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and the most you'll be sure way out is in a coffin where it gets the r.t. from seoul inlets russia. the international olympic committee has slapped four more russian athletes with lifetime bans from the games over doping violations at the twenty fourteen such a winter olympics with more on the story has a perfect. trouble for russian saatchi olympians keep piling up the international olympic committee has just punished for more people and as a result never again will be able to take part in the olympics in any capacity here we're talking about two bobsledders and two speed skaters among them is the man who got russia to saatchi gold medals and bobsled that is alexander's soup called he was also the flag bearer for team russia at the saatchi twenty fourteen opening ceremony so that is of course additional disappointment for the fans all go who won
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silver in the fifty meter speedskating event will also lose her silver medal with these two golds and one silver taken away russia is no longer at the top of the medal table when it comes to the audio feed did this i cannot give you the exact reason in the i.o.c. statement it says quote unquote for committing anti-doping rule violations and then for the specific reasoning and says that's another quote the reasoning for these decisions will be communicated and due course and of quote and this brings us to the issue of transparency and how well those who wore or who are under investigation are informed about this we spoke to one skeleton athlete who was punished just a few days ago because i knew easiest knowledge i got a call from an unknown number cost me to comment on the i.o.c. decision i told him that i knew nothing about this no one told me i was completely
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shocked by this news it's very painful i just wanted to shout it's trying to prove that i'm not guilty i still can't believe it this is very sad and you just imagine a lifetime ban even those who don't intentionally going to court and found guilty and disqualified come back later to the sport and i'm disqualified from life and for nothing i don't understand this decision not on august part of that. group of russian saatchi olympic athletes who have lately been receiving one ban after another all of this as a result of the i.o.c. probes into the meaning of doping test samples and saw and of course these latest decisions put team russia under extra pressure ahead of the next winter olympic games in south korea and february twenty eighth. frank reporting there you watching. at the top of the.
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vulcan to sophie shevardnadze germany is an unprecedented political limbo with coalition talks collapsing the country maybe had it into a snap election with uncertain results what happens next well i ask bad trix phone store member of. deputy leader of the alternative for germany party. political crisis unfolding in germany after the breakdown of coalition talks the country staring at the prospect of a snap election and months of political uncertainty how can germany carry on this
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locomotive of european politics with instability at home. with question marks over the new look this future and when will the deadlock be broken. welcome to the show it's great to have you on our program now it's been eight weeks since the election and chancellor merkel still can't form a government this is the first time this has happened in seventy years this crisis is the result of politicians putting their personal ambitions about national interests or is the chancellor to blame for failing to broker a compromise. well it it's all up to mirko this is true it's a government formed together with her and the greens and the liberals this is what was her idea is only go for merkel it's to save her job but it's bad for all of the other parties so this is why it failed in the very end. i think it's
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a very good decision for germany not to have such a coalition it would have been a very bad one so we are happy that they did not succeed and we will see what comes next now one of the ways out now is calling a new election but a rain you know that arranging the snap election is hardly snappy there is going to be a vote in the industry and then another vote and the vote except for us is may drag on until spring how's the country going to go without a government for so long. we still have a government we learnt from our history and it's not good to have a situation with it where there's no government so this is not possible we're having a government the whole time through this process which is the government which is still in place so this is not the problem the question is what what will be the outcome of this whole process will there be a government a new government being formed. the last election all we have new elections have
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never saw what will happen if the snap election produces to same result that we have now could there be a never ending political deadlock. this is what we're saying and this is i think the answer also to the other parties that they are not going for a new election i don't think that the outcome will be completely the same i think it will threaten us so all of our votes or our our current support is going up at the moment in the polls and christian democrats and social democrats are going down at the moment so the outcome of a new election might even worsen the situation so i think they will overthink it and come together and form a coalition within the framework which is given. so why are they losing votes and why are you gaining votes because people see they're not taking responsibility and
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they're just making up something which is not there it's there is no argument there is no political argument why the christian democrats and the social democrats cannot go together there is not a political gap between them if you ask them what are the differences in your policy making what are the different issues you are tackling why can't you go together what are the differences they can name them there aren't any this has only to do with with the power of merkel and the ego the there wishful thinking of the chanceless candidate of the social democratic party much in schildt who said no we won't go together with them he wants to save his party he doesn't want to go into any more come from my this with the christian democratic party because he's afraid of losing even more support for his s p d so these are all arguments which are not which are not supported by the people the
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people say there is no difference between you both so go together and form a government this is your duty now of all possible scenarios a new election is why angola merkel prefers why do you think that is i mean she lost many of those in the september election now that she failed to form a ruling coalition she may not get a needed a majority what is she looking that. well other her country is wondering what is moving merkel to do have politics there is no reasonable argument for everything she's done in the process especially in the last few years to yes maybe when it comes to migrant crisis we're wondering what is she doing she's not doing this to serve the country this is very clear no one really doubts it so it's very difficult to understand what she has going for what is her a and the only thing what moves here obviously is to save her own power and maybe to the country into
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something completely new she's the first i would say the first green chancellor we've ever had she's putting all the left together and so it would be it should be very easy for her for her personally and in the meantime also for a party to go together with a social democrats and the greens and then they would have to mount geraghty now you want for the country a your party alternative for germany which pulled a surprising percentage in the september elections how big of an improvement exactly can you count on if another vote is called well we're seeing the polls at the very moment they're going up we we we're in now up to thirteen percent we have the third biggest party already in the parliament and our numbers are increasing so we don't we're not afraid of a new election but we don't think it's good for the country and again it will not it will not change the situation what we're in at the moment it will make it even
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more difficult for the us to come up with a new idea well all the uncertainties surrounding the coalition talks break down are you afraid the german people will want a more stable scenario in their full vote for established parties this time well people i think want to have a political change. we we cain't lot of support we one almost six million votes from all over on the other parties and from the nonvoters. so. this is and even though the public pressure up on us was very strong so. people are what willing to have or they want to have a different political direction now even those who are voting in favor of the christian democratic union they're not so many who really supporting the idea of. america is pushing our country too but my question is do the germans want to stable
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government or do they want to change which one is it of course every country once a stable government a needs a stable government what has to be the answers out of this situation is that the christian democratic party and especially mrs merkel start to understand that they have to move their political direction if they would move to what our policy towards our. point of view in terms of euro of migrant crisis off of the european union of the ever closer union and all this these very important issues if they will move towards our direction we want to have a stable situation in germany because there is a majority a clear majority together with the christian democratic union the liberals and fifty us so if because because that's just the question of numbers so
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a.s.d. is the third largest party in the bundestag but it's still viewed as political outcasts by this stablish mean parties how do you plan to influence the current situation. well we are we are what we what our responsibility is is to change the political direction we're germany is going to and this is our success we have reached this already to some extent because there is not a. coalition of the so-called john mica coalition from christian democratic union liberals and greens and this has not come together because of a fifty so this is this is already a huge success for the country and that this is a success. we are responsible for the success or we can claim this as our success that this has not come together and this means that we that we change the direction a little bit at least with the country knowledge is not going to what it was it was
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heading towards of. the very left or action and now we're moving it a little bit more to the middle when it comes again to a grand coalition between s.p.d. and c.d.u. so this is this is why resay this is sick this is in some some point already a success but it would be a even bigger success if the makah would step down take responsibility for what she has achieved and then have at least the grand coalition come into power again it's also not a good solution for a country of course it would be better to better to have christian democratic union liberals and a.f.d. to form a government but this is not possible at the very moment not at least possible because the say to you is such a left a left wing party or a green party which is even worse we're going to take a short break right now and when we're back we'll continue discussing germany's political deadlock with bad tricks a member of the german parliament and deputy leader of the alternative for germany
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party stay with us. and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was president frank walters stand liar satterlee holds real sway right since he has the power to appoint and she has or he wants campers to have his former party the social democrats to enter in a grand coalition with merkel to prevent calling another vote so it just that the president now is in a very strong position because. the stock cannot be finished and we will not have new election without his the president's decision so he's the one to take that decision he cannot appoint any cut anytime he wants to this has to
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come from the polman but still he could he could keep the current government in power for a long while so he's in a very strong position and he is now pushing the basically the big parties the biggest parties is a christian democratic union and the social democrats together into talks because he is he's not willing to easily have a new election year election a very expensive if it will not change the political majorities so he knows that this will not be the solution of the problem so serious he's going for something which is more reasonable and this us get those together who have no political differences and to to to found. a government so can he do it can he push them to form a new government. yes by the law he can because if he does not call for new elections there won't be a new election and we have
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a government in power so germany is not without government not at the moment and it will never be this is our constitution so he can he can just leave the current government in her place so he is in the very strong position and i think this sort of put the pressure upon the others to come together and really the solution would not be very difficult if merkel would take responsibility for everything she has done in the past on the outcome was the worst result for the christian democratic union in a federal election ever after the war she would step down and if she would step down it would be very easy for the democratic party to go together with the c.d.u. and form again in new grand coalition i think the very center of the whole problem has only one name and this is miracle so do using this
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whole thing the election coalition. crisis basically their results of the chancellor's decision to open germany's doors for refugees. well that different this is also one reason it's not the only one because the difficulty to form a government again is only because a ifti is there our party is there the third biggest new third biggest party is in is in the parliament now and this is what causes the difficulties and we are not only there because of the migrant lysis crisis and the issue of islam and we are we were founded on the grounds of the euro rescue policy we were founded on the ground of having the closer european union and we will see all those problems to come if it comes to the ideas of macaw how to really form the european union into basically a federal state and so there are different reasons why rio there and we are the
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reason for them to have so so big difficulties to to to come together forty nine percent of germans want merkel to remain chancellor and at the same time forty nine percent of germans support holding a new election germany really know what it wants and it's all a bit confusing no well when the debate just started it has not been so long ago that they could have talks were stopped the christian democratic union the liberals and our party.


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