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tv   News  RT  November 13, 2017 1:00am-1:31am EST

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last leg of donald trump's asian tour sees the u.s. lead in the philippines has now been met with violent protests against his visit. but you know you were only really you really were in. the u.s. leaders again offering to help mediate two in the regions divisive conflicts as it delves into the south china sea dispute we're going to take a closer look at his arbitration efforts coming up also the news this morning. military cooperation on the cards of the bulk of even members expected to sign up to proving that the french results is a correspondent live with more on that for you. and then press the deal between russia and the kurdish military helps bring dozens of children safely home from syria after their parents joined islamic state.
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by sort of a new week of mourning for me kevin know and this is out international is just in the morning here in moscow first that donald trump's on the final stop of his lengthy asian to it he's in the philippines now for the a c. in the summit of southeast asian leaders later monday he's due to hold his first formal talks with president eternity on the streets of the capital of oh it's not been such a warm welcome. hundreds gathered again in manila following sunday's violent marches against the u.s. the this visit clashes with police officers resorts using water cannons to disperse the crowds at some points but the summit though if there's one thing that should be second nature to donald trump gatherings like this it's his signature move the presidential handshake but as you see it proved a little bit of
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a challenge when he took to the stage with his fellow leaders. right well one two three. seamless well you got there on the i just about in fairness to trump he wasn't the only leader to struggle with the choreography as for the more important business at hand though the u.s. leaders been positioning himself as a peacemaker in the region the trouble spots including the disputed territorial claims of the resource rich south china sea. chu to know that looking at his fifth attempt a promotion in services abroad. u.s. president donald trump the mediator and arbitrator you know. or at least outside he seems to think let's have a look at the conflicts he's doubling in. terms suggest
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he's the one to settle the ongoing dispute involving china vietnam the philippines malaysia and were neither has been going on for decades but one of the sides involved thinks trump should keep his nose out of the business one has would like us to come from china and the rest of the world on so many issues the south china sea is better left untouched nobody can afford to go to war deterred is certainly not convinced and maybe he's right. there are at least two major conflicts currently brewing in this region and the longest and bloodiest one is between israel and palestine and of course trump wants to be the man in the middle the palestinians and israelis must work together to reach an agreement i would love to be a mediator or an arbitrator or a facilitator the problem is he appears to be playing games with both sides promising one thing to palestinians and almost denying he made those promises to
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israel is this really how mediation works. staying in the region america's allies have been having a bit of a spot of late early the summer saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain cut off diplomatic ties with qatar and started an economic boycott they cited qatari funding of terrorist groups and later it increasingly close relationship with iran as their reasons trump though claimed he was ready to roll up his sleeves and sorted out i can help mediate between carter and in particular the u.a.e. and saudi arabia i would be willing to do so and i think you'd have a deal worked out very quickly i think it's something that's going to get solved fairly easily but nearly six months since the fallout nobody's talking. so if mediations not proving his forte what about ruffling up those crises already settled the iran nuclear deal is now in jeopardy thanks to trump decertifying it
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the very deal that took a decade of tense talks and negotiations by six nations to agree this is a difficult and interview dangerous game it's not up to any single country to terminate a present of united states as many powers not this one renouncing it would be a great dialogue control and multilateralism these are the efficient weapons. perhaps the donald's biggest test has been north korea and again he boasted had achieved what his predecessors failed to what had all the work you're going to be able to handle. it will be handled we handle everything trumps recipe for success threaten threaten and threaten again we are totally prepared for the second option totally destroy north korea that's called the military option they
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will be met with fire fury topped out with a huge military. drills and selling weapons to every nation he could during his recent asia adventure prime minister it's a band is going to be purchasing massive amounts of military equipment as he should he will shoot them out of the sky when he completes the purchase of lots of additional military equipment from the united states the president and i have agreed they'll be buying a which they want and which they need and everybody thinks it makes a lot of sense we make the greatest military equipment in the world and south korea will be ordering billions of dollars of that equipment which frankly for them makes a lot of sense if we make the greatest missiles in the world greatest planes in the world really is commercial aircraft in the world so we would like to get to buy from us as little trumps a good businessman but also we also at the beginning would anyone call him a good mediator and all but try to let the rich altie is your first
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spoke to us about it all he says donald trumps all for more about scoring points for the us and actually finding diplomatic solutions. here's more i mean he. would look at what he has been doing what he has been saying everything is calculated in terms of some sort of tangible gains for the united states that horses proper for countries dealing with the united states because he was american first american always wins. the other parties we may lose trump sees most of diplomatic activities in terms of monetary gains in terms of you can economic gains for the united states rather than contribution eating something wall in tripoli to the group of commons. a developing story is next now this monday at least twenty countries are set to sign
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a new defense pact smalling promoted by france and germany let's see what it's going to mean for the block we'll go live to berlin our europe correspondent peter all of us a call here a big day. is going to be going what's this new pact all about them one of the key points of it. well the new pact was actually put forward by the european commission on friday afternoon been seen by some as an attempt to to circumvent some criticism from perhaps nato or even the european council itself what the commission put forward is called the permanent structured cooperation agreement or pascoe for short it would involve twenty countries could even be launched by the end of this year it would in the words of its author increase security across the block it would also deepen defense cooperation the idea has been floated as something of a military shame gains on across the european union that would allow hardware vehicles military equipment to cross borders of member states without having to go
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through checkpoints it could also allow a european medical command to be set up a crisis response center which would mean that a member nations could respond to international or domestic crisis as one and much quicker and also joint military training but it does come as part of the the talks on a potential e.u. army have stepped up and they've been ongoing since the united kingdom said it would be leaving the european union back in two thousand and sixteen they were big opponents of an e.u. army however some like emanuel mccraw in the french president say that that's exactly what europe needs right now are need of profound changes in society i proposed to our counterparts to create a european army and they open this initiative towards the french army and all militaries coming from all european countries voluntarily not that france has to possess a joint can to mention force common defense budgets your common doctrine to act.
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so mike rann saying he's on side with an e.u. army but when it comes to this pescado agreement that we're going to see floated before defense ministers on monday well there are issues between two of the main architects that's france and germany the french site they want a smaller force with. that's built around the current french military forces that are available at the moment they also want this particular force to be allowed to intervene internationally now you compare that to what the germans want it is ago germany for a bigger more inclusive tesco agreement but critics have said that could become a weak union now defense minister is going to be meeting in brussels later on monday as soon as we get any news coming out of that meeting with relation to the future of potentially you army or this pascoe agreement let me bring it to you here on r.t. europe. your correspondent there peter all of the well this defense of parts already
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being touted as the new nato by some but critics suspect it's going to be a strategic disaster. i think it's definitely another step in the wrong direction because of cause there has been quite a nation among the elements of say european countries purposes but overall this has taken place in the context of nato and there is no real difference because the policies which have been. persuaded and this last period of time much confrontation against russia the nato build up so i think it is to be seen in this context and definitely it's not it's not tempting which should be seen as some kind of separate whatever in time nato i would not directly see it as aggressive move but of course i see it quite critical first of all germany with its history should not be more than a defensive military structure and with this germany suddenly it's also having the
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possibility to do actively military action i think it will how to play always the card good cop and bad cop the good cop is then the european army and the bad cop is the nato so i think they will really work arm in arm. russia in the kurdish military have come to an unprecedented deal that could allow dozens of children to be brought home after the parents joined islamic state fighters in syria. is going to report on it for you now. with isis now on its last legs flights like this becoming a regular thing russian citizens looting the wives and children of isis fighters being collected wherever they're found whether they've surrendered or been captured and taken back to russia to rejoin their families it isn't often that a high ranking syrian kurd visits the russian base in syria but this is
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a special exception with most of our women are imprisoned together with their children that's why a decision was taken by russian authorities at the highest level to ensure that all the women and children are released and brought home tens of thousands of foreigners joined isis among them the wives and children of jihad that's who flocked to the caliphate from dozens and dozens of countries many came from russia nineteen russian speaking woman along with twenty six children were being held by the y.p. they came from all around from rocka theirs or my. it took time to confirm their identities and to secure their release the deal worked out between the russians and the kurds is unprecedented the smocks the single largest repatriation of isis family members since the terror group appeared. that it
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was dangerous to flee to iraq plea for three or four months we try to find a way out of syria my husband wanted to escape prison while it's impossible for iran. and the first time tried to free our so police court and present us overall we were taken to prison three separate times by the last time they didn't let my father go and afterwards they said he died it was horrible i saw was hunting out plus we had to deal with air bombardments. and i was in my i'd been bombs were falling on us like rain i happened to be buried under the rubble four times with my child there never was any civilization no economy like it was always described there were only courts and only if you had a high rank would be on your side otherwise you were nothing but here from the very beginning i wanted to leave syria but didn't know how there were no way pramod husband and try to reach the kurds maraca they held me alts the children there
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obvious signs of trauma stunted speech and the development excessive nervousness and other symptoms brought about by what they saw war and carnage the worst is now behind them it won't be easy readjusting to life in their own countries almost all have family relatives who are more than willing to help when all is said and done there is some responsibility to be taken here most of these women came to syria voluntarily and not they may yet have to answer for the damage isis has wrought is indescribable countless people have been killed entire cities razed yet even amidst the ashes of this disaster all is not lost there are still lives that can be repaired. were gassed in their reporting well it is also. a series of reports in our teams work at an
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iraqi orphanage to where children of suspected eisel fighters were left stranded luckily with the help of us again we managed to reunite many of them with their families too. target. got that more. than many by not unless it were. the work. that.
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you know. coming up the full scottish first minister is robbing the british major of the wrong way by signing up to host a new talk show here with us we're told about it after the break.
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well don't walk so you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. for new socks for the tell you that would be gossip the tabloids by files for news. i'm telling you all enough by product. of the hawks that we along with all of one.
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morning a new report covering the years since nine eleven claims washington will have spent a total of five point six trillion dollars by the end of twenty seventeen to pay for the wars in afghanistan iraq and syria that is triple what the pentagon currently says it spent the summer a car look so what's been accomplished since the u.s. in bogged down it's huge war on terror. for the past sixteen years now the u.s. has been embroiled in what seems to be a few teil quest to eradicate terror and in two thousand and seventeen there is still no end in sight surprising given the ambitious mission taken on by the us back in two thousand and one. begins. but it does not in there. it will not end until every terrorist group of global reach
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has been found stopped and defeated fast forward to two thousand and seventeen has there really been any progress our commander in afghanistan testifies before this committee that we're in a quote stalemate after sixty years should the taxpayers or more of america. be satisfied that we are still in a stalemate i don't think so after sixteen years all qaeda has spread all across the globe spreading at least six major branches on the other hand terror has been torched by isis which may be on the run but back in two thousand and one didn't even exist the more people the us kills the more seem to join the organization the u.s. was already fighting even if you radical groups spring up three different administrations later and no change in policy and it appears that despite spending billions to
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fight the war on terror hasn't really done much to actually win america's longest war. the cost looks at to increase even further to with plotting to put more troops on the ground in afghanistan. we have decided to increase the number of troops the current level to sort of thirteen thousand the new level would be around sixteen thousand we have fought now per sixteen years there nonstop we've lost many thousands of people i think there are fifty six thousand grievously wounded casualties we need a fundamental very fundamental change in our strategy and i think it would begin to draw down our military presence in many places across the globe the more that we engage in the war on terror the more terrorists we are do. no excuse but it's another star signing for this channel this time the former first minister of
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scotland these facing a furious media backlash the first edition of his new talk shows yet to see but nonetheless the headlines are already bashing alec someone for his choice of channel british newspaper the times didn't hold back kid said someone lack self respect to judgment even the current leader of the scottish national party someone's own party expressed too high to be nost which i was and i would have advised him to seek another channel to the shoe and of course alec is not couldn't leave an elected politician and his feet to meet camp whatever decisions he wishes to meet. and it is well police would come to a new york observer columnist andre ward could told us everyone should be free to choose where they want to voice their own opinion. well i think it's very old the situation that we seem to be increasingly in where people want to know platform various individuals in various stations you see all the time news article saying isn't it disgraceful the x.
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politicians share the platform and somebody or isn't it terrible that why politician turned up on various stations in various countries i believe in a plural say i believe actually that people should appear or whatever t.v. or radio station or whatever platform they want because it's important to create a sense of dialogue we don't want to be in a position where all we have to get is the b.b.c. saying it's worth hearing different opinions and not say for all of its failings does do that. much what the alex show can tell it's going to premier here on our t thursday it is going to be a new episode every week to enjoy. more news this morning united nations children's agencies raised the alarm following moves by the saudi led coalition to advance its blockade of yemen the arab world's poorest countries it is unicef says four hundred thousand children in yemen facing starvation alerts not to mention to a deadly cholera outbreak with half of those affected children under the age of fifteen awful events going on where local doctors and humanitarian organizations
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are increasingly concerned the say by the dire situation in that country. was it that whole incident with full confidence i can say that these numbers will increase and humankind will face a horrific catastrophe when it will discover one day that it hasn't fulfilled its duty as it should if the catastrophe indeed happens we begin to national community to pressure the coalition food and medicine are not weapons things that have nothing to do with weapons they shouldn't be in any plated well riyadh's furthering of that blockade will only worsen the situation in yemen which is already running out of food medicine and fuel the saudi led coalition claims its blockade is to stop the alleged flow of weapons to confute rebels moran after who thinness of the course fire that the saudi capital just last week. the coalition launched his military operation against newfies in march twenty fifth dane supporting and the ousted yemeni government but local civilians have been suffering from both the lead lascelle bombing and the blockade.
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look at all the some other. bodies of that then or rather that another level national. to harden a short. list of i'll get engrossed in the below bit at all most valuable. there's no logical reason that we couldn't sort of take medicine actually deal with the issue of cholera there is no logical reason that we couldn't sort of give food . support to those who aren't starving the only thing that is
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holding on. is the fact that the saudis and their allies with the help of the support of united states and the west are putting very effective sort of blockade which no food no medicine gets true no reporter could get through none of the humanitarian organizations could operate and indeed even united nation cannot have access to these people to stop the sort of this on a small at least look after the endless and people who are facing a starvation and disease. yes a sub picture there thanks for being with us this morning if you want you around the world it's twenty six minutes now past nine q but are they the news all to dot com facebook twitter sophie shevardnadze is here right after the break.
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it's the cradle of jazz. america is still america we. still know as does jazz feel. a city of climatic catastrophes of alligators on the loose of poverty and crime are used by the least swell members of mob family close miss murphy of street racing in the heat of the night this is new orleans itself and it was the best place in the world.
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to go. figure.
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they hate it language presidential. who find themselves increasingly on the receiving end of rising hate crime. presidency how will the president's words. former informal adviser to obama administration and i had of the national iranian american council. for the country. what can be done.
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trita parsi welcome to the show it's great to have you on our program so it's. so. he made quite a lot of anti islam comments but so far none of this has really being acted on was it all just a ploy to fire up his base or really hold some kind of grudge against muslims. i think is incorrect to say that it's not been acted upon because it only took him roughly ten days to put into place the first muslim ban which ended up of course being deemed unconstitutional in the court he went all the way up to the supreme court but then donald trump himself pulled it and presented a new version of that ban which is also now being blocked and will probably end up going to the supreme court i think it's a he clearly has acted on it i think that he does so largely because he has a base that has been fed some of this islamophobia and wants to see.


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