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tv   News  RT  December 1, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EST

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the headline international the french president calls for military action against human traffickers in libya despite all the chaos caused by the last military intervention in that country. in moscow hours away now from the drool for the cup finals that is when the. stage next summer it is the day of the final. world cup. to be joined by his football legend co-host draw special coverage you can find out who that is in just a few. conducted in the united states. of the country's young people's. political party here on the program.
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a very well welcome to you from all of us here at the international in moscow you come your latest friday headlines. the french president has tabled a new plan for preventing human trafficking in libya and even involves military action it's already been widely criticized especially in light of the french led western military intervention in libya that left the country in ruins. reports on this. slavery and human trafficking of violent offenses sadly common now in libya but no need to fear president macron is here he has the solution for libya's problem send in the troops it's in cities we
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are proposing police military action we are not waging war but this is a country in a political transition political transition he calls it does sound better than as savage civil war more politically correct nevertheless a number of african and e.u. states are ready to help fight this war or rather not really a war says micron but a military operation still round two for france in libya. today were intervening in libya we are intervening in order to enable the libyan people to choose their own destiny it must not be deprived of its rights by violence and terror the fact that slavery is so rampant in libya is because the country's army and political order were obliterated under nato bombardment six years ago since then libya has been stuck in
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a brutal and bloody political transition as president calls it or absolute chaos and anarchy as anyone out sward call it as long as it is a failed state the problem will come back as a failed state because the regime of got off the top was not a mass regime that was destroyed by it by the french and the british together in two thousand and eleven so of course michael can do something now but it will be it will reoccur. africa is the region where the problem of modern slavery is asia and the pacific region in coming in about second and then you have central asia and europe coming in third well speaking of europe of france for example that has become a key human trafficking hub that this least according to a new report from the u.s. state department it lists the country as a destination and transit point for men women and children subjected to forced
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labor and sex trafficking we spoke to the vice president of the libyan presidential council and asked him about macro lens new military idea that we. currently have but no. we cannot say anything. to be done with our efforts in libya and libyans would be the one to this action with the help of support to somebody. well that i way to help them make it and to create them chrisman phones that country for you know libya is not the country for you know for them because libya is a country or we as a libyan have already invest in africa and we want to see anybody talk of they were going to face that their country of origin and to head up this immunity to stay with their loved ones would get from. its all to international and it is the day of
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the final drool for football's twenty eighteen feet world cup i will be bringing you special coverage from our studio in the very heart of the russian capital is our t's neil harvey stan collymore and their very special co-host. hello and welcome to our studio right in the heart of moscow where we are just hours away now from the draw for the faithful will cup finals that is when the thirty two remaining teams will learn who they'll face in the group stage of next summer's told it's a big draw it's a big deal and we decided it's more than a warmonger job so r.t. has brought in somebody to help me out can you guess who it is if i tell you that this is a player who played one hundred twenty nine times internationally and he scored one goal well you cite yet i can't repeat on that what if i then told you he's a goalkeeper that's more impressive isn't it and what if i said that he won a champions league and
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a european championship now i've got your interest i am very pleased to announce that joining me throughout the world cup coverage on our take is going to be the great dane himself peter schmeichel it is such a pleasure to have you with this and i'm not too embarrassed to say that in my opinion you are the best goalkeeper i ever saw play the game the american you brought. in the cold of moscow we didn't see it in the situation very well and it is so great to have you with us and i want to talk about that goal because you must afford your friends and fans to tears with that you scored a goal is a keeper maybe i can bore you with a row with pride frankly it was a penalty in the french for going against those you. choose to score. a goal is a goal great to have you with us let's look forward to. because we've got more than just a goalkeeper on board the strikers well stan collymore took a sneak peek behind the scenes ahead of the draw which is going to take place at stake palace just behind us. welcome to the media center here at the kremlin and head of the free for all could
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draw on friday as you can see people having their photos taken with the famous trophy which will be given out at the luzhniki stadium in july next year to the winners produce most famous tournament play mode. you call that peace is the official faith world cup full of money to get my hands on well it's a free for going over that at least i think there's the logo. this is going to be what's kicking off the will cope in the mission if you study moscow right the way through to the end in the middle of july fourth a one kind of white. rubber just about to go into the drill hole where the faithful will cook drool on friday he's going to be one of the first to get in. that as you can hear over my shoulder the drool behind the scenes that's already started and got to make a masher come on both very well known of course to also in the stan collymore show
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will break through proceedings going to keep it nice and simple for you they're all thirty two nations divided into four parts of i teams paul on the house russia and include the top seven ranked trains on the planet so russia joined five times whereas brazil the world champions germany christiane we're now doing portugal the european champions you know messi and argentina belgium the doll courses to win it's france the nine hundred ninety eight champions and finally poland think c.p.s. . can say you can fly by comment from around the world they are very excited as way off we're going to have some special guests and also eat through the day so keep it all see on espanyol arabic and english and who will following the way brazil argentina england and the house russia get supply at the free for world cup next year we'll find out it's an aussie . and they say of
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course it's first on russia's hosted this big event a lot of pressure on the organizers and on the team itself what is that like what i think this is this is probably one of the biggest challenges that the. that russia will have a face one thing is a whole organization. you know just by being here you kind of sense that everything is under control the other thing is being a player in the team having to represent your own country in a world cup that that that you host that's a completely different you know the fish extra pressure it's extra pressure and i met a couple of guys. who's actually been in that situation both of them played in the world cup winning team in france back in one thousand nine hundred eighty france with the host and they know exactly what it's going to be like to be a player for russia.
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who do you see this is favorites to win it brazil. germany germany because the issue in greek would be to greeks deal with. the conclusion and brazil because all together at the same time diminishing or to play well they have individual players who can make the difference and at the same time call it to be their very tough and disciplined. president germany and spain and maybe your friends. cause in someone that we don't look at too often that you can say way they can do really good. i'm looking after creation maybe you never know sweden have surprised everyone you know on the. players but they made it maybe
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didn't the mask was way to good so. we have a good play yeah we've got a lot of christians here i love i love that could be one of the big stars. for me a name because the one you want. including. miss. cousineau want to go we want we want someone else is the only one what they should be that can you know shine you know behind the center and i'll go and we hold neymar and by the he's a french guy for france for germany for brazil for every team in the court one maybe you don't take the speed because if you take speed he was a group very very. we have iran they are teams that we might be quite easy to play against them but to me geria is a good team there is
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a very good costa rica is a very. severe team because. obviously the big name players are the center of the attention he can do without the fans you know this and there are eleven particularly enthusiastic guests who are becoming to tonight's big event i'm talking about the call them the super fans i think the lucky fans there are eleven forty fans have been chosen in different cities right across russia all because of their passion for the beautiful game and it's clear from looking at their ages so you can love football however old you are the youngest is just six why the oldest one is twelve times his age. camp and we have. more live. lives.
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of twelve. yeah yeah. the boys. i mean. our kids. i'm with of course. you know it's among us but i think if the player. goes i really have to think. most. longer. for money. now the world cup will offer the chance for a lot of football fans to come and visit russia for the very first time fee for the general fund in the summer a sponsor stun coley more about russia experience. when they want to experience during the summer twenty seventeen hours through the.
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configuration just send over a very strong signal on what a world cup. by russia could be so so tell us what what pleasantly surprised you about the confederations cup when i came for the first time in russia it was in july last year. one month after my assignment and definitely like every african. person i was just feeling to be treated differently and i was ready also to help people think differently about africa and africans but as we speak i've been here for at least twenty times altogether i haven't suffered any russian issues wherever i go to explain what fifty five is doing how fifty five is modernizing its image i have received
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a warm welcome i can only and crunch people who are still doubting about the. say welcoming party here to come so definitely i am the first one to say ok what do you think about russia. it's not the reality and to leave the reality and to relive fantastic enemies in tournaments you definitely need to be in a joint twenty eighteen confederations cup and i can testify to the fans the really did love it and a lot of them going to it's a long journey it's expensive a lot of them are coming but let's get to the draw that's what we're really here for just a few hours to go now and as i understand you actually take a policy in one of these things so our experience different levels obviously being a player you're waiting for the draw you know you're excited about who you're going to get we're going to play against i've been in two of the euros draws as well well actually picked up the ball and i've hosted champions league jaws and they're all exciting in each in every way the thing about being
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a player so when you qualify obviously you don't think about you can play. the next time you kind of think about what's going to happen is when the seedings when the parts are actually being announced and you can see who you can actually kind of sort of finding your way through who do you want who would you not want and then obviously when the draw comes around it becomes probably the most exciting part of the sort of free world cup and it's not really who you really want it's who you want to avoid yeah absolutely so you know the draw is really really it's exciting because it's such a big part of what's going to happen in the summer you would wager there's a few managers who probably don't want to face that it's very exciting everyone's got their own opinion and it's just a matter of hours now until the draw gets underway will your team get seventy six pm moscow time do you stay with. myself for all the build up.
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seems wrong. just don't call. to say power. and engagement. trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground.
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good to have you with us here on our teeth today a new poll conducted in the united states has revealed that an overwhelming majority of the country's a millennial is want a third political party a correspondent caleb maupin spoke to young people on the streets of new york to find out why. in the us today it's democrats and republicans it's always been that
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way a two party system now some people might think that makes the country more stable but millennial seem to have a different perspective let's break down the millennial case against the two party system now sixty five percent of say that the country is moving in the wrong direction and seventy one percent of them say that they're ready for a new third political party but wanting to see a new political player in washington is nothing new according to the figures provided by gallup the number of americans who favor a third party has been increasing over the course of the last five years in two thousand and twelve it was only forty six percent but in two thousand and sixteen it was up to fifty seven percent now you rarely hear about it the third parties have actually been around in american politics since the nineteenth century now why is it that in all these years an independent political faction has never been able to take the white house well maybe it has something to do with the fact that mainstream media is working overtime to keep people marching behind the elephant and the donkey well you can understand the argument than
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a third party kind of that can put a new issue or new solution on the table but it is hard to make the case the dieties what's happening here and playing out of their part of who we now know that third party candidates out there are very much not qualified you get your experience or through knowledge now amid the growing disillusionment with the two major parties let's see if americans would really prefer a third option do you feel that the establishment parties represent your values i feel they are too aligned like different things so i feel very independent of any. support for any party nominee depending so. i think both sides are have valid. and valid thing to say in both sides stink sometimes not really honest i'm kind of further to the left than the democratic party has room for and there's nothing on the right for me if a viable third party emerged that was closer to your values would you support it yeah i would. that makes sense but i know it's very hard for those type of parties
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to get out there you know i would consider voting for a third part of the represent my value is. i would if i had a chance some people say if you vote for a third party you're throwing your vote away do you agree with them unfortunately the system has been rigged to such that it ends up being a wasted vote like it shouldn't be and that's wrong i do think the way it's structured right now but i'll be you know local elections being on exception i think you are kind of throwing it away no i want to say that but i can see why some people see it that way expression when people say like i don't like bernie sanders losing a bernie sanders running is why he could last for someone but i don't think anyone who voted for them is a loss now is used in america grow alienated from the two major parties the question remains what new political grouping could fulfill the needs of the younger generation cable mop and artsy new york. the passion of a cattle on independence having a power and cooled off madrid is taking precautions to ensure things stay that way
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the spanish government has introduced an unusual ban in boston lona targeting the city's fountains. bring me down to yellow because it means freedom for all political prisoners it is the color of freedom. this seems silly to me because yellow is just a normal color i think it's a desperate campaign by politicians trying to stop the independence movement. is complete nonsense. it's pointless everybody has already decided how they were twenty five and that
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won't change based on yellow or another color i mean you know you know they yellow but another color could be used that's just absurd. with relations between america and russia hitting global headlines almost weekly three time oscar winning filmmaker all of us starring who shared his views on ties between the two nations with artie's sophie shevardnadze stone's latest documentary series which was aired earlier this year i gave insight into vladimir putin's post an old and professional life with no topic off limits his new book which he was here in moscow to promote talks about his meetings with the russian president putin's rise to power and global relations. i am a person who has researched russia a bit i know a bit about it i've been to russia many times actually since one thousand came here for the first time to interview dissidents i was working on a movie in one thousand nine hundred two called to finance and it was about the
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dissidents who were coming out of the psychiatric clinics but i try to stick to what i feel is the truth and i don't take i didn't say one false word to mr p. at all i didn't say what i meant when i said it when i said to him and one of the i think one of the first things i said was it strikes me that you're this you're a son of russia as you know i pushed him but whatever people say i pushed him and certainly i could feel his irritation when i was pushing him hard on the democracy question on this the question of his succession and what's going to happen next year. thanks so much for joining us here on r.t. international today in about half an hour my colleague will be here to bring you your friday well to headlines.
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most people think just stand out in this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest read in truth to stand since you just need the right questions and the right answer. hey everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v.
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to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru well just a little bit different i've got a good line on the line no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the good have some fun meet everyday americans. and look silly start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which. the village of collect she has been nicknamed sleepy hollow because for some unknown reason its local residents have found victim to sleep potemkin. over there was just daniel to join the group if she would use a future how do you think your patient. did seem with the concern that sympathy
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mostly assuring the sort of but i'm also going on with the question are still talking super thin you want to go back to more deeply the shipment of sweets. gradually grass from where did you do what we have i don't want to. let go of the wall of. this with all. the while his music. might feel in there did you have both styles there off the bat. right here with us today the first. level was selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks were. and you know fighting the battles that still plenty to do socks try to tell you that it's not because of the public but i felt a little sleepless a little while the positive outlook has been telling you on the cool enough and
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let's fight their problems these are the hawks that we along with our audience loves watching the mother. her let her. leg lifts legs live legs.
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dr eric jennings from santa ram is considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. by the way this man with no clothes isn't dr jennings he's a member of the indigenous zoe tribe who's helping the don't of put together a personal archive. but this is dr jennings people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move saving yachts and flying aircraft a little like models dr strange of with a full set of working fingers this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public carrick's allowed in because he's the zoe's personal doctor.
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and. the. center em in the north of brazil it was founded as an amazon jungle bought it first exported spices then cocoa later rubber before turning to cocoa again today it specializes in gold book sites and soy the latter is now a major reason behind the deforestation of the amazon. for these reasons santorum has become a symbol of economic conquest and environmental destruction locals even compose ballads about said. no way was the go. no learning english league. game with me got. it back i got. nothing by.


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