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tv   News  RT  November 7, 2017 1:00pm-1:19pm EST

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olympic chiefs dismissed media claims this premise sure that the russian national anthem will be banned at the upcoming winter games. revelations about the offshore tax avoidance and money making scheme and the super rich become a goldmine for the media with many publications rooting out and focusing on the links to russia plus nato is set to agree on increasing troop numbers for training missions in afghanistan the move would boost the number of its personnel to sixteen that. i welcome you watching r.t. international this cheese day evening where it's just turned nine o'clock a report now from the limpid headquarters in switzerland. well the article by the
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new year many now we are asked the i.o.c. for a response to that report and whether those suggestions of those possible sanctions being discussed was actually true this is all premature speculation before the old world and schmidt commissions have even completed their work and before due process to which any individual or organization is and try to hold has been followed well it all comes amid allegations of widespread doping following the sort she games in twenty fourteen against russian athletes there that led to the the russian track and field team being disqualified i'm barred from the rio twenty sixteen olympics and the entire team being barred from the rio paralympics in the same year now the i.o.c. is currently investigating some of the allegations against russian athletes from the start she games in twenty fourteen and so far they have removed two medals from russian athletes both from the skiing events now the athletes in questions have
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said that they will appeal those decisions and their lawyer has described them as being a scandalous the i.o.c. is also due to decide next month whether or not the russian team will be able to participate in the next winter games in twenty eighteen. now excuses and embarrassment do appear to be the order of the day for some of the world's wealthiest people and companies comes in the wake of the leaking of a massive probe of financial files the so-called paradise papers have exposed where the richest are hiding their money and how they dodge paying taxes.
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trillion dollars is held offshore and this means that hundreds of billions of dollars worth of taxes go uncollected anyway end up with what i would call apartheid but others and meanwhile the poverty levels are continuing to rise because people are being gouged they're being ripped off and into the mix comes the social uprising more violence because naturally if you have everything stolen from you you have nothing to lose so you become violent so as you can see then there is a whole host of famous faith faces in the papers not least queen elizabeth here she's got millions invested in a fund in the cayman islands and then right next to her is that rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state he is named as
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a director of an offshore a used in oil and gas fields and then the man next to him is the billionaire george soros he used a law firm based in the nida to help manage offshore companies and then there's also a couple of famous couple at the end there the veteran pop stars bono madonna they made investments three companies a motor and also for the mains for fish fully under u.s. sanctions but also inverse that era being be spotify gene on russia is about diverting attention away from more serious issues. they're trying to look at this big scatter shot of information and with little tweezers they try to pick out you know some what they perceive to be incriminating data points and then they build a scenario there's only approximately six major media companies in america those are owned by the same kleptocrats that are hiding all these billions of dollars they then put that story out there to deflect and confucius that are my god russia
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is involved in this scandal russia's involved black lives matter russia is involved with hillary losing the election because she is completely inapt russia russia russia russia needs to cash in on this incredible brand awareness in america from coast to coast everything's about russia you know russian is the start opening up shop here in america and cashing in on this russia craze instead of just sitting back and trying to figure out the mentality of the american consumer and the american politician because clearly there is no logic behind it it's pure scapegoating. max keiser there now in other news this evening nato is set to beast its mission in afghanistan with an additional three thousand troops bringing the total number of service personnel to sixteen thousand in the country here's what the nato secretary general confirmed and our correspondent peter all of it was in the details we have decided to increase the number of troops the current level the
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zone of thirteen thousand. the new level would be around sixteen thousand a role training assistant of the wise nato is set to increase their contingent on the ground in afghanistan this troop increase had been rumbling along since may it also came alongside rumors that each of the member states would be asked to kick in an extra one billion dollars to the the ground to nato part but that hasn't been spoken of anymore just just at the moment we understand that half of those three thousand troops will come from the united states the other half coming from. well the other twenty eight member states that make up nato and they will be in addition to the three thousand extra u.s. troops that were announced back in september by u.s. defense secretary jim mattis this was all part of trump's strategy on how to tackle the taliban in afghanistan sixteen years u.s. and nato i've been on the ground that we have seen that in some areas the taliban
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have been routed out they've been rather catered in some areas plain others they've i think gained ground or they've proved particularly troublesome out from particular tribal areas of the country and just this year twenty seventeen the taliban's claimed responsibility for around one hundred attacks which is killed nearly a thousand people. well
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it's not just the taliban the islamic state of also been operating within afghanistan and it's the people of that country that bear the brunt bear trapped on one side with terrorists trying to kill them while on the other many have been killed as the result of u.s. airstrikes. u.s. forces bombarded everyone including children men and women in our houses have been destroyed under the bombardment children and women were wounded and killed their removal houses left are gone some homes were burned by islamic state militants and others were hit by u.s. drone strikes don't know who were thrown the fight that is ongoing islamic state militants came and started the clashes they wanted to cut our heads off and us troops bomb the area so we left and came so an extra three thousand nato troops will be making their way to ghana stand we can expect that statement from the end
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stoltenberg to be rubber stamped and confirmed when the nato defense ministers meet in brussels this coming thursday. peter all of that still ahead for you this hour some two hundred mayors from across catalonia are in brussels tonight in the show of support for the deposed president who's fled to the city we've got the details after the break. the financial taper in the financial parasite is in the body that konami get it's destroying us from within this predation that's happening in the pharmaceutical industries just other aspects of the host that we have become for the parasites in the pharmaceutical industry and wall street and other various industries and so what's the cure for how to get rid of it take to get rid of a parasite. seemed wrong. just don't hold. any of these yet to shape
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out these days comes to advocate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. hello again now it is november the seventh and that does mark the hundredth anniversary of the revolution that led to the creation of the u.s.s.r. well throughout the day we are running a real time news feed on twitter and you can look up the hash tag nine hundred seventeen live to find out how events were actually unfolding back then for example
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the winter palace in petrograd is right now still at the center of the uprising but counter revolutionaries they're not putting up much of a fight meanwhile here in moscow the reds have also managed to turn the revolutionary tide in their favor is more against the effort more on our project. there's never been a revolution quite like it the world of today was shaped by reddit tobar one hundred years ago on the one hand it borders socialism international borders as they are now racial and class equality women's rights universal health care and education on the other hand it led to a bloody civil war nato and the cold war imagine living through
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such a pivotal moment in human history well you can almost feel ever dreamed of time travel and he brings you a digital time machine that sexy back to the unseen seventy years. he looks at the revolutions in scenery and wonders what if twitter existed a hundred years ago. lenin nicholas the second and dozens of the big players of the revolution live tweeting as though the revolution was happening now. this is your chance to interact with them log on to twitter and tell lenin what you think about his plan power and no one weaponized it like the reds the russian
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telegraph became the revolution retires and you needn't just read about it you can see it happen. seems from the past three hundred sixty degree videos short as authentically as possible will give you a taste of those monumental events events that largely shaped modern history in the world we live in nineteen seventeen lives history today that was murdered gassier well you might be wondering though why we are talking
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about the october revolution in november it is quite simple it's because soviet russia did adopt a new calendar after the bolsheviks took power on the twenty fifth of october back in one nine hundred seventeen that is november the seventh though according to the gregorian calendar used to most of the world is a short recap then of what happened in russia back then. it's october one thousand nine hundred seventeen and russia is fast approaching one of the most radical turning points in its history the country had been turned upside down by the february revolution and exhausted by the first world war the whole country floundered in a cold and of anarchy enormous russia bearing the new world rived in pain zhan eclipsed the second living in exile in siberia with his family following his abdication seven months ago the provisional government occupying the russian monex main residency the winter palace moderately liberal and aiming to create
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a new constitution then their friend emmy's the petrograd soviet group formed of workers and soldiers the two institutions are supposed to share power but in reality are competing for it and that's where the bolsheviks and vladimir lenin come in. it must be explained to the masses that the soviet to work his deputies is the only possible form of revolutionary government place power in the hands of the proletariat on the poor a structure of the peasantry the bolsheviks promises essentially boiled down to this power to the soviets piece to nations lands of peasants and bread to the hungry it took them just two days to come to power on october twenty fourth and twenty fifth they swiftly seized post offices key railway stations the state bank the port and other strategic locations across the city at a quarter to ten pm
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a blank shot fired from cruise aurora signaling the start of the storming of the winter palace by two am on the twenty sixth of october the revolutionaries occupied it and arrested the provisional government the new bolshevik government was formed with lenin at the helm. ok well let's turn to other news now in the catalonia crisis is making itself felt in belgium tonight because supporters of spanish unity have taken to the streets of brussels to oppose a gathering of separatists cattle and politicians mayors from a number of cattle and towns are there to voice support for their the post colleagues the regions government was sacked after declaring independence from spain at the end of october it's extra leader and four ministers then fled to belgium where they are now facing extradition proceedings eight other politicians from the rest of region are also being held in detention in madrid the arrests have triggered widespread anger in catalonia the former leader colors to push them on
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the has been among those addressing the pro independence politicians in brussels. hundreds of anti donald trump protesters meanwhile are out in force in the south korean capital to show their disapproval of the american president's visit thousands of police officers have been deployed to block demonstrators from marching at the same time protests sorry at the same time pro trump rallies are also taking place with frumps trip to the japanese prime minister said it was more a threat to the civilized world about them so the solution sounds good you don't want. your out to us be on the way but i tell you to. speak to you just don't know how to take. that mainstream media has met its maker.
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i. am one of the francis in broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. coming up it's an uncompressed. as to string a round up the rest in saudi arabia business leaders and members of the royal family are taken into custody the government says it's to stop corruption will oil bre-x. prices hit a two year high as investors look on with worry and how effective are our antitrust laws they're supposed to keep big business from gaining a monopoly in preventing competition my guess weighs in on how effective they are against media giants and the relatively new business data and the paradigms paper's conservative t.v. and radio host steve malzberg joins we take a look at the damage and leak it details the money hidden in offshore accounts by big names we'll look at the political fall out which is sure to come. through last
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start right now.


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