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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  November 30, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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a long while control of the party if you look at the registry of global concerns climate change is definitely at the top of the list there is no shortage of conferences reports of documentaries at all point here at rapid and dramatic shift in global weather patterns but as politicians and scientists still run go over the expanse of human empathy then christian number of other nations are left largely in lone and the pathways of more frequent and more ferocious hurricanes as the debate over the causes become a deflection from the consequences of to discuss that i'm now joined by roosevelt's carrot prime minister of dominic and they sion in the eastern caribbean that was all but decimated last september by hurricane maria prime minister is going to talk to you thank you very much for your time and your hospitality thank you very much the person's work nature usually doesn't care about fairness but i think the on the
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on the human level the fate of your countries deeply unsettling because dominic actually tried to be admiring mentally contras more than sixty percent of your territory used to be covered by a protected rain forest you invested in the renewables you focused on eco terrorism and yet despite all your efforts to be good you were hit the hardest how do you process that well it's so difficult experience the reality of global warming is real reality of climate change is real and what we've been seeing it's not a community is a would contribute significant. proportions to the little grass grasses cover grasses. but weirdly was affected we're on the frontline of climate change at least six of climate change and you've been saying as the international community but i wonder what is the international community responding to. i think people accepted people accept that the caribbean dominic intuited is on
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the front when the global will quilt. will warm in the effects of climate change. but if indeed there we have it with discussions and conversations about climate change and not taken sufficient practical action. to minimize the impact of such disasters unconsciously dominate thinking about practical action from what i heard herrick in my area claimed more than two hundred percent of your own g.d.p. almost overnight when you lose so much so quickly where do you even start trying to . it's a monumental task everybody's lives life has been impacted economy has been dramatically impacted to twenty six percent of g.d.p. as a quite rightly indicated it has reversed all of the gains we've made a generation. so the task really is to seek to rebuild the lives of the people but
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to go but unity to to create the world's first climate resilient nation and ensuring that what we can do for sales by ourselves to mitigate against such unfair or. collisions and. does so we're going to be pushing i know that you've got a bastions agree in psychology and i assumed that kind of experience with come in handy especially given how traumatized and anxious i suppose your people are. from what i've seen them in a concert they're resilient but i know that sustaining resilience over a long period of time especially when one hundred percent of your people are affected is very difficult have you given any thought on a personal level what kind of leadership there they would be expecting from you well little time as a lot as a country as a citizenry so we have to work very quickly in a number of areas and provide shelter for for citizens and sure enough the most vulnerable are provided with
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a liquid means of food and all of basic supplies ensure that they can tickle the families so what we're seeking to do is to ensure that people's lives get back to normal as quickly as possible but that will also be hampered by access to resources the country hasn't been in in any significant revenue says the hurricane but all costs of responding to the relief and recovery is great every single day it's important here and i think that's the advice many psychologists would care for in the situation of trauma you just have to keep busy and. you know tending to your daily life and they elective it is bread. it's also very hard for me to believe that. at least for a second you are not paralyzed by fear of that ferocious force return to have you look that fear in the eye is the reality that you have to live with. but we have no control over the patterns what we seek and to say to the developed countries as
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well as minimizing your emissions gas emissions so that we can get the oceans to be a bit cooler as warm as it is known and get on well but that is a very monumental tell task i mean that that would take decades if not more to change that we have to start somewhere and i think i think it is not only for us as leaders going to pars and negotiate an agreement and sign it off and post into ourselves and to the world that we have reached an agreement in paris but we can see the operationalization of disagreement and what you see into the international community as well and developments to it the time a little is not at all what i mean the entire care bill could have been wiped away by these two category five hurricanes and it is unprecedented you know history so i believe that if there is a serious commitment to the science behind climate change which the majority will lose except the united states president was agree the climate change is real it
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must be seen in the practical sense and what you see into the as a committee that you have an obligation you have a responsibility because we did not start the war it was been visited upon us let me ask you a few questions on dominic because you've already said that you want to build on many can rebuild america into the world first climate change resilient community what exactly do you mean by that and what would that take ensuring that we continue to put together violet and you indicated in open points that's why we have been friends of the environment long before plan which became fashionable to. more than sixty percent of countries protect america forest by law or marine we have several men. reserves in the country are three of them. would be from what an eco terrorism so all our development has been a wrong environment what is it going to do is to build more resilient infrastructure. to ensure that or construction the war homes or businesses or
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properties can withstand a category five hurricane i think you i'm sorry frontiers actually you cannot do that without the help of the international can only result is because just for housing alone we're going to need about two hundred fifty million u.s. dollars to build in excess of five thousand homes for citizens so to this very i think interesting idea of turning your extreme vulnerability into your asset you know building the first rail of life map for studying the effects of global warming have you heard any practical response there has been some there's been some we just came from. a donors conference in nations in new york. for the caribbean two billion dollars pledged i want to ensure that those pledges can materialize in a quick time because there's one issue of making fun of committing funds to us. there's a second and more fundamental point of access in those funds because the put it is
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a very protracted process that takes years the next hurricane season is about six seven months away a little time without oversight it is most our time has passed away passed by in respect to period it was those lower ourselves to be more resilient to put in mitigation systems in place so what you're saying with a life and property is that the international community supports here in principle in of words in assurances but not exactly in the not material not terms not to the extent this is empathy the sympathy this concern this is a reality that we face in. but we would like to see a greater efforts under park. the international community especially those of us who expose or support for climate change and for the effects of climate change and for the need for us to take action as global leaders to protect islands ago as we
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have lowered the road to a lake the bigger countries if many states and many provinces. and the extent of the of the economies now domenica has had some experience in diversifying our reinventing its economy and our experts about danny a diversified into turns but both of these in content orating industries are highly weather and climate sensitive other any sectors that would allow you to develop your economy on your own and to cray's that reliance on on the natural habitat what you found out was in regards to even have it about the economics it's a program i've heard about elizabeth investment program this has been the only source of revenue for the country and i can say without any fear of contradiction not been for that program we would have been able to provide for our citizens currently this is what we were using to clear the rules and streets this is what
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we've been using to buy food and supplies for citizens this is what will be used to peel addicts we have been using these funds to pay our salaries we have peter sellers to a public servants on time from september to know so it's very well senator for your economy from what i know it generally is around thirty thirty five percent of your economy but you also know that there is an increasing pressure from the united states from the european union from the o.e.c.d. both on the. banking privacy laws on the whole industry of offshore financing we also stain a bill is the reliance on that particular into which part of the national security apparatus we will do everything we have to do to protect security to the world we are law abiding citizens so one of the concerns to me is a model citizen not because well because it's only people who vote or programs is misinformation that's not really about the concerns i think the industry as
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a whole is in pretty hot water is and there are calls to simply get rid of it the source programs in europe also is not only caribbean this is purely in europe. they have the same source markets so it's all of us to sit to settle a dialogue on this issue but i believe that we have a very transparent program that is open to scrutiny but the sustainability of it is you know there will always be demand obviously there be fluctuations in the demand but the rule is a very unstable and there are many. many many citizens in different parts of the world who are below press owners of the other we're looking to provide a civil opportunity for the families and for themselves and i think the south and they're also affording you're the opportunity to sustain your economist rationally because you know you're so hard pressed when it comes to our culture or tourism but i guess what my question is rather you believe that
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a country like euro should be given perhaps a preferential treatment in that regard because from what i understand them correct me if i'm wrong. is extremely difficult for you to depend on the your environment for the reasons that are beyond your control and it is a extremely difficult or increasingly difficult for you to rely on that internet internationalized sector because of the pressure from certain economists or it is almost like you're called that when you know this is the reality was. small states because of what challenges. are unique to dominate the street to any current country or any small only one up and state with the same sentiments of course we all like to have. a feel for it unity. to provide for citizens and sometimes we feel that we have been challenge though we've been pushed back oh we're not being given the fear here in by those who have the authority to make decisions for the rest of us and it was we don't we're not asking for hundred of
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all we're asking for is a fair opportunity to provide for people to reduce poverty to create employment and to diversify the economy and smaller very things that we're doing for cells or those are doing it but the very same people have an issue if we do it. as they say my is right you know there's a reality of the world and we just have to live with it and so by would in the circumstances but all people are resilient you know we do with what we have what we have done in the caribbean to sustain these islands is nothing short of a miracle our prime minister we have to take a very short break now but back in just a few moments stay tuned. to me. this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits
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to the public erik's allowed in because he's losing his personal doctor. and the people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move saving yachts and flying aircraft. you can see. one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happening. now are you so. going. nothing's going to get the population is going to people.
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welcome back to worlds apart that it was a health care at prime minister of the minicamp going back to the issue you're all for hurricane irene the thing that was any particular unusual about it is how the god so powerful so quickly it went from category to category five storm in less than twenty four hours and many scientists that attribute supercharging in fact to the increase of just one degree celsius that was recorded in your region over the past century this region if the current forecast correct is
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expected to add another two or three degrees centigrade by the end of this century do we have an understanding at this point of how bad it can actually be i think. but we can all do so we'll be able to judge a community because of course with the structure but you need to all we stand such disasters i mean days engineering for. the ford is the issue of the resources to have two strings put in place but we just built a bridge for example some. river defense will warn all resources and what was said to city called trio a citizen of the time was we want to let you sure you because of technology that can be employed that can withstand so it's disasters coming out of trouble cost america and the bridge and the region was survived just returned from a big climate change conference in germany was decided to postpone the display discussion on the biting details of the paris clime deal as well as the very pressing of climate financing until next year and i think it's clear that the
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global north and the global south have a sour different understanding of urgency bell how does it make you fear is a bit is a bit depressing and i've said so to our friends it's and as a community that if we do not operationalize the paris agreement we run the risk of. being zero attendance at future cup meetings it is very simple to offer chalets the person all we know of the political challenges is countries have we know that the developing world need to do been called to create employment and to generate energy for the citizens so we're not unmindful of the need for them to do what they have to do always say it is. help us with a good against your actions and press for president clinton put it rightly always append. a simple signature to transfer the files there will be robust
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access. so that we can know speak a boat. helping countries build resilience in countries bill capacities helping countries be to get it is again some disasters you mentioned the issue of attendance and i don't think the issue that is an issue at all because in fact the conference in germany was the largest multinational event that country ever held twenty five thousand delegates attending and imagine the amount of resources you need to you know fry them in shadow them around feed them all that to allow them to feel your urgent and others arjun pleas for help and then decide just to put it away do you think it's still worthwhile to hold conferences like that like that one not only our nation but there are actually more than a dozen nations nowadays and not only in the caribbean but also in the pacific who are suffering do you think that money perhaps would have been better is found instead of holding that conference in germany just giving it to those who are most affected if you are irrational you think and you would say well there's
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a band of this let us not attend this mittens and the more it makes no sense it's cause my church x. amount of money to go to germany makes no sense to go to poland so far but the reality is we can be rational with this very important matter this is a boat life or death for citizens is the most survival for countries we must not give up on hope we mustn't give up on the fight the because if you google the fight there's not a little hope was all we have to keep the developed will keep the fire to the hands go to the has the fire ensured that the actions that they committed to take an oath will be perry's agreement so we'll give up. if you ask me though will be attending the conference in paul in the next it goes live yes they will because it is too important for the survival of the citizens the and for the koreans were going to
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paris in december would present a part of france as called been. decided i was on it to see ho hoping to see hope. we can start operationalize incident us or so while it was. here we can do so but it is important for us to be in good god can they be below the brutal answer for jumping in often as i did i wonder if you ever had an impression that industrialized nations and by that i also mean russia because it's a big and a strong nation while sharing your concerns in principle kind of decided to allow the nature or in this case climate change run its course and if that means that a couple of small island nations have to follow in the footsteps of their branches so be it have you ever had that impression. yes sometimes i do there is not the generalising to address the issues but as i said to you since your listeners you know we can't give up on this it is too it is too crucial for us
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to do about it. but my hope and prayer is that we will leaders those who have the authority to make a real difference because be the champions for small states they can be a champion as they have indicated. and we believe that to be the case that the general about it that the motive cells can lead the way in taken some practical action in helping constables you compared climate change to war and i think that's actually a very interesting comparison as a former full worker spawn and because i think there is like in major wars there is a disconnect between your action and the consequences that. followed you did action but the consequences the suffering percent by somebody else. do you have any idea what could raise that potential gap do you think the countries that have the resources will ever commend them to your pride unless they feel the pinch
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themselves. and i think they're feeling the pinch but not very good and not to the extent of it and i've said to or friends in europe and north america. that. ninety nine point nine percent of the drugs which pass through our islands from south america services for america go to europe and north america when four countries are unable to move to provide for themselves was going to happen if all of his drugs are going past and who is going to go through who will have the means of providing the kind of security that we can provide in the kind of interception that we've been provided to help protect the children and the youth of love america of america and europe so you are saying is that you need to start acting irresponsibly for them to actually starving and also i believe sometimes i have said so to them that when you a good student you get punished for being a good student at the countries which receive all of the attention of the billions
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of countries that have created problems in ourselves you know a war not respecting the rule of law international of law who are not respecting the rights of the citizens they get all of the billions but we in the caribbean who are who respect the environment who protect the environment who respect the rule of law have been punished for it how much is it how much was a cost of a draw and one draw on. this is it so because the world will. probably and. i will say a local she doesn't have a right to responsibility to protect its citizens and what have we determined but what we see is actions that you take. in your countries are impacting on all countries in the caribbean in negative way can i ask you one more question specifically about climate finance because it is a very pressing subject it's also about choosing your priorities. i've seen some
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estimates that about one fifth of the funds and development aid currently goes into the adoption to climate change there as goes into decreasing gas greenhouse gas emissions but as you pointed out even germany of a country that in a prize itself on being at the forefront of fighting climate change is pretty lax when it comes to keeping their obligations do you think that is a fair distribution and do you think perhaps that so much focus on on the greenhouse gas emissions maybe deflecting attention from the consequences from what actually can be done at this point regardless of whether we think climate change is man made or not we had a difficulty with the developed world uses more resources. to more renewables in the country to reduce on the use of coal and first of fuel to generate energy well it's going to this issue other petition is something that mr
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visited because he is some instances you can adopt. you know for example always was so moved schools and health clinics so level fifty plus years old so you can make them smile and we can adopt them they have to be demolished and rebuilt. take into consideration the present the realities of the climatic and collisions and achieved is so what we see is whatever you want to spend on a country's five of us what you see is this that you have committed to us while make it available you know and to. allow us to access to it now because. time has passed on us in terms of the opportunity which you have this war window which you have. to put in systems to mitigate against a disaster and to build good to resilience no country and the verifiable question if i may according to world bank forecasts the number of severe hurricanes is
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expected to increase by forty percent and level temperatures rise by two degrees. if they rise by forty degrees and i apologize. for the question in advance but i think it's part of a good governance to plan for every eventuality if worse comes to worse the thing any thought should be given to relocating actions like hers no was a reality we would look at we believe that we can survive the realities of the of the dramatic conditions. but you can build resilience you is a technology they really were energy assistance you were the one who should pursue in solar which opposed to syrian we have had hydrofoil us for the five years provided energy for us so this is the technology this is the meaning of well this is there is a political will from us this fall and states with this one is this to pursue that particular agenda to pursue the particular vision i would very clearly articulated
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its vision to becoming the world's first climate is a limitation and what we send to our friends in the caribbean is let the caribbean become the first region climate resilient region in the world where we have a challenge is not having the resources that were selves if we had the resources or cells we wouldn't be having this interview if you are talking to will leaders we would be building infrastructure building homes and and ensuring that our culture is more resilient tourism plans are more resilient and i went and is more resilient so so we know talkable we look them moving to move into we're we're we're so very independent states we can go to you know and there is the luxury which the developed world has and i think to it is it would be an insensitive question for anybody to ask us about relocating and i'm not talking about you supposedly to realistically i think that would be a perhaps
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a good way to stimulate action because there is a rise in a family around the world people are versed in immigration why creation perhaps that could be an incentive for people to open up their pockets and finally i mean accommodate here for a while you have a situation and you know it's a twin island nation is it is one country. the government has had to relocate the entire population want to go below sixty hundred people. it is not that the going to get those and have the vision or the plan to build bridges resilience in this country going to go but it is over the fact that it does not the results so political will is that we have a plan we have a vision. we are seized with what we need to do what we do how is this is this so important so very important element of the money and. it is sitting in the developed world. well it is a is
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a simple bank transfer. a prime minister best of luck out in facilitating that transfer and perhaps others unfortunately we have to leave it there and we really appreciate your time and our viewers please share your comments and read our facebook and you tube pages and i hope to see you again same place same time here once a part. of. our. judges financial survival guide. i think you just. did now i'll read you something. that's undercutting that what's good for food markets it's
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not good for the global economy. french president emanuel necron proposes military intervention in libya to combat human trafficking that's despite france's last for a into the country to help out the gadhafi regime leaving much of the state in tatters. the special relationship between the u.k. and us turns frosty over trump's choice for each tweeting. and reporters without borders tries to cancel a press event critical of the controversial syrian rescue group the white helmet something claims by the organizers as an attack on free speech very disappointed to see the. screen for the kind of censorship.


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