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tv   News  RT  November 20, 2017 2:00am-2:29am EST

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but we are not. on how to. make. money off the leader of the. program we look at what could. go despite already legal problems with the u.s. presence there already. in the french police force with more than forty. year. the stress of dealing with terror.
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is that we were not given the fight with terrorism. training. the measures that they have been. mid-morning on monday here in moscow thanks for joining us on the international latest world headlines and i germany course for snap elections off the talks. collapsed the leader of the pro-business free democrats party announced his decision to pull out of negotiations with the christian democrats. we have the other ones we will not abandon our voters for a policy with which we are not convinced it is better not to govern than to govern badly. it is that least
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a day of deep reflection on how to go forward in germany but i will just after seven possible as transitional chancellor to assure that this country will do well that through this difficult works i regret deeply with all respect to the ad d.p. that if we couldn't find a common solution. merkel was forced to enter the coalition talks after her party the christian democrats received unexpectedly lower numbers in last month's elections but both the greens and the free democrats were unable to agree on key issues including a central criticism of merkel's ruled out of migrant policy and merkel's future as chancellor now hangs in the battle now this is because earlier the head of the second largest party modern scholz ruled out a coalition his social democrats with merkel and now with failed talks on a so-called jamaica coalition the combined colors of those three parties resembling the jamaica flag merkel could now ask the german president to declare
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a minority government for the first time in the country's modern history it will force the c.d.u. to regularly do deals with other parties to force through legislation or if that fails the president can dissolve parliament and call for new elections in two months times and voters don't seem particularly optimistic about chance merkel's chances of becoming chancellor all over again the latest polls for example showing almost two thirds of germans believe the collapse of talks means the end of her that post in a christian democrat party member of paths or blames merkel for the country's quote paralysis. because sherman is cede most important power of the european union as the european union certainly cannot move with our chair money and foot your money to move forward to the european union or to stop pushing it forward whatever germany is in need of a stable government so far we have no stable government sr for all european business has to wait until germany is ready again to be an active player in the
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european game we will simply have the situation there other than in the last decades germany paralysed itself which is an exceptional situation but seems are contributing there are much to this situation well it's up to her to find a way of muddling through. the syrian army has advanced against the islamic state towards the iraqi border as the military pushes out remaining terrorists in the country we'll show you some of the latest pictures from the ground. the syrian army previously took control of the last eisel stronghold in the country in the town of will come out of there now pushing the extremists out of surrounding villages the latest advances now allow the army to provide better logistics between the newest gains an already established positions but despite the fact that i still
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live almost eliminated in syria american forces don't seem to be planning to withdraw from the country which they invaded on the grounds of fighting terror. jacqueline berger explains. my son has been losing territory in syria at breakneck speed and it's all about defeat looks to be on the horizon even the you asked seems to agree on that front secretary tillerson has engaged a great deal of sort of personal diplomacy on syria the defeat of isis and now that isis in terms of as a physical caliphate will be gone by the end of the year syria has in fact already declared victory over eisel and issued a warning to the us that it's high. time they left as well the syrian arab republic again cools for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of u.s. forces from the territory of the syrian arab republic this presence is an aggression against syria's sovereignty and independence we don't with on this basis and that shouldn't be a problem given that trump himself has said that america's interest in syria is
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reserved to fighting islamic state we have very little to do with syria other than killing isis so theoretically if i saw only has a couple of months left then so does the u.s. presence in syria right don't hold your breath the u.s. secretary of defense james mattis recently hinted that what the u.s. will need to see before they leave we're going to make sure we set the conditions for a diplomatic solution not just you know find the military part of it and then say good luck all the rest of it we did it for that to support the diplomatic solution but that's a turn we've heard before which would mean waiting around for the opposition groups some of whom the u.s. supports and the legitimate government who never invited the u.s. into the country in the first place to come to the table and figure out who stays and who goes mad a says u.s. soldiers have a right to be in syria despite damascus his objections the u.n. said that isis basically we can go off to isis and we're there to take them out but that doesn't mean we just walk away and let isis two point zero pop back around but that remark about the u.n. isn't one hundred percent true the u.s.
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does not have a u.n. mandate to deploy along station troops in syria a u.n. security council resolution only authorized sanctions to be used against eisel such as freezing assets or an arms embargo but nowhere is troop deployment to a sovereign country mention the syrian democratic forces one of the groups who the u.s. backs and who happens to be at odds with damascus have welcomed america's long term plan for syria. they have a strategy for decades to come there will be military economic and political agreements in the long term between the leadership of the movement areas and the us administration so while i feel is on its way out all signs point to the pentagon digging in on a former u.s. diplomat questions the reasons behind washington not wanting to withdrawal from syria even the elimination of isis any attempt to stay in syria has nothing to do with isis or isis to or do you think of the sort us troops are
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out there legally in the first place unlike iraq where they have been invited in by the the government of that country the only resolution that comes even close to suggesting some kind of authority to go fight against isis made it very clear that they could only be done in in compliance with international law and with national sovereignty and that means with the authorization and the taisha of the syrian government which the u.s. forces do not have so there's simply no way you can stretch the language of any of the relevant u.n. security council resolutions to say that it gives legal authority to the american military presence in syria meanwhile the ancient syrian city of palmero which has repeatedly suffered from terrorist atrocities now has hope for a new beginning russian researchers have created a three d. model of the city based on thousands of aerial images the detailed company would allow the unesco world heritage site ravaged by eisel to be restored and the
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preserved. during their occupation the jihadists regularly posted videos of the destruction of ancient artifacts one of the other remaining tasks now is to simply track down the road stolen by the terrorists. france is grappling with a surge in polish suicides more than forty officers have taken their own lives this year alone the added stress of all the terror related incidents in the country is thought to be partly to blame and artie's spoke to one officer who made two attempts on her own life. it was considered as a troublemaker i also had problems in my private life and with my children i felt abandoned he spent your entire life to build your pets know and professional life and one day you say to yourself everything would be better without me or harley not turn real name is an officer with more than two decades of experience having joined
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the police at nineteen she was very motivated and excited about the job but geez later the pressure of her work drove her to two suicide attempts the latest just seven months ago. our ministration is taking decisions on the people's anger is tending against us we are suffering from the image our government created for us today many people are calling for policeman to be killed. the most important mission of the french police today is preventing terror attacks yet the offices themselves have become the primary targets of the hardest.
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how all of. an impact has the threat of terrorists and how to live police. we suffered enormously physically and psychologically from the terror attacks we worked extremely hard but that was our duty what was really bad is that we were not given the tools to fight with terrorism someplace men received new weapons some received training but not all of us the measures that they have introduced were minuscule. all highly tells me these suicides among police she'd by no means be as isolated cases. they always say that these a personal issues we will stop saying that please some of the heads traumatised by the way they decide to commit suicide more easily than the others why not because they have weapons on them how many of them hang themselves throw themselves on the trains take pills my female colleague forty nine
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years old killed herself last week with a hunting rifle first of. all who really is one of the lucky ones dozens of others have succumbed to the extreme pressure as they face she says there was only one reason why she pulled through and that was her children. i realize that my child will come home that day and it saved my life but the lack of humanity in police nowadays leads to the situation when many of my colleagues profess to die instead of fighting. r.t. . parts of it is r.t. international america's top nuclear commander said he would disturb any presidential order to carry out an atomic strike which he deemed to be illegal adding he would instead suggest other legitimate options to president donald trump if you execute him awful order you will go to jail you could go to jail for the
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rest of your life are provided voice to the president he will tell me what to do and if it's if it's illegal guess what's going to happen and you say no i'm going to say mr president so we're going to guess what he's going to do he's going to say what would be legal and we'll come up with options of a mix of capabilities to respond whatever the situation is and that's the way it works the commanders comments follow the first congressional hearing and for decades that question the president's authority to launch a nuclear strike some senators are concerned at the emotional stability of the u.s. president. united states military doesn't blindly follow orders even if ordered by the president the united states to use a nuclear first strike you believe that under because of legalities you retain that decision to disobey the commander in chief yes we are concerned that the president of the united states is so unstable is so volatile
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has a decision making process that is so quixotic that he might order a nuclear weapon strike that is wildly out of step with u.s. national security interests so let's just recognize the exceptional nature of this moment in the discussion that we're having as been concern both within the military and senate donald trump's hans remarks towards north korea and the insults hurled between him and kim jong un trying to use fire and fury against the hermit kingdom on its rhetoric towards nuclear proliferation has changed since he took office. the biggest problem we have today is nuclear nuclear proliferation and having some maniac having some madman go out and get a nuclear weapon so you don't want to say take everything off the table just have been negotiated if you discuss nuclear weapon nuclear should be off the table but would that be a time when it could be is possibly the trouble is when you suddenly would be
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wonderful a green would be that no country would have no. but if countries are going to have nukes we're going to be. at the top of the back john tempest pretty harsh rhetoric yes we're. here in france you know. we're aren't going to interact with us again. now. that you know they can push it back on that ever former head of command at the congressional hearings last week saying that it works great with pushback that there was a more we go order to. get weapons and then shortly after that the current strategic command which your nuclear weapons sank that no up and nuclear strike you know the i conducted without. the people that's what. was originally set out you know fusion seven hundred eighty seven. quarter past the
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hour here in moscow plenty still coming your way on the program today including protests on the streets of spain with sixty thousand people demanding a better deal for the region claiming the government treats them unfairly more details after the break. with lawmakers manufacture consent to public will. when the ruling class is protect themselves. when the final merry go round be the one percent.
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we can all middle of the room say. so good to have you with us today for the program the continued saudi led blockade of the yemeni town of who data has now provoked a mass protest from the locals demonstrators marched through the town carrying banners accusing riyadh and its allies of genocide against the yemeni people it is
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now more than two years since the. coersion in the country supporting the ousted president against the opposition fighters but events have taken a turn recently when the militias fired a missile towards the saudi capital is a reminder of what happened afterwards the day after the missile launch the coalition closed all air sea and land routes tightening an already existing blockade but under pressure from humanitarian organizations it was partially lifted a week later however the u.n. and aid groups continue to urge the coalition to completely lift the blockade. of the saudi led coalition has been justifying the blockade by claiming it prevents the illegal flow of arms to the fighters and we spoke to the communications a coordinator for the red cross in yemen who says the partial lifting of the restrictions is not enough to relieve the dire situation and fortunately it's far from being enough. i think it's
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a common law when people look at yemen we know that two thirds of the population they are in the north and the lift of the blockade even if we see it does a good gesture at the end of the day you just lifting from one side of the country and not taking into consideration the other side believe that this is not enough and we need to have full access to that country the red cross is now warning a million people are at risk of a renewed cholera outbreak in three yemeni cities due to saudi arabia's blockade that's after the clean water supplies to the cities were cut. my.
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son. actually i'm here since already one year and i can tell you i could see the situation deteriorates every day more and more the public health system is almost collapsing the water and sewage system is to having the same thing people are not getting the most basic things like having bread or having cooking gas to make something to eat and to put on the table . the two years and a half almost of this conflict is really bringing a lot on yemenis and the civilian population on the day to day. catalonia may be proving a huge headache for murder it right now but other parts of spain are threatening to add to the pain tens of thousands of protesters are taking to the city's streets of violence here demanding better funding for that region.
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organizers say some sixty thousand took part in the bar protesters and warned the central government is treating valencia unfairly when it comes to the distribution of funding and are demanding the system of financing the tray. that we need to know that these so far no financial system has ever treated for landseer fairly yet we pay more into the state budget there were less. we pay as much as the rich communities when in reality we are poor we have high unemployment and low wages. and spoke to marco bus on a professor of politics at the university of milan he doesn't expect any compromise for much from madrid certainly not for the time being but they will talk a little bit with a volunteer but they will not give up our colonial is the number one problem in
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spain so then it really i think it was a news parisian to the people of new orleans they say let's do like that was there in our earth because they wanted to do streets and they haven't mastered ministration so let's try that in this this is going to make a lot of changes there they're part of the political process when you show that you're able to take people to the streets that it's very important. tensions in the middle east have prompted an emergency meeting in cairo of the foreign ministers of the arab league nations or the gathering was convened at the request of saudi arabia which wanted to discuss iran and the iran backed lebanese hezbollah movement at the motion it was supported by the u.a.e. bahrain and kuwait however the lebanese foreign minister was not present at the meeting saudi arabia once again accusing iran of being a responsible for the ballistic missile launched from yemen and targeting riyadh
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earlier this month. in this kind of having the silence over the brutal attacks of iran through agents in the region will not make any arab capital safe from ballistic missiles and we hope that the iranians will change their policies and that they received the message over arab anger. the main focus of the political battle between iran and saudi arabia is now on the open on easter on the reports. that extraordinary meeting called by the arab league featuring the foreign ministers of the member states but not every country sent their foreign minister level and in particular at the heart of this crisis iraq and qatar as well also declining to send their foreign ministers and reportedly sending other officials in their stead which would indicate that not all the arab countries on board exactly with the saudi attempts to try to get the arab league to condemn iran and its
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allies in the region lebanon is being dragged into this situation and made to choose between their allies and the government has by law who are of course allied strongly with iran and saudi arabia who are the ones who have called this meeting and are trying to stall that pressure on lebanon and of course this comes in the wake of the resignation of saad hariri the prime minister of the country he announced his resignation. from saudi arabia and it would appear that lebanon wants to avoid having to confront either side following that resignation by mr hariri that was much speculation that he wasn't free perhaps to act completely on his own free will and actually he came out on twitter and said it's not true he has freedom of movement he isn't being restricted in any way over the weekend he left
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riyadh he left saudi arabia he went and visited manual macron the french president and said that he would announce his next steps when he returned to lebanon in time for independence day but it's interesting to note that two of his children lu are his daughter his son abdel aziz are still in saudi arabia but there are those here in lebanon who speculate that until they are returned to him that he still won't be able to speak. the saudis say those children are simply at school in the country well thanks so far for joining us here on our international for your monday headlines your program we're tongues every step.
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of the fight for many clubs over the years so i know the game in saudi guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super manager kilian erroneous and spending two hundred twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so one more chance for. peace it's going to. she'll be. still the president miles from.
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that date with. the counselor. i will not but we will meet today. with a set of my lemon who speculate him to me or the now with jamie as a hunk on the only. now at the. hill i don't know him for that matter i see let him play make them forget me already in the metro have one thing close or get up to grab me it's because he is so serious when i when i would. really feel. completely. he. was.
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funds political donations for the physically sick and yes no physically sick if they are with the ladies is that it will look like the outcome and the protests on russia's borders of course had the full support of the u.s.a.'s so-called deep state let alone its elected leader if we have been actively engaged in what's been happening in the ukraine nato nation media would mostly ignore the fact that both the usa and the e.u. though were defacto supporting nazis there were exceptions including even one report on the u.k. statement dated b.b.c. groups of armed men struck through the square with dubious iconography.
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with that yellow arm band is a pulse of german symbol used by several s.s. divisions during the second world war for barack obama the time was right for regime change given of the other mia putin.


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