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tv   Headline News  RT  August 16, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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from desperation to liberation hope for syrian. army works to repel the islamic state from the city r.t. house exclusive video also ahead this hour washington's mixed messages over the korean crisis confused. in the region. america's envoy. saying it mustn't become too big to fail.
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coming from moscow twenty four hours a day this is r.t. international my names you know neil welcome to the program this hour's top story after three years of being isolated from the outside world there is hope for syrians in terrorism where the army is battling to retake it from islamic state an r t has filmed the exclusive video from inside the besieged city. so. i'm going to. ask you to listen again a little i will look i did speak. with. one of them and i. their conditions inside the city are dire after years of terrorist oppression basic
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necessities including food or scars on the un humanitarian agency is concerned that vital medical help is not getting through right now the only way to get emergency supplies to civilians is through or drops picking up the story only a patrol. it's not the mariana trench or an active volcano but still one of the least accessible places on our planet syria's dear resort a city that's been completely encircled by islamic state for some three years thanks. although it almost seems impossible but the only way to get into the city is by plane but it means risking your life one r.t. contributor did just that getting exclusive access to the neighborhood of besieged a resort right here just hundreds of meters from the front line at first glance
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these exclusive pictures seem they could be from any middle east city but that's far from that here's what locals who have gotten used to going to that are out of a job that there was. simply coming to us. any of us are going mortars left. craters rubble blood on the ground you can find scenes like this all over war torn syria but here in des resorts the disaster is totally and it's capable the city completely cut off there's been times which have been very dire but has said local support has been key especially to the tribes in the division they have been key to holding out and at the moment it's very similar and drops are happening and people
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forget that the siege has been very difficult for the deescalation zone has helped the situation and there is are as well see these parachutes that's food in essential is being delivered today resorts basically the only way possible you don't have to be you an expert to realize how bad things are when it comes to the. water and food situation here when you're inside the city the camera doesn't lie about the consequences of the siege the u.n. estimated some ninety thousand people remain trapped in their resort today we can't tell how many are left but they're still there hoping to forget what it's like to have islamic state as their only neighbors. don't know trump says north korea made a very wise and well the reason the situation in not striking the u.s. island territory of guam adding that any attack would have been catastrophic and on acceptable well the u.s. president's comments come just a day after a p.r.
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said it would hold off on strikes the north's news agency claimed that kim jong un will quote watch a little more the foolish and stupid conduct of the yankees it did you ever see that military action is still a very real possibility meanwhile america's approach to the crisis has left its allies in seoul somewhat bewildered killed my pin explains. before donald trump even taken office he already laid out a clear strategy for dealing with threats to america we are totally predictable we tell everything we're sending troops we tell them we're sending something else we have a news conference we have to be un predictable well south korea washington's key partner in asia didn't bank on the tactic also being used on them we think that now with the american government has moved from strategic patience of obama administration into strategic confusion well here's where that confusion might be
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coming from let's see if we can follow the trump team's statements over the course of about a week they will be met with fire and fury and i think the american sleep well tonight no concerns about this. rhetoric over the last few days frankly the people that would question think that statement was too tough maybe it wasn't tough enough this president will no longer put up with a piece of what he loves a peaceful solution better than president trump that i can tell you we continue to be interested in finding the word to those of you following these mixed messages from washington the unpredictable has certainly happened the tensions have now got p.r. yang in seoul somewhat agreeing with each other the u.s. should first show through actions if they wish to ease tensions on the korean peninsula and prevent a dangerous military clash. a government will put everything on the line to prevent
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another war on the korean peninsula and when it comes to the question of whether or not the united states wants to resolve the korean nuclear issue peacefully seoul says that it is on the same team as washington the south korean government and the u.s. government don't have a different position on the peaceful resolution of the crisis in south korea really be sure given that it's rather unclear what exactly trump really wants this is the core as there is no policy. this is big trouble doesn't sit down with his cabinet and say ok let's strategize. for the contingencies that we've guy and then once we've got this this policy then we are with your policy and our public our public statements reflect that that doesn't go on i mean the president makes his statement and he doesn't consult anybody does more
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than anybody and then you do catch up. with the secretary of state trying to settle nerves and of course the defense department gets jealous and the state department this is what happens when nobody's in control you have to wonder if south korea isn't starting to get just a little bit annoyed after all their lives hang in the balance as the white house word games continue cable mop and r.t. new york. despite tensions easing slightly in recent days a u.k. based think tank has warned that britain should be prepared for a potential war between the u.s. and north korea were a smith reports. it's an independent defense and security think tank very well regarded and they've written this report which is urging civil servants to start preparing rice away for the possible declaration of war between the u.s.
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and north korea here's the essence of what the report says and you korean war is now a real possibility if war did begin the president would be on the form to turn downing street within an hour asking for support what hole needs to be preparing now for a range of possible scenarios that could unfold in the coming months what led receipts to produce this report was the opinion of its author that says that north korean technical advances combined with what it calls the volatile and impulsive personality of president trump are a dangerous combination and although experts say that a north korean missile could potentially reach london there isn't really a palpable sense of panic in the media or in the street but that is in direct contrast to what we're seeing elsewhere in the u.s. we're hearing from companies that make bomb shelters they say that they're seeing an uptick in the number of orders particularly from japan but also domestically in the u.s.
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where families are burying bomb shelters in their garden in preparation for what could be a nuclear attack meanwhile in the u.s. territory of wall which of course has been the target of the recent aggressive rhetoric from north korea they had a terrible shock wave and i when radio stations accidentally broadcast an emergency warning residents to come to facebook to express their panic just in the emergency alert system on the d. that we were expecting missiles to be launched on a week is a perfect way to koos most hysteria why would you test a civil danger warning on the day we are expecting to get bumped and not indicate that it's a test this is freaking me out. but here in london they re see is warning that if the worst. it's happened the prime minister would have a maximum of a few hours to decide what position it would be or not and what kind of support she can also and that is a particular worry is of course many senior civil servants. to
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a matter much closer to home. when in fact the threat could come from their way earlier we spoke to former pentagon official michael maloof he thinks joint military efforts between washington and seoul will further aggravate the situation on the peninsula there is going to be an impending south korean u.s. military exercise within the next week or so south korea if south korea is sincere maybe they should postpone the as a signal to north korea that they are sincere about deescalate tensions on the peninsula i haven't heard that yet and and what i'm concerned about is if they proceed with that those military exercises there will be yet another catalyst for kim jong un to start rattling the sabers again. america's own void to the united nations nikki haley has signaled the u.s. is not beyond the bundling the iran nuclear deal the u.n.
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meanwhile insists that the international community must do everything in its power to ensure that the agreement. the u.n. secretary general antonio considers the iran nuclear deal to be one of the utmost diplomatic achievements in our collective search for peace and security we need to do whatever we can to preserve it iran cannot be allowed to use the nuclear deal to hold the world hostage the nuclear deal and become too big to fail her comments come after the iranian president warned earlier this week that his country could backtrack on the two thousand and fifteen agreement in short order should further sanctions be imposed by the u.s. i got to tell you watch out if the u.s. administration is willing to repeat previous experiences iran will certainly within a short period not of the scale of weeks or months but on the scale of our return to a much more advanced position than when the talks started earlier this month president
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trump signed a fresh wave of sanctions against iran into law a move to iran considers to be a violation of the nuclear agreement under that deal iran officially agree to halt parts of its nuclear program in exchange for western countries lifting sanctions against them and at the time they groom it was viewed as a landmark diplomatic achievement by most major world powers including all those who had signed on to it russia of course is one of the signatories and its foreign minister has warned that u.s. sanctions against iran could in fact undermine the regional balance established by the j.c. p.o. a list that i knew you knew lateral sanctions are illegal in principle but when those sanctions are used to get advantage in a carefully collaborated balance and such a balance has been reached off the around you can do these are irresponsible actions that can undermine this balance the u.s. shouldn't use such provocation here we are talking about an individual's national interests but about the interests of a whole region where we are trying to secure non-nuclear status the recent
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sanctions were approved despite washington having confirmed that iran has in fact stayed in compliance with the terms of the deal and at point this. both sides have accused the other of violating the quote spirit of the agreement iran for carrying out rocket test and the us for imposing new sanctions but of course the two countries also claim no infractions have occurred on their part meanwhile the threats to vacate this monumental agreement continue to fly and fact escalate in severely leaving the future of it unclear some expert analysis now from cover calvey is a former advisor to iran's nuclear negotiation team the author of iran nuclear negotiations accord and detente since the geneva agreement of twenty thirteen very welcome to the program would it be sensible for washington to abandon the nuclear deal this point in time. i really don't think it's an us is on interests in order to make sure you know and as not be attracted
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to. scale. nuclear activities cause a major concern for the u.s. and are the western nations just heard from the moderate iranian president rouhani is stating that should do you was imposed new sanctions contrary to the terms of the nuclear agreement then iran. to start to school and even perhaps beyond that iran as you know was able to produce twenty percent enriched uranium and has the capability to do even more than that so it's up to washington basically to avoid such a necessity escalations why does the u.s. keep introducing new sanctions against iran despite and we know that the how big knowledge here runs compliance with the nuclear deal what's washington trying to achieve. well i think in number of things one of which is that
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the u.s. has a number of allies in the region israel and saudi arabia in particular. want to pressure iran and to prevent iran from asserting its power in the region so this becomes a channel in order to you know downgrade iran's power in the region and to escalate pressure on iran for activities that u.s. deems. destabilizing in countries such as you know afghanistan yemen and so on but the from another vantage point these are areas where the two can't issued engage with each other in order to resolve the regional crisis so it depends basically on which point of view you're looking at the situation so the talks should continue caviar for a zombie author on former advisor to iran's nuclear negotiation team thank you the stories continue right after this.
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i. i. i i. i i. i i. i. i. all the feeling of. every the world experience.
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that you get out of the old old. old according to josh. come along for the ride. eighteen minutes into the program welcome back the e.u. is on a charm offensive to reduce the spread of euro skepticism across the bloc it's spending nearly three million euro on eighty four projects the money's been spent in several member states with more than half a million going on ten projects in britain alone that's the spite voters there are choosing to quit the e.u. more than a year ago. it might be money done the drain of recent polls are anything to go by it suggests this most recent poll that over two thirds of people in the u.k. not want to leave while only twenty two percent want the government to ignore the
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breaks that result a stronger vote and initially was of course british m.p. nathan gale accuses the e.u. of using taxpayers' money to try to indoctrinate citizens that's what he said. you see it as this huge wave of an educated populace and they're the clever and intelligent ones and they know better well that kind of attitude is just going to get them deeper and deeper into trouble this is an opportunity for them to wake up and this and they're not taking it they're trying to reeducate into trying to use our money to indoctrinators into thinking or feeling differently it's not going so well i think the twenty third of june twenty sixth was an opportunity that was a wake up call for the european union for them to sit up and for them to do our citizens really warm what do they expect from these institutions and how can we change to make them feel more like like this is
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a democratic institution as time goes by we're going to see more and more. distrust and more more problems within the european union a lot of it will be of their own making. serious foreign ministers say is a government investigation into a chemical incident that happened in rebel held territory has concluded that the alleged attack was staged the incident took place back on the fourth of april in syria's province the international community immediately blamed it on government forces it's by no conclusive evidence before the investigation even began damascus has denied all allegations. alex cross live to the syrian capital to get the latest on this from al ibrahim hi there what evidence does the muskets have here. what we know of us or government several occasions talk. some we were even heard of the story was an.
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interview with a russian news agency a couple of months ago the syrian government very good to provide all the sort of conditions for i mean this. inquiry into the alleged chemical weapons use and the incident of. the syrian government at the same time says it tells new evidence and according to my source of the sort of ministry of foreign affairs in government tell us to talk with us the first stop of that is testimony this medical group course and samples with whole chain of custody that would truth all the syrian government is saying that the attack was most. actually a syrian government attack using chemical weapons against the town of conscious and the other top of the evidence the syrian government has it's also eyewitness accounts and just a moment but before that actually proof just some of the samples that were presented all b c w by the rebels in control of the town of. actually manipulated
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to inside certain results according to my sources inside the syrian government we know that obviously w the international for chemical weapons has said. i think in april twentieth this year i think june twentieth this year that the confirmed according to an investigation that a man made sarin gas was used as the duke of one of the syrian government also later after that said that samples are evidence that probably c w used to make these results were not very accurate thirty five bearing in mind that even though we should what is investigating as we were not able to gain access to the actual storage of the attack we're not actually able to gain access into the town of pressure form because the economy is controlled by a coalition of rebel factions spearheaded and championed while trying to secure enough the known as a and it seems very a market that international investigators will be able to operate freely inside
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areas under the control of internet or for united nations list a target group like al qaida but being said we should also say that in several occasions incidents or allegations of chemical weapons use in syria were a real risk. actually. made clear to the public they want to the nation inquiry into the use of chemical weapons in syria confront us at least on two occasions. because we're using government forces and we also know that the rebels have been receiving state of the. us and they have been receiving logistics. in several cases where there have been reports in the media intelligence reports that turkey have helped actually supply. the north in syria so we know that the rebels. do have the know how. we do know the rebels have access to these folks occasions and we also know also.
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that there are factions within the rebels not only willing but actually determined to. do whatever it takes to embarrass the syrian government including. chemical weapons attack but at this point we still need to wait and see it's expected that with an. investigator's will be arriving to damascus and the syrian government said today it will be helping this team for investigators to gain access into the town to thoroughly investigate. and perhaps we will get to the bottom of this and. fourth ok we await the labor again live from. around the world this is our team in around thirty five minutes time with more and water appears to be a cooling of the korean crisis and much more besides.
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but there still going to be. a little bit will a little. bit. in. the little. good. little bit of what. really is true that. i would need to make this manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling classes and project themselves. in the
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primary go round lifts only the one percent. who ignore middle of the room signal. to lose millions more real news is really the word. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i
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secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there were no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its make. the city of minima so modest was hit is the hardest by the twenty eleven tsunami. but it was damaged mostly by the radiation after the nuclear disaster the do not even know you know you did not know you were that look at your mom also a lot of what i. am a little slow to want to talk to the will be contamination is not complete but many locals could not leave their houses and farms those of us who he might not know. if they're both began i'll see if nice nice get off. me sixty one on
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a bed they stay strong like their ancestors centuries ago good. for you. and i mean i'm also a couple. of what i want. or issued from mobile to regional my will there will and souls find a way to rebuild their lives in the world and landscape.
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i'm female yellers ario filling in for lindy three and you're watching boom bust broadcasting around the world from right here in washington d.c. coming up retail revival americans in a shopping mood is retail sales get a boost from cheap new cars and amazon's prime day a decade of disaster it's been ten years since the start of the global financial crash economist steve king joins us with his thoughts on whether we learn from our mistakes and job hunt hackers scams targeting job seekers are on the rise as more companies turn to the web to hire employees standby bob starts right now. americans took their biggest shopping spree of the year last month retail sales.


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