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together. to ensure that we do not sleep bark. into the downtown. benefited nobody. in the. will of years and build in this plot form this broad broad form. into all paghman and structure if you like that will ensure us against volatility instability in oil markets and in the oil industry going forward let's talk a bit about how american oil fits into this whole picture because with high oil prices what more incentives i'm sure is linda me even more u.s. oil on the market does opec have enough production to offset the americans by. the united states through all the shell bases have played a significant role in the process of
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a couple of years by bringing in supplies at a time when we were facing a supply of defaces from several of before member countries within opec we're facing a variety of challenges threatening. supplies libya for example a talk to tell you all this production and before. the disturbances there were producing almost one point six to one point seven million but of nigeria had lost almost one million. exports from iran well frozen. due to sanctions and so on and so forth and people forget that with. the additional supplies that the war from the shell bases phase and more severe image of crisis they have used a combination of technology. sophisticated financial markets. very
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aggressive management techniques. to make the shill revolution if you like possible. we have started seeing it dissolution. in the growth part in the united states particularly. tired or we have seen the wreaked numbers beginning to fall we have seen the productivity. come in. and we have seen their shareholders investors questioning the. use of the current business model of volatile versus. we have seen a very sharp but it does in the fall funds from wall street that have been
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financing this ramp up supply from about sixty billion us dollars to just six billion dollars here excellence you are going to take a short break right now when we're battle continue talking to mohamed. the secretary general of path and tell them of the upcoming meeting in vienna of the industry giants and whether they will be able to keep production prices stay with us. i don't think the people are. suffering always is in the detention center the libya
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is one that. their responsibilities of coming from one town to the seventy one or the seventy percent is coming from an idea i think that we have to see that we have to discuss how to improve our capacity to alleviate the suffering so the human being the. british politics that's what many are saying after the d.n.c. as acting chair donna brazil claimed bernie sanders was cheated in the primary but the rigging goes further the g.o.p. establishment didn't embrace trump then nor now party's war with themselves.
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and we're back talking to secretary general mohamed. or excellence in international energy agency actually says the high prices are also linked to the fact that storms and cataclysms in the gulf of mexico and all producers were obliged to shut down the production temporarily but once it all gets back on its feet on the cataclysm subsides i think it's only logical the production you know will continue even more eagerly so what if that happens because i have the guarantee that it won't happen that kind of contradicts afterwards to actually cut oil supply kinney pressure that america not to do that. we have for the first in history in. discussions with the united states so all your company is a personal you led delegation to mix with the producers in houston to begin to explore. all possible collaborations. all i
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can tell you are known it was a very successful exploratory meeting. we began to understand ourselves through reports through analysis but face to face sitting down with them . one important message that i took away from the meeting. or the realisation by all of those who participated in that in number of historic meeting. us producers. or non-conventional with offshore we all belong to the same market we belong to some industry therefore the history of the princes or the impacts of this cycle this cycle left. us insulated
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from its consequences and its impact and therefore we agreed at that meeting we all have a shared responsibility. to maintain stability to minimizing the impacts of the cyclical nature of this industry because nobody had a great cut supply and with you. i would mostly i saw i mean that was the idea. you will appreciate that in such a fast meeting for the first u.s. company with all the incumbrances. off their legislation. and their lows decided to sit with you know that's a significant something must have really pushed them to this table to sit down with us. and i am satisfied that we were able to have
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a very unfriendly discussions we shared our prospect of swished. no experiences. we understood our differences better. requested that we should continue this dialogue that this is not only beneficial but it also beneficial to them. some of you in the media said we broke the bread or we broke the ice. or just regarding the whole shale oil saudi crown prince mohamed bin some months that. iraq is honest is it really that we're in for a new iran what he means to know. well as i have told you you have seen the numbers that are coming out of the united states. the production that we have seen in the last several years and particularly from dispose of them by december.
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when we have seen a significant ramp up production is not likely to repeat itself in the short to medium term within that time frame and why because. this. was funded heavily by the public and private equity. to therefore cause was or how to produce higher. profitability. all this is changing. what is the evidence you can see the numbers of rigs but you can really. continuously known coming. to their own productivity report themselves in the us the wells as well as the rigs. decelerating. known the
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projections are going forward. whether it is the whether it is. the company's them so's beginning to come. to question those projections for twenty eighteen and beyond i have met them in several for those four junctions totally out because they feel the pinch they're the ones in the field in the trenches they do not have the capacity for that incremental growth going forward your excellency as you know the international deal on iran's nuclear program is in jeopardy thanks to president trump that means that the future of iran. oil output is also uncertain. how can you plan ahead for production volumes when you don't know iranian oil is going down market or not. to the best of my knowledge i'm not
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sure whether the nuclear deal is in jeopardy. in the united states has not officially pulled out of the. great effort of the p five plus one. and we remain hopeful. that reason will prevail. in the member of the p five plus one. question in. order to be continued. of this noble international effort. therefore in solidarity with the country we hope. normalcy. will be allowed to evade. our talk about another political aspect that actually some are fast oil prices iraqi kurdistan referendum for instance and the standoff
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because between the kurds and the right. government in turn what happens is that quite a bit of iraq you'll get hit the market. do you expect this uncertainty because that's also keeping prices higher and is it fair to say that in a way it's a good thing for a park. or subtly towards iraq a signal is not only a founder member of. this organization is a very strong member of. what. especially in these circumstances is of good to all of us in the organization. nor to the government of iraq. with the international goodwill but it has been able to all. those the
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situation hopefully. for the stability. in that. iraq iraq is not only important to orbit but it's also key to this to be true of the region. whether it is on energy or on geopolitics. we remain confident that the government working with. international partners. would continue to contain the situation. and also continue with the muslim walk over the course struction. in iraq it's also interesting to see how during this stability and rising prices they producing countries are reacting because of course the high prices are appealing but they kind of get greedy look what happened to indonesia right they don't wanna they
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refused to cooperate on supply of cotton and they're not members anymore so is it fair that countries that actually agree to. comply to that agreement are actually cutting supply while the countries are pumping and selling it is this over indecision. or every put the spitting country to decide to join this noble of the global effort or a lot so. we only got twenty four countries. who have agreed voluntarily in their own national interest to do in this global effort indonesia has been a member of opec for many many years. unfortunately they had. some challenges domestic challenges regarding their production therefore last year they decided to freeze not off but to suspend their membership
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until able to sort out their domestic challenges and we look forward to indonesia coming fully now to participate not only within opec us a member full member of opec but also in the declaration of corp secondly we also look forward to other produce of countries who might have been skeptical in the beginning whether it was waterway whether it was possible. well we would implement what we decided no i think that skepticism has been addressed. we did not all you agree on this is total decisions we also implemented obligations fully. everybody is seeing the response of the bucket and the industry even confidence in the industry is beginning to return even the number of joyce companies in this industry have
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started hiring so i don't think any produce needs to be postulated. to to come one join the noble noble effort so we are looking forward to those that have been able to join this training. from the first train station. to please join us because it's all pretty. well said thank you very much for this in. the past i had one hundred thirty smiting and i never thank them thank you possible until.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted in night with your decision to pull on austin the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch to bleep yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than booth nothing that i see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight my president of the world bank paid to write it to me it's like send us an e-mail. yes i've got a very wide grin on my friend because that saudi prince. we tell them it just goes on and now yet all is well confiscated basically put on an air b.n. b. and some brits will tell the middle riyad. ha ha ha.
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ha to really negotiate that memory over and over and over again. and again water my kids. screamed. the summer after i turned eight.
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men ever really knew what to expect from. during a particularly bad swing she went through survived desperate days there and she put us all in the bronco and to the spread drive down of the river. before we got to the river she was just barely robotic. she decided it was time for all of us. to die. my memories of that moment were really in some way. sure that i ever really met my mom again after. strange story out of florida this morning where the mother of three children drove
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into the ocean off her daytona beach. the pregnant mom spoke of demons before driving into the atlantic. police say they've never seen anything like this. the tiny city of newburgh new york is trying to come to grips with the deaths of three young children who died when their mother drove them into the hudson river among the victims are two year old lance pierre and here's a loving month old sister. we should take nothing for granted not our loves nor our lives our families or friends even a sanity one minute all is well the next we're plunged into darkness unable to process what is real and what is miraculous. fortum stringin realized this old too young of the summer after i turned eight she should not be in line and she knows it was the moment. that shattered trust.
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you know how do you know how to trust anybody after that. forced to confront a mystery beyond our comprehension she spent decades haunted in search of answers in pursuit of peace when something like killing all six of her children. made sense enough to put the kids in the bronco and drive into the river i see it. gravels it again water flying and kids screaming and somehow she managed to dig it up to back out of that. and that's an incredible victory for somebody in that state of mind in other other mothers don't win that battle. autumn's mom did eventually die by suicide alone on a country tony steph and was now we're done with. children. i'm laying in bed at night in my room. listening to
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a houseful of mourning and just shattered the whole family just shattered the children shattered me it has become so commonplace these irrational acts and horrific scenes that we've almost become numb to it we've seen them in schools and public spaces in homes and churches. all over the news try as we might to understand them we can't try as we might to ignore them they call to us still we called the paramedics. they tried the roughly the reviver. outside their about the numbers those patients but i was wrong because your poor body was cold it's two thousand and four and the downings world has just been shattered his daughter a victim of an unimaginable act of violence but it was how this eleven year old girl died the truly horrified the world how cats candace hanged
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herself when can us first star and we just we asked ourselves how could we not know she was then unhappy the downings didn't realize this was not a rare event no candace was far from alone she started on this drug somewhere around january and these things make you unafraid they make you do things you wouldn't do normally they make you able to put a rope around your neck and hang yourself. they were still dizzy from death traumatized and broken when they solve the mystery the drugs responsible they say a cold s s r i's and they're among the best selling drugs in the world as our eyes a better known as antidepressants and the price psychiatric drugs like assess our eyes have been defended with religious zeal by their believes and damned by others
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as some of the most dangerous drugs on the planet distinguishing truth from fiction has been a challenge and this is place the public.


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