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i was. found. thanks brushes air force strikes the last remaining islamic state positions in eastern syria as the terror group self-proclaimed caliphate is all but wiped out in the country. meanwhile the leaders of iran turkey and russia take the chance to try and kick start the syrian peace process and bring to an end almost seven years of conflict. and also to come this hour google admits striking android smartphones even after users of switched off their location setting. i welcome come to you live from moscow you're watching asking international. the russia's defense ministry says its air force has successfully carried out
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a series of surgical strikes against design mixtape positions in syria it states that fighters ammunition that pose and armored vehicles were destroyed in the attacks they are being carried out to support the syrian military in its push to liberate the remaining eisel held villages in the east of the country and with the terror group self-proclaimed caliphate in tatters the leaders of russia iran and turkey have been meeting to lay the groundwork for a series postwar future eleven train has been following the talks in subject. with syria becoming almost completely terrorist free or eyesore free i should say we were all curious what is going to be decided and what was going to be said when the key regional players the leaders of turkey and iran type word on the house and ronnie arrive and saw all three leaders looked quite determined and when the camera
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men were asked to press their off buttons and leave the room we heard the leaders confirm their assessment the syrian conflict has entered a new stage the era of active fighting is over and time has come for a new settlement opportunities much so we. scale military actions against terrorist groups in syria are coming to an end i'd like to note that thanks to the efforts of russia iran and turkey we have managed to prevent the dissolution of syria stop it from being captured by international terrorists and avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. if you want to our joint efforts over the last eleven months of help to prepare the ground for a political settlement of the syrian crisis has their meeting today symbolizes the start of a new stage in this process. the trilateral meeting today has darkness to importance is the final stage including in and to the bloodshed in syria we have achieved
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success thanks to the union of the grand turkey and russia so after roughly one and a half hours of talks all along with the foreign ministers and the heads of militaries when the three presidents came out to say a few words to the journalist we finally heard about the number one decision for the new stage the creation of the syrian national dialogue congress it will be an unprecedented platform for inclusive of all syria talks and all kinds of political. ethnic religious groups are expected to be involved it is going to convene here and saw it she but the date and the specific list of participants hasn't been decided just yet the leaders say that it should pave the way for a new constitution in syria and new elections and it all looks good on paper i can tell you that ankara tehran and moscow are really genuinely looking forward for the
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plan to work on the ground on monday we heard the president of syria bashar assad telling vladimir putin that he is ready for new rounds of dialogue reforms and the new elections that i mentioned mr putin tried to convey this message to the leaders of iran and turkey and when it comes to the syrian opposition they are always in close contact with anchor up so the hope is definitely there and i was really frank of course ng side elissa middle east analyst and door first told us that the while the sochi summit was a vital step towards the escalation in syria washington doesn't pay to have of the plans. it's extremely important because the three main forces which have prepared the ground and pave the way for and then to this dramatic war which has been ongoing for seven years we are hearing about mattis that is the american defense
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minister saying that the americans have to stay in order they have changed and they shifted the goal posts and this time it's not fighting eisel but simply to stabilize the whole area they're talking about preserving their military presence shoring it up and building it up in both countries that is in iraq and also in syria under the excuse of stabilization when we can clearly see that it is in that interest to weaken the central government to ensure that they can use it to bolster and intense and consolidate that influence to reassert that i thought a general store their power in this vital area. google has been caught secretly collecting location data from android phone users even after they had turned off location settings and had no sim card in their devices and while insisting that it
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has need a stored nor use the information it collected google has normal less agreed to stop have not been explained. now your cell phone will often ask you annoying questions like would you like to share your geo location data well if you answer the question no you would assume that your geo data is safe and well it turns out you're wrong cell phones operating on android are sharing information with google even if you take the sim card out the android phone will start gathering the address is it any nearby cell phone towers i'm standing not far from one right now. generally what you need is a few pieces of it or mace you need the unique identity of the phone itself which every phone has and in this case they're using cell tower locations and so if you have a single cell tower then that will only tell you something about
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a radius around which the phone is somewhere but if you have what say three cell towers that all have different distance locations then you can try and go late pretty coldly to where the actual phone is so you're only referring to the phone's identity and but the fact that it is on but a telephone network so what it's doing is it's pinging cell towers nearby and by the way all phones do that google admits that they've been keeping track of mobile phone i.d.'s and their location for over a year now but they insist their intentions are good. in january of this year we began looking into using cell id as an additional signal to further improve the speed and performance of message delivery who claims that it hasn't done anything particular with this data and now is going to turn it off. i don't find out
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entirely credible because some engineer or group of engineers had to spend time putting together this capability and they had to do it for a reason because someone told them to do it now google assures us that we have nothing to worry about but they never store or share our data with anyone well we've heard that song and dance before does the n.s.a. collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans. no sir. it does not. not wittingly or. the technology really is moving down the regulatory apparatus so there's not any easy were to suddenly come up with new rules that will create fear of these things try on. the big political bodies are technologically. so i can barely so good or even really understand. what this stock is doing so google says that android phones will start tracking the locations of users without
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their consent by the end of november that sounds like good news unlike the fact that they have been doing it without consent for many months. r.t. washington d.c. meanwhile telecom giants in the us are set for a major victory if washington goes ahead with its plan to repeal the so-called net neutrality rules and it's likely to have a direct impact on internet speeds in the united states so this is how it currently works internet providers do have to treat all online online traffic equally at the moment and that means they can't block or slow down any particular web content or the authority behind the push to end net neutrality though the f.c.c. says it could allow trillions of dollars to be invested into web services by the private sector so it does sound like good news but that might not be good news for consumers and that is because it could allow telecom companies to create fast lanes for traffic and prioritized certain sites over others internet users too may also
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be forced to pay more to access content at the speeds they are currently used to we can drop cotton the founder of make a load has weighed in on this controversy surrounding the u.s. government's plan to overturn net neutrality the entrepreneur who is wanted in america for alleged widespread illegal file sharing has vowed to build an alternative internet to combat privacy and freedom problems online we discussed the idea with dmitri kleiner he's a previously activist and also software developer. more development in this area would certainly be good the board the better platforms that consumers have that deliver privacy and anonymity the more we have the better but the relationship between these giant internet monopolies like facebook and and google and the state department of the u.s. certainly makes it more difficult. you know for other voices to gain access and that's going to only become worse so obviously in that sense
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a more neutral and maybe internationally neutral internet that is less dependent on big central monopolies like amazon google facebook etc would be much better so i mean kim dot com proposal a lot of things that sound pretty good specially the idea of you know using mobile devices more actively if it is planning to use the kind of radio capabilities of mobile phones themselves in the bluetooth n.f.c. and wife by the creation of a mesh network you could have an advantage that it's much more difficult to block than that centralized things however is a lot of questions need to be looked at there one is of course you know how user friendly and usable this kind of stuff is given the right support i definitely think that an alternative could be made and it could be very popular however it's not clear what where that support could come from you know short of public institutions because as a private entrepreneur kim dotcom only has you know can only spend money that he
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can earn back and it's not clear how he would earn money on such a thing given that given that advertising and surveillance would not be would not be used. in other news tonight i still has taken responsibility from explained in afghanistan which is killed at least ten and wounded more than twenty the blast occurred in the eastern city jalalabad of a film a district police chief meanwhile us president trump and his thanksgiving video address to the stress that victory is needed in the afghan war. and i have to say just directly to the folks in afghanistan everybody's talking about the progress you've made in the last few months of say opened it up we opened it up we said go ahead we're going to fight to win we're not fighting anymore to just walk around we're fighting to win. ok we can get thoughts now g.m.w. dane he's the managing editor of veterans today good to have you on jim just what
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are your thoughts here about what donald trump said he says you know we're there to win i mean how far away from that happening given the attacks by the taliban and also why so. well it always depends on what you call winning and there is where trump is kind of playing the game of course we have a probably the most blustering president that we have can anyone can remember in modern times i did some updating object for the show and i found one of the generals is claiming that. they claim they control about two thirds of the country now and that in two years he thinks he can get that up to eighty percent and he will consider that a victory now he's not saying he's vanquished. the taliban but just increased as it's only looking about eight percent a year in terms of controlling more territory so this is something we've seen for
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a long time they set the rules they changed the goalpost in terms of what they want to call a victory but the main problem that's running here in afghanistan is that the u.s. policy is that we will assist the afghanistan army but they are going to do the heavy fighting against the taliban and bess what's going to determine how this thing is going to go down sure the u.s. can put more air power and they can do their strikes but what we've seen over a long time now the taliban has always been able to replace its losses and i would call it a lot of other people that victory will be there is when you have a political settlement between the two sides which will finally in the fighting and we don't even see any interest whatsoever in the u.s. pursuing a path to peace and there certainly is not going to be a path to peace by continuing the war. we have paid to be saying to him
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a strengthening of eisel in afghanistan i mean supposedly presumably that trying to find a new home now given what's going on in syria i mean that's another battle to fight isn't it in afghanistan. that's true and if i sold begins to show up there and begins to get logistics support we have to ask once again gosh what state might be using i so i system basically destabilize and create a situation where a certain country always has to be there there are some of us in the community of the intelligence community that think that there are parties that want to keep this war going because. some point if they can really control afghanistan they may want to put a missile defense shield there which is closer to china closer to the soviet union and you can't do that unless you have control over the country so we really think
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the military is very possibly being abused here in a never ending war that no one really has a plan on winning nor do they really intend to win because they're winning simply by keeping the war going trump was trying to be upbeat and i was and they just listening to him to the american public by it did they feel as though there's an end in sight in afghanistan. no i think trump the war leader basically is like a cartoon character he kind of realized that himself which is why he he didn't lawyer himself up the general himself lucky by trying to boost his military credentials with the top generals that he's brought in so really everyone's looking to them but one thing you always line with generals they always demand more troops more quick bent more forward deployment and then by the time the whole thing turns
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into a disaster they have left the administration they've moved on and then no one ever takes the blame for the failure and you know this is something that we have to always worry about we maybe see being repeated here once again just looking at the numbers to mean u.s. troop title is up to about fourteen thousand i believe in afghanistan and that's after three thousand extra troops and brought in do you expect that number to increase then i have in the coming months in the year ahead. it could there's probably more there because they have we heard earlier they have a way of juggling the books in terms of how they're doing the account but most of those troops are not fighting sure they're special operations people they're there doing training and they're trying to support the afghan military command to could be the officer corps because typically with the technology intelligence and whatever so but this is the way the u.s. is doing this to keep u.s.
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casualties down because they know nothing turns americans off on these foreign wars the planes coming home with caskets but they found out that if they can do these wars for a year or year after year after year and as long as the casualties are very small the public doesn't really pay much attention nor do they really start to question why are we still there after all of these years jim that we're going to have to leave it there but good to tilt see tonight we appreciate it nice to get your thoughts that was jim deputy managing editor of veterans today thank you. now argentina's navy to say that assigned detected near the last known location of one of its submarines was consistent with an explosion of the sub has now been missing for over a week numerous countries have been helping with the search russia was among them and sent a research ship equipped with deep sea submergence vehicles. the
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situation is critical and we are getting more worried two days a seven days that submarine has an oxygen supply. so we know that they will return we have faith we're waiting for them so well we'll continue fighting each other thinking praying is an excellent professionals they will come back at any moment and we hope that there is a sign has they come back to us that they return where they come back to us alive those are wishes that is why we are here.
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for the political crisis in lebanon has taken an unexpected twist after the country's prime minister put on hold his surprise decision to quit. we. are now it's my resignation from the post of prime minister i discussed my resignation with the president of the republic he wants me to wait before submitting it to put it on hold and to allow for more consultations into the reasons behind it i complied well after her nearly there announced his resignation in saudi arabia he took a small detail before returning home to lebanon visiting leaders from france egypt
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and also cyprus so here's a quick recap then events over the last few days. saudia prime minister saad hariri was the horse and the resignation was not his desire nor decision alone. and i had to let you know i am here in the kingdom as of him as
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a free man. well on the lebanese prime minister's return a number of his supporters were out on the streets in the capital beirut but while some of them don't believe that had any was kept against his will by the saudis i still can't predict what is next for their leader. i hope that all the other countries in the region will leave lebanon alone so the lebanese people can decide their future for themselves it's unprecedented that saudi arabia held the lebanese prime minister by force and pushed him to resign while he was outside his country
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and there is a lot that we have to tell ourselves we want our country to stay out of regional conflicts when it comes to the saudis met. should continue and start only reality interference and so we've been using fairs many other countries are doing it too i'm sure saad hariri wants to help this country never known i think that the way saudi arabia treated him is very wrong sociology professor sides today explain to us how lebanon has become ground zero for a political standoff in the region there are two alliances emerging in the area saudi arabia some gulf states without. pushing a game is iran and again this has been law on the other hand you have syria. person not the prime minister and hezbollah again is this alliance and so you have this polarization the saudis feel that one way. or on their mind the power
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of. hezbollah is to create a political crisis in this way you will be able to create havoc a storm inside the political system to clash with hezbollah or at least neutralize it for not intervening in syria again or doing anything and in this way you will be cutting the hand of iran. now from hollywood to westminster the flood of sexual assault allegations is seeing more and more victims feel they can finally speak out about widespread apiece but there are still big hurdles to in the battle to be believed is samir account explains. defending women's rights is surely a noble cause and those who defend them are upheld as moral eakins yet recently some of these defenders have fallen from grace lena dunham a feminist icon is now being vilified as a hypocrite she's repeatedly argued that we should unconditionally believe women alleging harassment but when accusations were leveled against her co-author and
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friend she changed her tune while the first instinct is to listen to every woman's story this accusation is one of the three percent of assault cases that are misreported every year following a public backlash down of apologized but the damage had already been done someone else with a now damaged reputation is a los angeles attorney lisa bloom who made a name for herself advocating for women's rights but that didn't stop her from representing harvey weinstein when the storm of sexual harassment allegations broke i thought i had a chance to make a difference here on the other side he wanted to be respectful to women and he still wants to be respectful for two women bloom left weinstein in october amid widespread outrage saying it had been a colossal mistake and then there's new york times reporter glenn thrush a self-proclaimed advocate for female journalists when harassment claims were leveled against prominent political journalist mark thrush was vocal in his condemnation young people who come into
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a news room deserve to be taught our trade given our support and enlisted in our calling not betrayed by little men who believe they are bigger than the mission and now it turns out thresh himself stands accused of sexual misconduct so it seems that the higher your professed standards in public life are the further you risk falling in private all these celebrities are going to say what makes them popular and what makes them more progressive but in private and in their own life when their brothers get involved they're going to be like every other person on the ground here who realizes who wants matters in her case she said things women lie about their watch things women don't lie about weight and then suddenly. when it's someone close to you they are accused of rape suddenly all that feminism goes out the window every single perfect cabin is you see on t.v. the perfect progressive person you see no there is no perfect hero all these people are hypocrites it's mary kom reporting there so that's how the news looks so far
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tonight don't forget if you get a chance have a look at our website to get. serious years long catastrophe is coming to a close for the backing of opposition in terrorist forces are in retreat in face eradication but the struggle is far from over the war is essentially won the winning a lasting peace will be no easy task. we've been cheated again and again and over yet again by what we can fully understand is that north korea has never fulfilled the kind of pledge they said they would and their nuclear and missile development has come to
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a point. we've got to pay the greatest amount though he because of the danger they pose. a scene years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with a gun if a bad guy tried to get to one of my family members he would have better a lot better and i think they are inheriting whenever my my baby says my book was published in the year two thousand more than the whole for a million. been killed by forums of the us going out is thought to me as i did this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see who actually got hit. on. the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years
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ago i don't know this but we are not. happy thanksgiving cranberries stuffing turkey farm the turkey don't care of the turkey worth the turkey i got to turkey i love turkey. so i said yes i thought to put you in front of the white house well actually this is the white house. from the
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way house and we should pardon a turkey here then when that absolutely giblets are incredibly important of any recipe if you're considering for thanksgiving it's under and just it's just not in the stuffing and capers capers in the stuffing is an under utilized ingredient and i'm telling you it gives your turkey an aromatic quality that your guests will love they won't quite figure it out but they'll be engaged in conversation once they get the with of those capers and chestnuts beautiful so i thought for this thanksgiving as we are actually on this day eating turkey with family. we would do an episode special about what we're thankful for because you know i think it's important after what eight or nine years now of crimes report to give thanks to the audience and for various topics and conversations we were allowed to do.


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