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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  October 7, 2017 2:29am-3:01am EDT

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why just put out a presidential t.-shirt cannon just to move past the hurricane but you said we can't get your car out of a tree but we give you a free maggot t. shirt. well like that you need more baby formula that about you had to know. this think about this if one of these monster billionaires a mercer family or more exotic a burger any of them would offer five billion dollars to the first person or corporation or get a day shit that could get food and water to people the people of puerto rico do you think you would have gotten done quickly of course of course it was big giant pallets to bring blows and debris started just ratings down a lot of people they'd be docking from k.f.c. talking to him in their head you think the state has a new problem out again past the mountains of boehner to block in the road august is it right. people would be able to be fighting to pump more food and water is wet
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rick and just when the five billion dollars reward you know this grab and tyler's off the street seven cheerios down their goal is like. sell a kidney to go fishing other people would be arguing oh sorry that was my daughter if you can't get it five year old daughter reagan. and the reason is that not happening the reason they aren't getting enough help is because of runaway capitalism because of the market economy. right there's no money. there's no money in spending millions to get food and water to struggling people forty eight percent of whom are below the poverty line down there see the owners of the companies with the with the supplies just like where where's a profit how do i get rich saving but reagan's i was what was the kindness in my. hard i'm unfamiliar what do you. do you do you see do i
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look like others have been deployed to iraq tell tell me i'm quitting the thirst of children is going to help the bottom line brush here at nestle corp if you don't you know who i think need water people have to box to pay for it all right they look pretty thirty eight out there they go and speaking of nestle it came out last week it's definitely pays only two hundred dollars a year to steal water from near flint michigan a place that you might have heard needs water and this is the way we all are trained to think this is the cultural mindset so every time you see a gas brick put a rican or houstonian or a virgin islands virgin every time. every time you see one of those thank unfettered capitalism just give it a high five for those desperate people on top of that wall street created the
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poverty and where rico in the first place they got it there and caught me and now baltar fun just like start of the leg and eating the financial end trails and that was even before the storm hit but our pastoring rash of all corporate media won't mention any of this ninety percent of the discussion about puerto rico is is totally forbidden from our airwaves is just as whole they don't have the clout no longer and then it goes to flies that they need that the system you rob cheer for every job all right thank you. and your of course i did by the same corporations that get rich off of puerto rico and you you do not need to you can't look you you cannot never a question this system and yet feel bad for the people who can't recover from the hurricane that. like that's like lamenting the fire burnt down the little orphan
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age but never mentioning that it was a orphanage slash kerosene depot because just because just such and such they were leasing part of the orphanage to a kerosene company that was it was run by all three pack a day smoker who for love handles and fire worse i think there's a reason for the fire. no no it's just a tragedy we could not have foreseen where rico waited and no one could have seen it coming no one could have seen houston coming no one could have seen flint michigan and new orleans and detroit coming it's all stuck just a project not a surprise. furthermore run away capitalism benefits from this chaos and misery it's called the shock doctrine and they only klein wrote all in book about it found out that c.n.n.
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fox news huffington post go read a book sometime read a book do you guys really thought i know a book doesn't have all the interesting stuff like a wardrobe malfunction get on the side bar there's no exciting pop up ads or you won't believe how this woman got rid of her fine yinzer you just find ways to have great sex and one way to ruin sex for others you know. there's none of that on a book could even go to snort a bottle of adderall and tell yourself it was pappi by a calm want you to do you can get through it. plus under federal capitalism is incredibly inefficient in terms of where materials are and where they end up that's why when regal imports eighty percent of their food and supplies rather than using a local sustainable system we all do that right as stated in the new human rights movement in market based economics rarely if ever is anything said about public or
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ecological health why because the market is life blind and decoupled from the actual science of life support and sustainability if there were no more emergency does that does anybody here know how to cook the stuff that grows around your house i know i sure as hell don't there's a moment the corner store gets blown away by a tornado i'll be heating up eating what ends up being poisonous berries out of my neighbor's flower box i'll i'll be the first to ever die from a single day food shortage. local news reporters lie yes i was the bodega flooded and then this guy driving the flowers and i. mean the arby's was open life three blocks away really really a sad story. no not of us know how to survive our food doesn't show up on time after being shipped from vietnam or wherever they make the frozen pizzas and farm
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the tuna fish. really you know you know what's going first in a natural disaster the small dogs will all be in the small dogs in no time don't blame me all right it's true all right i won't deny it will be sad to see a little bit dazzled collar on your plate it will do well but you gotta do what it takes that i don't even eat meat but when they hit the fan i don't think any of my neighbors have tofu terriers i could pilfer run off with. and let's be clear this situation is not trump's fault but he is making the other ad of himself by saying things like clarity goes through our budget a little out of whack. but saying strong prisoner making an ass of himself is about as surprising as saying should kill o'neill has been acting pretty tall lately ok.
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thank you. for a. prompt is projecting the perfect representation of unfettered capitalism as people starving go thirsty an employer rico he has basically said what you want for guys who even cares because there's no money in it for him there's no there's no financial benefit in simply helping people we need a revolution of the mind so that there's not a price tag every think of the economy for what you.
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are welcome i'm laid candela take a new is from the behind. it's funny you throw the word marriage changes everything the head of the commodity futures trading commission announced the last week that it will be switching its strategy from discovering criminal banking for describe discovering criminal banking activity instead of policing them directly it will increasingly look to banks and other financial institutions to come clean on their own about misconduct and problems in the market. this is gonna be great. this is why i grew up ng and alligator at a daycare and asking him to self report is a baby a cavity just let us know if you munch down on any of those little tykes otherwise i will assume all is well and happy time day care and alligators.
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but maybe i'm wrong maybe the commodity futures trading commission never really did that much to begin with let's see the agency is responsible for policing a broad swath of markets and financial machinery such as the complex derivatives that help torpedo the financial system in two thousand and eight zero so it's a lack of oversight in the past only brought all the global economy to its knees these wall street bankers are criminals are right there crim we all act like they're upstanding citizens because they have on or mani's showed you you could put a rotting maggot filled corpse of a diseased buffalo into a suit you could you could squeeze it in there that doesn't mean you should put it in charge of your mutual fund. the commissions director of an forstmann james mcdonald says we start with the share understanding that the vast majority of
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businesses want to comply with the laws oh well why why why do you why do you do that. that's the exact opposite of what any crime fighting organization should ever think i don't care if you do this you're the eighty five year old ball company charge of making sure fifty year olds don't steal nyquil to get up out in the parking lot. that guy starts with a shared understanding that teenage boys were. i don't want to steal stuff that he's in the mall cobbett he should assume that every t. day is al capone. and then hill really be paying attention right these wall street firms are filled to the brim with sociopaths who will do whatever they can to get away whatever they can get away with anything they get what they
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don't just look at the libel or scandal for one example jayson donald basically has a box full of tapeworms in front of him and he's standing there going. i operate under it with a shared understanding that none of them want to bury their tooth the suction cup heads into my delicious digestive track and feast on the fillings. all right i think after that description i think we need some good news good news was that dad. this is the kindest shortest country but not really country of scotland has completely banned fracking. no more fracking from god and. yet. just stuff that off your kilt and simbo kits actually never spoke anything up anyone's killed
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a even if they say they're doing you a favor all right. now i want to believe the scottish people banned fracking for all the right reasons but it's just as likely they heard crack and causes earthquakes and earthquakes make stumbling whole faced all the more difficult it does to i spent three months in edinburgh scotland and every memory i have is blurry. i had a threesome that later turned out to be just one girl. although for looks like today you know that's all that matters all that. oh look at back i'm not sure if i was dizzy from the alcohol or the haggis. oh oh oh oh oh haggis speaking of getting tapeworms there's. news breaking news about monsanto lobbyists and that transition was insulting to tapeworms.
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must monsanto lobbyists have been banned from the e.u. . this is up there is a huge staff and. an example of how every country should treat these vipers speaking of syria setting an example of the catalonia region of spain voted for their independence by an overwhelming margin this week this. week and the amazing thing was they did it despite the fact that riot cops beat and arrested them for trying to vote yet much of the media much of the media ran with headlines like riot police clash with voters yeah let's call it clashing with voters when we're with voters when the authoritarian government beats the normed old ladies in the head with the taunts it wasn't a class that's an assault or right and don't get me wrong i've seen some mean old
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ladies in my day all right i have i watch my ninety three year old grandma in delaware interest to look pregnant and not even apologize afterwords just because she didn't get her baked potato with extra sour cream. but even so i don't think old lady voters deserve to be beaten by riot cops. don't worry though don't worry the abuse ship spanish cops have been asked to self report any crimes they committed and the government is starting with the shared understanding that police really want to comply with the law but when an old nag fights through or arthritis to give them a bony crooked middle finger what choice do they have you know. what choice to care. good care of.
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the parliament in catalonia said they would declare independence and yesterday the spanish court suspended the catalan parliament i also cover this story more in-depth as a web exclusive which you can get youtube dot com sites for back to the night we have to go to a quick break but redacted tonight is coming to burn lynn to film a new stand up comedy special tickets will be available soon average back to toward dot com you can vote for your own t.v. there as well for what arrived back. in the us a child can choose an army course in school. with a total physicist teaches we don't. recruit will says to it because it is interested in going in the military but we don't hold ourselves to. the pentagon is
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funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers your child's to step up to an apollo so that helps or a point comfortable with yourself. things about yourself you can't go wrong with the water it's a great stepping stone for whatever career you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell him susie has two children. they ask me call of duty is a very popular first video game. it's played. like call of duty. call of duty. or. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told. just need more recruits. i have the absolute conviction. to be europe. and russia have a common interest to look at closer cooperation and this is why i see the so important
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to mobilize the driving force into business community but also in culture entertainment and sports we need to you know to get the two societies much closer. oh. you put it we are united let you know. if you think you think you. are a little girl you love all of it. good luck. welcome
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back after the disaster that was the graeme cast of the obamacare repeal bill which failed to pass congress then forgot forgot to reauthorize the children's health insurance program or chip which provides health care to millions of poor kids they basically left america's kids in the backseat of the car while they ran inside the capitol just for a minute just for a second right kate if you get angry check the cushion first amendment ams all right stop your bichon this oversight has left states trying desperately to figure out how to provide coverage for their most vulnerable. kids for more on this we turn to our senior health care expert now i begin. with you. know this is. so this is sending states into
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a panic and you know i can understand the panic this affects nine million kids who rely on chip because their parents make too much money for medicaid but still can't afford private health insurance the same way i have a master's degree in english but i can't afford had actual food. eating real apple jacks. yeah apple orbits are no good don't do it do it but but i will say there was a terrible analogy because you still have health care these kids still and there is the funding hasn't completely dried up unless you're minnesota as of last saturday then it's trier than my vagina on a date after a dude tells me black people own slaves to. date is the same harry. but over half of states wouldn't run out of cash until as early as january that's still terrifying i know you think if i take u.s. history off of my interest on tender i'll stop getting do so i mean you know this.
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funding is terrifying natalie. chip was one of the few efforts both sides could agree on and still do now now that this gram cassady b.s. is over with there is a bill waiting in the wings right now where both parties have agreed weeks ago to phase out a twenty three percent funding increase for chip in order to keep the program going of course what both sides obviously can't agree on is obamacare and democrats got a little overzealous when pushing for obamacare several years ago thinking it would offer the same benefits chip does but obamacare isn't shared the same way apple orbits are apple jacks and the stores are definitely not the smurfs. what good do your snorkel heads do if you're underwater. do breathe. ok murder for knock off and we're going to more good show if they're all just
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floating there but. not off the side of why do i have the feeling chip would would have been fully funded on time if this were you know voltron and these poor kids could transform into an f. thirty five jet. oh my god. that is an amazing idea no no it was a joke it was a job well then how also we're going to guarantee money for chip this is this is going to permanently funded program that's why congress revisits it every few years to figure out if we want to renew funding and to be honest every time my two year old nephew throws a tantrum unless we watch the same episode of doc mcstuffins tree arching a broken toy fire truck for three hours i to question my support of health care for children. but i still see the value of the first that our lawmakers don't think twice about funding our military by the trillions yet they have to decide every few
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years whether or not poor kids should have the health care they're entitled to is disgusting disgusting. but. is this it as the sky us thing is secretly hoping the toys doc mcstuffins tree don't survive. maybe not only do you know much. work yet for this report they have a load of cases they're working on redacted correspondent naomi carol bonnie dug a little deeper on one of the most important ones she filed this report. i'm here at the nation's premier process and sam the supreme court justices have picked up the dust and are ready to star in what the voters forecasts call a blockbuster blockbuster p.c. with the blockbuster. blockbuster cases so the cases are bankrupt
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abandoned you give you a sentimental feeling about your childhood love of gremlins the movie. that movie gave me adorable nightmares for yours the supreme court opened. it's time with the fight over workers' rights and appears to lean toward firms that this law joint legal action by employees so the first to get screwed this year are workers you thought it was going to be immigrants the president and the band. so the plaintiffs in this case discovered they could not super missing wages because of the mandatory arbitration clause the very fine print in their contracts which says they must take their cases to private arbitration with the company on a worker by worker basis or he or she will be denied employment why can't there be anything good in fine print like. free tickets to hamilton thanks to the mandatory
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arbitration clause workers can sue for violations of many important employment laws including brights to minimum wages and overtime pay rest breaks protections against discrimination and unjust dismissal privacy protection family leave alone all the protections that keep you from being. a serf and not even a good serve. was nothing but an unfriendly go so what is arbitration like the company has complete control you don't go to a courthouse with other workers you go into a conference room with the table could be any table ping pong table or an operating table the case is then not decided by a judge but an arbiter which means. i don't know i looked it up in the dictionary ok and it's either something like an arboretum or in a theory and i'm pretty sure those b.'s are working for the man. the business
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is don't seem to know either they choose the arbiter right there and then it could be yeah the c.e.o.'s bastard son and jeff is aware of role or ceremonial garb he could just be wearing there they're both. tassels on his and the plaintiff for this case stephanie sutherland wanted to sue together with other employees of ernst and young to recover just eight hundred dollars in lost wages because if she had to sue on an individual basis she would have to spend two hundred thousand dollars of her own money now i'm not a mathematician but i think that is about. carry the by. too much too much organizations like the public as it is since a four star patrician gives companies a monopoly over our system of justice by blocking consumer. access to the courts
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and it's a get out of jail free card companies so they sent the monopoly man himself to go to equifax and hearing you talk was never to have. arbitration clause in the. consumer the monopoly man fit right in in a congressional hearing with a big company c.-span didn't even think to turn the camera if forced arbitration doesn't end in the supreme court it will be another defeat in workers. fully a win for monopolies bags hey if you still hang around here i have some questions about a property i have on park avenue took me awhile to get. we're porting from the supreme court this is naming caravan back to its night. which back out to the night with a good god. there was a little worried when i do it or you can now watch redacted tonight on the back
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seat of the right to watch if you know next time get up if you find. the economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we are one hundred six point two. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. might do. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. just how a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine
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hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society. the part of the government try to do both nicely maybe. it might be making things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism works this is goes hopelessly disastrously wrong. europe has to either change or cease to exist people who work in this building headquarters should change the rules of the european union would have to work on fewer issues both with better results it should be paying more attention to protecting external borders fighting against terrorists curbing. as well as her economic policies and the judicial system otherwise the europe we have today. would transformed into a strange loose community of twenty seven countries with nothing in common.
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despite all the efforts of the central banks to kill the economy by keeping bankers solvent when they should have been declared bankrupt years ago the index is showing that interest rates are going to go higher this means two things number one property market's going to crash and number two bond markets going to crash.
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news this hour independents. petitioner's they fear the region's officials working to declare independence from spain off the last sunday's referendum which saw. yes . exactly sixteen years since the us and. we look at what's been achieved and lost in america's longest war. on wiki leaks founder julian assange a twist on western journalism as he mocks the recent coverage of the so-called russia in the country and parents in america.


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