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tv   News  RT  November 22, 2017 12:00pm-12:21pm EST

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after the president offered him to reconsider the p.m.'s recent political crisis two weeks ago when he said he was stepping down. and the international olympic committee makes another ruling in the russian doping scandal banning former russian skeleton athletes from line. to lie from our moscow studio with me in a day or two to welcome to the program with the tide turned against islamic state in syria there's renewed hope that a political solution can finally bring peace speaking at a summit on syria attended by the leaders of iran turkey and russia vladimir putin said that syria now has a real chance to and its six year civil war at the summit in sochi it was also
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agreed to hold inclusive all syrian talks going across live now to head trying to insult the for us he's been following the trial lateral talks it's been quite busy at what's the significance of this meeting. good evening to you from saw it she with syria now almost becoming completely terrorist free or ice or free i should say was the syrian president bashar al assad suddenly showing up here and saw on monday we were all curious to find out what was going to be decided and what was going to be said when the likes of assad rouhani aired on a ride today on wednesday they were smiling as they met the russian president vladimir putin and all of them looked very determined before the camera men were asked to press the off buttons and leave the room. the leaders confirmed their
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assessment of the syrian conflict has and a new stage. of constant fighting is now over and time has called for a new settlement opportunities. much that we. do not scale military actions against terrorist groups in syria are coming to an end i'd like to note that thanks to the efforts of russia iran and turkey we have managed to prevent the dissolution of syria. from being captured by international terrorists and avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. if you want our joint efforts over the last eleven months of how to prepare the ground for a political settlement to the syrian crisis has been our meeting today symbolizes the start of a new stage in this process. the trilateral meeting today has not most importance is the final stage in putting an end to the bloodshed in syria we have achieved success thanks to the union of the rand turkey and russia. so after
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one and a half hours of talks where also the foreign ministers and the ministers of defense of the three countries were present when the three leaders finally came out to talk to the journalists we heard about the number one decision for this new stage that i was telling you about the creation of the syrian national dialogue congress it will be an unprecedented platform for inclusive of all syrian talks all kinds of political ethnic and religious groups are expected to take part the congress is going to convene here in saw archie russia but the dates and the actual lists of participants are yet to be determined the leaders say that it should pave the way for a new constitution in syria and free elections at all logs. good on paper but we
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realize that anchor tehran in moscow are indeed really looking forward for this to work on the ground we saw and heard president bashar al assad when he was here in sochi he said that he's ready for a new round of dialogue reform and the elections that i mentioned and vladimir putin must have conveyed this message to the leaders of turkey and iran well only time will show if it really works out which is certainly will be time that shows what happens there's been so many developments over this trying to the reporting from sochi thanks for keeping us up to date. but we're going to discuss this further with a side mohammad marandi from the university of tehran welcome to the program. let's start with talking about how crucial you think today's trilateral talks all. they're very important and the very fact that for the first time. this process
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is being moved forward largely without the united states and its allies i think is one reason why it has achieved so much faster than the talks as well as the current talks and so she have. pushed the pause process a great deal for the force this comes along side the achievements made by the syrian arab army alongside with the help of the russians the iranians has well law and the iraqi of iranian pakistani volunteers who've all struggled for years to push back the extremists that were funded by the one stream if they were funded by saudi arabia and unfortunately the united states as we know from documents that have been revealed the defense intelligence agency documented two thousand and twelve the wiki leaks documents we know that the united states has coordinated the movement of extremists and the bringing of them into the country of syria but you
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know things have shifted in change of enormously on the ground and hopefully least talks will help pave the way for. the conflict to come to an end but i think as your reporter was saying a couple of minutes earlier that it looks good on paper but it i'm sure it's going to be very complicated in the weeks and months ahead yes i mean and they were ality is there a lot of different different ethnic groups as lots of different opposition groups. it all does sound great on paper because it seems that steps have been made forward politically but how difficult is it going to be to implement what was decided today . it will be difficult one because one of the difficulties is what about those groups that align themselves and continue to be allies of al-qaeda we know that many of these people have committed horrific crimes they
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continue to exist they continue to terrorize people in different parts of syria who is allowed to participate and who isn't allowed to participate is very important and will be united states pull out of syria the americans have occupied significant portions of syria without the permission of the syrian government this is a violation of saying sovereignty. also foreign car governments have to stop providing assistance to extremists and terrorists there's a lot to do and it's not clear if the americans and their allies are going to help this process move forward or whether they are going to improve and competed but i think what is what is very positive is that these countries seems. to be determined obviously all three of them have their own opinions but i think the very fact that they're getting to get they're getting together and they're making the statements public show that there is
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a strong degree of determination but again you know as you pointed out your report of pointed out there's a very long way to go still yeah i mean you mentioned america almost accident well they have acted independently in terms of military action how do you think they're going to react to the proposal. of inclusive constitutional elections in syria because they they have been very opposed to the syrian president. well this is one of the extraordinary. issues that has led to so much destruction in syria that the united states and its western allies and the saudis they tried to impose their will upon the syrian people in two thousand and twelve when kofi annan put his plan forward. iran excepted the plan and it was
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basically call for a free and fair elections with international supervision and the president and his allies could participate and the americans rejected it after out of hand and they prevented it from happening and if actually there accepted that back then which they should have because it's a sovereign country and it's not for the united states to dictate a service to the people then hundreds of thousands of people would not have been killed and millions of people would not have had to flee their homes and hundreds of billions of dollars of damages wouldn't have occurred but now the united states we have to see if if if they're going to accept this and if they were going to accepted in reality because the united states often says one thing as we are on the inside learn through the nuclear deal in the nuclear negotiations they agree to something on paper but in reality they do something quite different so we have to see a if americans are going to accept what has been agreed upon and b.
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whether in reality they're going to allow it to be implemented or not the united states has a very poor track record and we are going to have to wait and see i want to go back to the in the talks now we're hearing phrases like new. they're very important because before we know that the turkish government had very sharp differences who with iran and russia and the convergence of those. three countries is important the very fact that. doesn't that. also had negotiations with president putin i think is a positive sign is hopeful that we're hopeful that the turks will move closer towards syria towards some sort of proper ocean was well that the turks are very concerned about the. the northern part of syria and the terrorist groups that they believe are. threatening turkish sovereignty so it is in their interest to
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move closer to the syrian government and to the iranians and also we see the huge progress has been made on the ground and also in iraq things are much better than before the iraqi government has retained sovereignty over the whole country so i think for the syrian people things correct i don't think that i said that all countries suggesting of syria we know that saudi arabia linked to many of these terrorist organization there are really in their local allies they allow them to escape so that they could find fight syrian troops in there and that there are those who are the area and we know the iranians know quite well that the americans have been dealing with isis just as they have been doing so in the past they continue to deal with isis they tolerate isis when isis fights the foes of the united states and they target isis so when isis targets
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american allies so this sort of hypocritical behavior by the united states if it continues then the problem will continue to exist in syria but if the united states backs down then i think there's really regime will be force a back down and i think the saudis too will be forced about founts i think a lot of it depends on the future behavior of the united states not the declarations coming out of washington but the actions on the ground the united states always denies any involvement with or a co-op. with terrorist organizations they would reject you all accusations of ok so i think i have i leave it there is a lot of evidence out there showing the opposite ok sideline it monday from the university of toronto thanks very much for all your thoughts on this very. issue thanks. amazon is providing the spoke data storage for the u.s. government amid concerns tech giants are working too closely with the government
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and more right after this break. the political crisis inflicted upon lebanon by saudi arabia appears to receded it least for now is this a sign of things to come as the saudi royal family changes so to saudi arabia and the region is it time to buckle up for a stream. good capitalist american and
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a. good insurance for colors don't be such a shy communist loving bootlicking stock insurance company's c.e.o. just take a bloody willy nilly for making people hear what addicts do something constructive imposed got insurance and stop the bloodshed. welcome back to the program lebanese prime minister has now that he's putting his surprise resignation on hold after the country's president asked him to reconsider . i'm staying with you we continued together. was. we shall stray together and we shall carry on to go. to atlanta we are a nation of moderation a nation of stability the political crisis began when the lebanese prime minister
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and i was his resignation in saudi arabia's capital riyadh the decision was televised and was met in beirut with disbelief with many suspecting he'd been pressured by the saudis then france's president micron invited her area and his family to paris where the french leader assured him of his political support after paris hariri flew back to lebanon for independence day though not without paying lightning visits to the president of egypt and then the leader of cyprus on his way and now he's back in beirut having made his surprise announcement artie's maria for national brings us the latest from the lebanese capital. was a surprise but a relief space time prime minister hariri has been speaking from beirut for the first time on the lebanese soil in the last twenty days that has been a very turbulent time for lebanon more than two weeks ago mr hariri left the country and he announced his resignation in his televised speech while speaking
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from the capital of saudi arabia and i draw the kind of crisis here to lebanon and today is speaking after the official part of the independence day celebrations thank you see now there are so conceited here in beirut mr heriot has said that he agrees to put his decision on hauled off to be disgusted with the lebanese president and he stressed that said major goal right now is to gas and keep leveled out away from any arab conflict he didn't give any further specific detail but as he earlier mentioned the attempt by some iranian backed military and political forces to meddle into fairytale lebanon and throughout the arab region as the major reason behind his decision to resign his today's speech was under two by many as the l.t. makes him the iranian influence to be diminished i have been able to speak to people here on the ground and they have told me that given how influential iran bag
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forces are this could be a difficult thing to do but it is also clear mr hariri made it clear that if it's not happening he might come back to this because he's very sick they should decision again so i guess this is the challenge that lebanon is now facing a professor of history and international relations jamal wakim believes the saudis are using hariri as a tool to put more pressure on iran. i believe that this figure got damaged a lot here received. the bad news public thing floating lee we wouldn't expect that moscow to be banned but that is effectively what is being contemplated the new cases should just last month microsoft announced a similar partnership over a dedicated cloud for the us government and their partners microsoft is part infrastructure and platform offerings to enable digital transformation meanwhile a treasure trove of connections were uncovered between us politics and internet
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heavyweights after last year's presidential election it went badly i'm still here to help first woman president of the united states giants politicians and the government freedoms getting tangled up in them with more so stay with us. in america a college degree requires a great deal. a decade's worth of debt. study so hard it requires. going through. a everybody from stephen ball. hollywood guy you expect every proud
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american first of all i'm just george bush in our view to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru well it's a little bit different. when. you know what with all the drama happening in our country i'm good to have some fun every day americans. really start to bridge the gap this is the greatest. greetings and salutation. politicians and their mouthpieces in the media are always asking us to trust them to believe in their values i just this to stop being so
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cynical lass it's about the opposing party but sometimes that blind faith that they are always asking us to have gets tested when we as a public see headlines that read like this she said a powerful congressman harassed or here's why you didn't hear her story house and senate are among the worst for harassment representatives says over the past twenty years congress has paid seventeen point two million settlements. yes it would appear that our own united states congress is the next great reservoir of sexual harassment now by lee bursting in the aftermath of hurricane harvey weinstein and i say it's about time for too low we've been told over and over again on the campaign trail about family values while jokes about new bile young in terms fresh off the bus were bandied about the bars and back rooms on capitol hill not only have we seen roy moore and al brain come face accusations of sexual misconduct and
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harassment and some in recent weeks but now it's come to light that the longest serving sexual harassment claim that we must always be. a part of. this. or that happens a lot and. i read your own stuff and i know i mean well yes i am shocked in the sense that i'm shocked that it's it's taken this long now because look at this i just sort of come out as that as a normal everyday and look it's a boys' club over there we all.
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