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tv   News  RT  November 26, 2017 3:00am-3:22am EST

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in the stories that shaped the week now close to being wiped out in syria the country's civil war rivals move toward finding a political solution to the long standing conflict the peace talks in russia. also visited russia's toughest prison for a rare visit to see what life really like the country's most dangerous criminal. but some of the country's worst maybe acts serial killers terrorists and even cannibals held. unsettling times for germany and chancellor merkel is a coalition to break down even more question marks over her future is.
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watching welcome to your sunday r.t. i'm calling brian this is how thirty minute wrap of the biggest stories from the past seven days first off with the end game in sight for islamic state in syria tensions now turning to finding a political solution to the country's drawn out civil war peace talks in russia's result city of sochi sold to bring together rival groups who've spent more than six years locked in conflict a monday the syrian leader made his second visit to russia during four hours of talks with president putin but said he's ready to hold discussions with parties interested in resolving the crisis some of whom later arrived in sochi to as he explains it looks like tsotsi is shaping out as the new platform for dialogue on syria the resort has become the venue for the first major round of talks on the syrian crisis the syrian president bashar assad was here on monday.
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at this stage especially after victories against terrorism we are of course interested in advancing the political process then mr putin had a long phone conversation with donald trump. putin gave donald trump a full of date on the talks with syrian president bashar assad mr putin also told mr trump about the upcoming summit with the presidents of iran and turkey. it was these three countries that were behind the so-called astronaut talks in the first place and with the terrorists now almost god this format could prove to be more crucial than ever. large scale military actions against terrorist groups in syria are coming to an end i'd like to note that thanks to the efforts of russia iran and turkey we have
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managed to prevent the dissolution of syria stop it from being captured in syria and new a lot of fuel for the force things have shifted and change enormously on the ground and hopefully these talks will help pave the way for. the conflict to come to an end but i think that it looks good on paper but it damn sure it's going to be very complicated and the weeks and months ahead there's a lot to do and it's not clear that the americans and their allies are going to help this process move forward or whether they are going to improve competed but i think what is what is very positive is that these countries seem. to be determined obviously all three of them have their own opinions. there's a high security prison in the russian new rules in which there are hundreds of inmates who are never likely to taste freedom again that's because they're among the country's most dangerous offenders and many will probably see how their days inside black dolphin arguably russia's toughest jail and this week i was given
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unique access to see what it's like inside. in these provincial town at the edge of siberia is a prison but it's no ordinary prison the mere sight of the statue has broken the most solace butchers the black doll thing russia's highest security prison it is here that some of the country's worst maniacs serial killers terrorists and even cannibals i held in this cell a man who raped forty four miners and killed five children aged seven to eleven some of the people in this prison will never be allowed out so we dread for the things that they've done and then the man in a drunken killing frenzy killed six of his friends in this cell a murderer killed eleven people. seven hundred
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inmates sentenced to life between them they've killed almost four thousand people everything is procedural everything dead eight injured he and his father incarcerated here do see each other sometimes when he fell ill they transferred me to help him for a while the most important thing is to avoid becoming in bits and it is so easy to turn into an animal here some say a life sentence is worse than the death penalty. with i've been here for seventeen years and i've never heard anyone say they don't regret it or that q. more i'm sorry but that's nonsense. i regret it everything is lost in the years go by your health worsens everything passes by i think there are a few people left in here who think they did the right thing they are show you that
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you were wrong totally wrong you can't do that. to me treat snorted his family his father his mother and his brother he was twenty now he's forty five why didn't he watch t.v. we see people who've committed two or three murders get sentenced to seventeen or nineteen years that isn't so terrible yes we are guilty before the law yes we are guilty before the public but if they're left out after twenty years why are there fraid of letting us out who in their fifties could be bothered to do anything all they would want is a normal life. the difference is that life sentences are mostly reserved for crimes of such brutality that they escape reason for individuals deemed a permanent danger to society one inmate released early from the black dolphin committed the murder on the very train that was taking him home most will never see release control he's total god's check on everyone every fifteen minutes
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in cell cameras i'm one of the twenty four seven and there's three doors to every cell this is a cell for those sentenced to life it's locked with a full metal door a cage door and another one for complete security we essentially have a cell within a cell it's easy to see why no one has ever escaped from the black dolphin and the moves you'll be sure way out is in a coffin for i guess the odds see from soli let's russia. germany's political futures up in the air after talks to form a three way coalition collapsed on monday it could mean a snap elections on the cards in which far right parties are predicted to make further ground against the more established ones and this all means germany is now considering going back to square one and another four years of the grand coalition . moves biggest we should value possible talks with the social democrats of course
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we're prepared to have talks that have been in and around collision for the last four years and we have done a good job which you do a lot given you invited and of course the s.b.c. and the acting federal governments will continue to work together the reason there are the way only one thing is now completely clear the talks must be carried out though that in this way we can always defend our institutions the members of our party would agree on that. the preferred choice after september selection was the so-called jamaica coalition between angle merkel's party the free democrats and the greens nickname that way due to the color of each party's logo with merkel now struggling to find a way out our europe correspondent looks at the options that she's got left. the day after the bundestag election in september angela merkel said that she was confident that by christmas she would have a real ingrained differences between the parties on key issues such as climate
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change refugees and the budget saw the so-called jamaica coalition breakdown. one other option available to angela merkel would be to rule over a minority government most likely with the green party. but a minority government would be unstable at best and would certainly require horse trading on gargantuan proportions with the other four parties in parliament if the government was to well pass anything more than just time in the chamber it's also
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worth noting that this would be a first in modern german history and wouldn't exactly fit the profile of the german voters who do love stabilises so where does this leave us the other option would be we go back to the polls for fresh elections. so back to the polls we go well step forward german president frank vaulted steinmeyer it's predominantly a ceremonial role but when it comes to installing a government that's where the german presidency has executive power it will be up to mr steinmeier whether he decides that he accepts angle or merkel as the head of a minority government or whether he dissolves parliament triggering elections and for the long serving leader mrs merkel that could well prove to be a storm she doesn't whether that's if somebody has got to be responsible for that
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the federal chancellor created the situation she's been in power for what feels like a hundred years and now she should be asking herself maybe i have something to do with this situation. mrs merkel has failed it's time for now to take a step back that night at the end of the merkel era began europe's biggest economy is heading into uncharted territory with current polling suggesting that a new ballot wouldn't return any results too different from what we had in september it does seem that there is no immediate solution to the current instability germany is facing and of course the implications that has for the why do european union peter all of a r.t. berlin we spoke to members from some of germany's political parties on the recent twists and turns in the bundestag and on who's to blame for the breakdown in talks . what my party has fraud from the beginning said that we are guided by a principled we have been elected because that we. did to modernize the
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country we entered into these negotiations with good faith and things went well in the first phase of the coalition talks we then run into difficulties and the main obstacle was. great so it's. going to. come back to the weekly merged on monday that google's parent company is working on day ranking stories from the sputnik news agency and web searches the move would make articles harder to find alphabet boss eric schmidt's comments came at a security forum in canada when he was asked about artie's use of google's ad sense
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service. i had a subscription for google alerts in german language and getting them every day out of ten results between five and ten every day we have sputnik news which is a russian german program no outlet and when i clicked on them they were monitoring that sense this is really necessary to monitor rose russian propaganda outlets would google it and so we're well aware of this one and we're working on detecting this kind of scenario you're describing and again do you ranking the ranking those kinds of sites it's basically artie and sputnik are the two and there's a whole bunch of coverage about what we're doing there but we're well aware of it we're trying to engineer the systems to prevent it we don't want to ban the sites. eric schmidt who you just heard has a long time relationship with the democratic party leadership in the united states he was reportedly a donor to barack obama's campaign later becoming an advisor to his administration
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and he's also believed to be the tech mastermind behind every clinton's presidential campaign although he's never confirmed any of that himself under pressure from the united states authorities google recently launched an investigation into alleged russian meddling but in its own report to congress it says it found no evidence that r.t. of violated its policies or manipulated you tube in any way to get its status as the most viewed news network despite that though google dropped all channel from its future to prime list in the u.s. without notice or explanation and only explained later to congress hearing when grilled on why the firm hadn't carried out the move before mr sell gado why did gould google get preferred status to russia today a russian propaganda arm on you tube. there was a period of time where russia today qualified really because of algorithms to participate in a an advertising program why didn't you revert artie's preferred status after the
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i.c.a. came out in january two thousand and seventeen it took you to september of two thousand and seventeen to do it the removal of r t from the program was actually a result of the as as i understand it is a reason result of some of the drop in viewership not as a result of any action otherwise so there was there was nothing about our t.v. or its content that. meant that it stayed in or stayed out. meanwhile eric smith remarks have been somewhat contradicted by a google representative who said there are no concrete plans to deal rank russian media including r.t. we discuss the developments with human rights lawyer. it is a form of censorship in the idea is to lead readers away from our t. content and it will have an impact on the discourse in this country google's
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already started the process against north american alternative media sources in august there was a report that they've already been deal ranking twelve different north american alternative media sources all of these sources have now reported a huge decrease in readership i think the attack on r t which has a very different view of those things. is an attack on those alternative narratives of issues that are very important to the american people. didn't humanitarian aid started arriving in yemen on saturday after the saudi the coalition eased its blockade of the country the first planes landed in the capital sanaa with life saving medicines and food for partially lifting the blockade thousands of people who are out protesting in the port city of data accusing riyadh and its allies of genocide the saudis have been supporting the i was the president
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against the position fighters for more than two years in yemen but events took a turn recently when a missile was fired towards the saudi capital is a reminder of what happened afterwards. two days after that missile launch the coalition closed all sea and land routes tightening and already existing blockade but under pressure from humanitarian organizations it was partially lifted a week later however the u.n. and aid groups say that's still not enough to improve the dire situation in the country. the red cross is now warning that a million people are at risk of a renewed cholera outbreak in three yemeni cities that's after clean water supplies to those cities were cut or having cooking guys to make something to eat and to put on the table. to years and a half almost of this conflict easy really. bringing a lot on yemenis on specific population on the day to day on friday i talked to the u.n. undersecretary general for humanitarian assistance he told me that yemen's ongoing
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crisis could spark the worst famine the world seen in decades be effects of the blockade has been to make it much more difficult from the seven million people. we've made very good progress through the world health organization both into her day to port and salif port and that's how the week shaped up here on. task hollywood guy. proportion and r.v. . this is my buddy max. every day. this is the great american. years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with the gun bad guy trying to get to one of my family members he would have
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better a lot better and i think they are inheriting whenever my my baby says my book was published in the year two thousand more than the whole for a million americans have been killed by the fall of the u.s. how does the team yes we did this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see who actually got hit. to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years ago i don't know this but we are not. thanks.
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