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in the new jersey mood one of the names for all is you know the most smoldering don't always were burning people in the old church it was you it's a little. bit here we're old birds you know or you know. little. longer. little receive further than forty three year. between the city lights of the system in place concept of burning trash and war is not new it is all this war itself the difference here was that this war was lasting for a decade and included hands thousands of troops and personnel to support the invasion of iraq and the war in afghanistan. where they were alleged russian these huge open air heads. they burned everything creating this black
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plume of smoke that had been just bursting are settling over this is small the word of five cities. if you think you can and you had people living in barracks right next to this clueless people working right next to it it's now working with it with no protection whatsoever. for receiving more blast from the fire and we're going to have to make it into cable this way is a catastrophe in the making. and the start of the war in afghanistan. the military commanders on the ground realized that they had a big problem with the trash that was accumulating from the war each soldier was accumulating approximately nine pounds of trash a day on
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a battlefield they didn't know what to do with it so they came up with the idea through centcom which is central command decided to create burn pits to burn the trash that was being accumulated. over it is as were the military during the war collected all their waste in one central location and for the burying that they decided to burn it and they burn everything in the us we think of what it took to be back. on the. moon in. a new moon. while we would burn with human waste. trash. plastics medical. supplies. to name. anything that they wouldn't use
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anymore they would burn. at times they also had. body pipes. plastics chemicals paint batteries tires literally anything that could be disposed of was thrown in there. and it would dump diesel. elaina. and then light it up. and. there was a blue smoke and the he's looked like the san francisco for the smell was extremely toxic very very putrid it burn your eyes burn your throat burn your nose i mean it was just an. asti dirty stinky. some days the. can talk of the smell of the burn p.n.t. and the sewage pit would literally make you would drop you to your knees and you'd
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vomit i mean it was it was that bad you knew. there was no protection. and not. ok to give them a gas mask but i wasn't. there. and i knew. there was more for nuclear biological chemical. i was never mandatory for us to learn that. no safeguards were in place to protect the soldiers dog as a matter of fact they they would build the seas burn pits sometimes within three hundred meters from from where the soldiers were were actually quartered behaves in the smoke drifted over to where our trailers were and just kind of hung all day all
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the time twenty four seven right above your always smell the. past to hurt her buildings or the wood you know mel's. room with. is just really an offensive putrid kind of a smell it's very hard to describe because when it was mixed with the smell of the sewage yeah it was just all news just got awful your nose would burn your eyes would water your throat would burn during the course of the day you would you have to go and dust yourself your hair your clothing with all the ashes that were falling on us. and now we never complained. they say embrace the suck man. because to work area we had initial briefing mother superior and we were told to
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keep an eye on are people that you're going to get for they call the iraqi crowd everybody gets sick for the first couple of weeks atrocious and but not without a doubt within a week people were getting sick i really don't remember anybody questioning at that time. the health effects that it would have i mean i certainly when thinking about that and thinking they got it all control over here you know certainly our own people wouldn't be doing anything knowingly to poising us but that turns out to be you know. not the case. these personnel would be exposed to a toxic soup of chemicals released into the atmosphere plastics and star riffle metals chemicals from paints and solvents petroleum and lubricants jet fuel and on exploded ordinance medical and other dangerous waste. humans are supposed to breathe clean air air is twenty one percent oxygen and
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seventy nine percent nitrogen with no air pollution or particles in the air and in particle air can trigger asthma and when you particles in an open air setting at low temperature at low heat it generates thousands times more particles than using a. burning particles particularly for burning carcinogens exposed as a person when they need it and hail it sniff it get it on their skin they get exposed to carcinogens which can cause cancer so burning with j.p. eight which is jet fuel low temperature will be says benzene which is a carcinogen. i find it amazing that the military having a regulation for everything you didn't have any regulation in place. that operations and those burn pits that were created in iraq and afghanistan whimpers from two thousand and two to two thousand and nine burning without any regulation at all didn't have regulation where they would be built how they would be
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constructed they didn't do any soil samples before they built the berm pits they didn't do any plume samples after the burn pits were operational for many many years. after nine eleven i don't care they just wanted to keep on finding like i found because they they had they won and they matter and i. wanted to fight the war even now in here we can burn stereophile we can't burn certain things in open air so why weren't they allowed. when the soldiers to do it personally within three days i could feel it like something was wrong and it hit me real hard i went to search. for medication. and it biologics and for me it just wouldn't go away within fifteen days that i was there was even sicker i was pretty sick the whole deployment and when i came back and returned
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back to the states i knew different and the something was wrong. and that became the oh pill bottle of trying to figure out what was wrong and how bad it was going to be i started developing sinus problems mean you know a lot of other guys and we turn to nasal sprays and stuff to try to alleviate that and i just had. sinus problems veterans are coming home they had stories to tell they came home they're experiencing all these health conditions they didn't know why these presumably very healthy men and women all of a sudden were walking around like old men and women not being able to run exercise the way they could so they started writing about it. they've been for the united states military it says open burn it's an iraq exposed thousands of troops to toxic chemicals a mysterious illness is affecting veterans who were exposed to open burn pits which
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the u.s. military used in iraq and afghanistan to torture everything from batteries to body parts experts say the pouring out of these pits are toxic and dangerous so while troops may survive the battle they may also be being poisoned. in some time or two thousand and four. i know it is. the v.a. clinic instead of seeing old caucasian men with meal chairs and oxygen who are in their eighty's. the entire composition of the waiting room changed. full of young women and men of all ethnicities and they're all in their twenty's back from their first year long deployment in iraq. the typical service member came in with an inability to complete a two mile run within regulation time. most of them had already had a traditional work up for pulmonary disease including x. rays c.t.
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scans plenty function testing all of these studies returned normal or near normal in almost every case. it was subtle because these service members complained of shortness of breath with exertion but their x. rays and pulmonary function tests indicated that they shouldn't have any disability itll that doctors are throwing up their hands and saying what would cause a twenty seven year all man to have a long. long charities or a respiratory condition eighty five year old man and they started pointing to their exposure to these burnt heads in the fail to realize that a lot of these guys and gals had been living around these pits for for their entire tour duty. and then when you start bringing no different colors some control. and general body weakness to
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just trial bad bad and good no for their head to be some explanation that led us to begin doing surgical long biopsies to look for things that you might miss in conventional testing. yes well this is all the proof. please.
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so. i think it. is they are not in favor of it coming. to the board. other side i think. the old impression of confrontation that's a mistake on the western side especially but. also on the other side.
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what he found was a series of veterans who had a q lung disease acute being area first of all. injury that he was able to find through long biopsies what he found with these tiny little holes these tears and their long tissue he saw nothing of these veterans to come to his own conclusion that they could have only got this from a toxic exposure. to produce his career looking for this problem and he was able to
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discover it. and the diagnosis was constrictor prophylactics in english it's so small there are ways to seize the lining of your loans are destroyed if you have a perfectly healthy young soldier. goes over to iraq and afghanistan because back with construction project way this that's really a big concern are we're clearly implicated. in the increased incidence of lung disease associated with deployment. video deed decided they were going to send any more veterans his way anymore. i think dr miller's research and his study is a perfect example of of the v.a. . trying to avoid the issue and trying and trying not to to pay their compensations to veterans. that they deserve he has the proof he has everything
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near and they still will not even address his research. there were many people in that apartment or defense that couldn't accept these findings in you could speculate that they couldn't expect the that they couldn't accept these findings because of the potential broad employed. nation the idea that maybe there was a new agent orange think this deployment the government is looking down the road at billions of dollars in health care costs that they will be responsible for and i believe that they're doing everything they can to fav that off.
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the comments of the burn fencer causing ls along the soldiers this is a new disease we call this iraq afghanistan war long injury some of the more severe cases entail that all deposited into the lungs so it is aimed while the factorial exposure to the symptoms or anywhere from from respiratory issues some mild to severe to rare forms of cancers leukemias it's a wide range of symptoms that people are experience and if you really look into it and do the research you can link these symptoms directly to the permits my diagnosis is one that started out as you know i had sinus plasma sayto much you can
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say that in one word which is a four point four centimeter tumor right here in my head that started out as a solitary plasma psych term i was biopsied and found to be that. will automatically flip down with me tell you have a tumor in your head underneath your brain. ah you want to know. what's going on with that and i didn't know anything about this burn pit exposure thing or nothing until after my diagnosis. so the first thing i did was i ran to the internet and i started researching this particular issue and it kept coming back to the same thing what causes plasmas i told toxic exposure. when he first got back i mean he was healthy he knows how to. raise and then when they took
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a lot of my lower back i'll be vice president biden's son served in the military and he served in iraq and he was in perfect health shortly after we have home within nine months he started getting sick he had a brain tumor. and he eventually died from the brain tumor the same type of brain tumor that many of the soldiers that are sick from the permits are complaining about same type of cancer there's a lot of circumstantial evidence that points to you know his death may have been caused from the burn pits. it just didn't make sense it didn't make sense that my young healthy has been had cancer and man it turned out there were two types of cancer how is
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it not that our pets is not happy cancer for a young twenty seven year old guy to have because first he didn't smoke he never smoked he's not a drinker and usually the afa type of cancer that older gentleman who smoked for a long. their lives should tobacco or drink the doctor he said it wanted chemical exposure. or the troops are healthy or they don't go. in they're coming back in their moment a lot more healthy anymore. it's a challenge but for other people it's it's been dan. it turns out the military knew all along. that this toxic exposure could very well her the troops living by these burn pits lieutenant colonel curtis in two
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thousand and six had written a memo saying the pope that that it would be causing health hazards to live and no one took it seriously deborah they never addressed his issues soldiers on the ground heard says findings and his concern us was never shared with anybody i remember which is completely buried back in the can teach even though. we. poison. byrom people. there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government but there was any connection between the burn pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from clearly the cat was out of the bag the two thousand and six memo had basically said that the military was aware that the pollution levels around the pits were at an unsafe unhealthy level now they deal with the after them and always told wished attempted
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to downplay it they have their own study. commissioned in two thousand and eleven with the institutes of health and medicine that study had said that they could not find a connection between the pollution levels around the pits and the health effects that the veterans. experiencing. those studies which were very in-depth did not identify an increased risk of respiratory symptoms or disease at locations with burn pits as opposed to no burn pits. the army did their own study and years later and it was it was completely flawed for several reasons one it only studied one burn pit out of two hundred seventy three that were located in iraq and afghanistan they didn't have prior plume samples because it was done done the whole study was a complete. fraud. task for snow
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and albany new york and july. you may not find snow in albany new york. but that does not mean that it does not snow in albany new york and he sent out monitors when wrong and you may not intact burning trash the monitors are too far away from them burning you may not attack a part of if you don't put in a monitor until after the burning stopped you may not detect burning any common sense tells you there was a lot of bad there. is no. what can you say. there's a. big. to do. all
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around the globe there's jobs. in the polls or not true. the world's finest people are building a leg. no other company can live with. the waste management responsibilities were part of a contract that was held. by kellogg brown and root which was a subsidiary of halliburton the company once run by dick cheney vice president dick cheney during the bush years the story about how and then k.b.r. got these no bid contracts really has not come to light and now i know from some depositions testimony and some of the with occasional involved in that there were contract was allegedly negotiated over a couple hours over the phone for a multibillion dollar contract work k.b.r. was the only company that was allowed to actually get it.
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make me a useful idiot. you called me a useful idiot useful idiot useful idiots go expressing my opinions there are thousands of us doing it his record is the same strategy we the type of person instead of talking about what's next why stop me from getting this close to the white house i'm with the group code pink why not ban the color pink one hour stretch i should be sent to the town of london because i'm to try to break me on the wheel but out with tons of this sort of nonsense don't scare me and i'll continue to voice my opinion i'll continue to speak out in good company i'm in good
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company. because we think. one hundred years ago russia was consumed by revolution and unprecedented violence is not an understatement to say the russian revolution or bolshevik could a talk was a defining moment of the twentieth century. global war hawks sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles of big stone. the new socks protocol you did so because of the public are files of the most important news today. the hottest of advertising telling me you are not cool enough to buy their product. as this illness is a downside of the us and obama. i
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fear that we may see the iranians taking the first steps towards restarting the nuclear program which will only further ratchet up tensions and further increase the risk of the war that's the big danger here this is not just about killing the video this is automatically putting the united states on it was a military confrontation. but politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to. have to go on to be press that's what the before three in the morning can't be good but i'm interested always in the waters in the house. there should.
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a proxy war between two of the biggest powers in the middle east iran and saudi arabia has escalated directly affecting other countries in the region. hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets of barcelona are outraged at madrid's crackdown on former leaders who were behind the region's independence that . also this hour a highly anticipated formal meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin fails to.


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