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tv   News  RT  November 18, 2017 4:00pm-4:18pm EST

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forms that were put forward by french president emanuel it's worth noting that those that you members would have had to wait for coalition discussions to start here in germany while the free democrats argued that they didn't want to have to sit next to an immigration alternative for germany in the chamber but when talks began they certainly haven't been plain sailing the deadline was set for thursday evening but that has been and gone and those talks still going on but the hellishness it's not going to be easy it will certainly be difficult but it's worth negotiating a second time i'm going to shower for a no no half and then i'm going to go on t.v. and try to make a good impression and spread optimism the idea is that the government will be a coalition of merkel's christian democrats and their bavarian sister party as well as the environmentalist green party and the pro-business free democrats to achieve it they have to overcome some major divisions like the upper limits of asylum
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seekers allowed to arrive in the country and refugees family reunifications plus the use of coal the greens want to seriously cuts it while the free democrats say that could harm the economy it's expected that some sort of deal will be struck eventually but there's also rumblings of fresh elections should the divisions between these parties prove to be too white peter all of a burly media now taking with the party political scientist and party member than a patsy you will simply have to wait. ben sherman is see the most important power of the european union as the european union certainly cannot move with our chair money and torture money to move or to push forward the european union or to stop pushing it forward whatever germany is in need of a stable government so far we have no stable government senior for all european
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business has to wait until germany is ready again to be an active player in the european game where we will simply have the situation there other than in the last decades germany paralysed itself which is an exceptional situation but since i'm going to merkel has contributed there much to this situation well it's up to her to find a way of muddling through. september's scandal free election campaign in vote was dubbed one of the most boring in recent times however but of course possible coalition partners are perhaps more interesting than they like saying.
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thanks thanks. thanks. thanks. this started. well power as a lark to end a stalemate over a chemical probe in syria that story and more still to come. legal.
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welcome back to the program the diplomatic standoff between russia and the u.s. has spiraled over whether to extend a chemical weapons probe in syria after moscow for the second time in twenty four hours vetoed a resolution on the issue russia is calling for serious changes to how the joint investigative mechanism operates russia has no interest in finding common ground you have to stop trying to shift the blame on russia and russia has not negotiated with any of us your story is a deliberate attempt to disinform a should russia will not agree to any mechanism extension of the only possible force after all the major deficiencies in its work of. russia's actions today and in recent weeks have been designed to delay to distract and ultimately to defeat the result would have you forgotten how yesterday you killed a j i am russia is
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wasting our time this is everything happening here looks like some ridiculous principle to me however behind the scenes both ambassadors were caught on camera calmly discussing the situation tensions grew after the investigation issued its final report on the chemical attack in syria's can check you in in april this year the report concluded that the syrian government was behind the incident that killed over eighty people something strongly denied by the russian side moscow earlier proposed its own draft resolution but that also failed to pass a u.n. vote. one of russia's main concerns is the reliability of the samples used as evidence that's because experts carrying out the probe didn't visit the site of the attack and receive their data through third parties which had transported samples out of syria now we're going to discuss this situation further with robert naiman from just foreign policy thanks for joining us on the program roberts now we'll
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start with the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and what she said she finished yesterday's meeting with a very strong statement and we just got a quick listen to that with the unity of this council or alone and are now strained by russia's obstructionism we will continue to fight for justice and accountability. robert firstly what do you make of her words how do you interpret them. well. she is very popular in washington with those who. want the u.s. to take a hard won. you know there's some drama here that appeals to people in washington and they want the u.s. to take a hard line when you look at what she's saying literally it's not a military i don't perceive it to be a military threat and i don't think military or a threat no unilateral physical action by the united states in syria i
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think that threats like that would emanate from somebody else in the administration not a threat. i don't think that's her that's her. role in the division of labor certainly. you know the united states like any other country can take. ninety military action outside. in the scope of the security council world press conference it can be issue reported so you can do all kinds of the united states is not of course allowed to take military action in syria. without the indorsement of the security council and arguably is already in violation of international law for
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the military actions that it is taking. because those have not been explicitly in security council however this long as the united states is. only going after. isis or or. with your groups on the un list of terrorist organizations which are also opposed to the syrian government i think . russian and syrian government complaints about u.s. military activity in syria should be taken with a grain of salt i think they're not serious saying that russian government is really concerned now or would be concerned it would be u.s. military action against the syrian government and the troubling ministry so far except for the symbolic missile strikes is actually doing less than the obama administration arguably having shut down this you know
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a program this is far as you know to arm syrian rebels against the syrian. you led to a number of points robert there and also some contradictions i might add and if it if the international community who will be watching this will be a bit confused about a the definition of military action because the u.s. have been carrying out test strikes in syria and they have done that without the permission of the syrian government and as you mentioned with the u.n. security council backing them so how is that a not military action and also a well i shall let you answer that question first on it is it is it is military action there is no question it's military action and it is technically a violation of international law syria you know syrian government sovereign government. the government in damascus controls to see the u.n.
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so technically it's a violation however the you know international law is not so force there is no sheriff or judge that will force international law so it's up to other countries too. put counter pressure on the united states if the united states government's violations of international law bother them in this case i believe their russian in syrian government complains about us while legions of syrian sovereignty are insincere so long as the united states is going after isis and. again the united states is going after the syrian government that's a different story ok robert like i have to wrap it up there when i have time robert naiman just foreign policy thank you very much faithful it's not going to taze on
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this subject thanks good to be with you. and that's all round up of all top stories this hour don't forget to look up on social media and i'll be back at the top of the with more on the latest news thanks for watching. people using markets to wage war against country country individual the individual and we saw in greece when goldman sachs and their buddies decided to tear down that country to rip it for going to dollars of the profits john paulson got goldman sachs and now it's spilling over into the crypto world and the geopolitical world that's happening. now. she'll be even begin. to deprive them of from absolute. depends on those we need to do that with.
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betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. seen years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with the gun bad guy trying to get to one of my family members he would have better a lot better and i think they are inheriting one of my my babies says my book was published in the year two thousand more than hoffa million americans have been killed by firearms in the u.s. and we had a thought to me as i did this this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves some real scenarios it was interesting to see who actually got hit by the gun i just saw i did to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed
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your mother and i were allowed on that in one of the was anemic with talent and most of it is. more on tick down.


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