wants to live in peace really it's. back financial survival. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside to artificially low mortgage rates don't get carried away that's cause report. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes
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protect themselves. we can all middle of the room sick. this is how the.
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and maybe in my life as you and i was speaking about aggression against venezuela it was confirmed that there's still a possibility that the u.s. will decide to impose sanctions on your country do you have any plan for results redistribution if those sanctions concerned the oil sector would venezuela then direct its oil exports to other regions. fortunately i mean we have approved that we can cope with various types of economic warfare both internal and external in
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twenty fifteen as a result of manipulations and influence in the oil sector by the us which intensify that shale extraction the oil price dropped from one hundred dollars per barrel to around twenty dollars that might be venezuela last three and a half to four billion dollars a month. and in twenty sixteen we had a couple of months when we received no profit at all from our oil because we had to sell it at cost and in some cases at a loss but we acted very swiftly and frankly who could always count on the support of president putin eventually an agreement was signed with opec and no one opec countries that help to maintain the oil price at a certain average level and stabilize the oil market venezuela is ready for any scenario. then i believe we can discuss oil and the other natural resources that you have mentioned such as gas gold copper and diamonds i'd like to ask you what role did or oil play in the political and economic crisis in venezuela so you know
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what i can benefit from what you learned a fundamental one we can take the example of chile when richard nixon and henry kissinger said that the chilean economy should be fixed it is a very tragic example it's still seen as tragic today that happened a long time ago back then the copper price was pushed down and it was the primary source of foreign currency earnings fortunately the same thing happens in venezuela and other countries the struggle for control over oil has been going on for decades in venezuela first the coup was staged by transnational oil companies back in one thousand no wait they control the oil sector for many years until the revolution happened in the one nine hundred ninety eight the struggle will never stop because for the next fifty years all will remain a primary energy source for the world that's the structure of the global economy. today the u.s. has started to use fracking to extract oil and gas which pollutes and damages the
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environment oil output in the us has increased up to almost nine and a half million barrels per day and they have manipulated the dollar to lower oil prices we need to protect the oil market through agreements with opec and the non opec countries i have suggested that an emergency summit should be convened and i hope that it will take place in the second half of this year the focus will be on finding a new approach to managing the oil market understand wish a new pricing policy. in your opinion can agreements between the venezuelan p.d.s.a. and russian rosneft cause any complaints. when i can only answer that for you or else. we have a very solid alliance with russia in the oil and gas sector our corporation is evolving quickly it also includes russian investments in the orinoco belt which is rich in oil and gas during the second half of this year our p.d. vs a state company and russian oil and gas companies will sign a number of major deals to increase the amount of investment that you see on the
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hill and that in the u.s. doesn't like this he went on to say ok we know for you. they don't you must have seen all the russophobia unfortunately there is a mentality of pettiness that is caused by envy among the people in washington who are calling the shots they can't stand it that russia a country with tremendous power is doing so well they cannot allow president putin to become a leader of this new emerging world and a peaceful with that. today we see leaders who are unprecedented in history these people are not like the old leaders with their colonial reasoning they do not strive for global domination leaders such as virginia put in an accusing pin are following the path of mutual respect and cooperation a path of peace ross a phobia has been spread by the same forces that are now attacking us these same
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forces attacked president putin and i think that russia which has emerged as a great new power as hugo chavez for so who play a major role in the future fortunately we have developed exceptionally good relations with russia and with other emerging economies. speaking of international relations with other countries have you tried establishing dialogue with other leaders of latin america i try to maintain dialogue with everyone for example for example with the countries of the caribbean if i mention a specific president he will immediately come under a torrent of criticism from the media in the case of venezuela deserves more attention. why russia today is one of the few channels that maintains balance in the information space and i believe the situation of countries in should be studied in detail because there is a real witch hunt going on against venezuela through manipulation lies and hatred all at the international level and domestically too but at home we can at least
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defend ourselves all of these lies repeated by every t.v. channel and most spread on social media. there is a special key to facebook and a key to instagram to twitter. venezuela does not have this key for the u.s. global power does that is why social media which twenty million of us citizens have access to since we are an open and free country is used to poisonous. we can defend ourselves inside the country but who will protect us at the international level who will tell the world the truth about as there is now a media lynch mob spreading hatred and anger against venezuela it's unbelievable if i were to name any president i've talked to who there is a centrist left wing all right when he would come under a domestic media sold and there would be pressure put on him. so you believe that donald trump is maintaining contacts with other presidents in the region in order
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to act against venezuela i always say what i absolutely certain of that if you read his correspondence and his official statements in the white house his conversations with latin american leaders the first issue on the agenda is always venezuela when one of the presidents from our region goes to visit the u.s. the number one issue is always venezuela. going back to pedro public kaczynski the president of peru mm after he went to visit donald trump at the white house he was asked how does president trump view latin american cooking school replied he's not concerned with latin america for him latin america is like a small dog with raised paws working its tail and not causing any trouble the only exception is venezuela mr president you said that you were here today because the people chose you the new presidential elections in venezuela are going to take place in twenty eighteen how do you see your future your beautiful daughter what
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i'm thinking about is the future of my country i do not have any personal plans i'm not here because i'm a career politician or to realize my own big. sions i am here because i have a mission and i will stay in office as long as my people want me to go on with this mission. your presidential term ends in twenty eighteen how do you believe it will end but that you know everybody on it will end in victory together with the constitutional assembly our people will enter a new chapter full of hope a time of economic political and moral and social recovery a time of peace the current period will end and we will learn from it this isn't the first time this is happened to us i remember the period between two thousand and two thousand and six when we were led by hugo chavez those were his first six years with the new constitution our country went through a lot in two thousand and one to two thousand and four and then we experienced
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a miracle the social progress political achievements and economic recovery. we only have a few minutes left mr president do you believe in self-criticism so it might end up will feel i underestimated the opposition its ability to inflict damage its anger its capacity for violence this may be the worst mistake i have made we underestimated them because we have to kind hearted we always tend to think that our opponents reasoning is the same as ours. i held out my hand many times and they tried to burn it each time me but they never succeeded perhaps the greatest mistake is my belief that you can use your words to pacify those who do not want peace and everything mr president do you miss hugo chavez. by that of course always he's like a father to us he is always with us he was like a wonderful caring father who was always by our side and by that i mean not only
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that i had the honor of standing by him for such a long time but that he was close to us and always in the hearts of his people we miss him but the best thing we can do to honor him is to continue his legacy. thank you mr president it's over so soon this is television you can't help it thank you and my thanks to r.t. but. our thanks ira. for many particularly his critics the trumpet ministration is nothing less than
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chaos on steroids for some who know the president this is merely business as usual for him is this a winning strategy for the president america and the world. it's a very rough terrain you so it's rough climates and you have to fight to be able to them. it was gunshots on top of them and so many friends what happened in the middle of may even not. you know i don't want. to see it but a body in this world in the digital budgets read in the good. old to new book to read and. you don't think about these movies so good on you got three like and you know another patient.
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if we take for instance the size large enough to destroy a city say forty meters or so of the million or so asteroids out there we have discovered perhaps a percent or so of that ten thousand of them. so in other words i means that ninety nine percent of them are undiscovered so you should expect that the great majority of asteroids are very close to the earth to come as a surprise.
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