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tv   News  RT  November 18, 2017 9:00am-9:27am EST

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key decisions are put on the hold as marathon talks to form a ruling coalition in germany and that day three missing the deadline set by governor. lebanon's prime minister who surprise resignation announcement has raised fears of fresh regional turmoil president from a crown in my wrists we discuss what the latest developments mean for love and then exclusively with one of the country's top diplomat the on the move and today we're facing new freezing cold breeds of chaos and instability which in turn lead to terrorism. also this hour a political science a risk carries out to startle experiments at berkeley california waving the u.s. and islamic state flags provoking some unexpected we actually.
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a very warm welcome you're watching r.t.m. our r.t. international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital i make it good to have you with us. now talks between what the ruling coalition partners in germany have now and to day three merkel cd u s c u block the greens and the free democrats are trying to form a so-called jamaica coalition as that combines colors resemble that country's flag but the party still appear far from a deal with crucial decisions frozen while they make up their mind as artie's peter all of a explains under merkel missed an important e.u. summit in sweden on friday as she struggles to form a government of the excuse she gave for not being in attendance hasn't gone down well with across the continent as well angle of merkel is destructed here in berlin
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major projects of groaned to an almost standstill. without chancellor merkel's full backing the ambitious pillar of social rights plan which was launched in sweden on friday hardly landed with fireworks. then there's breaks that where there is little chance of trade talks that to reason may want so desperately getting under way before this a government here in germany. the same goes for eurozone reforms that were put forward by french president emanuel it's worth noting that those the you members would have had to wait for coalition discussions to start here in germany while the free democrats argued that they didn't want to have to sit next to an immigration alternative for germany in the
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chamber but when talks began they certainly haven't been plain sailing the deadline was set for thursday evening but that has been gone and those talks still going on but the hellishness it's not going to be easy it will certainly be difficult but it's worth negotiating a second time i'm going to shower for a no no half and then i'm going to go on t.v. and try to make a good impression and spread optimism the idea is that the government will be a coalition of merkel's christian democrats and their bavarian sister party as well as the environmentalist green party and the pro-business free democrats to achieve it they have to overcome some major divisions like the upper limits of asylum seekers allowed to arrive in the country and refugees family reunifications plus the use of coal the greens want to seriously cuts it while the free democrats say
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that could harm the economy it's expected that some sort of deal will be struck eventually but there's also rumblings of fresh elections should the divisions between these parties prove to be too white peter all over r t early on media notes the clocks are ticking with the parties to lead our political scientists down c.d.u. party member than a passel says the age you well simply have to wait. because sherman is see the most important power of the european union as the european union certainly cannot move with our chairman e. m. touch erma need to move or to push forward the european union or to stop pushing it forward whatever germany is in need of a stable government so far we have no stable government secure for all european business has to wait until germany is ready again to be an active player in the european game we will simply have the situation there other than in the last decades germany. itself which is an exceptional situation but since uncle or merkel
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has contributed there are much to this situation well it's up to her to find a way of muddling through. september scandal free election campaign and vote was dubbed one of the most boring in recent times however merkel's possible coalition partners are perhaps more interesting than they might seem. thanks. thanks thanks
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. thanks thanks thanks. and now to paris we're showing you live pictures of an anti mccrum protest being held there right now according to organizers people have come from all over the country to express their anger at the french president's policies demonstrators intend to march on official residence the elisei palast today's rally comes after protests across france a couple of days ago against mcclung labor reforms which give us give more rights to employers in the live pictures we're bringing enough on the capital.
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thank you will of course be keeping you across the situation in paris throughout the evening now moving on the political satirist in the u.s. has carried out a social experiment to see what would cause more controversy waving the american flag or terror group islamic states. where is country on planet earth to protect all freedoms right. now there are wanted to see what the reaction would be. another flag that's out there in the news. i denounce american imperialism. or thank you. but after spending several hours waving my isis flag shouting pro isis anti american rhetoric the sum total of one person was upset by. the choice of location for the experiment buckley in california may have
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influenced the results a number of large scale on tea nationalist rallies have taken place there throughout the year with some turning violent well my colleague andre farmer spoke to me horowitz about his experiments. i was out there for about an hour and in that hour we had about i was about twenty to twenty five people were made in a negative comments for the flag and maybe three or four had positive comments say with the flex of the vast majority of commas they received were quite negative it ranges from you know america's not great service it was that to f. america that number of as well when you are flying the symbol of america and people react that way no matter what you expect and still shocking so the second part of the video was i was waving the isis flag the most part people were simply not seeing a work they were at their look at me and walking away i got a couple and you saw them both in the video some support for the isis flag sickly in disgustingly enough. i was with the isis flag for over two hours so more than
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double the time i was with a u.s. flag and i only got a so one person who thought it was a noxious i suppose another thought that crossed my mind people might not and it might not have just registered with them what you were doing i was yelling isis comfort for isis i said isis every third word they could not escape the fact that this was the isis flag and i was the representative of isis and i people may be skeptical because they know that this is that it's a done to take a minute and you can pick and choose what pops to the thing to say the narrative the way i do my business is i only i will only show what the majority opinion is so for example there were people support of the u.s. flag i didn't show that because the most majority people respond to me were overwhelmingly negative i never cherry pick in the sense that i'll never do the reverse i'll never show the minority and express that as the majority of the years i've been doing this i've never been accused with one exception was sweden which was you know i've been accused of doctoring the footage. taking you back to
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paris now where the lebanese prime minister is in the french capital is met with anonyma crumb on the french president official. imitation it follows sired hariri is recent surprise resignation announcement in saudi arabia and subsequent absence from beirut this spark speculation that he was being held under house arrest in riyadh here's what hariri had to say as he left early say paris. on core france has shown once again how great its role is in the world and in the region and it is proven its dedication to stability and lebanon i will return to beirut in the coming days and will take part in the celebrations dedicated to the country's independence with a statement was made after mccrone and hariri had lunch joined by the prime minister's wife and eldest son the turmoil in lebanon is thought to have been on the agenda with harry's visit to france viewed as many as the first step out of the
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crisis where we differ a lot more from paris the lebanese prime minister's visit to france is another twist in a quite bizarre story of his resignation that he announced earlier this month in a televised address while in saudi arabia the country of mr hariri holds the second nationality of he then explained that the major reason behind this decision is that temps by iran saudi arabia's long term rival in the region to meddle into the lebanese internal as well as regional affairs immediately sparked speculation that mr hariri was held in saudi arabia against his will and that he was forced to resign and that was the opinion that was shared by many politicians including in lebanon including the country's president who said he cannot accept this resignation unless mr hariri comes back to the root and discusses this situation with mr president personally after that mr hariri to take that he's
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a free man he dismissed all these speculations and he said that he is free to move around and as approve of that he is now in. frons meeting the country's president emmanuel mccall who has been very clear that he considers mr hariri if you have been there i will welcome him here as prime minister number france's president emmanuel mccall invited mr hariri to france after he's very short and very unexpected today say to saudi arabia at the time when lebanese prime minister was there the role france is trying to play in this situation is very large it france's lebanon's former colonial rule it has a very close he story caly very close ties with levanon many politicians including mr hariri the lebanese prime minister used to leave he has a house in paris so france is
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a very important country for levanon but many say that maybe this time trying to mediate between the two. very influential powers such as saudi arabia and iran france is risking. saudi arabia and iran are two regional powers that have long been competing for influence riyadh was a supporter of hariri as a politician whereas lebanon's president is a long term ally of hezbollah he even claimed riyadh might have forced the prime minister to resign because it felt he hadn't done more to stand up to the iran backed hezbollah. looks at why many fear the country could turn into a saudi arabian proxy war. beirut the lebanese capital nicknamed the riviera of the middle east it's an oasis of calm in an often troubled region but that wasn't always the case the city was the center of
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a bloody civil war that raged from night. here outside the holiday. thousands of men fought for control of a number of luxury hotels in this area the holes in the wall a testament to the. stability for the past but the resignation of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri announced live while he was in saudi arabia there are fears that some regional countries are trying to push lebanon back into civil strife to pressure the shia political party has but one another i think the saudi decided to escalate if they want to take a very strong position. against hezbollah and they knowing or forces against against hezbollah so it was like a coup by this who would use the word of the lebanese people think about the
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prospect of a return to the dark days of the civil war and that's one of the boats it did work because he says people are getting up each other and i'm seeing here i'm working with with people with different with different religion and we all accept each other. we were kill almost. in the last war i remember everything there was no electricity no water we cannot survive another war. i'm afraid there will be a civil war again but i help that god will stop this from happening i am a sunni muslim but i have friends from all faiths shia druze and others we are all brothers will continue to call these peacefully sunni shia maronite for us the most important thing for the citizens of lebanon may god grant that there will be no civil war lebanon is one of the few countries in the middle east which has managed to maintain a balance between its many sectarian factions but that balance can be fragile could
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be upset by certain regional powers choosing the country as a battleground for the road proxy wars. in beirut lebanon and we discussed the ongoing situation in lebanon in an exclusive interview with its top diplomat. today we're facing another attempt to creating hotbeds of chaos and instability which in turn lead to terrorism what is happening in lebanon follows the same scenario which is why it's necessary to finish this tour here in russia russia is for most of all against radicalism and terrorism we want to discuss preventative measures with moscow to ensure that we're not threatened lebanon remain stable and we're able to fight terrorism. then lebanon is able to counter any threat we are ready for such a scenario but we strive to do everything possible to prevent this from happening
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and want to have good relations with saudi arabia we're still acting this way and we're not going to change this approach unless we're forced to act in self-defense . the whole or we can follow such a constructive policy but we're not immune from hostile actions towards us we see this in the situation with mr hariri anyone could go to war with us but i still doubt that this will happen because the consequences would affect those who start a war of course lebanon would suffer as well so we want to avoid war. feel. any country can take action against hezbollah as the us does although the hezbollah leader has repeatedly said whoever wants to oppose us let them oppose us but leave lebanon alone we do not want lebanon to suffer because of us we believe that any punishment directed against all the lebanese people will have consequences for those responsible and affect the entire region is what is europe whoever decides to punish lebanon should think carefully before making such a decision but everyone bears responsibility for their actions including hezbollah
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tensions continue between russia and the u.s. over extending i chemical weapons probe in syria find out all the details on that on much more after this break. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the final larry go around live in the one percent. of the room sick. please the markets to wage war get on the sack for now it. blame on russia russia has not negotiated with any of us dissin from a should write in its work
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a fixed russia. is i would have you forgotten how yesterday you killed a j i am russia is wasting our time everything happening here looks like some ridiculous spectacle to me however behind the scenes both ambassadors were caught on camera calmly discussed in the situation tensions grew after the investigation issued its final report on the chemical attack in syria's can shake who need april this year reports concluded that the syrian government was behind the incident that killed over eighty people something strongly denied by the russian side moscow earlier proposed its own draft resolution but that also failed to pass a u.n. vote now one of russia's main concerns is the reliability of the samples used as evidence that's because experts carrying out the probe didn't visit the site of the attack and receive their data so if third parties which transported samples out of syria were should back up from the anti war answer coalition believes russia has
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a point. well i think the government of you know it's all those particular groups. are determined. to find syria guilty of the use of chemical weapons we really have a kind of ludicrous situation where the investigators did not go to the site of what they allege was a chemical weapons attack to not go to the same and you know through interview people in turkey and then to render a decision about how do your character play. really again it's very deficient from only. a perspective. and you purport by a pentagon watchdog suggests the u.s. forces in afghanistan do not intervene in cases of child sex abuse thought to be widespread in parts of the country yes american troops are apparently prevented
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from doing anything about it at night so we can hear them screaming but we are not allowed to do anything about it my son said that he's officers told him to look the other way because it's their culture their reports added that u.s. soldiers who raise concerns were told that nothing could be done as it's an internal issue for afghanistan and one of the most common examples of child abuse is known as battered bardsley or boy play on our website we have a film that looks more deeply into the issue here's a preview. you'll see. a. new focus it explicitly stating. it's almost
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a percent. as it's something that's there. when we spoke to former us to take you ask the question is that why him but the stoning women and daughter during the soviet period of the priests over them during that time which that has put a respect their sovereignty on the other hand in countries like say serbia we pressure them to have gay rights parades and all sorts of things that as a sovereign matter they don't want to have but we're more than happy to push a very perverse human rights agenda on them so of course we are we're respectful of sovereignty when we feel like it and we run over it roughshod when we don't feel like it i hear it on t.v. love to hear what you have to say say take it in touch by following us on facebook and twitter i'm a caring can join me again for the latest headlines in about half an hour.
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to the people keep tell. me he says he'll. be everybody i'm stephen both test hollywood guy. proud american first of all i'm just george bush and honored to say this is my buddy max bemis financial guru just a little bit different i'm. going to play in your windows up with all the drama happening in our country and i'm shooting the brood have some fun every day americans. look for the story to bridge the gap this is the great
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american people. they call me a useful idiot i mean you called me a useful idiot a useful idiot useful idiots go expressing my opinions on the first two since most doing it behind his record is a simple strategy we attack person instead of talking about the arc of what's next why stop me from getting this close to the white house i'm with a group code pink why not ban the color pink one hour stretch i should be sent to the town of london because i'm to try to break me although we'll put up with
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a life time of this sort of nonsense you don't scare me and i'll continue to voice my opinion i'll continue to speak out i'm in good company i'm in good company you convince me you want to do this because we are free thinkers. time after time say we're going underground as today the scottish arm of europe's largest socialist movement jeremy corbin's u.k. labor party elected a new leader in scotland coming up in the show can we trust nato nation media reports about robert mugabe given historical coverage of former british colony zimbabwe we speak to the former chief advisor of u.k. back opposition leader morgan tsvangirai and the head of new p.s. u.k.
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chapter of the politician to raise a major factor u.k. ruling coalition slams lindsay leader the over a girl for his naivety and foolishness of approx shin fein m.p. and bobby sands director of elections francine malloy appeals to downing street for the truth about an alleged british coverup over the murder of northern irish politician patsy kelly all the support coming up in today's going underground but first to the southern african nation of zimbabwe which is been in the news a lot lately here in britain the former colonial master of zimbabwe the statement dated broadcasters routinely attacked the government of the country led by robert mugabe ever since independence and the end of white ruled so called rhodesia. mr mugabe it's all rights of the africans but what about the whites made free media is clear when it comes to countries like zimbabwe or venezuela or iran which seek a future outside the washington consensus some viewers may remember when the b.b.c.
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routinely attacked this man for being a terrorist for wanting the end of white imperialism in africa. all right where. we. ever. got. an ever larger country called red man. elo went from terrorist to saint in nato nation media when he fell in line with the washington consensus and neoliberal privatization as from a garbage tax from the state mandated b.b.c. arguably rise and fall depending on the levels of his genuflection before the international monetary fund the lesson arguably is watch out for this information in nato nation mainstream media about leadership succession in zimbabwe especially when media outlets.
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