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tv   News  RT  November 15, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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well we all know or we're watching. this grow that hundreds of islamic state fighters may have been able to flee deliberated syrian city of rocket the pentagon says only a fraction of three hundred suspected militants were detained as they left. the can you say that no isis fighters leave the cities and go somewhere else can you say that we can't say with three one hundred percent certainty that. also to come russian lawmakers vote in favor of giving moscow the power to classify media outlets as foreign agents it is a move similar to the one made against r.t. in the united states and the u.k. think tank feels that foments is attempting to help refugees across international borders are being treated as criminals by the way we hear from an aid worker and fell foul of the authorities it's quite obvious that you don't do it for money and
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purely did obviously humanitarian desire. eleven o'clock suspected that hundreds of islamic state fighters may have been given a free pass as they left the now liberated syrian city of racker it's been reported that they were able to leave in convoys as part of a deal brokered to bring to an end the fighting in the area here's how a pentagon spokesperson responded to the claims. there were four foreign fighters that were identified and were detained by the syrian democratic forces out of the rest of me out of the three thousand five hundred civilians approximately three hundred were identified and screened as potential isis fighters as we see there were four detained but two hundred ninety six are missing now the colonel didn't go into detail when he was speaking however it is possible that they posed as
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civilians that's a common tactic used by the ice all fighters they tend to pose as civilians they've done this in the past now there have been reports of a convoy leaving the city and it is being reported that it's possible there could have been a large amount of ammunition and i still fighters among that convoy now a pentagon spokesperson was actually grilled on this point here's how he responded we followed these buses as they departed if in opportunities presented themselves to conduct strikes against any potential isis fighters that were had decided to flee then we would have we would have provided strikes that did not present itself and there were many civilians are reported that convoy so that did not happen you can you say that isis fighters leave the cities and go somewhere else can you say that they can't say with the one hundred percent certainty that every single
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fighter was identified coming out of rocca so the question now is where are these i still fighters going there no longer in iraq us so where would they be heading towards while one potential place the nearest location they could flee to would be turkey and the turkish government has voiced some serious concerns about that some have let deisel terrorists leave rocker with their weapons instead of eliminating them from the city is this your strategic tactic to come. aeration now we see the results these key deisel members will be the reason for the deaths of innocent people in every corner of the world including turkey europe and america now at this point we have the united states declaring victory in the city of raka but it's looking like quite a few isis fighters may have potentially escaped from rocka and begin setting up shop somewhere else as the fight continues that was kind of mocking what we had from patrick henderson to have twenty first century why don't calm about the claims
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and he says that i still fighters have been helped by the u.s. led coalition on a number of occasions. i think there's a great great reason to be concerned about allowing hundreds of battle hardened and in this would be some of the most hardcore fighters of the ones the last ones to basically leave and this isn't the first time by the way but this is also isn't the first time that we have reports of. multiple reports on aug twenty fourth of u.s. choppers air lifting isis commanders out of dairies or as that city was falling and isis was being routed out of there is or so there's a number of these reports we've seen over the over the months and in many cases we're seeing reports from the middle eastern press of the sort of this collusion with isis so this should get a lot more attention in the western media and this is a really important issue actually. will make is in russia's now
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a house of parliament voted in favor of forcing media outlets which are funded from a privilege to register as foreign agents it is in response to similar pressure placed in america in the united states if we're trying as much. first of all we wouldn't be hearing this news from the russian parliament if it wasn't for the american department of justice which forced r.t. america to register as a foreign agent in the us the russian government promised to fight back and we can see that it's happening but to make similar demands for foreign media in this country to register as foreign agents russia's own legislation required amendments and they have just been approved by the russian duma and now the draft bill will be moved on to the upper chamber of the russian parliament for a final vote the amendment has it that a media outlet may find itself on the list of foreign agents in russia if it receives money from foreign countries i.e.
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their governments international organizations or foreign organizations for an individuals as well as russian legal entities which are funded from any of the sources that i mentioned above if a media organisation becomes a foreign agent whatever it publishes has to come with a disclaimer plus it has to provide the russian authorities with regular reports on their finances something that was also discussed at the same duma session was a recent buzz feed piece titled secret finding sixty russian payments to finance the election campaign of twenty sixteen but the first thing that comes up on your mind if you're reading this headline is that it's a groundbreaking investigative report on russian meddling in the us election the article tells you about citibank money transfers intended for russian embassies abroad wow the problem is though that russia also had its parliamentary election
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back in september twenty sixth staying and there were polling stations opened at russian embassies around the world for russian citizens who couldn't vote at home and that required some money. russian officials did confirm that the cash in these transfers was spent on that but to read about this in the original buzz feed article you really have to scroll down and scroll down a lot so this bit of quality investigative journalism by buzz feed or maybe not was also brought up at the do a session earlier this wednesday well one of america's most popular news websites is getting caught up in the campaign against r.t. to the drudge report which links to hundreds of news sites is under fire from the washington post for showing stories from this channel the site's accused of publishing links to quote russian propaganda although that's only
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a small number of articles compared to the washington post articles that drudge also links to his her websites boss has reacted. i've linked to washington post it's one thousand times in twenty five years of doing drudge report i currently give thirty seven percent of their referral traffic he said brutal business not even a thank you instead you were russian operative so this is completely out of control and that article in the washington post about drudge is delusional the one from buzz feed is a joke. they don't see that the it's written from the point of view that it's a given that russian television r.t. and sputnik are propaganda well i think that russian media like r.t. is simply giving the russian perspective on the news the way c.n.n. and the new york times gives an american perspective on the news and b.b.c. british perspective of course american journalist don't think that when they think they're giving a universal truth they don't see that they are speaking from within their own national perspective so to call r.t.
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propaganda sputnik is a joke in my opinion and worse than that is to lump them both of them in sputnik in archie with info wars i mean this shows you the quality of the mind or wrote that article it's delusional because or in four words is nowhere near journalism r.t. as a news channel and if you want to understand what's happening in the world you've got to look at the different perspectives from russia from iran from the u.s. from britain and take these all into consideration so to call one russian television r.t. propaganda and to lump it in one in four words is just extraordinary and really shows the depth of the despair i think that people who are pushing the russia gate story are getting to because it's collapsing that story. while as meddling fever still grips america it seems to have spread a b c's to you because hungary is not accusing washington of interfering in its upcoming elections hungary and foreign ministry has summoned america's envoy the us plans to fund local media. the
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ministry of foreign affairs and trade has summoned the us shows you defer asking for an explanation and told him we consider this a political intervention by the u.s. department of state ahead of the elections the us state department said on monday it would devote seven hundred thousand dollars to fund local media outlets in hungary it says the goal is to increase access to objective information in the country it will offer technical and financial support as well as a platform for hungary and journalist daniel callum's executive director of the wrong board interesting though believes it is a clear case of meddling. well it is absolutely blatant political intervention the united states is going to go to the home here in countryside it's going to prop up certain newspapers that it considers to be pro-democracy which is pro washington in this is in advance of national elections coming up next year the state department
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has been opposed to viktor orbán in this fetus party from the very beginning and this is absolutely a politically biased political motivated attempt to change the media in the home here in countryside and break up the popularity of the doorbell to just government i would think it's hypocrisy on one part because without any evidence the u.s. accuses russia of intervening in its a turn a lot faires in an election and then the u.s. blatantly overtly intervenes in interference in hungary an election you don't go into your property certain newspapers in the countryside and it just in advance of an election and call not meddling and version of the russians we're we're subsidizing american media that was in favor of the russian favorite candidate the entire america would have a panic attack it had a panic attack with no evidence so now it's absolutely park received on the part of washington. now a report from the u.k. based think tank claims the european union is effectively criminalising those
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helping refugees to cross international borders it does say laws in europe fail to distinguish between people trafficking which by definition is exploitative and then smuggling which may not be one person mentioned in the document is the former u.k. soldier over here rob lowry who hit the headlines back in january twenty sixth when french authorities rounded on him for trying to help a four year old and her father illegally cross into the u.k. he found them living in a sewer pipe at the notorious kalai jungle camp here's his story. years ago i went over to help in in france in the notorious jungle and i was building shelters there. and i befriended a young afghan girl and her father and she used to help me for many weeks and you know amongst building shelters until one day i found out she had
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a family who lived literally two miles from myself and i decided to you know with with you know a little bit of thought of what we had i decided to try to get still her family it was quite obvious that you know i didn't do it for money it was quite obvious i didn't do it for you know any political gain or anything out that it was quite will be she had a purely did it out of a humanitarian. desire to help this little girl the french government the three judges in the car so all this for what it was they viewed it as a stupid act by next soldier well that active benevolence could have landed him five years in prison before his punishment was reduced to one thousand one thousand to right fine in cold a crime of compassion by the media his robe again on the french authorities. i think i could only presume that agenda would be that if they were to stop aid
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workers are humanitarians going to hell then that would force refugees either back off awesome away unless you've actually lived among refugees and heard some of the stories you can't really understand why they would want to come over you know two european shows the refugees about which i've met these. you know these are escaping you know to be you know real was let's look at what's happening with governments around the world at the moment let's take donald trump's america show it donald trump is trying to internalize america with itself coupled with the fact that donald trump is completely out of his depth with any kind of knowledge of refugees around the world so if the governments think by restricting humanitarian aid workers other volunteers are charities to help on the ground that kind of
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couldn't cells in the kind of trying to sweep you know the issues under the under the capital so to speak the situation is going to grow well we realize that you know something has to be done. the lebanese president think using saudi arabia a hostile act by minister he flying to the side capital and suddenly resigned in riyadh on saturday. nothing just defies that hariri did not return after twelve days we consider it to be custody and detention violating the vienna convention and the convention of human rights and hug them like hell look i'm free in thirty arabia if i wanted to leave tomorrow i would leave tomorrow all lebanese people need to know that i did resign i know it's not an ordinary way of resigning any prime minister i know that but i did it because i wanted to thin them into shock positive shock so lebanese people would realize that our country is in danger from
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beirut journalist martin j. has the latest here is reading more and more every day like a really bad hollywood movie scripts where nobody really knows the ending we received a statement in beirut which i could got saddam out of attention the president here michel own is losing some patience with the situation with the standoff but he suggested that he can only accept the resignation of his diary if kerry comes back to beirut and presents himself in person with a course in mind back to sunday where the nation here was gripped by a live television interview which mr hariri gave whereby he said to the presenter that he expected to be back in beirut in a number of days in the last year while mr hariri has been prime minister in lebanon there was a great deal of pressure and expectation on him from the saudis in particular new crown prince mohammed bin man to redress and we negotiate the power balance in the region both in lebanon and outside lebanon critical to this deal with the haass the
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crux of this entire the buckler is how you come if he comes back to lebanon and most people suspect he will next few days he would have a lot more leverage on his side to negotiate a deal hezbollah. meanwhile the french president among american has invited her he and his family to france although at the moment it is unclear whether he's likely to take up the offer. the racial divide in the united states is being seized upon by a group of rightwing activists trolling school campuses riposte is the clearing it is ok to be white although it is a move that's offended both pupils and teachers been identified bunch of people have been plastering signs and stickers like these in neighborhoods and campuses across america claiming it's ok to be white wow one of the vice of comparing the nation is in shambles really shocked that someone like had the guts to do this
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because it's like we try to promote diversity so much but see in the melting pot that is america everyone is always proud of their heritage you have the african heritage studies you have the hispanic black jewish heritage months cultural appropriation movements and so on but these people who want to publicly state that there is nothing to be ashamed of being white are hiding their faces so much for diversity harvard law school will not let that happen here we live work teach in learn together in a community that is stronger better and deeper because of our diversity. we are taking this seriously and are investigating this incident this may be part of a concerted national campaign to form a racial and political tension in our school and community but who would even come up with this crazy idea the ford chair and chat room the so-called troll kingdom now these guys have been responsible for spreading trends and movements whose
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purpose was one thing only trolling and about two weeks ago they again initiated just that they asked their followers to spread this poster with a very carefully crafted guidelines such as a no way coming in contact with the left keeping a polite not aggressive font and no vandalism among a few other pointers amazing that was in it for chan created another obvious trolling complain with the purpose of exposing many people's sensitivities making them act a little crazy towards a flyer put it out there publicly to say hey we're going to told use people and see how they react to media knows it but it is to react anyway because they think that this act is so reprehensible well before five letters on a regular sheet of paper is just going to destroy the whole world separately a writer in the new york times is questioning whether it's right for his children to be friends with white to paypal his own thing brian logan again he blames the
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media for exaggerating the great sure the racial conflict in the country. well i think the racial problem is overblown and often there's really that many racial problems in the united states many of the problems that people think that we face are just pretty bad about people in the media like the guy who wrote the article in a new york and many others most people pretty much get along there is some separation of people but there is basically a long cultural lions that could be within races as well so is not so much about this big racial division there is some racial tension but i think the media who wants to be the normal thing they push in some people unfortunately fall into it. now america is pulling the plug on funding a program to clear wartime munitions in cambodia the country still littered with mines and other explosives after the u.s. dropped more than two million bombs there during the war with neighboring vietnam officials in phnom penh say the move does come as
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a surprise and they insist that washington has a moral duty to help clear the remnants which still have severe consequences for the population. they just decide to come to see my. soul. i have no work to say but you know this very disappointed d'souza. moral obligation where did drop a lot of bombs in cambodia killed many competent people also destroyed when it was come bored in. school many facilities. let me say that during the first phase of the us dropped bombs people were
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evacuated from this village the second time they drop small bombs the blue and white plastic covered bombs which burned all the bamboos that was the second place during the third phase when all of the people fled they drop bigger bombs such as between it's. likely that we thought she was just born with that condition as we know now it was from those chemical weapons in the past we only drank water from the small time. was not. in the arm didn't for develop. before i didn't really get mad until the u.s. embassy announced that it was because of the taker then i got my. back tonight there is a papal in the cell phone african countries involved way where the military has
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seized power and detained for a long time president robert mugabe earlier on wednesday there were reports of him . gunfire and explosions to being heard in the capital tanks have been stationed at key points across harare after the military took over the state broadcaster that move has prompted speculation of a possible coup but the military is saying it is targeting corrupt individuals around the president the army also says the mcgarvie who has been in power for almost forty years is safe so that brings you up to date here on r.t. thanks for being with us tonight more news in just over half an hour.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle according to the department of justice the channel you're watching now is an agent of a foreign even hostile power all the while to deal with he refuses to explain why this
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is the case or even cite what laws we may have broken but something else is in play critics warn r t is a test case for a wider campaign of media suppression. across talking foreign agents i'm joined by my guess we straight ahead in washington he's an investigative journalist and co-host of faultlines on radio sputnik in salt lake city we have rocky anderson he is a civil rights lawyer former mayor of salt lake city and the two thousand and twelve nominee of the justice party for president and in london we crossed him marcus papadopoulos he's the editor of politics first magazine all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want they always appreciate i always go to the person they got up early as for this program that means it's you rocky in salt lake city you know it's a long way away from moscow you know and looking in my introduction you know the department of justice for star tea to be signed as
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a foreign agent on the far out but they have cited no reason why there is no complaint about our put what we broadcast on this station here no details whatsoever no comparisons were. we do or don't do compared to let's say al jazeera or b b c r c g t n nothing we're separated completely in a different category i can't come to any other conclusion that it is very spiteful cruel petty politics go ahead raakhee in st louis and salt lake city well i think there's no question about that we're we're sitting on almost a new mccarthyism in this country and it's completely mindless if people would realize that the first amendment is really there to protect the people of this country and to promote an exchange of ideas and information and allow
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people the credit for being able to ferret out what they want to hear and what they can believe or not believe this impacts all of us in this country want to our own government is trying to restrict and even censor what we hear from other media and we need to hear from other nations it's a perspective that americans have got to know and it certainly wasn't for a media that was telling us all the lies to the judith miller of the new york times was telling a very good glinting up to iraq or the washington post about just to lynch to bolster support.


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