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tv   Sophie Co  RT  November 6, 2017 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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he will shoot them out of the sky when he completes the purchase of lots of additional military equipment from the united states donald trump calls on japan to buy u.s. weapons to counter the threat from north korea during his it was stored tour of asia. rallies a rub on the streets of barcelona as people protest against the push for independence in catalonia comes as the region's president gears up for a legal battle against is x. tradition from belgium. witnesses of sunday's massacre in a texas recall the horror of the u.s. states worst ever. where you can check out our
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youtube channel or our g dot com for more on those headlines and more coming up now so if you call has the foreign minister of cyprus talking the islands future and the e.u. stay with us. welcome to sosia and co i'm says the shevardnadze the european union all reeling from the library crisis is looking over for many i can the proposed changes in aiding the european heavyweights from less powerful members young discussed leaders just foreign minister of cyprus as well that today to talk about that and more. the island of cyprus has been hit hard by the economic sanctions standoff between russia and the european union and while the small nation. it cannot muster enough
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clout with the island struggling to cope with the mark going flow from the middle east to europe and still dealing with a decades old frozen conflict and partition against brussels. role in brokering a way out of the conflict can cyprus make a real difference. for the program today welcome thank you very much i want to start with a anti russian sanctions and other the parliament of cyprus actually voted for a lift think they sanctions but you didn't go as far as veto the presses decision on a share why and what can you do to actually veto listen. we have never been happy with a decision regarding sanctions. we don't believe that sections can succeed. and. we hope that the circumstances in the future will permit their lifting
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as soon as possible. we have agreed on the sanctions and as you say we have never used veto. one of the reason being that we wanted to demonstrate our solidarity with a number of member states who felt threatened much more than others. it would not have been a good to me. to appear divided his european union and you know we cherish very much the fact that we are members of the european union we are asking for solely that it even matters that concerns us and therefore we show solidarity on matters that concern. but i believe in am hopeful that the this matter much worse. so that hopefully this.
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take a positive direction from so when do you think turning point will happen because like you said sanctions are actually bad for all parties involved for a separate economy not only germany no sanctions he has lost two hundred billion dollars billions of dollars two hundred thousand jobs when do you think that turning point first of all agree with you. that with some caution we punish ourselves we want to punish others but the death is the same time we punish ourselves that's why we are feeling sort of playing sections now i feel that. it will be shown. once all sites. apply it has been decided that in the normandy context. process regarding. the means could get even
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then it would be the moment that the. lifting of soft sanctions should begin. when talk a bit about migration which is also a big topic regarding cyprus according to international organization for migration the inflow of refugees in twenty seven thousand has actually noticeably decreased but they are arrivals to cyprus has increased twice from two thousand and six and how are you coping with it does it feel like you're maybe taking the bargain of all of europe right now with migration no i don't think it would not be. correct to say that we are taking the best known that greece and italy have been taking all along we get here right that the numbers have doubled. the most of the boats we get are coming from turkey and coming.
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composed of syrian refugees mainly. i think that the refugee crisis is nowadays coming from syria has seized up not just for cyprus but also for greece and for europe in general one of the reasons i think of the peace that has been agreed for syria the deescalation zones the fact that people do not need to plea to save their lives. i don't accept that. it's because of turkey that. refugees have stopped going to greece is because of the closure of the broken route western book on route there if you just don't don't go and look to greece but has the sorry has the e.u. turkey deal made it any easier for you in terms of refugee entries no on the
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contrary we have same the doubling as you have said well the you have a. statement the agreement with the very you can say it's in theory because the way that turkey is behaving at the moment at the in test kit regarding the rule of law democracy human rights does not allow the european union to proceed for instance with a visa liberalization with the braiding of the customs union with even the opening of chapter so i thing we are in the situation of the world also in regards to cyprus and to amnesty international says that for a few g.'s or treat pretty badly thirty tain with no trial some refugee families are just split was this happening this is an absolutely. and that's the first time i hear that amnesty international use but they did before i did. of course they are
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treated very well it is known that. the refugees in cyprus. received according to the standards they hold sports properly the refugees are not detained they are free to circulate in cyprus the difference is by being inside them which is an island they cannot leave to go anywhere else they are stuck to cyprus and this is the only factor that kept us from having the big. waves of refugees as in greece or italy. are you worried still that refugees will be infiltrated by terrorists and that we are used as a really serious. we are but. i don't agree with
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those who confuse terrorism with refugees who don't agree with those who say that we should not stop being humane and thinking humanely the arrivals particularly of those who are in need of protection and they are seeking asylum with the issue of terrorists because the movement of terrorists was taking place before the waves so that if you g.'s and it has been shown they were going. and i did see young people we are moving through turkey to syria and then from syria through turkey to europe and even inside that in thirty times we the refugees in fleet filtrated through these it may be so but i don't think two different things so now you. you don't fear that cyprus is still one of
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the preferred routes for the isis records because it used to be. the used to be north. route. that is to say that when everybody started becoming vigilant about who go see them out of turkey some of them try to use the part of cyprus to go to turkey through that way and go to syria but we have doing x. vigil and sort of these don't allow this to happen for mr i want to talk a little bit about brecht said because it has touched upon every single member of the european union especially cyprus because british military bases are actually on the island what cyprus position regarding this base is now that britain is accepting european union. will the british bases where in cyprus before we join the european union before you came join the european union so the issue is not about
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the presence of the bases but about the relationship that should be agreed regarding the rights of cypriot citizens that live or work inside the base and this is the object of a negotiation between ourselves and the government of the united kingdom and the aegis of brussels in order to include it in the withdrawal agreement. where we are aiming to be exactly what was happening when the u.k. is in the european union. to apply when the u.p.a. would be. also i realize that you care brings a lot to the super economy trade tourism investment are things going to change now that united kingdom is accepting european union. well hope it does and we're not
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there yet there are going to be toward get even speed tween the united kingdom and the european union one is a withdrawal agreement it has to do with the rights of. citizens in the u.k. and british citizens in the it has to do with the. juice of the united kingdom to the budget of the european union in about the issue of northern ireland and that they have said the issue of the british base isn't so much then it will be the negotiation probably after december for the future link there there is going to be a decision is it going to be a customs union is it going to be participation in the single market this cover not yet been. made but it is in the interest of cyprus and in the interest of the united kingdom the trade. investment
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relations continue as they have been foreign minister we're going to take a short break right now when we're about we'll continue talking to separate foreign minister in your honest press release will talk more about the implications of precedence of pre-owned economy stay with us. we all willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but noone has signed up to the flag and poisoned by our own people of seeing stuff that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not truck tires all types of styrofoam polystyrene these batteries trucks there was
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a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between burn pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining about illnesses from their exposure from the burn pits would really literally send a v.a. broke and they don't want to pay it so the way to the decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they will have to pay a. whole trail to get the middle finger to move used to model is. delayed and known to be done. what politicians do so. they put themselves on the line one of the president going through. some one of. the two going to be press with the white woman forty
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three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. first city. then we're back with the foreign minister of cya person you know on his custom it is foreign minister what is there is no deal between the brussels and united kingdom because it's tough right now it's very tense they are fighting about what the implications be for cyprus they're not going to get good they're not going to be good. we would loose. both ourselves and the united
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kingdom and the united kingdom they will lose out to. all twenty seven member states. i don't think that it says in the interest of neither side. contemplate this matter they shall have to make all the effort necessary to leach agreements but your country along with spain and ireland has been actually allowed to talk directly to united kingdom just for the base just for the basis so you can't really affect the whole issue through that channel. we are united that the twenty seven as i have said to you before about this meaning of solidarity between the member states this applies on this case as well so after breck's it happened which came as a shock for at the european union members there is a lot of talk in most european leader about multi-speed europe which would actually
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mean that countries who want to integrate tighter they have to move faster and whoever can't or doesn't want can just lack behind where do you see cyprus in this process no first of all in order to agree on this principle unanimity is needed we are not against this concept of those that are willing and they want to get him capable of doing so to proceed in this direction. policy is not on everything now. we say that for as long as the countries that take a decision about a program that is not going to be for everybody but but only for the reeling. the terms of participation should not be prohibitive for the. to
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participate either from. the beginning or then a time in the future let's say. about. defense it should not be prohibitive from cyprus to participate in one program of defense because there's nowhere for. i'm giving you the example of qualities so whatever they decide there should be no factors prohibit the the participation but when they talk about multi-speed europe from what i understand mostly about economic integration yeah but in first place no because the single market would be still there and it would not be touched the main factor of economic integration is that we have a single market. without customs without.
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any any. or. at least for. very issues of participation in the war and for the economic integration perhaps on issues of finance i don't know. from what i understand it listening to present macro none are like chancellor merkel economic disparity between its members because some are so developed like france and germany you have to drag everyone else behind do you not think that if this. takes place then the disparity between the members will actually be very wrong but more debates the. system would be the quantum disparity because. everybody that listens to me now. should be careful is because of economic
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disparity there is this tendency in spain. there is one in northern italy there is another one in northern belgium and so forth and so forth so you feel if this multispeed thing goes into action that disparity will grow and for it there is within member states not between but come on this come about because i was talking to austria as former chancellor mr issues still and he actually said that this whole proposal of malta spirit shouldn't be taken as something that's going to happen today or tomorrow it's more of their. threats to wake up call to those who are actually cracking behind what do you think it could be but a repeat. i don't think the. multi-speed europe is correct it's more on specific issues and programs where
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someone purporting to be some others some others. and that it should not be prohibitive for those that don't want one day to join so the latest talks on ending this split of cyprus between turkey and the great parts have collapsed one more time and turkey which has troops northern cyprus says that it will never withdraw its troops do you feel like grayness occasion can be done with turkish troops present no no we want to be a normal country like any other country in the world. and. what kind of timetable for the withdrawal of the turkish troops for as long as it takes but it would be that when they should be with me for me like me there stayed in the work. let's say.
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turkish cyprus unites with kwikset bridge that would actually make them also citizens of e.u. . course they would not only there is no turkish so present except there is one part that this occupied by turkey and one part that this free. or this is and so of cyprus be the critics if it isn't turkish cypriots are super citizens therefore european citizens and at least one hundred than ten thousand thirty cypriots out of two hundred thousand they hold of cypriot european passports once again i want to turn to chancellor merkel because she's pushing to cut funding for the development of turkey's e.u. beat doesn't go support this move is. the situation known turkey i'm not talking about cyprus for the moment i'm talking about in general the
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situation. you know who wants to join the european union there are the copenhagen create the area that has to feel turkey began negotiations without with partially feeling. it here and now it's what it feels. show the decision was not to stop the negotiations to freeze it it was asians to suspend the negotiations the decision is that nothing can move. waiting for better days into turkey but we have also the particular reasons. cyprus how can we accept the modernization of the customs union agreement. when they first the car in the customs union does not apply to cyprus because the kid does mother when i say how can it except the visa liberalizations when we have
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no relations between the justice and home affairs authorities of turkey with worse and without the admission agreement applying to everybody and so forth. so put the . process with still up in the air how is that going to thad what does that mean for the eastern med pipeline project. the spur below in march of this is the mid. project has been agreed by four countries italy three is so and is it is going to hit it's going forward but not doesn't matter what is the issue of the unification is an independent the talks have not collapsed as you have said they have been suspended. hopefully that will resume immediately after the presidential elections
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in cyprus in the lectures within the turkish cypriot community we have been doing this for years and years one day we. will find this for good luck with everything thanks a lot for this interview and in such. i am sure this has come due diligence to pursue class as i live he didn't feel confident. funny. need no. need to. be young. again. we have many things in the smiles and this isn't
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enough for everyone and why some people's minds so take our things all the power just for themselves and to see that. we will have. the financial tape on the financial parasite is in the body economic and it's destroying us from within this predation that's happening in the pharmaceutical industry just other aspects of the host that we have become for the parasites and the pharmaceutical industry in australia and other various industries and so what's the cure for how to get rid of a table to get rid of a parasite. applied
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for many clubs over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the beach with a funnel school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money kill you narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else older because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so what will chance with. it's going to. live live. live
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. greetings and sal you take this from the paradise papers revealing the elites dirty but not necessarily illegal concealment of massive amounts of money to donna brazil's exposé on the clinton's unethical financial takeover of the b. and c. the corruption surrounding us to bay knows no bounds hawk watchers which is why the recent news of a chief prosecutor with the international criminal court standing up and calling for an official investigation into possible war crimes pertaining to the afghanistan war is so darn refraction lee good dear chief prosecutor with the i.c.c. five toobin sudha said in a statement that following
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a meticulous preliminary examination of the situation i have come to the conclusion that all legal criteria required under the rome statute to commence an investigation have been met there is a reasonable basis to believe that war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed in connection with the armed conflict in afghanistan this investigation would not only include alleged crimes committed by the taliban but would also include any committed by the governments of afghanistan and the united states dating all the way back to two thousand and three and zero two solomon sakho head of international justice that amnesty international told the press the quote justice for victims of the afghanistan conflict has taken far too long to arrive but investigations like this one of the reason the court was set up to provide a last chance for justice one states parties have failed to deliberate. any
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any little bit of good news goes a long way especially when you're living in days that are long on corruption and short on justice which is why we are watching the hawks. slowly legal street looks like. it was. analyzing the bottom. of the bay like yeah i got. this.


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