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that individual and more individual qualities that we have so we have to be collectively better than others. french president emanuel mccrone calls for military action against human traffickers in libya despite the chaos caused by the last intervention there. and it's the day of the draw for the twenty eighteen feet for world cup we'll bring you all the latest from a special studio by the kremlin. so i'm stuck in a blizzard on the top of a very tall building out my sky absolutely but i'm sure you've a mind and nothing compared to the people who come to moscow for the day's draw for the two thousand and three world cup finals and i'm sure plenty of nobody coming up to the door three hours time stay with us for all the buildup.
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thank you for joining us here at r.t. international broadcasting live from all over central moscow. to the football later but first french president a man you might call has tables a new plan for preventing human trafficking in libya and it involves military action is being widely criticized as the earlier french led western military intervention in libya left the country in ruins as what i'd guess that explains. slavery and human trafficking of violent offenses sadly common now in libya but no need to fear president macron is here he has the solution for libya's problem send in the troops to tunisia to zone we are proposing police military action we are not waging war but this is a country in a political transition political transition he calls it does sound better than
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savage civil war more politically correct nevertheless a number of african and e.u. states are ready to help fight this war or rather not really a war says macron but a military operation still round two for france in libya. today were intervening in libya we are intervening in order to enable the libyan people to choose their own destiny it must not be deprived of its rights by violence and terror the fact that slavery is so rampant in libya is because the country's army and political order were obliterated under nato bombardment six years ago since then libya has been stuck in a brutal and bloody political transition as president calls it or absolute chaos and anarchy as anyone out sward call it as long as it is
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a failed state the problem will come back as a failed state because the regime of at our feet up was not a mass regime nobody says that was destroyed by the french and the british together in two thousand and eleven so of course michael can do something now put it full reoccur. well africa is the region where the problem of modern slavery is worst this is followed by asia and the pacific region with central asia and europe third while france itself has become a key human trafficking hub that's at least according to a report from the u.s. state department it lists the country as a destination one transit point for men women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking we spoke to the vice president of the libyan presidential council and asked him about mcconnell's idea for military action. we are going to be right but no. we cannot accept anything.
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to be done with our members of the baby and libyans to be the one to do this. with the help of the lord to come up. with the right way to help them. do the right investment on that country for sure libya is not the country for you know democratic libya is a country of iran we are the libyan have already invest in africa and we want to see anybody talk of ever going to the first but the country of origin and to set up this immunity to stay with the loved ones would get from the. hits the day of the draw for the twenty eighteen feet for world cup and all eyes are on moscow state kremlin palace where the draw will take place in just over three hours time.
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hello and welcome to our community for wintry snowy it's a winter wonderland studio here in central moscow just hours away from the door for the twenty three feet for world cup finals when thirty two remaining teams they work hard to get that the learning here they face in the group stage of next summer sort of a preview sports celebrities have come to moscow for the draw and we just heard from the face of president johnny infantino he says in his opinion this world cup could be the best ever no pressure that but today is all about the truth of course in three hours time the teams to find out who to play and also importantly where they'll be playing which city's first course live t.v. stan collymore lucky star now out on red square basking in the sunshine he's been following all the preparations stan how you're enjoying your first russian winter.
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meal three vs it's a lot of time ago or it seems a lifetime ago since we were in beautiful cazan in that beautiful sunshine but we here in red square beautiful red square we've got the beautiful goo department center all over lit like a christmas tree line in st we see the snow is coming but we don't care because it's the most exciting of the year what's reminded of it for may because we have the thirty two teams and we know who's playing who who will russia gets he will england get brazil argentina and little iceland that we followed of course on the stand callie will show. couple of clips for you we went yes daiichi the mix song to have a chance at some of the free for draw legends laurent blanc on the world cup with france diego for all of europe was good and thanks to greg. goalkeeper of the english nineteen sixty six world same and fabio kind of all good friends on the cup team that lifted the trophy in two thousand and six for the as have
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a little look. which two or three teams the feel of the favorites to win the tournament mouth course. german team and the spanish team and. the brazilian team but i think he's a good time for messi to do something new even more because he is that the last is the last chance for him now it's only for the first time since nineteen fifty i disappoint you know you as a as a former captain i'm so sad because you know for us he was a. big disaster and. every year everyone in italy is really sad that but now to be honest with you is a good moment to come back stronger than before because it is a good moment to change a stunting the people want a way to something change and we would see in the future with.
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a g three zero england or shape you know perhaps if the world cup next year in russia well the last couple of games i've seen they don't look for terrific korea has been playing some youngsters and you know which didn't play too hard but then you got your experience you know nothing i think they need experience badly when when you're in a kitchen a lot as i think we've got some good youngsters here definitely i want to vandy our nothing keep the push on charlotte we came from i think that'll be a good good to really do. your required fantastic qualifying campaign for can they go the. well called well we always tried to say we hadn't we don't get into the and it between the three you know we always try to be humble iroquois here's what in the world called. i would
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put through a four foot for my the i think point of view like i said france england may be getting not in the favor because you have to choose on the view i think spain using a great moment have to because brazil is playing really well we know break on cheney history with a great culture name arnold the place that. germany would be very game germany is generous they are always there they've been if you're not winning the cup they're in the second place between that if semifinals they are always fighting. so as you can see all of the legends are starting to arrive we've been at some of the hotels this morning got six or seven great little packages an impromptu candid shot with the devil so you can add the creation croatian legend and call from bulgaria bulgaria won't be here and they'll but everybody starting to arrive yesterday though we had a little walk around to get
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a flight of what's going to happen behind the scenes at the kremlin and that famous . welcome to the media center here at the kremlin and heads of the faithful will put drool on friday as you can say people having their photos taken with the famous trophy which will be given out at the luzhniki stadium in july next year to the witness of the east most famous tournament foremost who cheats on. you call that peace is the official free for the world cup full of money to get my hands on them it's a fee for going out there that wants to take it off like there's the logo. this is going to be what's kicking off the wall cope in the mission if you study moscow right the way through to the end in the middle of july also on kind of light. right we just it's going to draw a whole different from drool on friday he's going to be one of the first to get in
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. that as you can hear over my shoulder there drool behind the scenes it's already started and government and masha come on both very well known of course to also in the stan collymore show we'll break god to you through the proceedings we're going to keep it nice and simple for you they're all thirty two nations divided into four parts of my team spot on all the house russia and include the top seven ranked trainings on the planet so russia joined five times with us brazil the world champions germany christiane we're now doing portugal the european champions you know messi and argentina belgium the course is to win it france the. one hundred ninety eight champions on final eight alone and you. can see you can flanked by comments from around the world by a very excited as we all were going to have some special guests and also you through the day to keep it all see on espanol arabic and english and who will
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finally brazil argentina england and the house russia get to play at the free for world cup next year we'll find out. we cannot whitehall say to bring you the best coverage on espanyol arabic english as i just mentioned there and a very warm welcome to peter schmeichel a legend reminded now neil i did score against him for nothing in forest against manchester united although he did obviously revenge in the nineteen ninety six if i coped final on a serious point of course there's been lots of scandals around faith in the last several years and there's been a new wind of change it's come true including fatma some more of the first woman the first black woman and the first african to hold the position afifa secretary-general to sit down to chat with her in moscow yesterday. well let's say what we experience during this. twenty seventeen. configuration. very strong signal on what
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a world cup. by russia could be so tell us what pleasantly surprised you about the confederations cup when i came for the first time in russia it was in july last year. one month after my assignment and definitely like every african. i was just feeling to be treated differently and i was ready to. think differently about africa and africans but i've been here for at least twenty times altogether i haven't had any issues wherever i go to explain what fifa is doing. is modernizing image i have received a warm welcome i can only and people who are still about.
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a welcoming party. so definitely. the first one to say what you think about russia is not reality and to leave the reality and three fantastic enemies in tournaments you definitely need to be. more i must admit she was a very impressive woman. from strength to strength. in the middle of red square nail some of the more bizarre. some of the markets it's building. in the ranks of the world's media ready to go in the kremlin i'm going to get. on the red carpet in the mix. of the draw which we're going to to bring. all the way through the evening on r.t. . yeah it's really exciting some great stuff there great interview stan if you want to swap places at any point you know willing to make that sacrifice just give me
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a moment's notice almost with great insight into the celebrity lifestyle of the world of champagne into live there from stan collymore thank you now throughout the preparations the greats of the beautiful game celebs everywhere you can't turn without bumping into one they're all here in moscow they've been going to look for themselves to see what russia has in store for the world cup and we caught up exclusively with former spain and barcelona defender colace peele. content on this that i am very glad to be here very glad to participate to experience the championship from the inside is a great thing so i'm very glad that look we'll see how we do this is the most important competition on the national team level when we were young we all dreamed about playing in the championship victory was a dream come true this year the spanish team has a very good lineup and it's one of my favorites the team is in good shape it has a combination of young players with a desire to play and full of hopes despite their young age they've gained experience at the club level and have played in major competitions at the same time
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they're older players who know what it means to be the champions of europe and the world this mixture of ages works well for the team and is indeed a team the manager's done a great job they've had a great start qualified comfortably i think he has the same philosophy that the team had over the last couple of years but he also brings his own ideas and everything looks very good. now if we talk a lot about football this is spoken to many of them but you can't have the world cup without the fans of course an eleven particularly enthusiastic guests will be coming to this evening's event i'm talking about super fans these are eleven lucky football fans they've been chose from different cities right across russia all because of their passion for the beautiful guy and it is clear from looking at the you can love football whatever your age the youngest of the fans just six the oldest twelve times old. camp and we have. more i am. live.
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nation his partner yeah yeah. the boys come around and buy me. out here. with. girls a really. long. round. for money. ok i said there's lots of the bridges in town that includes the vi p. guess some places and joined in the studio now by water the glory of his feet his
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former communications director thanks so much you're very brave man but it is beautiful in another way and you must have been to a few world cups in your in your time what have you made of russia's preparations. they would have heard is the time in order the problems we had for the last world cup in brazil was or was the stadiums we were not sure. that i think for a few for the because issue because if the if the stadiums are on the ready it's hard to play but i think in russia they're on time and that's good and that's it is what we've been hearing consistently that the stadiums are pretty much ready so that's one of the biggest things but going further than that john even frontino is said today in his opinion and this is quite a bold thing to say at this stage he thinks that this could be the best will ever know i mean that's promising a lot why would he do that you know. every every world cup is always the best because it's the. bit of your job there is actually actually positive spin
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i think it's always been you cannot compare the world cups and all of the world cup in brazil is different and it will be in russia and in qatar will be another world cup so i think the start to to compare is difficult it's like comparing. potatoes but it will be an amazing experience for everybody and i think it will be the wall car little pms the small teams that's what i think we're going to be significant isn't it because russia hasn't had a world cup before so it will have that different feel that different culture personality yes i think a lot of people russia is an unknown black box and so in a positive way they really want to combine not only for football at least world war die here. when i talk to people they really want to use this as a paternity to see something more than just football they want to go beyond
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football and just experience a cultural life here in russia in terms of the draw how significant is it i mean for many people it's maybe not that big issues in terms of your chances of a team of winning the world cup depending on who you get yes but you know at the end of the day whoever wants to win the world cup has to be the germany so. what the groups will be to be at the end at a certain stage you have to face germany and if you beat them then you have a good chance to win the cup but i think it's more. you know there are some special games that have a special history but in terms of chances or not chances i think doesn't matter and i'm just going to try and use a block from the goodness you are. here to do it will you be rooting for today's draw i don't think you can join nationality actually and that's the difficult question. can be absolutely relaxed. my
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dutch friends and by the word the u.s. you know they can just enjoy and see because we're not here but i have also a swiss past yes and i think switzerland belgium. the tiny. teams i think this is the moment i don't know why but i think seeing the games. you know the pressure it always will be with the big nations brazil argentina germany of course and so it's a thing about how good you are mentally. i've seen a lot of games with the so-called small teams they're pretty good and i think it's been five different winners in the last five world cups that says all about just how open the. link. you know if you put the kettle on i'm going to be in the work of. ok ok so before this our caller was going to be in the
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criminal post for the drop on the red carpet lucky man will bring you the inside story next hour. so it's just now a matter of hours until the draw gets underway meanwhile a new poll conducted in the u.s. has revealed an overwhelming majority of the country's millennial zz want to assert political party artie's caleb maupin spoke to young people on the streets of new york to find out why. in the us today it's democrats and republicans it's always been that way a two party system now some people might think that makes the country more stable but millennial seem to have a different perspective let's break down the millennial case against the two party system now sixty five percent of say that the country is moving in the wrong
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direction and seventy one percent of them say that they're ready for a new third political party but wanting to see a new political player in washington is nothing new according to the figures provided by gallup the number of americans who favor a third party has been increasing over the course of the last five years in two thousand and twelve it was only forty six percent but in two thousand and sixteen it was up to fifty seven percent now you rarely hear about it but third parties have actually been around in american politics since the nineteenth century now why is it that in all these years an independent political faction has never been able to take the white house well maybe it has something to do with the fact that mainstream media is working overtime to keep people marching behind the elephant and the donkey well you can understand the argument than a third party kind of that can put a new issue or new solution on the table but it is hard to make the case the body is what's happening here and what are the third part of who we now know that the third party candidates out there are very much not qualified as your experience or
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through knowledge now amid the growing disillusionment with the two major parties let's see if americans would really prefer a third option do you feel that the establishment parties represent your values i feel that they are to align like different things so i feel very independent of any . support for any party nominee depending so. i think both sides are have valid. and valid thing to say in both sides stink sometimes not really honest i'm kind of further to the left than the democratic party has room for and there's nothing on the right for me if a viable third party emerged that was closer to your values would you support it yeah i would. that makes sense but i know it's very hard for those type of parties to get out there yeah i would consider voting for a third part of the represent my value is. i would if i had a chance some people say if you vote for a third party you're throwing your vote away do you agree with them unfortunately the system has been rigged to such that it ends up being
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a wasted vote it shouldn't be and that's wrong i do think the way it's structured right now but albeit you know local elections being on exception i think you are kind of throwing it away no i want to say that but i can see why some people see it that way expression when people say like i don't like bernie sanders losing a bernie sanders running is why he could last for someone but i don't think anyone who voted for them is a loss now is youth in america grow alienated from the two major parties the question remains what new political grouping could fulfill the needs of the younger generation up and r.t. new york i will be back in just over half an hour with the latest headlines and more build up to the duel for the faithful well cup and the crown they.
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all say we have a great team but we need to strengthen before the freefall. and you're better than a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waiting spirit to the r.c.t. . recently i had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best full. since my last we'll call them that. thousand zero zero zero zero zero. left left left more or less ok stuff that's really good. coin for some it's the
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perfect marriage of technology and finance for others it's a get rich scheme though no one can deny its market value was soaring and becoming an attractive alternative to the current global banking system is bitcoin revolutionizing the world everything today is about the individual so it's so nice to be a little bit different and it's all about the team and i think it's. it's a quality that i studied football players have maybe because we come from an amateur environment so we know that the all the nations have that individuals and more individual qualities than we have so we have to be collectively better than the other. greetings and sell you. here in the united states hawk watchers many in the press
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and on capitol hill are not brave enough sadly they do not have the guts to admit that our political system here in the us the one we love to flaunt so much to the rest of the world is deeply and tragically broken and like most problems in complex machinery it's not the mechanical moving parts that are fault but good old fashioned operator error that's causing this rube goldberg machine that is our government to falter. for evidence look no further than the us congress who in their short sighted fast food version of political discourse have gotten so caught up in political infighting and media grandstanding over the republican corporate tax breaks sorry republican tax reform bill that they have forgotten or at least appear to have forgotten a rather important date looming on capitol hill calendars december the eighth and what happens on december the eighth you ask well that is the deadline by which congress must approve a new spending deal for the twenty eight hundred physical year and if they fail to
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pass this by next friday the government runs out of money and we got ourselves yet another government shutdown now more than likely they'll end up ramming through some haphazard short term funding patch to buy some time but is this really the best we can do i mean if your child constantly gets bad grades because of always waiting till the night before to cram for a test wouldn't you as a parent say enough is enough with both democrats and republicans bailing on immigration and health care to the multiple sexual harassment allegations being thrown around to flaking on important deadlines that have now left nine million low income kids without health insurance maybe it's time we in the press start revoking the press credentials of congress rather than our fellow journalists. at least until those in congress start working for the rest of the american people and not just the top one percent now let's start watching the hawks.
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get the. real deal with. the baathists if you. like you know that i got. this. week six. welcomer on the watch for the hawks i am the type of role to talk about this government malfunction earlier today i was joined by senior writer for regular politics rangar dusky and i started by asking ryan with another government shutdown looming is it now fair to say that we need a massive congressional reboot on both sides of the political aisle here is what ryan had to say.


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