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what. are you. into european countries as the younger people become radicalized. wrist attacks during the upcoming holiday season. findings from a us thing time. but it is still inspiring europeans it seems a younger ones that to carry out attacks at home then he scored in january of last year a family alerted the police after they became suspicious about chemicals that they'd seen in the basement of the home during the us notes that express sympathy he posted i still propaganda on instagram an underground station in parsons green it
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turns out that full of the seven people arrested in connection with that attack was under the age of twenty five and the person who is ultimately being charged is just eighteen not all of those attacks were committed by youngsters but we do see a trend emerging one hundred seventeen people under the age of twenty five rested for terra offenses in the year up to the end of june two thousand and seventeen hauffe of those were in the seventeen to twenty age bracket and the other half were slightly older twenty to twenty five some of those arrests of course didn't lead to charges but home office statistics do show a rise in the number of young people being convicted of terror offenses. steve morris from the english democrats joins me on the line good evening to you stephen we just heard some details there it just seemed more or more youngsters are being radicalized but why do you think that is. places are completely undermining the
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education system for starters were children not being told off various items then you move into adolescence and children are allowed to do whatever they want there is no deterrent nothing to put them off and then by the time they reach sixteen seventeen eighteen they feel is all the untouchable and what we need to do we need to go back to basics and that is if you break the law you get punished and the policeman should fit the crime now with the queen but from. looking to do terrorist attacks you have to look at where they've learnt this from the education system the parents and everything has failed and what we have is a complete breakdown of a deterrent in this country to stop crime. the british government there's no answer to that just the british government and i'll take you back a few years where they use. tough on crime from the causes of crime remember that
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one from the magic labor government well there is no crime crime is allowed to go ahead on polished if they do catch him like the one you just mentioned get eight years you can guarantee the be out in three to four in the u.k. don't serve eight years it should be a minimum eight years that's it for bad behavior you get more you don't get let out with only two thirds of the sentence still to go and that is the problem is we need a strong deterrent and a strong government to do it and we don't have either stephen and at the same time we're still talking about teenagers some of these cases what about the rehabilitating them rather than sending them to jail which might be as good as writing them off for life is there not still a chance to rehabilitate give these people a chance of a life. we believe bill take them in jail let them serve the time in jail. and then you can educate them you can further education me bill it's them in jail but certainly don't use their wage as an excuse for people to get away with the
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crimes they're committed they age has nothing to do with it yes they are still class as a minor below the age of eighteen but children as young as three and four know the difference between right and wrong the issue is that the issue of punishment now for the doing the wrong is no longer there and if the color somebody for doing wrong they were in no time let them do the time don't the crime do the time and if they get. any any bad behavior to do longer they rehabilitate them in jail let them feel the punishment that's with the lysol all but wiped out in iraq and syria now do you think there's a risk the terrorists are going to switch their focus increasingly to europe and try and broaden the web of indoctrination. where we already know or think the last report was something like three thousand. supporters in the streets of the u.k. one of the things that we are aware of a if they can't win on
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a straight want to one fight against forces the next thing is it is to infiltrate the social fabric of our society and trying to bring that down in different ways we've seen that we various areas where they try to bring in shari'a law. and anything to do with islam you're not allowed to create criticize it well actually let's start to criticize it let's start to bring out in the open these three thousand people if the security forces believe they're wisc lock him up if they've got the evidence lock him up the simplest up because our safety and our security is paramount. still some two million people do some to million people in this country against three thousand. on the supporters list so i think three thousand people would lose because it only takes one to do it to track and wipe out places like the month. and that can happen again even apologise for what you come to the end you
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point out just pretty sure finishing that off for is my guest this hour stephen morris from english democrats. now with less than a month to go until christmas cities right across europe are getting into the festive swing but with the threat of terrorism high or thirty's of come up with a way to maintain security without spoiling the atmosphere to explain all of these political. festive trees aren't the only thing being installed in the run up to christmas on the streets of britain you're likely to see decorations christmas markets and an extra dose of concrete new security measures being put in place at festive markets across the country and steel barriers like these around london's winter wonderland are intended to protect pedestrians from ice still style truck attacks for anyone put off by all the steel and concrete this could be the answer or thirty's in the city of whole have come up with this novel way of dressing up
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their antiterrorist crash barriers london's metropolitan police have said that this year the public may see additional protective measures and security checks at festival vents around the capital and it's not just rings of steel and concrete permanent bollards like these have become common place they prevent cars and trucks from entering pedestrians though is you feel a bit more cypher seeing the police now when they were top of it ok so the extra security visibly makes you feel better. you know we just expect more security everywhere now is just it because that's just fortunately the way of the world. after the deadly terror attacks this year many in the u.k. are feeling vulnerable last week a security alert at london's oxford circus tube station triggered mass panic.
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nine people were injured when crowds ran to escape what they believed to be gunshots after a security lockdown the incident turned out to be a false alarm as well as an illustration of just how nervous many a feeling this festive season. r.t. london. measures have been taken to secure christmas markets concrete blocks have been installed in berlin munich budapest and a number of other cities. meanwhile the picture the spread online of an islamic state fight to brand a knife it comes with the caption soon on your holidays it's written in english french and german he spoke to political commentator graham or he believes that if a terrorist is determined to carry out an attack putting a barrier is won't help bridge the situation in europe with while still flooding. into this country you can't really put anyone who is determined whether it be
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a thirty three thousand annoy someone stayed in a mother circle whatever it is if someone is determined to carry out criminal acts and we must remember all. terrorism is mccraw and the ultimate crime is murder it goes you're going to christian faith and terrorism is a crime that's the mind thing you know each remember what were the size of a budget of constitutional issue style thinking on the sidelines and yeah there are barriers there all of these things but determined to cure you. it doesn't modo but what you know now is sit back and enjoy christmas what i want is you to be in for our christmas tradition. you don't think it could have more forces in syria and iraq than it's admitted to
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now this is according to findings by the think tank the us defense manpower data center auntie's course would kill him open has been following the story with a new report indicates that the united states has roughly two thousand troops in syria at this time while officially the pentagon is only acknowledge the presence of about five hundred others a similar discrepancy when it comes to iraq the numbers provided by this reporter about three thousand higher than the numbers provided by the pentagon now in response the pentagon has said that the numbers they provided. only based on estimates this is the pentagon's response to the discrepancy between the think tank report and their own numbers the d.m. d.c. numbers not the official deployment count the numbers that we provide to the approximately five hundred in syria and approximately five thousand in iraq has the official deployment count at this point the united states is in syria has a military presence there are courting to the report its more than two thousand
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troops but they have done this without the permission of the internationally recognized syrian government at no point has the syrian arab republic given permission for the usa to enter its territory however the usa maintains a military presence there at this point we've heard james mattis secretary of defense say that even after i still is defeated the united states does not intend to immediately withdraw those forces that are in syria without the permission of the internationally recognized syrian government furthermore donald trump has raised the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan at this point there are roughly fourteen thousand u.s. troops occupying afghanistan so questions are being raised it's important to point out that at this point polls continue to show that public opinion in the united states is opposed to further meddling and intervention around the world but yet the number of u.s. troops located in the middle east and in other countries continues to rise. because troops fighting in syria have said that they had no problem joining they'd have no
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problem joining government forces if they're allowed to form a federal state in the north of the country the statement comes after turkey claimed that donald trump's promise to stop bombing kurdish forces but there's apparently no clear position on the matter in the white house once we started winning that campaign against isis plan and part of the process is to always wind down support for certain groups and now that we're continuing to crush the physical caliphate that we're in a position to stop providing military equipment to certain groups goodish forces have been successfully financing against islamic state in northern syria you can see who controls what areas on arm up the u.s. long been providing the kurds with military equipment and that's something that is irritated washington's key nato ally turkey with more here's my guess the give. as the problem says you can't ride two horses with one back side makes sense right unfortunately it doesn't stop people from trying we support turkey in the
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first fight against terror and terror groups like isis and the p.k. k. the president authorized the department of fence to equip kurdish elements of the syrian democratic forces we should be using we should be doing the kurdish whatever the reason is it is not something that is acceptable for our friends and nato ally turkey is an ally obviously a strong partner certainly with respect and a friend here's how it is to us allies the turks and the syrian kurds as sworn enemies washington has on the kurds to the teeth saying they need these weapons to fight the jihad ists and turkey sort of understood. when do you need to cooperate with one terrorist organization to fight another terrorist organization it's not the way a serious state should behave and it does not suit the united states so what next does the u.s.
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abandon one of its most trustworthy partners try to take back those guns the kurds are stupid they can play that game too there is no problem for our forces to join the syrian army if a new syrian constitution is drafted on a federal basis and the rights of all syrian parties are reserved this is a two pronged approach it's a warning to the u.s. we can dump you before you dump us and the message to ash sad give us what we want autonomy and we won't need the americans now you need and as a kurd i can say that our people want to build a syria in syria but no force or ethnic group dominating any other group i believe it is in the interests of the kurds as the second largest ethnic group to build the function. federal service with the interests of the kurdish people would be in trying to choose from allowing kurds to participate in parliament and join the army
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and all the state institutions. a new constitution for syria is on the horizon russia iran and turkey backing the initiative but what the kurds get out of it is still up for debate america the us has never viewed the syrian democratic forces as partners unfortunately the us has only been using them to fight i saw him destroy iraq or i believe the alliance between the us and forces on the ground including the s.d.f. in syria and kurdish groups in iraq has never been a true partnership the us provided assistance and weapons for self-defense purposes and for combating eisel but these agreements have never been linked to military action. which leaves us with the us and its two horses the trade the turks a valuable nato ally or betray the kurds their ace in syria alternatively wait for them to betray the states. but the turkish foreign ministry said that donald trump
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and promised to cut military aid to the kurds we asked the u.s. led coalition about the issue and this is the response that we've received the coalition says it's committed to providing the syrian democratic forces with the support they need in order to defeat islamic state and it's nicholas davies believes that washington's words though shouldn't be taken at face value. i think we have to wait wait and see exactly what this means but at the same time we should be very conscious that most of the arming of rebel groups and syria by the u.s. and its allies what was done covertly so whatever they are saying publicly is not necessarily the whole story there's a lot of holes in that story that a big enough to drive. you know ships planes and trucks loaded with weapons through that's joining us this evening i'll be back with more news for you after this short break.
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seemed wrong. when old rules just don't hold. me. to shape out these days comes out of. engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. he's doing an excellent job it's like basically it's like this big euthanasia clinic tromp is the euthanasia doctor america is being euthanized and he's doing in a way where it's the least amount of pain but that's not that's not cruel i mean he's doing as a good euthanasia just he's doing things in the cruel freeway. welcome
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back the e.u. has voted to extend the license of a controversial weed killer produced by cultural giant monsanto despite the product being linked to cancer and other health problems eighteen countries including germany and poland voted in favor of license renewal france and italy were among the nine against with only portugal abstaining the decision was met with protest outside the european commission in brussels. cancer doesn't mean any. more of you. the.
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third. today we're standing here hoping to get a message through to the commission to young just specifically that democracy is standing behind a ban on going to see it because i don't choose to stand behind monsanto and but is it more that can stand on the side of citizens opinion polling has been clear those that sign that you have been clear we want a ban on going to see that is where democracy buys they have a choice chemical in question guy pesetas be marketed as the world's most widely used herbicide is our monsanto itself describes it in its promotional videos but what about their main active ingredient. is it harmful how does it work in addition to the u.s. e.p.a. regulatory agencies in more than one hundred sixty countries have approved places a base product places it is applied to once absorbed it travels to the roots where
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blocks a specific enzyme found in plants not animals or humans. glyphosate cs maybe on food crops but also on public lawns and in forestry the world health organizations council watchdogs raise concerns over the impact of this chemical on nature and humans labeling it as probably carcinogenic potential dangerous fuel debate ahead of the vote very concerned that this process is scientifically flawed there was sufficient evidence of cancer in animals and there were strong evidence for mechanisms that we know to be associated with carcinogens garble here like dry cleaning products burnt toast cold all issues which would be carcinogenic working night shifts cutting human hair sitting in front of a log far and eating processed meat if you're going to bend like a slate on the strength of it's carcinogenic risk don't you agree we have to ban these things as well for figure eight smoking for example i'm telling you it's
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a hazard i'm not going to tell you how many cigarettes you must smoke in order to get cancer and i can confidently tell you that the story of the company's top selling chemical gleiser state is not one of truth but one of deceit carefully calculated and choreographed deceit we've asked an m.e.p. for greece one of the countries that voted against the weed killers approval why the e.u. was in favor. follow the money and especially if one of the gentleman on the local saddle is good to be called by the biker the big pharmaceutical and. president on the roof or cd what was the make broad themselves will say look at the state of the days are still ahead for the people there are many more houses they'd be given you will soon discover is very there's chemistry from the edge the commons look these are big if you are of the nature be dishonorably digitally careful
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people of the farmers as one of the goals you most of the or the brother gets that will be made with the usurer really will look for state is not a big deal for the government. to news of the royal engagement in the u.k. attention shifted from wedding bells to wedding costs and an air of a stereotype but it's taxpayers will still be expected to foot some of the bill.
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how much will prince harry royal wedding cost british taxpayers use that money to feed the homeless and stat last royal wedding because the taxpayers twenty to thirty million pounds for security alone forgive my lack of enthusiasm for the royal wedding. it would be a brilliant compassionate and humane act of deviant sex a good move for infants and the elderly yes nothing helps the morale of people forced to live under an ideologically driven all steroids eat when the nation's wealthiest family has a wedding paid for by the plate. that see about it today join me for the latest
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news headlines at the top of the hour. with a little. i i don't know i. i. i . i. hate everybody i'm stephen baldwin test hollywood guy the suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru just
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a little bit different i'm not. going to win those up with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american to. cut. costs.
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and be. if you need this is broadcast around the world from washington d.c. coming up we'll hear from one company's trying to disrupt the multibillion dollar market in an hour he correspondent peter all over tells us how paris went over the banking authority post the first let's get to the stories topping today's headlines . it's no secret that china has a problem when it comes to debt while the government has promised to issue reforms and rein it in an analysis from reuters suggests that has yet to happen by the end of september the debt at over two thousand chinese companies jumped twenty three percent from a year ago and that only covers about three fifths of the country's firms the report follows a now famous comment from china's central bank chief at october is national congress where he warned of a minsky moment it was a direct reference to a collapse in asset prices after a long periods of growth fueled by debt in december policymakers will gather again
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for the central economic work conference at the annual meeting they're expected to balance the debt efforts with growth expectations. and bitcoin just keeps hitting record highs hours after passing the ninety four hundred mark on monday the cryptocurrency climbed to nine thousand seven hundred twenty nine dollars and seventy two cents according to data on coin base which is the biggest bitcoin exchange in the u.s. one hundred thousand accounts were added between wednesday and friday of last week that brings the total to thirteen point one million accounts double the amount from a year ago the surge is widely considered to have been retail driven although it also follows big news from c.m.e. group by the second week of december c.m.e. will list futures which is seen by many as a step toward making the digital currency as a legitimate asset class so for its risen over eight hundred percent from the beginning of two thousand and seventeen.
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speaking of crypto currency one candidate based company is hoping to create its own coin to disrupt the global remittance market but right now the firm has to eye on cuba and the greater caribbean region to hear more about this we're joined now by steve marshall c.e.o. of cuba ventures corp steve your company just announced the creation of the block chain based mobile app were valued paid to target cuba's three point four billion dollar remittance market including its own crypto currency so how is that supposed to work when only a small portion of the population in cuba has decent access to the internet. well that's one of the followed with regard to cuba right now what you have is a situation would the the national telephone company.


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