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tv   Sophie Co  RT  November 13, 2017 1:30pm-2:00pm EST

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i don't know maybe having a reverse of fact i think is having a reverse effect because a lot of people are starting to see that it's discrimination against muslims in the united states or people from middle eastern background a lot of the people that are being discriminated against are actually not muslims but they're being perceived to be middle easterners and muslims there's a lot of people who started to realize that that's no different from the discrimination that earlier and continues to be is taking place against the african-american community or other communities and as a result it should be opposed in the same way but while the number of people who are opposed to islam a phobia have increased it doesn't mean that islamophobia attacks and crimes will not increase that small minority that hold those views seal embolden and empowered by the rhetoric and by the policy initiatives of the trumpet ministration i think that's the reason why we're seeing an increasing number of such crimes so
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we are now witnessing a rise of the extreme right or america white supremacist groups filled by racial tensions do you think this is going to be strictly left versus right. versus neo nazi or are muslims in danger as well. well i think we first have to recognize that while there is a minority that is perpetrating some of these crimes and while there is a political. element centuries of white house itself that is. to a certain extent allowing this to happen and even from opening it through their policy initiatives the united states as a whole as your own statistics showed is actually starting to unite against these types of crimes we saw people were protesting at the airports when this was happening we saw how the courts have shot down president trump's efforts to institutionalize discrimination against muslims and middle easterners through the
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travel in the muslim bound for instance so i think the elements inside of the american society that that actually can battle this and i can bring about a much more tolerant society definitely are there i think actually they are having momentum on their side but the reason why we're seeing this is because they don't have the presidency on their side right now and then there's the other side of islamophobia the fact that it is brought up any time someone says anything critical about islam. do you feel that the non muslim majority has concerns and fears aren't being addressed properly since people who raise their voices are branded bigots and so. i'm not sure if that's the case i don't know if i agree with your premise but i do believe that you have the scenario in which if you want to raise question marks etc there's a way to do it and there's a way not to do it if you are essentially putting all one billion people in the same category or you're essentially treating isis as if it's
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a representative of one billion muslims and clearly people are going to be raising concerns about bigotry and quite correctly so if there's an academic conversation about the theological conversation of islam that would be a completely different thing that's not what we're seeing what we're seeing is that if there is an attack by someone who's been radicalized in the united states which was the case with a terrorist act in manhattan a two or so weeks ago that immediately the political establishment on the trump pushes for new immigration measures that are completely unfounded but when you have a gentleman go in and massacre people in churches we cannot have any conversation about gun control i think you see that this is a political problem this is not an issue in which people are shutting down debate or that we cannot have a conversation about islam. those conversations that can be had but not if they are
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put in the language of bigotry then that's completely self-defeating for those people raising it like they are saying the recent terror attack in new york was conducted by and back radicalized in the united states are not of boston bombers as well as they were attackers were u.s. citizens so was the latest terror attack seven being done by homegrown terrorists tell me why are american muslims radicalizing. well your question right there is false you say why are american muslims radicalizing you're speaking as if every american muslim is radicalized that's not the case you have examples of people being radicalized in the mosque. now we just interrupted our programming there because president putin is holding a joint press conference this counterpart in thought let's listen in here in
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settlement with his regards russian turkish corp we can confidently say that it's a global has been. recovered almost completely as indicated by the volume or biological treed that increased by thirty six percent over the nine months of this year what's wrong no translation. you what's the problem with translation. this translation on there is no translation. we. will use direct translation let's just use the mike instead is the mycon.
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so. he said on time. ok i'll repeat what i started with. during a recent telephone conversation with mr president and we've agreed to have this meeting in sochi today. look i got so. absolutely sure we planned to discuss the current state of affairs in our bilateral relations and provide additional impetus for their further development. to make of them look without good will but our goals which we continue to exchange views on the situation in the region including syrian settlement.
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because there guards are all cooperation and we conceded our relations have been recovered almost in full. or all of. it appears as indicated by the volume of our bilateral trade. good over the first nine months of this year it increased by thirty six percent. and we have every reason to believe that we will be able to completely compensate for the downturn we had last year.
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such a progress is largely due to lifting bilateral trade barriers and restrictions. clinical the long. run. it. has been. based on the agreements we reached during our talks and we have resumed imports for a number of food products from turkey. and. i looked at that she would. also we talked to do. the restrictions for other food items. which. together with the ministers and the heads of leading companies we discussed thirty two corporation in the energy industry.
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we talked about the turkish stream. we talked about the nuclear power plant. not only. will start the protocol stage of implementing this project. but want to be. we plan to launch the first reactor in twenty twenty three. months. of course we also discussed the problem of syrian settlement. on the one hand we were serious successes in fighting terrorists at the same time
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we agreed that we need to step up to ensure a long term normalization of the situation in the country. well the. call for the. we need to advance the process of political settlement assisting syrians in the post conflict reconstruction. for the moment yeah. i told mr president. bush what about the fact that together with the us president at the apec summit in denial we did joint statement. stating our common approach to syrian settlement.
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namely to finish off. and to ensure sober and dependence center retore the integrity of the syrian state. i told mr president the my recent visit to tehran my meeting with the iranian leadership. and other things. but what. i'd like to know that our joint work with turkey and iran has to guarantor states of the us to now process continues to produce results. or look if it gets interesting. with. that illegal. the level of violence has certainly decreased.
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but yet. we are creating favorable conditions for. for advancing syrian dialogue under the aegis of the united nations. in conclusion i would like to thank you mr president and all of our turkish friends and partners for these productive talks. but we have a very good practice for a business like informal exchange of views adjusting your plans in reviewing the results of. our previous work. with. the caveat of them. these meetings are free from
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bureaucracy. from all sorts of quazi diplomatic procedures and protocols events. i mean. this is the moment was that i believe dear dear reproductive. system a. great tool for that. turkish friends. and we intend to continue with this practice. thank you. so. we made it ok so we're just listening there to president putin telling a joint press conference what is their turkish counterpart president. in sochi to discuss a number of issues the key points he said there is that russian relations have almost been completely restored he said that trade bilateral trade between the two countries soon proved a lot and they've also talked about the syrian settlement at length and overall he
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discussed the talks is describe the talks stories being businesslike in for more and very productive. now let's have a look at some other news this evening because donald trump is wrapping up his five nation asia tour over the course of eleven days and stressed so washington's partners the threat coming from north korea and attempted to sell them american weapons he's also been quick to pose as an international mediator in the south china sea crisis. while the disagreement over the area involves several countries and both land and sea are contested an estimated five trillion dollars worth of trade do pass through the route every year the philippines present day had this warning though for those seeking to influence the region hardhats would like us to come from china and the rest of the world on so many issues the so china sea is better left untouched
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nobody can afford to go to war literature to looks now donald trump's latest attempt to promoting his peacekeeping services abroad. u.s. president donald trump the mediator and arbitrator or at least outside he seems to think let's have a look at the conflicts he's dabbling in. there are at least two major conflicts currently brewing in this region and the longest and bloodiest one is between israel and palestine and of course trump wants to be the man in the middle the palestinians and israelis must work together to reach an agreement but i would love to be a mediator or an arbitrator or a facilitator the problem is he appears to be playing games with both sides promising one thing to palestinians and almost denying he made those promises to israel is this really how mediation works.
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staying in the region america's allies have been having a bit of a spot of late early the summer saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain cut off diplomatic ties with qatar and started an economic boycott they cited qatari funding of terrorist groups and later it increasingly close relationship with iran as their reasons trump though claimed he was ready to roll up his sleeves and sorted out i can help mediate between carter and in particular the u.a.e. and saudi arabia i would be willing to do so and i think you have a deal worked out very quickly i think it's something that's going to get solved fairly easily but nearly six months since the fallout nobody's talking. so if mediations not proving his forte what about ruffling up those crises already settled the iran nuclear deal is now in jeopardy thanks to trump decertifying it the very deal that took a decade of tense talks and negotiations by six nations to agree this is
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a difficult. game it's not up to any single country to terminate president of united states as many powers not this one when. i'm saying it would be a great era of dialogue control and multilateralism these are the efficient weapons . perhaps the donald's biggest test has been north korea and again he posted hate achieve what his predecessors failed to what had all of us are going to be able to have done. it will be handled we handle everything trumps recipe for success threaten threaten and threaten again we are totally prepared for the second option totally destroy north korea that's called the military option they will be met with fire fury topped out with huge military drills and selling weapons to every nation he could during his recent asia
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adventure tour prime minister to pay and is going to be purchasing massive amounts of military equipment as he should he will shoot them out of the sky when he completes the purchase of lots of additional military equipment from the united states the president and i have agreed they'll be buying a which they want and which they need and everybody thinks it makes a lot of sense we make the greatest military equipment in the world and south korea will be ordering billions of dollars of that equipment which frankly for them makes a lot of sense if we make the greatest missiles in the world greatest minds in the world really is commercial interest and so we would like to buy from us as little doubt trumps a good businessman but as we all start the beginning would anyone call him a good mediator and all the traitor let the rich altie your affairs analyst and long says that donald trump is more interested in scoring points for the us than finding diplomatic solutions. here's more. i mean he even
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look at what he has been doing what he has been saying everything is calculated in terms of some sort of tangible gains for the united states that causes problems for countries the ailing with the united states because he was american first american always wins that means that the other party is very loose. sees most of diplomatic activities in terms of monetary gains in terms of you can economic gains will be in august rather than contradicting something wall in tripoli to the group of commons. that russia and the kurdish military have come from none precedented could allow dozens of children to return home after their parents travel to syria to join islamic state with more on the story his ghastly.
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with isis now on its last legs flights like this becoming a regular thing russian citizens looting the wives and children of isis fighters being collected wherever they're found whether they've surrendered or been captured and taken back to russia to rejoin their families it isn't often that a high ranking syrian could visit the russian airbase in syria but this is a special exception tens of thousands of foreigners joined isis among them the wives and children of jihad just who flocked to the caliphate from dozens and dozens of countries many came from russia nineteen russian speaking woman along with twenty six children were being held by the y.p. they came from all around from rocka their heads or my idea and it took time to confirm their identities and to secure their release. the deal worked out between
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the russians and the kurds is unprecedented the smogs the single largest repatriation of isis family members since the terror group appeared. that it was dangerous to flee directly for three or four months we try to find a way out of syria my husband wanted to escape as well but it's impossible for a man. when the first try to flee police and then prison dos in total we were taken to present on three separate occasions the last time they didn't release my father and after march they said he died it was horrible i said i was hunting us plus we had to deal with adam bandt months and i was in my bean bombs were falling on us like rain i happened to be buried under the rubble four times with my child there never was any civilization no economy like it was always described there were only courts and only if you had to hire. rank would be on your
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side otherwise you were nothing at all from the very beginning i wanted to leave syria but didn't know how there were no way pramod husband and try to reach the kurds maraca they help me alts the children bear obvious signs of trauma stunted speech and the development excessive nervousness and other symptoms brought about by what they saw war and carnage the worst is now behind them it won't be easy readjusting to life in their home countries almost all have family relatives who are more than willing to help when all is said and done there is some responsibility to be taken here these women came to syria voluntarily and not they may yet have to answer for the damage isis has wrought is indescribable countless people have been killed entire cities razed yet even amidst the
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ashes of this disaster. is not lost there are still lives that can be repaired more aghast if reporting meanwhile in neighboring iraq an r.t. team has been working at an orphanage there where children of suspected eisel fighters were left stranded thankfully though with the help of our viewers we have managed to reunite many of them with their families. her. bizarre shit where did you got that motorola was it was i mean usually the dutch in-vitro meter move or is it what the menu bar none doesn't work.
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well or. something. like that the option. of. just. chilling. effect. i see. now france is considering changing the laws around sexual consent it does follow the acquittal of a man who was charged with raping an eleven year old girl he was unable to be
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prosecuted though for rape because there is no evidence that what took place was without consent it more his shall it dubinsky. thirty year old man was acquitted of raping the eleven year old girl when he was twenty two years old this is a case it's been in the court system for some time in france now and the fact that he was acquitted of raping this eleven year old girl has caused absolute controversy here in france people describing an eleven year old child as being in unable to give consent to sexual relations godless of what the situation was now some of the details of this case have been pretty horrific it turns out that the girl who is eleven years old at the time she became pregnant following that sexual encounter and then later gave birth to a child a child that's now in the foster system here in france well that's led to french ministers discussing a proposal to change the law to create a presumed age of consent in france but ministers say that that presumed age of
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consent could be as low as thirteen and that has caused extreme controversy here in france with many people unhappy that a child at the age of thirteen could be able to say yes or no to having sexual relations scandals proposal governments and media what do you have inside your had france will become a tourist destination for pedophilia thirteen years still too young why do we absolutely want our kids to grow up so fast let them be children fifteen sixteen years is an age reasonable for sex questions well it's not just the only case of its kind here in france just in the last few months another man was acquitted of raping another eleven year old girl and at the time we spoke to some children's charities who were absolutely outraged at the court system here in france could deem that a child that young could give consent for sexual relations now one other time when
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we spoke to them they demanded that there be an immediate change in the law but they suggest that that lowest age you presume consent should be fifteen and certainly not the thirteen that's now being scuffed by french ministers. reporting well we did get some reaction to this story from people in paris. that's ridiculous lillo thirteen is the first stage of a teenager i personally think it should be the age of consent should be sixteen at least i think that's what it is worldwide that's way too long. i think thirteen is very young to decide on the issue i guess fifteen is the most reasonable age for sexual decision of. the disease e to manipulate a person of the age to concerned that's terrible thirteen is young enough for. you watching not international thanks being with the c back with more news in just two minutes time.
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they all. tell. me yes to all this is all the good.
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thank you thank you thank you thank you you thank. thank.
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you know you're going to be really really great the u.s. president is again offering to help mediate in the region's conflicts as he dives into the south china sea disputes we look closer at his arbitration efforts also on the way a landmark deal between moscow and the kurdish military helped bring dozens of russian speaking children safely home from syria after their parents joined islamic state and the fates in france as officials there proposed changes sexual consent rules after a man is acquitted of raping an eleven year old girl. and . hello welcome you watching our team.


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