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all the fun we all have in the draw for the two thousand and eight sea world cup bottles plates mike alongside me the results are in place are they tell me that with russia go russia's got sell your your was lots of analysis going up joseph you . and in other world news french president emanuel mccraw on calls for military action against human traffickers in libya despite the chaos caused by the last intervention that. a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital in the air and good
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to have you with us. now the draw for the two thousand and eighteen world cup has been completed and we now know who'll be playing who in the next stay in the group stages next summer paid neil harvey and peter schmeichel have been following the droll fourth. welcome back the last a day ahead seven moscow it might look like a winter wonderland through the snow gently floods down it was a blizzard earlier but we didn't know to speak for michael alongside me because of all the excitement of the draw was fantastic wasn't the jaws kept as warm on. the views fantastic but it really really is cold here is part it's i mean the job was to gravel you know it's not as opposes bring up the door seven about a look at it and there are
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a few obvious ones to stand out which is i suppose that's first i would probably briefly say russia saudi arabia but i really really good group draw saudi arabia in the old game and then egypt in europe who are so really good for russia and europe i would say without but the kicker is in group b. that spain portugal you know that was that was some some joy that for for them the idea. compare this is that that's going to be some game by the way and then obviously the two to my heart denmark we've got a draw against france australia and peru and so you're keeping you begin your on on the sort of the ones close to your heart will do a bit more specifically in a few moments but before that i just want to talk about you got no aside like your principal your first day with us and you got some things not just president but practically it was a who's who of world cup winners and the greatest footballers of all time tell us about that experience well what president tuesday was holding reception for for basically every legendary football who's who's in moscow for the joy and and you
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know they were all that was incredible to see this many guys who stand so much for football and that you know basically are the big superstar here are legends in the game and even when you're a huge name you're. do you still feel slightly intimidated to be entering with you know an album marathon and the like i think the big thing for me was. telly pelleas not having the best of time at the moment he was in a wheelchair and gordon banks and him they were having a conversation about which which joins they've had replaced and it was quite quite quite a sweet sort of moment and you know you have to think back to nine hundred sixty six that incredible say also in one nine hundred seventy one that incredible save from an unbelievable header from pelley and then called in by and kind of made his name he's got the answer to that post and and actually chipped it over the the bar which was an incredible safe and those two just having that chat was a really fantastic moment and it just it just put the whole sort of event into
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perspective that these guys that are in this room i mean they has been running for political marathon it was a course for now the road and the new car for the kind of viral guys who's listed the world cup trophy and i was quite proud to be part of that of course you were none but there were a few of them going in the piece michael is in here don't don't drink you know sell yourself short you know everybody that was it was a big name star and for very good reason speaking of stars stan collymore he was our a threatening manner up front he was covering things from a much closer proximity he was around the media areas well and he got a chance and some of the big names on was following the draw for his star has been fantastic a fascinating day. it is indeed we're in the mix if we just pan around to our rights our cameraman lorcan the swedish national manager is there bicycling now most of the managers are coming round into the mix zone and we're waiting for gareth southgate the england manager former teammate of mine
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twice once at crystal palace when we started out and then later on in a career aston villa club pictures play poor as well if we pan ryan the other white bloke and we can see the must ranks of the british media led boy there's henry winter at the front there will be still up top. white seemed to say what tomorrow's headlines will be a across the united kingdom just behind us we have the belgian technical director who of course were whites in for a boat some alternate the belgian manages to come out because belgian cine zia england and panama are in the group so we decide it's a rock but yesterday we met some true legend see we now would go on there with pizza but we had fabio kind of all of this when the world cope with its only of course the banks that's what it with england in one nine hundred sixty six laurent blanc that won the one nine hundred ninety eight version with france and here's what they had to say.
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i can't get anything like mine from school. ok many thanks thank you all that i'll bring it up there is a busy day so way and indeed home brewer it's been a real theatre production because it means so much to so many people who got the results now so let's we have
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a look at the in the full draw in its entirety let's cherry pick some of the games now and i want to start with argentina i since last was green day and i will take place here in moscow. stadium so iceland have already proved their ability to upset the apple cart and i mentioned senior know that their greatest lights. in scene is getting better i mean they had a terrible start to their qualification campaign and as we talked about enough first program they sneak through the greatest to the last game see i think of in genesis an example great last games great they think the last day that they had a convincing win in australia and when you look at how they qualified actually looks quite convincing but that's because the other result argentina will always be a good bit of committable more opponent in the world cup on the don't forget they go i'll give you the best player in the world messi he was the best player in the last world cup and i don't think he's got many words it's
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a fascinating call contrast there because you've got really global names like myself and then if you could actually name the iceland players but that very effective world that's it i mean that's a proper football team this is all about the the collective and and the whole. it's been used they've got a. fantastic manager who's pictures managed to get one hundred percent out of every player that he's played and i have to say from the group they qualified from which one of them was obviously the creation ukraine and turkey to win that group i mean not that impressive you don't flick your way through all that over the lower interest just because you are the best team in the group as performances and then you know iceland against argentina it's one of those games i can't wait for that because it's to contrast in styles of football it's the iseman from up north you know it's the furthest the know the team qualified against argentina who's not near enough the most southern seam in the world near enough and i think back to watching
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i'm old enough to remember watching cameroon be argentina world cup so if they can do the ice and can pull of a similar process let's move on to now this is an exciting time so many ways spain against portugal and i just want to say because i've been to the fishtailing pick stadium in sochi and it's are going to be really warm sunny beautiful down by the black sea is the perfect setting for spain against one out i think that this is probably the pig of of the whole jaw this is the result of i mean spain portugal you just think about ronaldo against spain the plays in spain he makes his living he plays from the dribble i mean and then charges were. coming spain spain i think it's out of the four but they are on the way up again and maybe one of the dark horses to win the whole tone in my opinion so this is a tasty one and i you know you try to call it now absolutely no there's no way that you can do that this is i mean this is the pick of the boards absolutely yeah on
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the day anything could happen less about the host nation then because you know you know i studied a year and i don't mean to put any of the teams in russia down but saudi arabia agents and your aquash surely the russian. but a subtle but out of a start to the day oh my god i mean i think in time we've sort of been off looking at the the media around the world and everyone agrees that russia they've had a fantastic jaw and i agree with that but it is a world cup there's a lot of pressure on russia there on the home home soil it's you know the expectations not having to play competitive football for so long it's going to be difficult regardless but that first game is against saudi arabia died is that it's a good good game to start with and a slight double edged sword in the sense that now if if russia fails it's an absolute disaster because the expectation now is there's a very good chance to keep it positive ok let's not talk about the i mean world cup as world called everyone has worked really hard over the last sort of eighteen
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months to get to the world cup and to get to the georgia today you know all these teams are good incapable it seems don't forget so anyone can really beat anyone on the day but you know over three games with this show. host nation the whole that is fair you know it's going to you know carry almost going to carry the whole nation some percentages through i see russia and europe going through from this group ok let's move on to. england these are this is a much that involves some replies oh no it shouldn't because of all the belgian seen play in england in the in the primary were not many surprises there now and not many surprises but again a tasty one i think i think they would be very very happy with the joy they've got . but again you know so many belgian players play in the premier league so you know it's going to be very familiar but the thing about belgium i mean obviously martinez is he's managed and in the premier league he knows all the english players as well it's an interesting one that's going to be that's going to be
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a tactical battle but i mean that that the players that they can they can feel is you know the expectations for the last world cup was that they possibly could go all the way that's how good they were and again with the euros they haven't. managed to get the last bit in but they've had another two years to prepare themselves qualified really well you know belgium it's a tough one but frankly you know the english media. happy with this trio and we spoke about this. if you're not sure how i'm going below a really good team you have to remember two teams go through them so you told me that you weren't too happy with the draw well i want the hardest possible group because that way you know if your team is really capable of winning or not you get a really tough group and you get three you know there's a reason to get excited in england the media the fans get very excited about beating anybody and anything qualified i think are going to win the world cup they tend to get ahead of themselves so. i think i think england can do that
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ok let's head over now speak. still sort of speak to them produce more. play there i still cannot believe the fact that i'm standing in the draw hole here in moscow and it's actually happening and now we have all the teams lined up there obviously you've talked plenty about the big names the favorites the belgians and the english and all that but let's talk about the teams which can be considered as dark horses and one of those teams maybe costa rica which as we now know has been drawn together with the likes of switzerland cost brazil and serbia and now i have here the player former costa rican national team player former west ham united and manchester city player one chopper thank you so much for joining us hello so brazil again for costa rica your your team actually did very well in brazil yeah excited are you. the last world cup to be honest i mean when i when i saw rossi you know in
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the in the same group. you know very bad memories because. the first time that we would play against brazil was ninety ninety you need telly and then two thousand. we play against brazil and the score was you know five five two two two two two wrestle but now. they're very strong as always. we're looking forward to you know to the great challenge and what about serbia can be also a tough challenge for me because maybe back home in costa rica they will think that maybe it's a good group but you know we know we know the serve you know they always had a good players and it will be tough and switzerland we have a common friend who says switzerland. i mean it will be tough for costa rica over the phone it in the. last work you know we were with the euro why we leave with
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england and still we we went through you top the group right here so you think any chance of this happen where you have you know no world cup is this the beauty or do you think this group is actually easier than the on the paper you know i mean not having you know three former war copes winners in the group so there will be much better than the last thing but qualification from europe is a minimum expectation is that correct. i mean now it's a great pressure a lot of pressure for the costa rican players because now they need to prove used to the world will respect them to do well all right good luck to all of you hopefully everything is going well with the team thank you shows us some really good games so obviously we'll be talking about all those teams as we get closer to the world cup i mean you peter will and neil and everyone else in the team give us the best coverage possible question back to you now guys. and then we're going to.
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thanks very much alex and also just listening to. this thinking that this is what live t.v. is all about the whole slurry snow just fell from my head and the reason i mention that is because even seemingly simple things like this. has it so i want to ask you for. you know we think the draw it's very easy you just pull balls out of pots and you've been involved in them do you get this thing you can mess this terrifying it is and i was hosting the chairman's the joke and we had a rehearsal and one of the balls popped up and went inside the table right now imagine if that happens life that's no way you can redo the joe but imagine what the repercussions people will be calling fix exactly exactly i tell you are you are your hands are shaking and and some of the pull in sometimes it's difficult to sort of open them up and you know your life my goodness so it's a simple thing and yet scarified civil thing with huge consequences if it doesn't go well well let's just see didn't go smoothly were there any massage here the
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highlights of it all. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes
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protect themselves. the famous. one. nor middle of the room. really. exciting stuff there from the center of moscow we will have more on the world cup will shortly but now of the news the french president and mano mix on his table to new plan to combat human trafficking in libya involving military action but his
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plans have been widely criticized as the previous french led intervention in libya left the country in ruins as mardi gras d f explains. slavery and human trafficking of fences sadly common now in libya but no need to fear president macron is here he has the solution for libya's problem send in the troops it's a new city zone we are proposing police military action we are not waging war but this is a country in a political transition political transition he calls it does sound better than savage civil war more politically correct nevertheless a number of african and e.u. states are ready to help fight this war or rather not really a war says micron but a military operation still round two for france in libya. today
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were intervening in libya we are intervening in order to enable the libyan people to choose their own destiny it must not be deprived of its rights by violence and terror the fact that slavery is so rampant in libya is because the country's army and political order were obliterated under nato bombardment six years ago since then libya has been stuck in a brutal and bloody political transition as president calls it or absolute chaos and anarchy as anyone out sward call it as long as it is a failed state the problem will come back as a failed state because the regime of cut off the top was not a mass regime nobody says that was destroyed by the french and the british together in two thousand and eleven so of course michael can do something now but it will reoccur. the problem of modern slavery is worst in africa this is followed by asia
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and the pacific region with central asia and europe third while france's self has become a key human trafficking hub fast according to a report from the u.s. state department it lists the country as a destination and transit point for men women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking we spoke to the vice president of the libyan presidential council and asked him about mcconnell's plan for military action. we are going to be but no. we cannot accept anything. to be done with our differences libyans libyans should be the ones who do the action with the help of the board to come up. with a guy way to help them. do the right investments on their country forge libya it's not the country for you to make a libya it's
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a country or run we as a libyan have already invest in africa and we want to see anybody talk of it we're going to invest with their country of origin and develop his immaturity to stay with their loved ones with their families. and a poll conducted in the u.s. has revealed an overwhelming majority of the country's millennialist want a third political party on the scale of more pings but to young people on the streets of new york to find out why. in the us today it's democrats and republicans it's always been that way a two party system now some people might think that makes the country more stable but millennial seem to have a different perspective let's break down the millennial case against the two party system now sixty five percent say that the country is moving in the wrong direction and seventy one percent of them say that they're ready for a new third political party but wanting to see a new political player in washington is nothing new according to the figures
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provided by gallup the number of americans who favor a third party has been increasing over the course of the last five years in two thousand and twelve it was only forty six percent but in two thousand and sixteen it was up to fifty seven percent now you rarely hear about it but third parties have actually been around in american politics since the nineteenth century now why is it that in all these years an independent political faction has never been able to take the white house well maybe it has something to do with the fact that mainstream media is working overtime to keep people marching behind the elephant and the donkey well you can understand the argument than a third party kind of that can put a new issue or new solution on the table but it is hollow to make the case the bodies what's happening here and play out of their part of who we now know that third party candidates out there are very much not qualified you get your experience or through knowledge now amid the growing disillusionment with the two major parties let's see if americans would really prefer a third option do you feel that the establishment parties represent your values i
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feel that they are to align like different things so i feel very independent of any . support for any party nominee depending so. i think both sides are have valid. and valid thing to say in both sides stink sometimes not really honest i'm kind of further to the left than the democratic party has room for and there's nothing on the right for me if a viable third party emerged that was closer to your values would you support it. yeah i would i make sense but i know it's very hard for those type of parties to get out there you know i would consider voting for a third part of the represent my value is. i would if i had a chance some people say if you vote for a third party you're throwing your vote away do you agree with them unfortunately the system has been rigged to such that it ends up being a wasted vote like it shouldn't be and that's wrong i do think the way it's structured right now but albeit you know local elections being on exception i think
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you are kind of throwing it away no i want to say that but i can see why some people see it that way expression when people say like i don't like bernie sanders losing a bernie sanders running is why he could last for someone but i don't think anyone who voted for them is a loss now is used in america grow alienated from the two major parties the question remains what new political grouping could fulfill the needs of the younger generation mop and artsy new york we can find all the latest on the world cup draw here in moscow and all that i just headlines on our website i'll be back at the top of the hour with the latest headlines to i mean. everything today is about the individual so it's so nice to be a little bit different and it's all about the team. and i think it's. it's a quality that icelandic football players have maybe because we come from one amateur environment so we know that the other nations have better
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individual and more individual qualities than we have so we have to be collectively better than the others. the village of collect she has been nicknamed sleepy hollow because for some unknown reason its local residents have formed victim to sleep but to make this. move. to has just been. we should. how do you make sure. to tune with the good it's not simple to miss an issue in this sort of but i'm also going with the question you're still talking. about what would you put in the position of switch. from where did you do what we have i did work. through. this with.
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my see when they did your boss tells you off the. first. bit coin for some it's the perfect marriage of technology and finance for others it's a get rich scheme so no one can deny its market value was soaring and becoming an attractive alternative to the current global banking system is because revolutionizing the world.
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dr eric jennings from sun to room is considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. by the way this man with no clothes isn't dr jennings he's a member of the indigenous zoe tribe who's helping the don't of put together a personal archive. but this is dr jennings people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move saving yachts and flying aircraft a little like models dr strange of with a full set of working fingers this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public carrick's allowed in because he's the zoe's personal doctor.
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and. can be. sent to a room in the north of brazil was founded as an amazon jungle bought it first exported spices then cocoa later rubber before turning to cocoa again today it specializes in gold book sides and soy the latter is now a major reason behind the deforestation of the amazon. for these reasons santorum has become a symbol of economic conquest and environmental destruction the locals even compose ballads about it. no barriers to go. no learning english the. game with the guy out. there but. not.


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