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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 22, 2017 10:30am-11:00am EST

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more than home for a million americans have been killed by guns in the u.s. . team yes we did this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see who actually got here. i decided to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years ago i don't know that but we are not. alone in a welcome to crossfire where all things considered i'm peter lavelle the political crisis inflicted upon lebanon by saudi arabia appears to receded at least for now
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is this a sign of things to come as the saudi royal family changes so does saudi arabia and the region is it time to buckle up and brace for impact. across talking saudi arabia and the region i'm joined by my guest. and washington he's a saudi commentator in beirut we have charmaine now one the she is a journalist as well as a middle east geo political analyst and into round we cross the mohammad marandi he is an associate professor at the university of toronto are across the uk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much appreciate jamal let me go to you first in washington as we saw this situation play out in lebanon and i don't think it's done yet we'll see what the next move is here but looking at what's going on in saudi arabia critics can make the claim that the the lebanon episode was to deflect from what was going on in saudi arabia and vice. verse i
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mean how are they connected or they're just very different things happening at the same time go ahead in washington. to relieve the two different things happening in the. house of the just admit that he's going to make a complaint about the law to vaduz not only don't but in syria and in yemen maybe. issue was introduced. to hasty and such an impulsive but it succeeded but england issue of has will all know even the french make any statements about how it has no law should be. should be districted. hezbollah should not have a free hand in it ok. ok so this is so this is all about a little bit and this is all about hezbollah then let me go to show i mean in
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beirut i mean one can easily make the claim that saudi arabia is meddling in lebanon and in yemen ok i mean i i don't see where you find the moral equivalence right there ok i mean so in beirut here i mean what is in play here because. seeing a country like saudi arabia claim it's making reforms considering it's a in a ta crissy religious to talk recy and it's reaching out to the west saying it's reforming and it wants to reorder the middle east i mean. that's destabilizing in itself because we don't know what the outcomes are at home and we certainly know what the outcomes are abroad ok go ahead in beirut. the saudis are in a very precarious situation i mean you know if you're going to take an aggressive stance in your neighborhood or at home one of the things you have to do is make sure you have cover so if you're going to move forward in the grass of foreign policy you have to make sure you have stability and and cohesion. and home.
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mohamed bin some on the crown prince or we often call him m.b.a.'s is in a dangerous position for himself because at home he's he's taken on the purging of the religious establishment and the royal family and even the business of stablish meant at the same time as he has rockets and mortars coming in from yemen a war that he initiated. and in and in neighboring states and many conflicts around him in the region most of which saudi arabia has had a hand in so you're right to criticize hezbollah for enter ference in arab affairs is a mockery because there is no country more aggressively pursuing interventions in regional states and neighboring states than saudi arabia and we should point to the arab league meeting on sunday which we have to do for.
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sure yeah but at the same time hezbollah is a political party and has been elected by the people of lebanon i think that it's an important distinction as well it is and it's not for the say it's not over the top not for the south it's there and i'm going to talk to me about my show that i'm ok let me let me i had folks i had a feeling this was going to happen which one let me let you know it means let me bring in professor marandi so we're going to mix ok. had a question but i think you've heard enough professor marandi to answer what you've heard already on the program go ahead please we'll have is a part of the government and the government recognizes. the has with our armed wing. in lebanon and it is universally recognized that the only thing that another israeli attack on lebanon is hezbollah. and
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if people look back the reason why hezbollah was created in the first place was the the arc of the israeli regime's occupation of lebanon its attack on the country and effectively they expelled israelis. so hezbollah's very popular in fact it's the most popular party in lebanon it actually gives its seats in the cabinet and in parliament to its own allies it only keeps a minimal number of seats just to be sure that they're in the debate. and to compare saudi arabia to hezbollah is really extraordinary we just recently heard and i think all your viewers should watch the interview of the former prime minister of qatar when he spoke on i thirty t.v. not on here but on t.v. and he explained that at the very beginning of the situation in syria. he went to saudi arabia and they began fighting against the syrian government and of course we
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also have other documents like the defense intelligence agency document of two thousand and twelve and so on that shows that saudi arabia from the very beginning was exporting terrorism to syria and the prime minister also acknowledged that the nostra front was being funded and that back then the nostra fund was actually part of isis because isis back then was i.s.i. their slimy state of iraq they created the most from a struggle for syria and then again when we look at when we look at yemen the saudi regime is creating a start it's creating starvation i don't mask ael unprecedented in human history seven thousand people seventeen million people are on the verge of starvation or and the united states the western media the british milliner they are all silent about this which is quite graceless but there is no comparison is that any saudi arabia and anyone else in and i point out to our viewers the sixty minutes report on c.b.s.
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was absolutely disgraceful in its bias ok jamal let me go back to you because it's two against one here i want to be able to respond to what we've heard of the program so far go ahead. but we should not pick and choose what we have a series of throughout evolution and that ought to be supported i wish he would do more support unfortunately even feel that my country is withdrawing your support to the studio live illusion and we shouldn't have done that because it is legitimate to support that evolution those people are calling for the measure to do or did it to be supported. actually somehow saudi arabia they are there any of getting in somehow causing for bashar assad and we shouldn't we should or should not do that it is it is not in the interest yes i agree that the war in yemen is causing some suffering but. the whole issue should not be alone with that only because they are not democratic. but ascribing to a bold shooting formula for yemen so somehow so the. what.
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supporting what has the law is supporting the not supporting. peaceful change democratic change. the of supporting dictatorships or security of them although i doubt that it's all you know kind of rich having saudi arabia supporting terrorist groups in inside of so do you inside of syria i mean i i have a hard time good if i have a high excuse me but i have a hard time anyone from saudi arabia talking about democracy anywhere in the world let me go to share meaning in beirut here i mean again you know this these reforms . you need to have we have to have equal time for everyone but you know you know saudi arabia looks like it wants to be the hedge of money in the entire arab world i'm afraid that's a long time ago the number of missteps that they've gone through and they were in recent years have pretty much precluded that i mean the survival of the royal
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family should be the primary concern because without the royal family there is no saudi arabia ok i think you know they should get their priorities straight go ahead and beirut mohamed bin sound mind is doing exactly the opposite of that as i was saying earlier if you're going to take an aggressive foreign policy or domestic policy you have to make sure your back is covered and your flanks are covered and you can see what lies ahead he's taken on all these issues at the same time but you know going to the point about about the you know his. i do apologize for interrupting cross talk but we are going to take you live to seoul chain now where president putin is speaking let's take you right there now. extremist optima destruction of i so paternoster and are the extremist kooks it is common conviction that six has on the battleground. things about the liberation of
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all territory of syria from militants i'm sure in a call to the new teach in the syrian government i am referring to the real prospect is called the last june comprehensive normalization in syria and political development of the country at conflict stage that is the main goal of the statement agreed to porn based on the outcomes of two to the document outlines priority areas for further cooperation between russia. she iran and turkey playing a key role on the syrian issue the specific tasks for the future have been put forth we stand united in the fact that we need you to know that already proved to be a useful. which already allowed to reduce the violence or create the environment for the return of migrants if you g.'s an internally displaced person says current
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polls we are free countries continue to work closely in order to reinforce this is station of hostility from. the operation of a discoloration zone in the hands of the same time become one who guarded and building measures and that there are we outlined the first steps to be taken to start the inclusive syrian dialogue raising of the twenty to fifty four result of security council of the united nations. with much satisfaction i would like to know that presidents have a turkey in iran have supported the initiative to convene the all syrian national dialogue congress in syria. we also agreed to organize that event the necessary at the high level ensuring the participation of a broad layers of the syrian society we've instructed the foreign ministries of our
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countries. represented solve the special services about our defense ministry to work through the date and modalities of this congress here in sochi these days well we mean to convene and thereby the delegates from different political parties both inside and outside of syria if winterization groups i think. religious groups these congress is to see the discussion of the future of syria but who tries to do with the outline of the parameters of modalities children future political structure of syria new constitution new. wood and of course elections under. which ration united nations this will give an impetus to step up our efforts on the syrian and she never talks track like to highlight again if you share syria should be defined by the syrian people and we supported believe
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that it should be both government and the opposition we informed our colleagues on the talks with the president of syria bashar assad. highlighting. the fact that the syrian government is a hearing to the principle of the peaceful resolution and they are ready to hold constitutional reforms and free elections under the auspices of the united nations during the today's talks. we also spoke of. social and economic revival of syria we are in for a tremendous amount of jobs helping the syrian people to create the infrastructure industry agriculture. trade. open again this social infrastructure kindergartens hospitals schools is a principal importance and be a big highlighting of that many times that we need to step up the metairie in
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a mean to the people we need to clear off the minds of many territories of syria reserving the cultural and historical heritage of that wonderful country today we agreed to do all we can to stimulate other countries to join in their efforts both regional and international organizations as well. in conclusion i like to thank my colleagues from iran and turkey to my colleagues president rouhani president on. a very insightful talk. i hope that these arrangements will allow was to really speed up the settlement process alleviating the risk for further. alleviating these tensions between the africa and professional way this way having a very positive influence over the whole situation in the middle east thank you for your attention.
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smeagol more. god's creations on them i see. as very strong. in a quarter my image will evolve. here . and being a trilateral summit. show it with a view to be discussing peace and stability. as well as the creation safe conditions for this year in refugees retire to their homeland. it was aged. care how cardio you maim and
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what has been selected to have this meeting is very important and this important consists. of just the more you find the following our decisions. will rise up and can help stabilize the situation in syria. not over they can be helpful in the context of the a start up process. should. the guy sail past in this and syria and iraq half being destroyed. johnny on. family. and. shot him will feel broad consensus has been forged in the region to fight terrorism terrorism conserved. as an instrument to know can treat and know.
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how. should we forget that terrorism is always a threat to countries that have now come under threat from price so. jealous if i so it's killing innocent citizens of these countries. in the past to support it so it isn't meant this. current summit has been convened it has turned out to be very helpful we've had an exchange of opinions. straw as to how many we have talks in particular about convening a national congress for syria where they involve the representatives. of syrian society. so those who support the syrian government
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and. find themselves in opposition to the current regime those congress is a chance for them to together together and to talk about syria's future firearm. it is also important to set in place conditions for developing a new constitution for this country. so based on this new constitution syria. could hold new elections could be a month. and how to be a message of peace and stability to the whole region. how we're three countries are calling upon the. countries of the world. for hamdan in battle you know mike was gushed of oregon about the need for the issue and practitioner of what issues calling only the. truly. to help rebuild
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peace in syria and to create conditions for us here in a few trees to be able to get back. at is also important to ensure conditions for the economic recovery of the syrian state. and john mccain. we have all. it was our own you college talked about our positions three countries after spoken and favor of convening this congress of national talent here in sochi. we also agreed to the. meetings of foreign minister as i felt three countries as well as preachings of our special services in order to create conditions for. the national congress
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as we hope this congress is going to be another step with rebuilding peace and stability in syria as well as to housing free elections in syria and the new constitution to be a top secret. of how to read the card by them but i would like to reiterate that i am grateful to mr putin for his invitations i would also like to thank president obama for taking part in the current meeting where this process will have you find in peace and syria is going to be continued thank you. so the members of the delegations. members of mass media
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ladies and gentlemen and. so i'd like to welcome all of you from the bottom of my heart. first and foremost. i would like to express. this gratitude. to my friend mr putin to russian friends. with russia. we're continuing our close ties. ties regional. things guard we are collecting. fruits of our cooperation across the board so you would like to highlight it we agree with mr putting that we need to step up efforts. in the framework of our bilateral meeting with mr kearney we came to a common denominator that we needed to increase the corporation line cross also
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fear. of mass media today's talks with mr with any mr putin we conducted a very important discussions we discussed very frankly of many matters relating to two days each and we again assessed the. necessary steps to be taking. out a cease fire in syria. especially we've seen the. alleviating the tension this was played by these collations our youth. we also. talked about the. steps to. approach this in order to achieve lasting solution to the problem also realign of the decision made of the
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asked and the other hand those lies to say that we have come to the understanding that we need to. support for the full scale transparent and. to fifty pull. out of the united nations. else or highlight. that our actions should be called in eight it should be running in parallel in order to greater contribute to our work. that can be done in the congressional dialogue. summit which is corporation between. strays that we are most willing to continue our corporation i also would like to know that. is very important to have the understanding between all three countries
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and certainly we do take into account the positions of the government and the position of syria we the government also we. have the critical role in that matter also like to say that. this. will suck the terrorists who threaten our country is who threaten the to silence of syria will be the target so. no one things that we can be on the same. page with terrorist organizations we adhere to the principle to don't take much of syria and political integrity of syria and this way you weaken. not. as a legitimate side in that process. during the consultations with mr putin. really. focused.
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on the necessary foot's to build up the confidence building measures. carry out these measures on a great chill basis we need to open the. failing access of material aid to people who've been trapped for many years as trapped and isolated all the arrangements we made today contribute to model. and i think that today's. outcomes. will be implemented as a plan of action taken one after another. i also think that these meetings contribute to the peace in that region and i welcome all the stakeholders and responsible members of the international community to support our efforts on this
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track thank you. which has been listening in on a live media conference being held in the southern russian city of starchy discussing the future of syria during a conference was attended by leaders of three countries russia iran and turkey and has touched upon many issues concerning the situation in the war torn country let's cross live to our correspondent who is there for is trying to find out some of the highlights india can you bring us up to speed on what the leaders had to say. mickey hello again well we have all been listening in to the statements that were made by a lot of my putinism were on me and try to on after about one and a half hours of talks here and sought she and once again we heard something important from the three leaders the confirmation that the conflict in syria is currently entering a new stage we are moving away from active military confrontation to
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a political settlement and the leaders have produced a joint statement most of it was described by the russian leader vladimir putin she alleges go through some of the key points the most crucial one perhaps is the establishment of the so-called congress of the national dialogue for syria it was originally vladimir putin's idea and all the saw is welcomed this initiative to convene the congress of national dialogue here and tsotsi but the participants and the actual date is still to be determined the foreign ministers and other officials of russia iran and turkey have been tasked with selecting their participants sending out to be entertained sions and another task is of course to make sure that all the parties that you need to be involved that have to be involved in this peace process are present besides this lot are putin went on to say that they are looking
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forward to the eventual adoption of the new constitution in syria and elections and the fate of syria must be decided by the people of syria not something else that the russian president said moving on to some of the. hello moving on to some of the things that. the iranian president hassan rouhani was saying he said that the three countries are calling on the entire world to help rebuild syria and also to make sure that the refuge. that have been fleeing the war torn country for a year now for years now can finally come back then some of the things that mr erred on said he once again said that the efforts by the three countries need to be stepped up so more things can actually be done together including those to set up an ultimate ceasefire and the forty escalation zones of syria he also paid special
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attention to coordinating according aiding the efforts by the three countries because of course that requires more meetings more summits on the very highest level and also by other officials as well the leaders were talking about the critical role of the three countries the founding fathers of the past in our process and there was something else very important that came out from taipei dawn he once again reiterated that the terrorists will not involved in this new chapter of the syrian peace process so just before the talks happen.


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