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tv   News  RT  December 3, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EST

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north korea claims washington is seeking all conflict just. capable of striking the us mainland. the stories that shape the week suicide they say former bosnian croat general swallow. his twenty year sentence for war crimes is upheld. on the french president calls for military action against human traffickers in libya but critics of the move say he has no right to intervene in the country which has not yet recovered from the destruction inflicted by the nato intervention twenty eleven.
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with the top stories from the past seven days on right up to the moment developments well this is the weekly on r.t. international this hour's top story north korea saves the u.s. is begging for nuclear war the statement comes just days after pyongyang launched a new missile. demonstrates significant technological process well washington strongly condemned the test on issued a stern threat to the north's leadership. the dictator of north korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war not farther from if for comes make no mistake the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed little rocket man rocket fuel for the americans because.
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he is a sick puppy the korean crisis enter the new stage with the north pole missile test as it's widely believed is now capable of hitting the us mainland according to both north and south korea the missile reached an altitude of four and a half thousand kilometers before landing in the sea of japan that's more than ten times higher than the orbit of the international space station following the test side career then carried out its own missile launch. now that launch took place close to the border with the north discussing source drills russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said the u.s. and its allies may have a hidden agenda. when you. put it that we are not accepting north korea's claims that they possess nuclear weapons so we are supporting all the u.n. security council resolutions and abiding by all sanctions against pyongyang however
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the u.s. military drills near north korea a deliberate provocation of kim jung so on the one hand we condemning pyongyang's nuclear gamble but on the other condemning the provocative behavior of our american colleagues it was out the valdai discussion club in seoul this week he's been looking at the various ways countries have been trying to solve the crisis on the peninsula. what has been donald trump's approach to sorting out the north korea crisis in a nutshell all options remain on the table second option not a preferred option they will be met with fire and fury do not underestimate us and do not try this the distance from here to the border with north korea is only about forty kilometers and once you end up in seoul which is well in the firing range of kim's artillery you can't help looking at that
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rhetoric from a different perspective especially if there is what you'd call a totally different approach. there's absolutely no alternative to dialogue but in order to start a dialogue everyone has to stop take a deep breath and a step back from the red line which will my staff so russia's been saying hey we've got a plan step one north korea should completely halt its missile and nuclear tests for the u.s. that means and ends to almost nonstop war games with seoul moscow calls it a double freeze step too might be very tough direct talks between washington and pyongyang on rules of peaceful coexistence and finally they should lead to step three establishing a security framework for the entire region with every player involved what do you think about the russian road map i think that the proposal is very realistic flexible i hope you and your cage in the olympic all the parties concerned
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between you could you could be too nelson so. come up with the most at risk behavior do you think it's enough in this case of course not enough in the day should be some new initiative to. be sent along with donald trump keeps saying that all options are on the table north korean knew that the military option the job. always under the table. by putting the military option and on the table. it's not like we change you know screen behavior as the advisor to the south korean president what do you tell them about the drills personally in the favor engagement dialogue and negotiation with north korea and some people in the government may have different ideas that brings us to why the russian road map may
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never actually work. because i think most korean politicians believe the trails must be pursued tried to fence now we're not canceling us korean exercises we just want to postpone for the olympics others openly reject moscow's plan like the neighbors in tokyo who simply can't imagine security without the drills with their allies so for now south koreans have no other choice but to welcome us raptors in co for the vigilance ace war games. anyway for those who live in seoul or who are here to talk about keeping the peace in korea there's something to bear in mind be it for war games or real strikes that would put millions of lives at risk the decision to send let's say warplanes to the korean skies may depend on one single man miles and miles away on the other side of the pacific. the regional co-founder of lawyers for peace on the militarization ses the current
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situation with north korea is on the edge of full on conflict. at a time in which there is this standoff and this misunderstanding and lack of communication creates a very volatile situation it may be seem somehow as intimidating but these have never worked the proposal that anyone who cares about peace in the region is putting forth right now is that these military options are not realistic and you need to sit down at the table and when they do those exercises something could be mistaken as invasion something could be mistaken as live attacks and such and so we put the millions and millions of people in the sole area in south korea in japan and other places at risk this seems like folly and foolishness when we have such a volatile situation. to the other big story of the week
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a former bosnian croat general who fought in the bosnian war committed suicide during a un court session at the hague on wednesday his trial was part of the yugoslav war crimes tribunal after losing his appeal he produced a bottle of poison and drank from it in front of the judge a note of warning you may find the following images upsetting. we're. going to. stop. don't. let. you know. we're all we. have taken poison. the former bosnian croat military commander slobodan probably ak was convicted of war crimes and given twenty years for his role in the conflict in former yugoslavia before the war he was a theater and film director. the
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yugoslav was the bloodiest conflicts in european history since the second world war tensions between a complex mix of nationalities forming the state's yugoslavia erupted into a bit civil war originate yugoslavia included six republics with different nationalities and religious groups. the communist revolutionary and statesman tito who established the federal republic of yugoslavia managed to suppress nationalism that after his death in the one nine hundred eighty s. relations among the republics quickly did serrated with each of them seeking their own independence he soon turned ugly old sights the nine hundred ninety five genocide and tripper needs it is one of the bloodiest pages in yugoslav history the massacre of more than eight thousand muslim both the acts perpetrated by units of
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the bulls. resulted in that come on direct being jailed for life by the un special court in november twenty seventh to take. part atrocities happened only sites in one thousand nine hundred three sixty nine serbian civilians were killed by poles the first to govern army forces in the scale and a massacre in the church in a cemetery the ground. over all despite much evidence of war crimes conducted similar taney asleep by different forces the cia eventually declared seven minutes since we're responsible for ninety percent of the crimes including genocide. tonight they took goes into action against yugoslavia it is indeed tragic that diplomacy has failed the nato is now into meaning in that war in a sovereign country. and eventually nato air campaign conducted a number of operations to undermine the military capability of the boss and sent me
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. to this day the un special court is still investigating what crime cases from the comfort. a total of one hundred and sixty one people have been indicted for war crimes in the former yugoslavia since the tribunals or began atrocities were committed by all sides party to the conflict but longer sentences have been given to serbs and montenegrins counting up in fact the total time of those jail term serbian authorities suggest nearly one and a half thousand years were given to its nationals that's in contrast to three hundred for croats and just fifty years for the other former yugoslavia republics were over the un court has never investigated needles involvement in the war including the use of the chins is the set up of the tribunal was flawed from the start and major criticism of the tribunals is that it has not been impartial it was set up in the in in the one nine hundred ninety s.
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you're mainly at the instigation of the western powers out at a time when the western powers were criticizing serbia and its government and the people of the serbian people of bosnia for the war in bosnia now that is a big step to because when the same people instigate the setting up of the tribunals after they have already identified who they think is responsible for a war it becomes very difficult to expect that tribunals to act impartially. huge crowds rallied in tel aviv on saturday calling on the israeli prime minister to resign over corruption allegations.
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the so called march of show was triggered by a controversial draft law it would prevent police from publishing their findings on to criminal investigations into binyamin netanyahu an estimated twenty thousand people attended the protest many held up signs reading shame prime minister netanyahu for his part has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing but protests just saving intend to keep up the pressure until he's forced from office. i think the time has come for a change of government the government is corrupt we're sick of the corruption. is there no mention that we have a corrupt government that needs to be brought down as quickly as possible the prime minister nor his calmness along with him. to defend democracy and the rule of floor to build a more equal and just society for everyone the israeli prime minister is on the investigation in two separate corruption cases in one he's accused of receiving bribes from wealthy businessmen in the other he's suspected of reaching
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a deal with a newspaper in order to secure favorable copley. you're also ahead in the program the french president puts forward a controversial plan for talking human trafficking in libya stay with us for the details coming right up. you should. put themselves along. big except it will reject. so you want to present. you so much. to going. to see what. people. perceive. to. be
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this admission. ticket in my opinion fun of that. it is a jewish state for the jewish. citizens. this is how it goes is that i like so usually. when it is. only compared with. quarter of an hour into the program welcome back the french president. table than you plan to come by human trafficking in libya he says it will involve quote concrete police some military actions but his plans have been widely criticized especially as the north african country is still in ruins following the nato led
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intervention in twenty eleven picking up the story for us rock just to give. slavery and human trafficking of violent offenses sadly common now in libya but no need to fear president macron is here he has the solution for libya's problem send in the troops it's a new city zone we're proposing police military action we are not waging war but this is a country in a political transition political transition he calls it does sound better than a savage civil war more politically correct nevertheless a number of african and e.u. states are ready to help fight this war or rather not really a war says micron but a military operation still round two for france in libya. today we're intervening in libya we are intervening in order to enable the libyan people
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to choose their own destiny it must not be deprived of its rights by violence and terror the fact that slavery is so rampant in libya is because the country's army and political order were obliterated under nato bombardment six years ago since then libya has been stuck in a brutal and bloody political transition as president calls it or absolute chaos and anarchy as anyone out sward call it as long as it is a failed state the problem will come back as a failed state because the regime of got off the top was not a mass regime that was destroyed by the french and the british together in two thousand and eleven so of course michael can do something now put it full reoccur. well as you can see here the problem of modern day slavery is most severe in africa
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it is followed by asia and the pacific region central asia comes after that and then europe front itself that has become a key hub for human trafficking according to the u.s. state department a report it's published a list france's both a destination and the transit point for men women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking we spoke to the vice president of the libyan presidential council we asked him about the triplets. we. can't be happy but no. we cannot accept anything. to be done with our present libyan libyans to be the ones who do this. with the help of the lord to come up. with way to help them. to create the right them grisman own country for sure libya is not that country for us
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to make a libya is a country or run we as a libyan have already imposed on africa and we want to see anybody talk of never going to the first but the country of origin and to help these immigrants to stay with their loved ones with your families also this week we spoke to an assistant of the former libyan leader moammar gadhafi who is the pows and killed in two thousand and eleven but selig bashir chaired the eight billion dollar the be an african investment portfolio and knowledge they get duffy family's private funds this is what he told us. for the heart as to how it's not right to see gadhafi better to say the libyan government the libyan government left about two hundred billion dollars in various banks abroad and the un has frozen the money in accordance with the security council resolution and when it comes to the money inside the country those who came to power after his afi claim there are one hundred sixty tons of gold billions of
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dollars in libyan dinars in the central bank when gadhafi moved from tripoli to search he took nothing with him and. an accomplice of the older than i was government official not was how i dealt with sarkozy as an official the french media pie another major outlets claimed that some people met with me and then there was a decision taken to pay fifty million i said i have nothing to do with that. a lot. nothing is known about that there are good afi statements and sarkozy statements now better believed after. i don't know this person and i never met him if he says he would recognize me if he sees me that's a lie if he's taken money from someone he should reveal from whom exactly but anyway that's a french problem not libyans. the thirty two nations who are battling died for
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their fee for world cup in russia next summer discovered their immediate opponents on friday as the draw was made for the group stages in moscow let's take a look this is how the it groups shape all kicking it all off june fifteenth is russia and saudi arabia that will happen at the capital's newly refurbished luzhniki stadium where the world cup final will be incidentally group b c's perhaps though the most anticipated tie of the road pitting rivals portugal spain against each other well we caught up with some stars of the game who are in attendance after draw at the state kremlin palace. which two or three teams the feel of the favorites to win the tournament of course . german team of the spanish. the brazilian.
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time for my suit to do something new even more because it is the last the last chance for you. not you're a boy who's winning the world called. i would put through it for for my i think point of view like i said france england may be getting to favorite because you have to choose some of you i think spain using you're going to have to because these play really well we know germany would be very good german is generally. the are not winning the cup there in the second place between that if semifinals they are always fighting russia is expecting more than half a million visiting fans to come and support their countries next summer close to three million people applied for tickets when they first batch went on general sale ahead of the draw. well supporters have already some of the atmosphere at some of
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the venues for the event earlier this year at the confederations cup. we know much of mexico russia we thought maybe the like going to bad you don't think they are they were still like really friendly people all around the. world coming back from work to. make.
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a christmas market in the german city of pottstown was evacuated on friday after a suspicious device was phoned police stated it was packed with cables. but that they didn't appear to be a viable explosive the spike the state's interior minister said it was a successful attempt to spread fear germany isn't high alert after a number of recent terror attacks. well the incident took place just the week after a picture was spread on the line of an islamic state fighter brandishing a knife the caption reads soon on your holidays in english french and german throughout europe measures have been taken to secure christmas markets. barriers have been installed in the likes of berlin and munich budapest as well so that the areas are only accessible to pedestrians also happening of course in london and not from where polly boyko reports on what will be seen this festive season. new
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security measures being put in place at festive markets across the country and steel barriers like these around london's winter wonderland are intended to protect pedestrians from i still styled truck attacks for anyone put off by all the steel and concrete this could be the answer or thirty's in the city of whole have come up with this novel way of dressing up their anti terror a crash barrier is london's metropolitan police have said that this year the public may see additional protective measures and security checks at festival vents around the capital and it's not just rings of steel and concrete permanent bollards like these have become common place they prevent cars and trucks from entering pedestrians those you feel a bit more cipher see in the police knowing that they will talk of it ok so the extra security visibly makes you feel better. you know we just expect more security
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everywhere now it's just because that's just fortunately the way of the world. after the deadly terror attacks this year many in the u.k. are feeling vulnerable last week a security alert at london's oxford circus sheep station triggered mass panic. nine people were injured when crowds ran to escape what they believed to be gunshots after a security lockdown the incident turned out to be a false alarm as well as an illustration of just how nervous many a feeling this festive season. colin brady is here in half an hour's time with more of the week's top stories stay with us no go for more programs right ahead.
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there is no center in the united states' political discourse it's all center right ever since the clinton people came into power the center right has become the right and there is no peace party that exists in my country and i don't see any evidence of it except this third party that is so criticized the green party. when the whole make this manufactured consensus stick to public wealth. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. from the famous larry go round. the one percent. going all middle of the room six. million is
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really low. previously on the great american pilgrimage embark on a pilgrimage of knowledge the great american government just been. killed the mitch children run a pilgrimage the citrus pilgrimage to the benefit. everybody i'm stephen baldwin task hollywood guy usual suspects favorite movie proud american
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first of all i'm just george washington and r.v.'s two cents to uncle steve troy big boy because this is my buddy max famous financial guru and will he's a little bit different. because i know there were no windows up last but not least my larger than life. the night an aspiring star rio. with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road to have some fun. meat every day americans feel nice properties but i'm here when it's cold it's tough to play. what's america to our ancestors suffered the most and somehow things gotten so crazy i was naked and. keep my finger on hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which.
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i choose. my beliefs for my children. to serve the trust of the good lord on this one. sometimes. it's like this to me. three. but. by and that probably.


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