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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:10pm EST

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receive lifetime bonds from the winter olympics as fears grow the whole team russia could be prevented from. games. germany could be on track for the same coalition government that it had before september. three way talks with other parties collapsed last week. police in the french port city of. crime. off the closure of the tourist jungle. for more on these stories do you go to stay with us now the u.s. role in the syrian civil war.
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hello and welcome across all things considered i'm peter lavelle double cross you would think so if you're a kurd also just how many u.s. troops are in syria and why and the living hell this is the i'm. talking some real news i'm joined by my guest mark slobodan he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have is a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and of course we have a political analyst with sputnik international. in effect as usual i want to there's so much to talk today. but we can't overlook thomas friedman's article in
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the new york times so to rebias arab spring at last that's a nice gentleman this article is breathtaking for so many reasons your immediate take away after reading your cursor somebody who'll give for chance. before the second iraq war this is somebody who told the american public about the chemical biological and nuclear weapons programs. progressing with. unbeatable speed in iraq was the result of that hundreds of thousands of people dead from the american occupation and what happened after that with isis and everything else and today friedman is claiming that they're just reading like a puppy who says it was the crown prince of saudi arabia has been like that the point is friedman has been a propagandist for for for decades for his whole entire career and we see that and
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we see that with this article this is the new. so the king to be made to the pretender to the throne. is shown as he is a progressive well you know especially for money and friedman it shows himself to be a pretend journalist go ahead exactly you guys are reading this all wrong. this horrid love letter was one of the most heartfelt. examples of of true tolerance right. between they can exist the platonic love that can exist between two men. i think this goes beyond bromance i think what we need to say about this is that i mean thomas friedman is the new york times favorite program lobel ization pro empire columnist he is embarrassing the new york times at the very least the new york times could
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have gotten some advertising revenue and made saudi arabia pay for this think of and see this friedman even said mohammed bin saw him and instructed me not to write i mean this is a journalist this is a way this is good this is journalism at its very best in the west right on the head well i just love this story about prince mohammed bin so on throw in some of these princes into a deal did you that is rich culture and hold them and they started to cough up some money you know mr friedman forgets that also the lebanese prime minister to have an unplanned vacation in saudi arabia for eighteen days or one has to wonder how much he was squeezed for it well a lot of people do and there are that the lebanese prime minister has a lot of business interests with the saudis and the embarrassment is that the european press noticed it and basically the french president marker on even the french press admits it was not
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a big gain for but crawl actually they were both humiliated by mohamed bin someone you know the lebanese prime minister saad hariri and the french president and let me tell you that this is not further the first time that western press is enthusiastic about people through and people in jail and then getting money from them saakashvili did the same thing with shevardnadze especially with origin and they had nothing but praise for him now mohamed bin someone you know this and take corruption dr. about which friedman writes that a lot of soldiers who had nothing but if if use of support for their section well if you don't have a future support for it but you're in trouble here you're not going to be just of all knowledge. and you're going to get down he's walked the phrase the arab spring is a brand a failed idea the most leverage and it was as it was called the sunni winter and whether you knew it was it is a growth of islamism and attacks on christian orthodoxy across the you know the
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middle east and north africa but thomas friedman by referring to mohamed bin solomon's purges and murders to secure the crown for himself as the arab spring in saudi arabia puts the final nail in that tired he is in sydney where i hope our viewers know what i'm talking about victor going to have to go check we have to move gears we're going to talk about the kurds going to finish their apps bring with it let chaos it's disintegration in the middle east its wars in libya in syria in other parts of the each and nothing good and i think we're going to refer all of our readers to robert fisk slater's thing victor just said their us foreign policy in the middle east doesn't exist anymore well just a small conclusion. almost treatment souce arab spring you know. came on roller skates thomas friedman the supreme comes old aircraft be there off the mistreatments
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a new way in there of the world. with you know with persona's reputation with his failure in lebanon with his failure in his policy in the game and with his other failures inside saudi arabia no great p.r. from from friedman it is they're pretty sure ok ok gentlemen what's going on donald trump has told his new friend now the president of turkey that the u.s. will no longer be supporting the kurds in northern syria according to according to u.s. . ok i think everything i said was true and now we gets a little blurry this is according to earth. and his regime in turkey he says that. donald trump promised him in a phone call that he would stop supplying arms to the kurds which which the turks refer to in syria as kurdish terrorists quote unquote here's the problem here is the us has made similar promises to turkey before and they lied and they continued
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supplying arms. counts this with twitter tweets once again reiterating that what he refers to as the bringing peace to the mess he inherited there and that what a mistake in lives and six trillion dollars worth and the lesson is most important however. mattis. and the pentagon which are really running military and foreign policy may not be on the same page and according to the wall street journal military spokesman named again military officials have said that they do not they have not received any instructions on this matter and even if they were to stop supplying arms to the kurds they could continue supplying them to the syrian democratic forces which are also so they say her. tribe is a it's a foreign policy of one man look what happened was there was a summit. in sochi of course the americans felt.
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russia has slighted them with its own much more successful policy in the c.s. policy if you go to stabilizing the ija and not making it more chaotic what the americans were doing for the last six years and actually much longer than that for that kate's and so tom felt that he had to say something to. add to that kind of say sion to make him the more i am in the boat to american wishes and so we have promised him something concerning the kurdish but what we know about this wife of the american public been helping the curate's anyway in that region because the americans want a stake in syria be asleep the want to be in a position in northern syria to dictate some of the terms of civil war setting an
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end to justify their presence there you're assuming that you know what terry has according to earlier gone thirteen military bases illegally without syrian permission in northern syria without the human spirit and the unit we're looking at you look at all as usual good to me resolved i agree with victor that it was important that the iranian turkish and russian leader met in sochi and in fact they're now deciding the fate of syria and they're deciding what the old calm of the civil war is going to be i think the fate of syria will be of course decided by syrians that is that these so-called high when you go.


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