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tv   Keiser Report  RT  November 29, 2017 10:00pm-10:11pm EST

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i can get more on your stories head over to the cause a report is next here on all the international if you're watching in the u.k. or on and stay with us for the financial news in the bus they'll be with you again at seven am moscow time. my skies are this is the kaiser report on preferring my initial going offering the i.c.a.o. for a new crypto sensation lurches fisher matic you know so many bankers are jumping off buildings and jumping off beers both of the. dead big get a good look at this debate right here and you can go fish or dead bankers ice you know if it will broadly rose one hundred fifty or two hundred fifty million dollars
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for the study i'm giving you pretty nice you know coins eighty nine percent discount when you think why eighty nine percent oh i have to share some of brock and this is the deal he negotiated with well i have a headline here and it doesn't have anything to do with your i.c.a.o. but it has to do with that dead banking system based on debt debt debt too much debt and this is the only thing that have the only way to wealth is through debt and i'll tell you why because it's time to call the housing crisis what it really is the largest transfer of wealth in living memory this is from open democracy and they're looking at the data that the o. and the mass the office for national statistics in the united kingdom released recently and what they found is the office of national statistics released new data tracking how wealth is evolved over time on paper the u.k. has indeed become much wealthier in recent decades net wealth has more than tripled
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since one thousand nine hundred five increasing by over seven trillion pounds this is the equivalent to an average increase of nearly one hundred thousand pounds per person impressive stuff but where has all the wealth come from and who hasn't benefited just over five trillion of that seven trillion pounds and increased well since one thousand nine hundred five or three quarters. the total increase is accounted for by an increase in the value of a dwelling another name for a u.k. housing stock yes it's a wealth transfer mechanism enabled by the bank of england and other central banks around the world how does that work well households in order to wealth quotient at all would be engaged in something called savings what the result of having a wage that was war then there are costs but because of the scandalous crash in the banking system and the response from central banks to bail out the
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creditors by bringing interest rates to zero we had this magical wealth transference for anyone who had savings got wiped out anyone with a job got wiped out anyone with a house or an asset or a stock or bond was given hundreds of billions a trillion pounds in free money as long as they kept the current status quo in place and voted for stupid things like that and that's what happened so the other interesting thing about this oh as data is that for the first time they actually stripped out all you. value and this is the remarkable thing that they have done because increased by seven trillion pounds so four trillion of it is just land value the driving force behind rising prices and the u.k.'s growth collating land prices and those are concentrated in two or three areas pretty much one area and that would be if you lead guitar the princes five buildings in london for multi hundred billion trillion that land goes up commensurately but with influence your elections as foreign countries influence through elections in britain to lead
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foreign influence change your economy as britain allows foreign money to change their economy is britain basically vassal state of qatar yeah do you want the change well if you're not part of the princeling class or an aristocrat of course you do you have agency in britain no you don't because your to your so you know here back to this article here about the data about. national wealth and the united kingdom of course that adam smith who was originally from scotland you know he always he advocated for a land value tax instead what the united kingdom has is the consumption taxes but also wealth to income taxes and that is considering that jobs are more more precarious there are fewer and fewer people actually work so many people have this rising asset price so they don't need to work in fact they break down that data here into the resolution foundation earned windfall of eighty thousand pounds between one thousand nine hundred three and two thousand and fourteen alone and the
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early two thousand. that seventeen percent of working age adults earned more from their house than from their job so remarkable misallocation of resources and well right here in london and you time your mortgage to your bank account then you have the magical money tree because the value the house or the apartment or the flat in london goes up by eight hundred pounds a day and the cost of servicing the bank is five or you know seven hundred ninety pounds a day by sitting there and doing absolutely nothing and that money is given to the fifty million dollars but i reckon now we can raise three hundred million we just have some flags from london and now it's worth three hundred million pounds as headline points out is just not new wealth you're not addie you're creating new wealth of ok with a loaded trick you see the wire this is wealth creation this is wealth creation we've closed it we go to gold and so actually no collateral and nafta you know the
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fifth round of those nafta talks as renegotiation of these is that it would rise it up to american worker levels and that would be a leveling of the playing field in fact we're going to cut a head to this chart from also from wall street and what it shows is that the average hourly labor costs for auto workers around the world germany being the number one twenty six dollars to twenty five cents. u.s. number two at twenty three eighty three canada spain japan south korea brazil china mexico so mexico mexican workers make on average auto workers three dollars and twenty nine cents an hour versus china which is five dollars in one thousand sounds so that never happened but if nafta if they lose nafta this sort of bet low wage low income sort of working manufacturing as the only nafta outlet for mexico they could lose big time uncertainty hits american
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farmers and mexican consumers so the biggest problem for mexico's economy is the sheer scale of its dependence on trade with the u.s. eighty one percent of its exports go to the u.s. and about half of its imports come from there so mexico is deeply integrated into the u.s. supply chain but more importantly is the basic food staples things like corn which is a maze it's a you it's a mexican product and it's now they import so much of it the last twenty two years since nafta was launched mexico has become unhealthily dependent on heavily subsidized food imports from the u.s. the u.n. food and agricultural organization f.a.o. estimates that the threshold at which a country becomes what it calls food vulnerable is when as much as twenty five percent of his food supply comes from abroad in two thousand and sixteen mexico imported forty six percent of all its food and imported about thirty seven percent of his food from the u.s. or some seventeen billion dollars. autocracy versus entropy
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autocracy would be the medieval kings ruling over us before the enlightenment and the idea of market economy and democracy entropy is obviously the nature of the universe spinning out of control seeking chaos. and try having a fine line between these two is a civil society mexico enough the deal is entropy you're allowing things to spend out of control to be the lowest common denominator and now you've got mexicans having to buy subsidized corn from america and that same subsidized corn from america by the way is making america obese a nation of fat yucky right ok that's true i mean you know basically i kind of just i decided i support gay so let's ok. our say is in germany germany is saying you know what we believe we can manage our society in such a way remember i think there's proof of war world war one eighty percent of all
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technical texts in the world were written in german they have a percentage sense out of all this because they recognize that good design is worth watching like you know when i believe it or not or capitalism dirt oh well by the way to hear this here's another way to add another hundred fifty million right now so it started a hundred and fifty million now it's three hundred million now here's a way to increase it to four hundred fifty million dollars value because of course we're saying that their food vulnerable in mexico of course the notion is you give a man a fish and he eats that day but you give him and you teach that man how to fish. some details and buys a third of the core like our first headline as a redistribution of wealth it wasn't any generating new wealth or new. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here even you know. my body gets and support is that it cannot produce itself around the world giving blood is
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seen as a symbol of generosity and does this because it helps people it's just one of the side effects is that i did this surprise move very to put money on your core. you don't have all plasma based drugs today come from private companies and are produced. from pain class my smallest compromise you know a motor car and good. in it and then is proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher in pe donations in it. if i was lying when i. moved over two years old he will go in the money using the drill and who runs the blood business. hey everybody i'm stephen baldwin gosh i'm a task hollywood guy you know suspect every proud american first of all i'm just
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george washington and r.v. i'm going to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well just a little bit different i'm not a abraham lincoln or not no no no cutting the road have some fun meet everyday americans norm coleman and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people.
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