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going to be laid out there for people get one like her because she's acting like that then after you stop whatever. you would do you which is when you pray that. all. the money moderates will examine how much. you might have had in the eye level because i'll. expand cogito to it then we cut the. old age out of us from those of you as well in the eyes of u.t. . but while they are both of them local to you but i feel that they're going to want to get you the death toll on both by lease and us we'll have to get our mob on you i got a good plan they got no what me and all this and they want to mark mccluskey i'm awful galba. i love all your money they have all gone off yet the idea of a whole lot of. our of our going we're not doing it for us so you know a little bit as a soldier getting. local. he
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knew. it was. not on assignment but it isn't that. i don't owe money. i'm down there and gets out of this without some but. most of. that. man i'm letting too big a. play they see meaning in. play maybe not give a hundred not saying i'm not cuz the team was scared bad maybe mahi mahi of a comma would say somebody leave town. not to make
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a salute to solve your are so good no must imagine i'm not a nazi because i'm closer to ask if i love was. sold up when the kids used to me it was. coffee and food bank you had gone by tia you might have been a worry. maybe was just a mad pill for me you know you'll stumble over that being. that i will. be close to going to. school for some kind of stuff to come with it doesn't. make a lick of credit good by killing one. of the guards at the rules found a little bit of magic and i couldn't really go i've been away teeny. w.j.c. your make up got to.
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just go to without mom call it back up people are you because he's got our younger days also if i let her down i think the house there are no not around so many out there you know how terrible much of the world promised i mean if you saw but now i want you sick. sick sick sick when they. are to walk. out of me what's going to come back from milan and old i go by the door through the left out when the eagles look to get out of their home there are divided on that. made and i'm headed much on may. need a fair day's. you see just to see if we had left as i easily hold by you buddy who
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. took a huge amount of building businesses. maybe head to our fashion mcclanahan our mass of the cost of being lawful for our moclobemide a kid i a. home a snob i have to support and for some cause less than it will seem because you go ahead because they have to kill you hosmer they have seen here is a young is our little scene left us with the air yeah good job that book that is similar to the year the one book about the man shambled their order is about that but they. measure my hair. when you are doing. one of them. already have. come as a model we are going to call you the one to put it down. i need to listen. to her mother. who will go out in the gym army i did not
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know that we don't really have enough for everyone at the time i got elected only as the worst of it. are the elected leadership. but is it really an. ego good intelligence of those who don't have a name a the model about this will just some of them what is not of majok of the idea that got me what the motto. i didn't do but is channel or job or job are to me what job is that me joke of the idea out of some of the market in them that may walk is toward peace we all make them but to pray that our growth up to that is a dollar that may one day when hosley of a hand head up tomorrow we were to look at the dinner i took the mucking about took up our highly cuddly if not the molecule. over with nothing more the things that did not. kill me you. mean we can all just. then duvalier all cheer
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all excitement is going to put on an extra one came from a town. halls because top of the boss is who we are talk. to tonight was history says he'll tell you because. all the money will go to the no no actually the mother cindy. there are so tough to populated kids above all that they would call time out of easy company if they knew a lyric made tuesday would dance facility to implacable decay dance was causing enough to pass a little meaning the. citizen would take it on play dance one can unload it puzzles the meaning of. happy jolo be. sure boys get to get john but i think audience
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would old maid was savvy as that of a hand job with much would you say are they yes is equally accurate i believe the boy is his ups they had a hand a holiday the week we came abi is making the wife maybe me. will be much would have us the hobby hey. believe it now that it is. you there's little that did mold me in her little bit good. doing ok really. who knew that. there.
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was an excellent chance of me i. was. not and i. was. going. to you know i have become sick feeling in my near dark you had us at the yet but i haven't time maybe decided to. give us a lot of casual adding as i said i didn't lose that part of yeah it was good whilst it was taking my life in a dark matter but the love going because of a certain set of.
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key players a lot. of people matter a lot of the pony. by the mile and last but here. is. the also my pole was. suited that is the bulls were lucky are lucky to have one of them have time to run it with them it is a school of. leukemia and they would love to know that he. didn't think it was such a it's but then that limited. walty a two year old can reduce their general martin getting their money back but the british need pool me to be the region if they do not have a passion to move up a midget. think about that if they get
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a million get past it or not the time from the going to sound in it will mighty well are so good to pull school after how do i member you local vivia to just it will go away ok i would have loved to do that but if the. sale of the cheap. used for now that's not the image of the show not in the end. to gene and good luck gives him another google to teach a little mythical any of them out of it going into monopoly doesn't achieve that but i have a good time but i had to learn to put the most of each of the good woman a preacher but heard about them which could lead to st louis who would love to have to. be for the keepers from up at the top of that which i don't know much about. but. most of the comedy would do what the.
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author has done would you do. not. model go to image abroad. you castalia. risky while they're still in there as would you to get a cut in bad music what might i get out of it i go look good naked naked to bulldoze it to a modern economy get a head ache in a ball judas at the. amount of time to hold my. baby and to give a. little while while the boat will accommodate them just in because i'm going out of a comic book to watch them balik. must. pay for what are they for the mafia.
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i mean so we have received this information and we agree with some of the issues raised in the report was just there was some others who don't agree with you but i can tell you clearly we have never had a state sponsored doping system in russia which is the primary accusation in the report we have never had any institutional conspiracy. but also. the ship. it was suggested. and a fairly strong one there were two thousand. and a study it's
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a very extensive study done by a well respected scientist. do chemicals that down the advertising really increase the risk of cancer or means are known to infuse damage in the intestine is it a sham skepticism they do not believe that this is is true by independent scientists and in the meat industry. i received some compensation for my time as was the others why is that the meat lobby. didn't like what we've been doing and if you want to learn more you'll get a definite on see the flood. not. is it big business against health. as it started. in safety.
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please. by then got a session. that's not it said and. done want. to know so it was revealed to multiple injuries among. the. few members of. your. book you.
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might. want to. let. me. let it cool tests. lead.
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thank you. thank you thank. you for. the me i'm done i'm. ok julian akido on hoagy. study make it to me like he is your only child here but he my mom is that it makes me look easier on the. side like your car down sort of. job but i'm
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on my little ditty always miss the truth got it to high is a bad day of the sea is cool but the void they have their secret came up to what the devil will get their double boiler and love for the digital school medicare job will be here to discover the scope of what human didn't miss for not and now though is it adequate funding. general is the his have said they have that if you don't watch these articles in the get bored because the of the seeker to under isn't really aware that you still have something you have something to post about other people would be if they are still be told he will forget that little bit of metals it will be to you here if you see how you tell for you to buy liquor by step had believe that you seek a cheerful critic in the world if it about making if that be just the. most of the best ality appellate ikea's cups of tea cup ass on. yes they have a little harder to scupper the public i started that initial bit.
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but i. am the father you are now the one meant to legally you attempt but let me tell you that. the news for you will tell you live by the what are you. tell us the most savvy biggie for you want to thank you so far the heart is. the joy of college a chance i will keep up a little but come on not.
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many. will move on up. to now tell them enough after. the fact of. the. example of one tough. cookie dough from a big dick up or down like a little down that the small key hassles. with small yuki. talking about that mom will tell us about then i'm shocked that the media. will do poorly on the assets that bill baka nominee are you going to use and. figured out that was also a legal document that is nearly a thousand need to. these economic you see. it. as if it does have
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a name must see it that it's. one c. . and that there's a book on fire because someone living there. one day with bullets and it where did . the teacher go that i mean does he have a message castle and that compass will be bodies i mean these at that don't have to actually try. to. get on him and tell is that the man at the. nominee. don't call it by the law neil got. home is a wise. how mas is in god then i bought a copy i mean it'll cost that story how much. of it.
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but. yet the law i said on are you. my good so i thought when you came up not to buy at the my back is getting got banged by your employer and when i didn't think that. they are going to say yeah i've never resumes they. use this summer you cannot have a controlled by the gate of the market that up somebody a little. bigger will notice that we've all got on the lead here in the only legal obligation if you were going to be small you know became a little smugly go what if we do it are going to be at the summit you can embody we caught them without you before we go beyond that. i mean death toll w. smith yeah so the yeah maybe i like saying it both people you blew all of that with us all the.
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because. if.
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it is seeing a foot at. the foot of. people again to be put up to put any panties at heart he's a photograph. it's a fool with obama hopefully but that a. six letter that i hate our job that i think one of the v.a. here i'll go to will give us a militia employed to hit the wake i had of the hand but i had to pass up an a but you would have to get a case i guess in the close up to enjoy himself as i'm a healer get our home out of us lot of good and oust what education they really. took to. keep. i.
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think a thank me to leave thanking. a lot of us we were childcare center your home but to call. so that could be second so why not just make it up to nobody is that correct or. but hide because i can now call the naacp you have to schedule hole be a. jag and sing your job of being the music. tickets for the highways fair city i'm going to love all that out of balance to be humble walking i'll go home get just take it down say you must let me hit play in the not try to hold a pretty sound that i you don't see do it good sounds pretty cool jewel sounds good because i just avoid the head of the stick a couple that i decided to come close to that i'll. come up in a bucket sick of the hay is lit when i got a pot there could be a bit of joy i am and about his navy death i just did mean maybe hotkey you have
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give it to look a job then the game would begin with hey when you see that i make i like. a line down to what it was the customers the food but because to do that to. a lot truer to china as a punch to the dentist salu it would mendoza boil it gave measure a good tool that remained at the fuselage of the pool hall green a couple of chapters to follow the route of the plan is to me so you could make a month when they could make out but. can't tell me how much he be a bit of on all of. them going nuts on money but not a figure thing because they lend their case enough to your point of suck to be on
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call the police on a tell you just do a series of torture of this. that is not. bad yeah i do. that very. well oh. i did. since the kid you still are so stuck on going to hear from them on their travel to florida also would limit the trouble to give them a bit of the should just live. in
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mud the potato had made a committee to get. i want to go building a beanie to get accustomed with the neighborhood now my day has they have the bedrock of us out there to see a group of me going to upset the minute i'm not out there make. up a bed become a. platoon kidney which a bounty on. which is it. no go to go just about as opposed to leaving and going on down isn't going. to either. but you are likely. to kind of conclude it was too much and i was adequately.
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we're in sochi russia discussion on this edition of the program we discussed. its impact on u.s. russia would like. to rico's treated as one.
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of. the islanders controlled by the u.s. government and some puerto ricans crave independence. either. still many do wish to join the u.s. hundreds leave every day. with the country at a crossroads of the island is on the rise. field to be a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being
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a. good business model helps to run a prison now we just do or don't like. visitation i don't know what. is. going. mark and. the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the us sandbridge what she is behind such success. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us is a full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it's the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than. the c.
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people you've never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank very. seriously send us an e-mail. european think tanks funded by the u.s. and u.k. embassies publishes a list of thousands of the controversial reports all based channels policies. the us state department official knowledge is that anti assad forces in syria are using chemical weapons russia's defense ministry says it's the first such admission after years claiming only the assad government carries out chemical attacks the. students at cambridge university of being issued with warnings over a potentially distressing material in classic literature a move according to. if you're reading literature you should expect to have some surprises i think the problem with the world peace.


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