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tv   News  RT  November 18, 2017 4:00am-4:24am EST

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the. headlines on r.t. international key global decisions are on the whole as marathon talks to form a ruling coalition in germany and day three missing the dead reforms that were put forward by french president emmanuel it's worth noting that those that you members would have had to wait for coalition discussions to start here in germany while the free democrats argued that they didn't want to have to sit next to an immigration alternative for germany in the chamber but when talks began they certainly haven't been plain sailing the deadline was set for thursday evening but that has been and
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gone and those talks still going on but the telling me it's not going to be easy it will certainly be difficult but it's westley going sheets and the second time i'm going to shower for an hour and a half and then i'm going to watch t.v. in try to make a good impression and spread optimism the idea is that the government will be a coalition of merkel's christian democrats and their bavarian sister party as well as the environmentalist green party and the pro-business free democrats to achieve it they have to overcome some major divisions like the upper limits of asylum seekers allowed to arrive in the country and refugees family reunifications plus the use of coal the greens want to see cuts while the free democrats say that could harm the economy it's expected that some sort of deal will be struck eventually but there's also rumblings of fresh elections should the divisions between these
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parties prove to be too white peter all of her are tea party still at odds political scientist and c.d.u. party member vern apart soul says the e.u. will simply have to wait. chairman is see the most important power of the european union or the european union certainly cannot move with our chair money and touch your money to move or to push forward the european union or to stop pushing it forward whatever germany is in need of a stable government so far we have no stable government senior for all european business has to wait until germany is ready again to be an active player in the european game we will simply have the situation there other than in the last decades germany paralysed itself which is an exceptional situation but since our contributed there are much to this situation well it's up to her to find a way of muddling through. september's scandal free election campaign and vote was
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dubbed one of the most boring in recent times however merkel's possible coalition partners are perhaps more interesting than they might seem.
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this is. the former lebanese prime minister. president invitation it follows his sudden resignation last week and speculation he had been detained in saudi arabia on friday president stressed he would welcome henry as the lebanese leader. i would therefore welcome him with you to prime minister who has indeed stepped down but his resignation has not been recognized in his country since he has not yet been there i will welcome him here as prime minister nonetheless many see lebanon as a battlefield for the proxy war between iran and saudi arabia the two regional leaders saudi arabia had long been a supporter of hillary as a politician however lebanon's president claimed riyadh might have actually forced
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the prime minister to resign because it felt he hadn't done more to stand up to hezbollah the group of course backed by iran and is a key political force and lebanon. reports. beirut the lebanese capital nicknamed the riviera of the middle east it's an oasis of calm in an often troubled region but that wasn't always the case the city was the center of a bloody civil war that raged from one nine hundred seventy five to one nine hundred ninety it was for too long sectarian lines which is still present across the country today. here outside the holiday inn hotel the mosques of the war office still visible thousands of men fought for control of a number of luxury hotels in this area the holes in the wall a testament to that fighting. the.
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while he showed us the green line the predominantly muslim west of the city for the mostly christian east today the story is very different many religious groups live together in the country and the stability for the past twenty seven years but with the resignation of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri announced live while he was in saudi arabia there are fears that some regional countries are trying to push lebanon back into civil strife to pressure the shear political party has has bill as actions were considered as a declaration a war against saudi arabia by lebanon and by the lebanese by the devil saudi arabia is trying to turn the lebanese against one another they want us to humiliate and fight one another i think the saudi decided to escalate if they want to take
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a very strong position. against hezbollah and they knowing for fact that this would cause instability in the country and they wanted somebody who. probably project forces or forces against against hezbollah so it was like a coup by this he would use but what are the lebanese people think about the prospect of a return to the dark days of the civil war and that's one of the boats if it works because he's people getting up. and seeing here and working with that with people with different with different religion as we all accept each other. we were almost killed in the last rule i remember everything there was no electricity no water we cannot survive another war i mean i'm afraid there will be a civil war again but i help that god will stop this from happening i'm a sunni muslim but i have friends from all faiths shia druze and others we are all
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brothers will continue to coexist peacefully sunni shia maronite for us the most important thing in the citizens of lebanon. may god grant that there will be no civil war lebanon is one of the few countries in the middle east which has managed to maintain a balance between its many sectarian factions but that balance can be fragile could be upset by certain regional powers choosing the country as a battleground for the road proxy war. in lebanon we discussed the ongoing situation in lebanon and an exclusive interview with its top diplomat. today we're facing another attempt at creating hot beds of chaos and instability which in turn lead to terrorism what is happening in lebanon follows the same scenario which is why it's necessary to finish this tour here in russia russia has
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fought most of all against radicalism and terrorism we want to discuss preventative measures with moscow to ensure that we're not threatened lebanon remain stable and we're able to fight terrorism. then under threat we are ready for such a scenario but we strive to do everything possible to prevent this from happening and want to have good relations with saudi arabia we're still acting this way and we're not going to change this approach unless we're forced to act in self-defense and then the whole we can follow such a constructive policy but we're not immune from hostile actions towards us we see this in the situation with mr hariri anyone could go to war with us but i still doubt that this will happen because the consequences would affect those who start a war of course lebanon would suffer as well so we want to avoid war. feel. any country can take action against hezbollah as the us does although the
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hezbollah leader has repeatedly said whoever wants to oppose us let them oppose us but leave lebanon alone we do not want lebanon to suffer because of us we believe that any punishment directed against all the lebanese people will have consequences for those responsible and affect the entire region is what is europe whoever decides to punish lebanon should think carefully before making such a decision but everyone bears responsibility for their actions including hezbollah . an american political satirist has carried out a social experiment to find out what was seen as more controversial waving the american flag or an ice old flag. poorest country on planet earth to protect all freedoms right. now and there are wanted to see what the reaction would be well another flag that's out there in the news.
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i denounce american imperialism. thank you. but after spending several hours waving my isis flag shouting pro isis anti american rhetoric the sum total of one person was upset by it. but the choice of location for this experiment buckley in california may have influenced the result a number of large scale nationalist rallies have taken place there throughout the year. my colleague spoke to me horowitz about his experiment. i was out there for about an hour and in that hour we had about i was about twenty to twenty five people who were made in a negative comments for the flag and. people using markets to wage war their bodies decided to tear down that country to rip it for billions of dollars of the profits john paulson we got goldman sachs and now
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it's spilling over into the crypto world and the geopolitical world. operates russia has no interest in finding common to any possible. result would have you forgotten russia is wasting our time. everything happening here looks like some ridiculous to me well tensions acute its final report on april is deadly sarin gas attack blaming president assad's government friday's session was not the first u.n. attempt to extend the mandate which has just expired as caleb maupin explains everyone is looking back on the meeting on thursday where a resolution from the united states to extend the mandate of the o.p.c. to investigate chemical weapons in syria was voted down as well as a resolution from russia to extend the mandate was also voted down in that meeting nikki haley claimed that the united states had been reaching out to russia and
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trying to contact the russian mission to the united nations to negotiate a resolution that was more agreeable however we've now heard from russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov he says that simply isn't the case to the u.s. a bus that says the united nations and claim the old has recent attempts to reach of representative of selena bends in to discuss the comments for a draft resolution have failed. to lie i guess that means we have a new phenomenon in international relations not only do we have. diplomacy at this point russia's position is that they are not opposed to continuing the investigation of chemical weapons in syria they have no problem continuing the mandate continuing investigations but they want them to be done in a professional manner russia has been very critical of the way in which the o.p.c. use work is the o.p.c. w has accused the syrian government of using chemical weapons but never named any
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specific individuals who carried out a chemical attack simply blamed an entire government without so. who in this government was responsible they never actually visited the site in qana shaken where the chemical attack took place and instead they relied on samples given to them by third parties then consulted with some n.g.o.s and different third parties which possibly had connections to terrorism so russia says they're ok continuing the investigation but that is sloppiness and the manner in which the research is being done needs to be corrected now russia when they spoke at the un security council they made clear that their proposal to continue the mandate of the o.p.c. w. is still on the table they're open to discussing about how to do it richard becker from the antiwar coalition told us washington from the very beginning was only ever interested in a one conclusion well i think that the government of the united states and its allies particularly france. are determined. to find syria
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guilty of the use of chemical weapons we really have a kind of ludicrous situation where the investigators did not go to this site. alone which was a chemical weapons attack to not go to the site and you know through interview people in turkey and then to render a decision about how do your character plays really again it's very deficient for any. perspective. he's president has been branded an enemy of nato the comments were made on the alliance his internal messaging network norway's defense minister has since apologized but the incident has focused strained already tense times between i and korea and nato . motivation. they used an enemy chance in. that shot that was my name and i took the picture. i gave instructions to immediately withdraw our
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forces soldiers there can be no alliance like that the issue was that with a poster reportedly displayed during a nato exercise and no way out of the one's name was although the person responsible for the mistake has been dismissed as was seen again with the president accusing washington of supporting islamic state. in. the provocative behavior by israel goes against people state. and confirms that. breaking with terrorists from the islamic state group. enjoyed. it for a long period of time. you say you fight but what have you done.
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fortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism and a very high level. how much funding qatar has done to. groups in syria so would. these. united states. for the forty fourth anniversary of a brutal military crackdown at least two people were injured on friday. taking part in an annual march commemorating a student uprising of nine hundred seventy three during the final years of the greek military dictatorship demonstrators waved blood stained green flags and banners denouncing. a new report by
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a pentagon watchdog suggests u.s. forces in afghanistan do not intervene in cases of child sex abuse a thought to be widespread in parts of the country yet american troops are apparently prevented from being able to actually do anything about it at night we can hear them screaming but we are not allowed to do anything about it my son said that he's officers told him to look the other way because it's their culture or the report added that u.s. soldiers who raised concerns were told that nothing could be done as it is an internal issue for afghanistan but one of the most common instances of abuse is known as bacha bazi your boy play and head to our web site for a documentary on this disturbing issue here's a preview. yeah . you need to see.
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this liza. minelli. wanted me to go to sit six first in a cheerful city and. did some cinemas there for my us to provide job john trust things the pentagon's response suggests quote moral bankruptcy. it really does make you ask the question is that why americans are fighting and risking their lives in afghanistan to make the world safer pedophilia we can't say anything about not only child abuse in afghanistan but the stoning women and honor killings that afghanistan let's remember that it's good to stand during the soviet period in the priests over that period there was a lot of liberation of women during that time which that has put
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a stop to now that our friends the mujahideen have come to power who but we have to respect their sovereignty on the other hand in countries like say serbia we pressure them to have gay rights parades and all sorts of things that as a sovereign matter they don't want to have but we're more than happy to push a very perverse human rights agenda on them so of course we are we are respectful of sovereignty when we feel like it and we run over it roughshod when we don't feel like it i thank you joining us here on out to you today your news continues very soon.
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it's the cradle of jazz. is america is the america we. know as does jazz feel. a city of climatic contrast to feed on the gators on the loose the spufford sea and crime are used by the least swell members of my family to close my. street racing in that he says the night. this is new orleans. the best place in the world.
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time after time to see we're going underground is today the scottish arm of europe's largest socialist movement jeremy corbin's u.k. labor party elected a new leader in scotland coming up in the show can we trust nato nation media reports about robert mugabe given historical coverage of former british colony zimbabwe we speak to the former chief advisor of u.k. back opposition leader morgan tsvangirai and the head of. pm u.k. chapter of the politician to raise a major factor u.k. ruling coalition slams lindsay leader of the over a for is naive and foolishness. in faint m.p. and bobby sands director of elections france he malloy appeals to downing street for the truth about an alleged british coverup over the murder of northern irish politician patsy kelly all the support coming up in today's going underground but first to the southern african nation of zimbabwe which is being in the news a lot lately here in britain the former colonial master of zimbabwe the statement
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dated broadcasters routinely attacked the government of the country led by robert mugabe ever since independence and the end of white ruled so called rhodesia. mr mugabe it's all right for the africans but what about the whites made free media is clear when it comes to countries like zimbabwe or venezuela or iran which seek a future outside the washington consensus some viewers may remember when the b.b.c. routinely attacked this man for being a terrorist for one thing the end of white imperialism in africa. all right where. we are. ever. and democratic country comrade mandela went from terrorist just saying to nato nation media when he fell in line with the washington consensus and neoliberal privatization as from a garbage tax from the state mandated b.b.c. arguably rise and fall depending on the levels of his genuflection before the
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international monetary fund the lesson arguably is what you.


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